42 Weird Products On Amazon That Offer Genius Solutions To Your Life

by Lisa Fogarty

Weird can be amazing — especially when it comes to products that can make your life so much easier. These 43 weird products on Amazon that offer genius solutions to your life may not be household names (yet). But the proof is in their unique design and glowing reviews — and all of these strange tools, gadgets, and devices are extremely effective problem solvers — and their weirdness just adds to their charm.

Among this list of bizarre products people are buying on Amazon you'll find amazing kitchen gadgets — like a multi-functional egg cooker that cooks up to 16 eggs at one time, and a defrosting tray that makes up for the fact that you forgot to take that meat out of the freezer (who hasn't been there?). There are also a number of beauty and grooming products that are slightly unorthodox, but brilliant — like a heated curling brush that doubles as a flat iron, and a sleep eye mask with removable velvet patches that block out 100 percent of light.

Each of these amazing gadgets and tools fulfills the definition of weird by being just slightly quirky enough to grab your attention. But the fact that they also offer genius solutions to the minor or major stresses in your life makes them total keepers.

A Tough Glass Cleaning Brush With A Suction Base That Stays Put

Give your wine and drinking glasses a quick, effective cleaning by placing them over this glass cleaning brush, which has a suction cup base and sticks to counters and sinks. The brush's strong, but gentle, bristles remove stains and residue without scratching glass.

The Practical Gap Filler For Car Seats So You Never Lose Your Keys Again

Never lose another set of keys, change, or your lipstick again in the vast nothingness that is that gap between car seats. Featured on Shark Tank, this set of two seat gap fillers fit snug between seats to prevent items from falling and getting lost forever. Each pack comes with one filler for the driver's side seat and one for the passenger seat.

A Practical Two-In-One Whisk And Bowl Scraper That Makes Baking Easier

This two-in-one kitchen gadget is both a whisk and a bowl scraper in one convenient tool. The stainless steel whisk side mixes ingredients with ease, while the reverse side has a silicone scraper that ensures all of your ingredients are transferred from one bowl to another without making a mess. It's also dishwasher-safe, making it one of the most practical items you'll own.

This Microfiber Umbrella Storage Pouch That Keeps Wet Umbrellas From Soaking Everything Else

Finally: a convenient solution to the ongoing problem of how to handle wet umbrellas when you get to your final destination. This umbrella storage pouch is made from moisture-wicking microfiber and has a drawstring on top to seal it shut. Pop the storage pouch into your bag or purse, and keep everything else you're carrying as dry as a bone.

These Peel-Off Stickers That Dim Annoying Tech And Appliance Lights

All of those blinking and forever-glowing LED lights from tech devices like computers and appliances can affect your sleep. Don't let them — simply apply these LightDims light dimming stickers directly over the annoying light source and remove them without leaving sticky residue behind. The pack comes with more than 100 dimming stickers — all in various sizes that are effective at blocking between 50 to 80 percent of light.

These Hydrating Gel-Lined Toe Socks That Keep Feet Smooth

Wear these gel-lined compression toe socks to help separate and straighten toes, but also to impart much-needed moisture and hydration if your feet are dry and cracked. These socks aren't meant to be worn with shoes, but they're perfect for nights spent in — and you can even hand wash them to preserve them.

The Microfiber Slippers You Can Wear To Dry Mop Your Floor

Sure, you could just wear slippers and dry mop the floor to get a cleaner house — or you can combine the two (because, why not?) with these weird, useful mop slippers. The set of three colorful slippers are designed with microfiber that soaks up spills, dust, debris, and pet hair. Use them in between regular cleanings to keep your floors spotless.

An Under-The-Sink Organizer For Cleaning Supplies

Keep all of your cleaning supplies organized and in one safe place with this under-sink cleaning organizer. The organizer has an adjustable divider, a cup to hold sponges, and two crossbars that can be used to hang spray bottles.

This Soft, Gentle Makeup Removing Cloth That Gets Rid Of Makeup And Dirt

You shouldn't have to rub and tug at your skin to remove makeup (even hard-to-remove products stubborn waterproof mascara and eyeliner). These microfiber makeup remover towels are activated with a few drops of water and instantly remove dirt, oil, and makeup. You won't need a separate makeup remover and you can wash and reuse these cloths, making them a more economical choice.

A Zippered Travel Case That Keeps Jewelry From Getting Tangled

Store your jewelry for trips without worrying about your necklaces and bracelets getting tangled. This smart jewelry carrying case has a protective velvet interior with six necklace loops, 28 earring holes, two zippered pockets for bracelets and watches, a ring loop, and individual pockets for brooches. The case zips all around for security and it comes in five colors.

An Invisible Pair Of Gloves In Lotion Form For Healthy Hands

Keeping your hands moisturized and protected isn't best accomplished after they're already as dry as the desert. Prevent damage by applying this hand shielding lotion every day. The lotion is made with a variety of moisturizing ingredients and can be used on your feet and body as well. It's free of irritating fragrances and parabens and acts like an invisible pair of gloves to protect against drying elements. One reviewer writes: "As a Registered Nurse, I have been using Gloves in a bottle for years. My hands are in gloves and being washed at least 50 times a day. Gloves in a bottle protects my hands from dryness and chapping."

This Space-Saving Bowl And Colander Set That Nest Together For Convenience

This two-piece set comes with a BPA-free plastic bowl and colander that nest together to save storage space and make life a lot easier. Both pieces are dishwasher-safe, have non-slip bases, and the bowl features convenient measuring marks that eliminate the need for a separate measuring cup.

These Genius Magnetic Duvet Fasteners That Keep Duvets From Slipping Off

Duvets are warm, cozy, and all-around amazing — unless they're slipping off your body in the middle of the night. Keep that from happening by clipping these magnetic duvet fasteners on either side of your duvet cover. Each set comes with four magnets — enough for one bed — and they won't damage your sheets or duvet.

The LED Motion Sensor Closet Light So You Can Always Find What You Need

This LED closet light has both a motion and light sensor — and will automatically turn on when you're within 10 feet of it (and turns off 20 seconds after detecting motion). It has a built-in rechargeable battery and is installed easily with the included 3M tape. Use this in your closet, bookshelf, staircase, and any place else that can benefit from a bit of added light.

The Blackout Eye Mask That Comes With Velvet Patches For Complete Darkness

A lot of eye masks block out some light — but this comfortable eye mask comes with velvet eye patch accessories that block out 100 percent of light — and won't pinch at your eyes and skin. Made from soft, flexible memory foam that contours to your face, this mask has a fully adjustable Velcro band, optional ear plugs, and a travel pouch.

A Sturdy Laundry Folding Board That Folds Shirts In Three Seconds

Tired of folding your laundry (badly)? Do a better job in a fraction of the time with this laundry folding board — which can be used to fold shirts, trousers, pajamas, and shorts in three easy steps. The sturdy board comes in a few color combinations, and one reviewer writes: "It's quick, easy to use and does indeed fold T-shirts perfectly, along with everything else."

An Adjustable Cell Phone Holder For Your Car Dashboard

Follow your phone's directions in your car without watching your phone slide off the dashboard 100 times by placing it on this solid and sturdy phone holder. The holder attaches to your dashboard with the included 3M adhesive tape, has 360-degree rotation, and can be adjusted to view your phone vertically or horizontally.

This Chemical-Free Scrubbing Sponges That Lift Up Grease

Lift up grease and sticky residue from countertops and appliances without a single nasty chemical by simply dampening this microfiber cleaning cloth with water and wiping those surfaces clean. This money-saving towel takes the place of both cleaning agents and paper towels — and it removes 99 percent of bacteria.

The Four-In-One Hot Brush That Can Straighten And Curl All Hair Types

There's no need to own four hairstyling gadgets when this one hot brush does it all: it's a flat iron, curling iron, round brush (with optional heat), and styling wand in one lightweight tool. Its ionic bristles and ceramic technology eliminate static and frizz — and it has two heat settings and automatic shut-off for safety. It helps to add volume, curls, and straighten hair, and reviewers say "this changed my life!"

A Weighted Bookmark And Page Holder So You Can Enjoy Hands-Free Reading Sessions

Hands-free reading is achievable with this bookmark and page-holder, which keeps your reading materials open wide — and the brilliant weighted edges means you can read your favorite book while eating or holding a cup of coffee. The bookmark is washable and comes in five colors.

The Multi-Functional Egg Cooker That Preps Up To 16 Eggs At Once

Cook up to 16 eggs at one time with this multi-functional egg cooker, which steams, boils, and poaches eggs. The transparent, double-layer cooker has removable steaming trays and a built-in timer for convenience. And it's not just great for eggs — you can use it to steam vegetables, meat, and fish or warm up leftovers.

This Veggie And Fruit Peeler That Has Straight And Serrated Blades

This multi peeler gives you options: it features a straight and serrated blade that rotates 90-degrees for straight peeling or Y-peeling (aka it does four different styles of shredding), depending on the food you're prepping and your cooking needs. The peeler also has a potato eye remover, and it's dishwasher-friendly.

A Space-Saving Vertical Hanger That Can Hold Up To 5 Pairs Of Pants

Save major closet space and keep your trousers looking fresh and ready to wear with this vertical pants hanger, which stores up to five pairs of pants in one place. The hanger has foam-padded arms that prevent wrinkles, and it rotates 360-degrees so that you can better find and grab what you need.

The Jumbo Draft Stopper That Blocks Breezes, Noise & Odors

Prevent strong winds, annoying noises, and even nasty smells from getting inside of your home with this giant draft stopper, which provides double-sided protection for any door. You can snip the foam interior to ensure the perfect fit for your door, and the vinyl exterior is weather-proof and long lasting.

These Water-Resistant Packing Cubes For Better Travel Organization

Pack smarter with these water-resistant packing cubes, which are made from durable nylon and let you separate your clothing so that you can better organize items and find everything you need — exactly when you need it. The set of four cubes include extra-large, large, medium, and small cubes that fit in your luggage, as well as an additional laundry bag. Choose among 17 colors.

The Moldable Glue That Turns Into Rubber And Permanently Bonds To Most Objects

Fix everything from the soles of your shoes to broken pot handles with this smart moldable glue, which turns into a silicone rubber overnight — and then becomes waterproof and resistant to both cold and heat. The special glue is strong enough to hold most materials together, including wood, ceramics, plastic, and meal. It comes in black, white, red, and more, too.

This Set Of Five Kitchen Tools That Nestle Together To Free Up Drawer Space

This set of five kitchen tools you'll use every day includes a slotted spoon, slotted spatula, spaghetti server, solid spoon ladle, and a magnetic storage stand that keeps everything nestled together. All of these tools are heat-resistant up to 392 degrees and are dishwasher-safe, too.

A Thawing Plate For Last-Minute Meals

You forgot to take meat out of the freezer to thaw (again). Don't let your busy life ruin dinner — just place the meat on this magical defrosting and thawing tray, and the aluminum alloy board defrosts frozen foods eight times faster than if you put it in the fridge. The plate has a concave design that prevents liquids from meat from spilling out, is dishwasher-safe, and comes with two free cutting boards.

An Eco-Friendly Portable Lantern Powered By The Sun

Take this portable solar lantern with you on camping trips or hiking — it has a built-in solar panel and is capable of providing up to 72 hours of light. The lantern folds up into a palm-size device and is resistant to water, so it's great for an emergency kit as well.

This Smooth Slicer For Bagels, Rolls & Muffins

Slice bagels, rolls, English muffins, and even croissants evenly and without making a major mess with this stainless steel bagel slicer. The slicer has a non-slip handle and a protective blade cover for safety purposes — and reviewers swear up and down that this is the tool you need for perfect bagels and other baked goods.

These Practical Drawer Dividers That Expand To Fit Your Entire Wardrobe

Your dresser drawers may be filled to the brim with shorts, shorts, jeans, and lingerie — all in a pile of disarray. Get things organized with these expandable dresser drawer dividers to truly keep every article of clothing you own in its own separate, orderly space. The dividers expand to 17 inches, and have foam pads that protect the walls of your drawers.

The Reusable Heat Pack That Provides Sweet Relief To Aching Muscles

Whether you experience chronic back or joint pain or love to go hard at the gym, these reusable heat packs are just the thing you need to provide instant relief for tired, aching muscles. Slip the portable packs into boiling water for a few seconds and they'll stay hot and then warm for long periods of time. They're also non-toxic, and made from food grade ingredients.

This Pet Bathing Tool That Attaches To Your Hand For Total Convenience

These non-stick copper grill and baking mats can be used on your grill or in your oven. They're resistant to heat (up to 500 degrees) and waterproof, wipe away clean with nothing more than a damp cloth, and can be trimmed to fit your cooking space.

These Shower Curtain Clips That Keep Water From Leaking Onto Floors

Keep your shower curtain from blowing in the wind and prevent annoying shower leaks with these simple but effective shower splash clips — which attach to curtains and hold them against the wall. The clips come with 3M adhesive tape to keep them in place without damaging curtains or walls.

The Hanging Shoe Shelf That Has Room For 8 Pairs of Shoes

Finally — a solution for all of those shoes that you have sitting around the floor of your closet. This hanging shoe shelf features two secure metal hooks at the top that fit right onto closet rods, and they can fit up to eight pairs of shoes. The organizer is equally perfect for storing and organizing toys, lingerie, and office supplies.

An Inverted Umbrella The Keeps Wetness Locked In For Less Mess

Design is everything when it comes to finding a quality umbrella — and this one takes the cake, with an inverted design that actually keeps the wet part of the umbrella on the inside when you close it up. You'll never again have to worry about bringing that soaking wet umbrella inside of your car or house. This durable umbrella opens and closes with one hand and it comes in four colors: pink, sky blue, dark blue, and black.

This De-Cluttering Cable Holder That Holds Up To Three Wires

Declutter your desk and organize all of those messy cables and wires so they actually look neat (for once) with the help of this cable holder. It's made from long-lasting silicone and sticks anywhere — no tools necessary — without messing with surfaces. The holder clamps onto up to three cable wires at once, and keeps them secure and in place.

An Exfoliating Cleansing Pad And Loofah Sponge In One Handheld Tool

Cleansing and exfoliation are yours in one reversible bath mitt tool that you can wear on your hand. It has a gentle exfoliating pad on one side to slough away dead skin cells, and a loofah on the other for cleansing. The elastic fits comfortably on your hand, and it has a string for hanging and drying.

The Multi-Purpose Microwave Mat That Protects Your Hands And Surfaces

This set of two microwave mats serve a variety of purposes: use them as hot pads in your microwave, trivets, splatter guards on top of pots and pans, utensil rests, food covers, placemats, and even as jar openers. They come in six colors and are dishwasher-safe.

A Safe Toilet Spray That Smells Amazing And Neutralizes Nasty Odors

Don't be stressed about using someone else's bathroom — carry this septic-safe toilet spray in your purse or bag, add a few spritzes to toilet water before you do your business, and it instantly neutralizes nasty odors so no one will be the wiser. The spray is made with a blend of non-toxic essential oils and gold nano particles that trap bad-smelling particles.

This Tile Brush With Angled Bristles That's Tough On Dirty Grout

Trying in vain to scrub the grout between your tiles and coming up short (or seriously injuring your arm in the process from all of that scrubbing)? The problem may just be you don't have the right tool for the job — and this grout scrub brush is that tool. With tough nylon bristles that are angled to target grout and a handheld design, this brush effortlessly removes dirt, grime, mildew, and mold from between tiles.

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