42 Under-$5 Gems On Amazon That Are Actually Super Useful

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Okay, so you're trying to watch your spending, but you still have a shopping itch you need to scratch. Your budget? Five dollars or under. I have good news: a whole slew of products can be had in this price range. The bad news? Unless you're on Amazon, a lot of the products you find are going to be totally useless. A pet rock, for example. Or — I recently discovered these — umbrellas for your shoes. Okay back to more good news: I've found 42 under-$5 gems on Amazon that are actually useful.

What makes these items so useful? Well, they solve problems you encounter every day. Some of them improve your beauty regimen, like makeup eraser sticks (for eyeliner mistakes) or charcoal toothbrushes that whiten your teeth. Some of them streamline household tasks, like a repair glue that uses UV light (say what?) or oven liners so you don't have to scrape melted cheese off the bottom of your oven. Others are great for travel, like mini squeeze bottles for your shampoo and conditioner, or a microfiber hair towel that's easy to pack in your carryon.

So get out your Abraham Lincolns, click through, and get ready to scratch that shopping itch.

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