42 Under-$5 Gems On Amazon That Are Actually Super Useful

Okay, so you're trying to watch your spending, but you still have a shopping itch you need to scratch. Your budget? Five dollars or under. I have good news: a whole slew of products can be had in this price range. The bad news? Unless you're on Amazon, a lot of the products you find are going to be totally useless. A pet rock, for example. Or — I recently discovered these — umbrellas for your shoes. Okay back to more good news: I've found 42 under-$5 gems on Amazon that are actually useful.

What makes these items so useful? Well, they solve problems you encounter every day. Some of them improve your beauty regimen, like makeup eraser sticks (for eyeliner mistakes) or charcoal toothbrushes that whiten your teeth. Some of them streamline household tasks, like a repair glue that uses UV light (say what?) or oven liners so you don't have to scrape melted cheese off the bottom of your oven. Others are great for travel, like mini squeeze bottles for your shampoo and conditioner, or a microfiber hair towel that's easy to pack in your carryon.

So get out your Abraham Lincolns, click through, and get ready to scratch that shopping itch.

Entertainment — 42 Under-$5 Gems On Amazon That Are Actually Super Useful

1. This Non-Stick Baking Mat For Less Messy Baking

Julyshop Reusable Baking Mat, $3, Amazon

This baking mat is made from non-stick silicone and is perfect for rolling out dough. It can also be used to line cookie sheets before baking to streamline the cleaning process. When you're done — rinse it with soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher.


2. A Mini Flashlight You Can Fit In Your Pocket

Perman Mini Flashlight, $4, Amazon

This mini flashlight is about the size of a finger, so it's easy to take with you anywhere. Made with waterproof aluminum, the flashlight runs on a single AAA battery. There's even a clip so you can attach it easily to your pocket or notebook.


3. These Cute Little Snails That Hold Your Tea Bags

YSTD Silicone Tea Bag Holders, $2 (10 Pack), Amazon

Hook one of these snail tea bag holders over the rim of your mug and wrap the string around its neck to keep your tea bag in just the right place. The holders are made from heat-resistant silicone and come in array of colors like baby blue, apple green, and pink.


4. A Two-In-One Peeler And Knife Sharpener

MysThaw Peeler And Knife Sharpener, $5, Amazon

This combination peeler and knife sharpener is pretty handy. Use it to peel veggies — and then sharpen your knife on it before chopping those veggies up. The peeler features three types of blades: standard, serrated, and a blade to julienne. The sharpener uses a two-stage system: a coarse stage with a tungsten steel blade for blunt knives, and a fine stage with a ceramic blade to grind and hone.


5. These Meat-Shredding Claws That Make You Feel Like Wolverine

Goodshop 2017 Food Claws, $5, Amazon

These food claws can be used in so many ways in the kitchen. Use them to shred meat for barbecue pork or chicken salads, use them as a grip when cutting large items like turkey or watermelon, or use them to transfer hot or cold foods without using your hands. They're made from BPA-free heat-proof silicone.


6. These Cinches That Seal Bags Closed More Effectively

OXO Good Grips Bag Cinches, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Those little tags that come with your bread just don't cut it when it comes to securing your bread bag closed. (They're hard to maneuver with your fingers.) Use these bag cinches instead. They're easier to slip around the end of the bag, and the small plastic teeth firmly secure the bag closed.


7. An Ergonomically-Minded Citrus Zester

Chef'n Citrus Zester, $5, Amazon

This citrus zester is contoured to fit in the palm of your hand and features a loop for your finger, giving you greater control over your zesting. The built-in catcher collects the citrus zest, which means less mess and less clean-up time. There's also a channel knife so you can create garnishes and twists for cocktails.


8. A Reusable Twist Tie With A Hook On It

Nite Ize Clippable Twist Tie, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

These sturdy and flexible reusable twist ties are perfect for wrapping up cords and cables or for fastening bags shut. The twist tie is attached to a hook so you can clip the twist tie to keychains, purse zippers, or belt loops.


9. These Non-Stick Liners That Keep Your Grill Clean

RL Treats Non-Stick Grill Liners, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Place these grill liners on top of your grill to prevent bits of food from falling through the grates. They also help with the cooking process — when used with medium heat, the mats work to distribute heat evenly, ensuring your steak, burgers, veggies, and fish are grilled to perfection. The dishwasher-safe Teflon mats can also be used in the oven to catch chicken drippings or melting cheese.


10. This Pocket Screwdriver For Small Repairs

Jakemy Pocket Screwdriver, $5, Amazon

This pocket screwdriver is great for small jobs, like repairing eyeglasses, putting together toys, or replacing batteries on electronics. The screwdriver comes with four different tips: two Phillips and two slotted, and they're magnetic and textured, making it easier to work with smaller screws.


11. An Avocado Saver To Keep Avocados Fresher Longer

MSC International Avocado Saver, $5, Amazon

Prevent the other half of that avocado from going brown with this avocado saver. Simply place the avocado half cut-side down and cover with the lid: It'll keep your avocado firm and green for days. The saver is made from BPA-free plastic and is top rack dishwasher-safe.


12. A Sleep Mask That Blocks Out Light

NYKKOLA Sleep Mask, $2, Amazon

This silky sleep mask will block out light from the sun and lamps so you can catch some zzz's no matter where you are. The contoured mask is lightweight, breathable, and feature adjustable straps so it won't fit too snugly (or too loosely) around your head.


13. A Banana Slicer For Banana Cream Pies

RDL Banana Slicer, $3, Amazon

This banana slicer is a must-have when you're making banana cream pie — or even if you just want to add some bananas to your ice cream sundae. Just squeeze the handle, and the stainless steel blades will slice up five perfectly uniform pieces. The slicer also works great for sausages.


14. These Key Caps That Help Keep Your Keys Organized

Lucky Line Key Caps, $5 (20 Pack), Amazon

If you have keys for everything, then you need to invest in these key caps. The stretchy vinyl caps fit over your keys and provide a color coding system — so you can differentiate your house key from your best friend's house key from your office key.


15. A Latex Barrier So You Can Create Intricate Nail Art

Born Pretty Nail Polish Barrier, $4, Amazon

This latex nail polish barrier is so helpful when it comes to creating nail art: Simply apply to the parts of your nail you want to keep polish-free and allow to dry. Then create cool designs without fear of coloring outside the lines. The latex peels off nails easily once dry, and you can also just use it around the nails for a simple but perfect manicure.


16. An Egg Cooker So You Can Boil Eggs Without The Shells

Beexcellent Egg Cookers, $4 (3 Pack), Amazon

The downside of making hard-boiled eggs is having to peel them afterward — but now, you can eliminate that step with these egg cookers. Just crack an egg directly into one of the cups and stick in a pot to boil as you normally do. Then just flip the cup over to release the egg — no peeling necessary. The non-stick silicone cups are BPA-free.


17. A Pumice Stone To Exfoliate Rough Feet And Elbows

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar, $4, Amazon

Get rid of calluses, dry heels, and rough elbows with this pumice stone. The purple side provides a coarse scrub, while the lavender side provides a more gentle exfoliation. The stone erodes naturally as it's used, which means bacteria and other germs don't have a chance to build up.


18. A Microfiber Towel For Quicker Hair Drying

Yoyorule Microfiber Hair Towel, $3, Amazon

This microfiber hair towel is super absorbent, so it significantly speeds up drying time. It's also better for your hair —unlike terrycloth versions, microfiber won't contribute to frizz, so your hair will be smoother, sleeker, and more manageable. The towel is machine-washable and folds up small to fit in suitcases or linen closets.


19. This Pan Scraper That Tackles Baked-On Cheese And Sauces

Progressive International Pan Scraper, $5, Amazon

Use this pan scraper to clean baked-on cheese and sauces from your pots, pans, and plates. The scraper is flexible enough to clean the contours of any cookware, but stiff enough to clean thoroughly. Made from tough nylon, the scraper is safe for non-stick bakeware.


20. A Plush Headband To Hold Your Hair Back While You Wash Your Face

Yingwei Fuzzy Headband, $3, Amazon

I love this fuzzy headband. It's perfect for holding back your hair when you wash your face and apply makeup in the morning. Not to mention, I find that the softness of the headband is actually pretty comforting (i.e. it takes the pain out of early morning wake-up times).


21. These Net Dish Cloths That Resist Odor

Top Clean Net Dish Cloths, $4 (2 Pack), Amazon

Just one of these net dish cloths can last up to seven times longer than a standard kitchen sponge. The netting means that the cloths dry out quickly, while also preventing bacteria growth and odor. Plus, the large holes are also conducive to rinsing out food more easily. Made with polyester, the cloths feature reinforced edges to prevent fraying and unraveling.


22. A Tablet Stand For Your Smart Devices

E3tronics Phone and Tablet Stand, $4, Amazon

This phone and tablet stand is perfect for FaceTime, watching YouTube videos, and keeping a recipe in clear view while you're cooking. The stand works for both smartphones and tablets, and can be used either vertically or horizontally. The stand folds up flat when not in use.


23. These Small Containers That Are Just The Right Size For Condiments

OXO Good Grips Condiment Keeper, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

These condiment keepers are perfect for taking sauces and small snacks with you wherever you go. The dishwasher-safe containers hold up to 2 ounces — so use them for ketchup, barbecue sauce, salad dressing, nuts, or craisins.


24. These Eyebrow Stencils For Well-Defined Brows

joyliveCY Eyebrow Stencils, $2 (4 Pack), Amazon

Get perfectly defined brows with the help of these eyebrow stencils. Just place the stencil over your brow line and fill in with a fine-tipped pencil: Each set comes with four stencils of varying thickness and arch height so you can create the look you want.


25. A Survival Multi-Tool That's The Size Of A Credit Card

SE Pocket Survival Tool, $5, Amazon

Slip this pocket survival tool in your wallet to keep it handy in case of apocalypse. Made of stainless steel, the tool performs eleven different functions. It works as a can opener, a bottle opener, a four-position wrench, a two-position wrench, a butterfly screw wrench, a direction ancillary wrench, a knife edge, a saw blade, a screwdriver, a ruler, and a keychain.


26. These Suspenders That Keep Your Sheets Secure

huaminxiangyue Sheet Clips, $5 (4 Pieces), Amazon

If your fitted sheet is prone to wrinkling, bunching, or slipping up, you might want to invest in these sheet clips. The suspender-like clips clasp onto the corners of your sheets to keep them secure, and they're fully adjustable so they work with any size mattress.


27. These Makeup Eraser Sticks For When You Color Outside The Lines With Your Eyeliner

Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks, $5 (24 Pack), Amazon

These makeup eraser sticks will help you apply your makeup perfectly every time. Each eraser features a fine cotton tip — just snap the ring at the end and makeup remover will flow right through it. The hypoallergenic remover is oil-free and made with a blend of aloe, cucumber, and green tea. Use one of these the next time your cat eye turns into a raccoon eye.


28. A Repair Glue That Uses UV Light

5 Second Fix UV Glue Pen, $4 (4 Pack), Amazon

Use this UV glue pen instead of superglue to make small repairs. Apply the liquid plastic formula, then shine the UV light on the glue to create a permanent bond that'll dry within five seconds. The formula dries clear — and can be used on both porous and non-porous surfaces.


29. An At-Home Manicure Set That Tackles Every Issue At Hand

ALNA Manicure Set, $5 (10 Pieces), Amazon

Save money on spa manicures by doing your nails at home with this manicure set. The set includes one standard nail clipper, one diagonal nail clipper, beauty scissors, a nail file, a peeling knife, and two push sticks — as well as some non-nail tools as well, like an ear pick, an eyebrow tweezer, and a blackhead remover. The stainless steel tools are rust-resistant and easy to disinfect, too.


30. This Sachet Filled With Odor-Fighting Bamboo Charcoal

ECOPRO Air Purifying Bag, $5, Amazon

This air purifying bag is filled with bamboo charcoal which naturally absorbs and neutralizes odors. It's also useful for preventing, mold, mildew, and bacterial growth since it absorbs excess moisture from the air. The sachet can be used anywhere: in the car, in the bathroom, or in the refrigerator. You can even tuck them into your gym shoes after a sweaty workout.


31. This Soap Made From Stainless Steel

Jed Mart Stainless Steel Soap, $2, Amazon

Yeah you read that right — stainless steel soap. Who knew such a thing existed? Here's how it works: the negatively-charged ions from the stainless steel combine with the positively-charged ions from cool water to neutralize odors, remove dirt, and fight germs. And it's a great investment — the durable bar can last for years.


32. These Eyebrow Razors That Get Rid Of Peach Fuzz

Tinkle Eyebrow Razors, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

It's fairly easy to pluck your eyebrows, but those light, wispy hairs around your eyebrows are tougher to get rid of — and that's where you put these eyebrow razors to work. The razors can also be used on the rest of them face to dermaplane: Use them to remove unwanted peach fuzz on your upper lip and the sides of your jaw. This satisfied reviewer writes: "You will be amazed, grossed out, and so oddly satisfied with the sheer amount of hair and dead skin that you will remove the first time you dermaplane with Tinkles!! "


33. These Squeeze Travel Bottles So You Can Take Your Favorite Lotion Anywhere

DEESEE Silicone Travel Bottles, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Take your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer along on your next trip with these squeezable travel bottles. The leak-proof bottles are made from food-grade silicone and are small enough to stash in your carry-on luggage. Each set comes with three bottles: a 3-ounce, a 2-ounce, and a 1-ounce bottle.


34. A Set Of Makeup Brushes That Kind Of Look Like Toothbrushes

LALANG Makeup Brush Set, $5 (6 Pieces), Amazon

A set of makeup brushes doesn't have to break the bank. This one features soft, synthetic, ombre bristle that help you apply and blend with precision. The set comes with six brushes: a powder brush, a foundation brush, a brush for cream products, a highlighter brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a concealer brush.


35. These Knee Compression Sleeves To Help Reduce Swelling And Joint Pain

Morris Knee Compression Support Sleeves, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Give your knees adequate support with these knee compression sleeves. They provide a firm brace for your knees to help reduce swelling and speed recovery after injury. The flexible sleeves aren't overly stiff, but still provide adequate compression.


36. These Pore-Cleansing Nose Strips

Epielle Deep Cleansing Nose Strip, $4 (5 Pack), Amazon

Is there anything more satisfying than clearing out clogged pores? I didn't think so. These nose strips do just that: They remove blackheads and oil, leaving you with a fresher, smoother complexion. The strips are extra-large, and come in fun animal prints like leopard and zebra.


37. A Friendly Animal To Keep Your Charging Cable From Fraying

Kpergah Cable Biter, $5, Amazon

This cable biter extends the life of your cable by preventing it from fraying while it's plugged into devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Just slip your cable through the gap on the underside of the animal to keep it secure. Choose from an array of adorable animals, like pandas, frogs, turtles, whales, and pigs.


38. These Charcoal Toothbrushes That Brighten Your Pearly Whites

Colgate Charcoal Toothbrushes, $4 (3 Pack), Amazon

The bristles of these charcoal toothbrushes are infused with charcoal (obviously) which absorbs plaque and neutralizes toxins, leading to whiter, brighter teeth. The gentle bristles are 17 times thinner than normal bristles, so they clean the gums — and the spaces between the teeth — more thoroughly than standard toothbrushes.


39. A Lid That Keeps Your Can Of Soda From Going Flat

Smarter-Seal Can Lid, $4 (2 Pack), Amazon

Slip this can lid around your can of soda when you're taking a break from sipping — and it'll preserve the carbonation up to 58 percent longer. Sealing it shut also helps prevent spills and keeps bugs away when you're having a picnic. The lids are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


40. This Contoured Eyelash Comb

Docolor Eyelash Comb, $5, Amazon

Bid farewell to mascara clumps with this eyelash comb. The comb is contoured to fit your eye and features metal teeth which tend to be more finely pointed than plastic teeth. The comb also comes with a cover to keep things hygienic when not in use, and you can use it on both wet or dry mascara.


41. A Colander Meant Specifically For Canned Food

Prepworks Can Colander, $4, Amazon

This innovative can colander makes draining tuna, beans, and canned veggies so much easier. After opening the can, just snap the colander around the edges and flip over to drain off liquid. The colander fits around most standard cans, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


42. This Cooling Towel For Hot Day

BeGrit Snap Cooling Towel, $5, Amazon

This cooling towel is a great way to chill out during a workout or on hot days when the air conditioning just isn't cutting it. All you do is soak the towel, ring it out, and snap — the towel will stay cool without getting your skin or clothes damp. It's lightweight and thin, so you can wrap it around your head or neck like a scarf, and it folds up small so you can take it with you anywhere.

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