42 Thoughtful Gifts On Amazon For Moms Who Are Anything But Basic

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When it comes to picking out a gift for any moms in your life, it better be special. Seriously, the moms and mother figures in our lives deserve a lot of love and respect, and when it's time to give them a token that represents how much we appreciate everything they've done for us — let's just say that thoughtful gifts for moms can be a hard one to get right.

As nice as that box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers might be, let's face it: While they're easy, these traditional gift-giving moves don't please every mom out there. Sure, some moms might love milk chocolate truffles, but there are so many different, creative, and unique options out there for the mom that would prefer something a little more out-of-the-box. And when there's an incredible variety of products on Amazon to choose from, why not try something new? It's thoughtful, and it will show the recipient that you know a little more about her than just her taste in sweets.

Since your mom or the mother figure in your life is definitely worth that extra effort, here's a gift guide for the mom who's anything but basic.

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