42 Things On Amazon Under $10 For Ballin’ On A Budget

Whether it’s miracle makeup, iPhone accessories, or genius kitchen gadgets, Amazon is loaded to the gills with amazingly cool products. There’s just one problem: they all cost money. A lot of money, sometimes. If you love online shopping as much as I do, you know that buying everything you want tends to add up, and fast. But don’t fear. Even if you're on a budget, you can actually still live like a baller. In fact, there are tons of cheap products on Amazon if you know where to look. Best of all, they're not just affordable — they're quality products you'll be really glad you bought.

To help you sort through it all, I’ve scoured the massive online retailer surfing through tons of products, reading a bunch of reviews, and scanning for deals to come up with a list of cool products on Amazon under $10 dollars. There are things like satin pillowcases, hydrating facial masks, relaxing self-massagers, handy smartphone lenses, and magical eyelash serums. There’s even an eye mask made from 24-karat gold that totally leaves you glowing. Take a look at some of the most affordable products on Amazon and enjoy a little extra luxury in your life.

Entertainment — 42 Things On Amazon Under $10 For Ballin’ On A Budget

1. A Soft, Dual-Sided Spatula That's Perfect For Pancakes And Cookie Dough

Best Utensils Dual-Sided Silicone Spatula, $8, Amazon

Built with a durable nylon core and ergonomically designed handles, this dual-sided spatula is strong, flexible, and easy to use. The silicone head works great for scraping out pancake batter, scooping cookie dough, or layering frosting onto a cake. The soft edges won't scratch your pans, and the utensil is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


2. A Clever Multi-Tool That's Shaped Like A Key To Minimize Bulk

Nite Ize DoohicKey QuicKey Tool, $4, Amazon

If you'd like to have a multi-tool that's always handy but don't want your keys to weigh 10 pounds, this slick, lightweight gadget is the perfect choice. Shaped like a regular key, the tool features a flathead screwdriver, scoring point, file, serrated edge, and bottle opener. It's made from strong stainless steel and is TSA-approved, so you can fly with the accessory without it getting confiscated in the security line.


3. A Miracle Gel That Holds Your Eyelash Curl And Keeps Your Mascara From Smudging

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer, $9, Amazon

Whether your mascara ends up smudged or your lashes always lose their curl by lunchtime, this mascara fixer is the perfect tool to keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day long. Simply apply a thin coat of the transparent fixing gel after you curl your lashes, put on your mascara, and then apply another coat. The waterproof gel will prevent the mascara from smearing and hold your lash curl firmly for hours.


4. A Set Of Portable Salad Dressing Bottles That Go In Your Lunch Bag

YINGGG Squeezy Portable Salad Dressing Bottles, $10 (4 Pack), Amazon

Do you take salads to work for lunch but never have a way to transport the dressing? These handy portable dressing bottles solve your lunchtime woes, offering a clean, easy way to get your greens in. The wide mouths are simple to refill without a mess, and the valve controls are 100 percent leakproof so you won't end up with ranch all over your work bag. The squeezable bottles also work great for picnics and camping.


5. The Fantastically Convenient Kitchen Slicer That Cuts Tomatoes In An Instant

Onmexto Grapes And Cherry Tomato Slicer, $10, Amazon

Cutting up grapes and cherry tomatoes can be time-consuming, but this brilliant little gadget makes it a breeze. Simply pop your fruit into the device and move the slider back and forth — the slicer instantly halves them into clean, even pieces. The convenient gadget features a soft, non-slip plunger, curved finger rests, and sharp, serrated blades.


6. A Creative Baking Mold That Makes Edible Shot Glasses

Wilton Silicone Shot Mold, $10, Amazon

Take your party hosting game to the next level with this amazing shot mold that allows you to create edible shot glasses in your stove. Get creative with ice, melted candy, gelatin, cereal, or other ingredients to make the edible glasses and then fill them with desserts or cocktails. The silicone mold is dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is you can skip the party cleanup — because the dishes will have already been eaten.


7. An Eco-Friendly Brush That Helps Dry Your Hair 20 Percent Faster

EcoTools Detangler Paddle Brush, $8, Amazon

With a unique bristle design, this detangling brush does an exceptionally awesome job of getting knots out of your hair without pain or tugging. The cushioned paddle glides smoothly while its aerodynamic vented design dries your hair 20 percent faster than your average brush when using a blow dryer. On top of that, the handle is made of eco-friendly bamboo.


8. The Magically Aromatic Stress Balm That Helps With Migraines Too

W.S. Badger Company Stress Soother Balm, $9, Amazon

If you're someone prone to migraines, headaches, or general stress, this aromatherapy stick will be blissfully soothing. Dab it below your nose, around your temples, or on your forehead and feel the calming scents melt your worries away. "This stuff is amazing," said one happy Amazon user. "I never want to be without it! I have chronic migraines due to genetics as well as other influences and this product not only smells amazing but feels great on my temples and forehead (and it doesn't give me pimples either). Would definitely buy again." It's made with essential oils like tangerine, spearmint, and cedar.


9. An Easy, Portable Shaver That's Cordless And Fully Waterproof

Remington WSF4810 Women's Travel Foil Shaver, $9, Amazon

Featuring a sharp, triple-blade design, this foil shaver is a fast and easy way to shave your legs. The dual trimmers work together to lift and cut hair, gliding easily over your skin to deliver a smooth, even shave. The battery-operated device is cordless and fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower safely and toss it in your bag when you travel.


10. A Blissful Massage Stick That Offers At-Home Relaxation

DDeper Massage Stick, $10, Amazon

It's hard to beat an affordable massage stick that works like an at-home masseuse. Built with firm pressure bristles, the rolling device works to alleviate sore muscles, roll out stiffness, and relax your body. You can use it to perform a deep tissue massage on your calves, hamstrings, back, glutes, quads, neck, and shoulders. On top of offering sublime relaxation, the roller increases flexibility, boosts energy, improves sleep, enhances circulation, and reduces inflammation.


11. An Ultra-Versatile Travel Cup That Holds Snacks, Vitamins, And Beverages

SmartShake 20-Ounce Shaker Cup, $10, Amazon

This clever three-in-one shaker cup offers a space to carry your coffee or smoothie, along with snacks and vitamins. The portable beverage container features three compartments — one for drinks, one for cereal or fruit, and one to hold pills and vitamins. The lid is fully leak-proof and can go in the microwave if you need a warm-up. As a bonus, the travel cup also has a snap-on power mixer to blend clump-free powdered drinks.


12. A Superbly Hydrating Beauty Elixir That's Made With Pure Gold

GARYOB 24K Gold Beauty Face Oil, $10, Amazon

Who knew rubbing literal pieces of gold dust on your face could make your complexion look so amazing? This ultra-hydrating beauty oil is infused with small bits of 24-karat gold that pull toxins from your skin, reduce inflammation, and leave you with a healthy glow. The pink rose elixir is ultra-moisturizing, and it even helps treat blemishes and even out skin tone. The oil can also be used as a lip balm or mixed with your foundation to add extra hydration.


13. A Pair Of Wonderfully Soft Insoles That Keep Your Feet Extra Comfy

KevenAnna Sports Gel Insoles, $9, Amazon

Constructed with magically soft material, these gel insoles absorb the shock as you walk or run, alleviating foot pain and strengthening your foot muscles. The insoles provide total arch support with extra cushioning in the heels to prevent spurs. They have active carbon fibers that remove odors and offer antibacterial sweat absorption to keep your feet dry. The effective insoles can also be used for hiking, dancing, yoga, golf, gymnastics, and other active pursuits.


14. The Miracle Growth Serum That Makes Your Eyelashes Longer And Fuller

NewHM Natural Eyelash Enhancer, $9, Amazon

If you crave long, luscious eyelashes without having to get extensions, this lash growth serum is just the thing for you. Apply the formula twice a day, and within four weeks you'll notice significant changes in both length and volume. "The product works!" said one Amazon reviewer. "I’ve been using it once daily for one week. I did see results within the first week and have seen a substantial amount of growth since I started applying it once a day in the evening."


15. An Adorable Mini Fan That Offers An Extra Breeze On The Go

Arctic Breeze Mini USB Desktop Fan, $10, Amazon

Whether you get hot at your desk or just like to keep the air fresh, this mini fan is a sensational way to add a little breeze to your work or study life. The rechargeable device plugs into any USB port and has a bendy neck you can angle toward your face. It spins up to 1,700 RPM and is virtually silent, circulating cool and consistent air throughout any small space.


16. A Powerful Mud Mask That's Made With Aloe Vera And Jojoba Oil

Natural Spa Dead Sea Mud Mask, $9, Amazon

Made with a delightful blend of aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil, and Dead Sea mud, this mineral face mask is supremely hydrating and fantastically detoxifying. The potent formula works to lift dirt and impurities, which cleanses your pores and helps clear up blemishes. On top of removing dead skin cells and softening the skin, the mud mask also replenishes dry spots and stimulates blood flow.


17. The Five-Piece Tweezer Set That Includes Every Tool You Need For Brow Perfection

pureGLO 5-Piece Tweezer Set, $9 (Set of 5), Amazon

This five-piece tweezer set includes everything you need to keep your brows on fleek. In addition to curved eyebrow scissors, the kit comes with a few tweezer variations: slanted, pointed, pointed slant, and flat tip. The calibrated tension and precisely aligned tips also make these perfect tools for extracting ingrown hairs and splinters.


18. A Set Of 24-Karat Gold Eye Masks That Make You Look Rested And Refreshed

ONE1X Crystal 24K Gold Eye Mask, $7 (20 Pack), Amazon

Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue or simply look tired sometimes, these 24-karat gold eye masks will invigorate the area under your eyes and make you look refreshed. Made with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, grape seed, rose, and other ingredients, the masks activate collagen synthesis, bolster cellular metabolism, and increase blood flow. The result is fresh, radiant skin that looks healthy and glowing.


19. A High-Tech Mini-Plug That Lets You Monitor Your Appliances Remotely

KMC Wifi Smart Plug Mini Outlet, $9, Amazon

This smart plug lets you control your appliances remotely and set customized schedules for your household. The plug-in device, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, can be controlled from anywhere with your phone, allowing you to monitor your electricity use and conserve energy. You can also check the status of things plugged into the outlet while you're away — so you can confirm whether they're on or off and track how much energy they're using.


20. The Charcoal Toothpaste That Makes Your Teeth Impossibly White

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste, $8, Amazon

Using activated charcoal, this natural toothpaste lifts up plaque and tartar, making your teeth ridiculously white while also pulling bacteria from your tongue to freshen your breath. "My teeth have never felt cleaner with any other toothpaste," said one enthusiastic Amazon user. "My breath is fresher and stays fresher longer. I have been using (it for) one week and can tell my teeth are whiter."


21. A Set Of Laundry Balls That Make Your Clothes Dry Faster

Handy Laundry Hedgehog Dryer Balls, $8 (4 Pack), Amazon

Instead of using chemical-based dryer sheets or fabric softeners, give these all-natural dryer balls a try. The soft little spikes tumble around with your clothes in the dryer, lifting and separating them so the warm air can circulate better. Your garments get fluffed in the process, naturally reducing static cling and preventing wrinkles. What's more, the balls reduce drying time too, so you save energy (aka money) and get your chores done faster.


22. A Portable Cleansing Stick That Detoxifies Your Skin With Charcoal

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser, $10, Amazon

You'll be amazed how soft your skin feels after scrubbing it with tomatoes and charcoal. Although it may sound crazy, this detoxifying two-in-one facial stick does an incredible job exfoliating your skin while lifting dirt and grime, leaving you with a majestic glow. Plus, it's portable and easy to use — just wet your face and rub the stick on to work up a lather.


23. This Mini Oil Diffuser That Fits In Your Pocket And Converts Any Space Into An At-Home Spa

SpaRoom Aromafier Portable Oil Diffuser, $10, Amazon

Turn on this mini oil diffuser and watch any room or small space instantly morph into a relaxing, spa-like retreat. The sleek, compact device is lightweight and small enough to fit in your purse — or even the palm of your hand. Just add your favorite scented oil (be it vanilla, lavender, rose, or eucalyptus) and sit back as aromatic delights fill the room. The diffuser is battery-operated and can also be run on a USB charge, allowing you can plug it into your laptop or wall charger on-the-go.


24. An Ultra-Soothing Ice Roller You Can Use To Give Yourself Cooling Massages

VBiger Ice Roller, $10, Amazon

This soothing ice roller gives you a gentle massage while reducing puffy eyes, alleviating stress, and increasing blood circulation. Keep the roller in the freezer and mount it on the handle when you're ready to use it. The versatile device also relieves fatigue, shrinks pores, soothes sunburn, treats headaches, eliminates allergy symptoms, and reduces swelling. It is soft, lightweight, and wonderfully durable.


25. The Handy Mini Wallet That Protects Your From Identity Theft

ID Stronghold RFID Mini Wallet, $10, Amazon

Nowadays, identity thieves don't even have to go through your mail — they can stand next to you and steal from you by scanning the chip on your credit card. This RFID-blocking wallet, however, keeps you protected by blocking the chip from being read. It's made from genuine leather and features four card slots, an ID window, and a pouch in the middle — and comes in seven color options including black, brown, merlot, and others.


26. A Travel-Sized Lint Remover That Keeps Your Clothes Looking Sharp

AVANTEK Lint Shaver And Remover, $10, Amazon

You'll never find your cute cardigan covered in fuzz again with this mega-convenient portable lint remover. The small device is battery-operated and easily fits in your purse or travel bag, offering a simple way to clean up lint or remove pet hair mid-day. It's built with a powerful motor, sharp blades, and strong suction capabilities that draw unwanted lint from the most stubborn fabrics.


27. The Stress-Relieving Cooling Gel That Also Treats Sore Muscles

J.R. Watkins Deep Muscle Cooling Gel, $7, Amazon

Made with natural ingredients including basil extract, red chili, and menthol, this muscle cooling gel helps relax tense muscles, soothe aches, and alleviate stress. Just dab some of the gel onto achy muscles and allow the calming properties to penetrate your skin. In addition to general stress, the gel works great for minor arthritis and backaches.


28. A Brilliant Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Beverages Hot

Home-X Mug Warmer, $8, Amazon

Never again will your coffee or tea get cold mid-morning with this genius mug warmer. The heated plate, which can be used with ceramic or glass mugs, will keep your beverage warm and steamy all morning long No more trips to the microwave — just plug this bad boy in, set your coffee down, and sip away.


29. This Set Of Silicone Tea Infusers That Won't Shed Leaves Into Your Cup

Ououdee Silicone Tea Infusers, $9 (5 Pack), Amazon

Made of eco-friendly silicone, these reusable tea infusers deliver strong flavor to your tea without shedding bits of leaves into the cup. The uniquely designed lids prevent hot water and steam burns, while the flexible bases diffuse the flavor into your mug. They're all different colors, too, so you can ensure you're always reaching for the right cup.


30. A Perfectly Efficient Curling Iron That Heats Up In 30 Seconds

Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron, $8, Amazon

Waiting around for the curling iron to heat up is the worst. Fortunately, this super-efficient option from Conair gets piping hot in just 30 seconds. It has a 1-inch barrel that gives you bouncy curls with its chromium, nickel, copper, and steel multi-layer technology. A Turbo Heat feature increases the barrel temperature by up to 36 degrees, achieving faster styling and a seamless look. Lastly, the non-slip grip handle, counter rest, and automatic shut-off make it a safe device, too.


31. The Nine-Piece Mixing Set To Make Creative DIY Face Masks

Teenitor DIY Face Mask Mixing Tool Kit, $8, Amazon

If you're that person who's always experimenting with new DIY face masks you saw on Pinterest, you're going to be obsessed with this all-in-one mixing kit. The set comes with everything you need to mash up your oatmeal, avocados, brown sugar, mayonnaise, or whatever other wondrous ingredients you're testing out this week. The kit includes a convenient mixing bowl, sponge, spatula, brush, gauges, spray bottle, and small jar.


32. A Makeup Brush Holder That Organizes Your Bathroom And Declutters Everything

MSQ 26-Hole Makeup Brush Tree, $9, Amazon

There's no better way to organize and store all of your makeup brushes than with this awesome makeup brush tree. The sophisticated rack reduces the clutter in your bathroom and keeps everything neat and tidy. Plus, it's good for your brushes, protecting the shape of the bristles and giving you a space to dry them so they won't change their shape. The rack includes four large holes, six medium holes, and 16 small holes to store brushes of varying sizes.


33. This Set Of Soft Satin Pillowcases That Feel Like Heaven On Your Cheeks

DreamHome Satin Standard Pillowcase, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

There's something about sleeping on satin that just feels amazing. These dreamy pillowcases give your cheeks a little treat every night, delivering a soft and silky place to rest your head. The pillowcases come in a striking variety of 36 different color options, ensuring an option that will fit your linen scheme. "The fabric is exactly what I was looking for," said one Amazon user. "(I've gotten other satin pillowcases that were stiff and cheap-feeling). This is really soft."


34. A Handy Gooseneck Phone Holder You Can Mount In Your Car

IPOW Double Clamp Phone Car Mount, $9, Amazon

Featuring a bendy, convenient neck and a strong double clamp, this car phone mount gives you a way to glance at your GPS or skip a Spotify song without having to dig around for your phone. The clamp that holds your device is easy to open and fits nearly all phones, even those with bulkier cases. Additionally, the arm is embedded with an aluminum alloy rod, so it won't jump around or vibrate on bumpy roads.


35. An Aromatic Tea Tree Ointment That Softens Your Skin

Desert Essence Tea Tree Skin Ointment, $8, Amazon

Behold, the magic of this tea tree ointment that softens your skin, reduces irritation, and delivers rich hydration to every pore. Blended with essential oils, vitamins, and fruit, the natural moisturizer keeps your complexion smooth while treating things like cuts, abrasions, eczema, and other skin ailments. As a bonus, it smells magnificent.


36. An Inspirational Book That Gives You Daily Ideas For Creative Journaling

Rossi Fox 365 Journal Writing Ideas, $9, Amazon

Whether you're a lifelong dreamer or brand-new to journaling, this awesome book will provide daily inspiration for a full year. It's chock-full of amazing ideas, tricks, and tips to get your thoughts flowing and pump out the creativity. The undated pages offer daily prompts as well as weekly action items to help fill it with memories, self-reflection, achievements, gratitude, and goals.


37. A Miracle Serum That Makes Frizzy Hair Smooth And Shiny

Nubi Hair Boosting Marula Oil Serum, $9, Amazon

Made with marula oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, this fantastic hair serum targets dry, frizzy hair, offering rich nutrients and deep hydration. The soft oil smooths, polishes, and straightens while making your hair shine. "All I know is this is the best hair serum I have ever used," said one happy Amazon customer. "Smells so good, makes my hair feel like silk and I am so happy I got it. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference."


38. This Pair Of Super-Effective Ear Plugs That Also Reduce Pressure On Flights

Flents Flite Mate Pressue Reducing Ear Plugs, $8, Amazon

Not only do these awesome ear plugs block out the sound of crying babies and cranky air travelers, they also reduce your inner ear pressure to keep you comfortable on long flights. Constructed with soft, durable rubber, they fit comfortably inside your ear, creating a strong sound barrier while reducing altitude-induced ear pain. The bendy material compresses quickly, making them easy to insert, and they'll protect you from sound up to 22 decibels.


39. An Aromatic Variety Pack Featuring Nine Different Face Masks

Celavi Cosmetics Essence Facial Masks, $10 (9 Pack), Amazon

This sweet-smelling variety pack offers a versatile mix of facial masks in varying essences including cucumber, honey, tea tree, charcoal, avocado, pomegranate, aloe vera, collagen, and vitamin C. When you take off this mask 15 minutes after applying it, your skin will be toned, hydrated, firmed, and clear. The facial sheets aren't as messy as traditional masks, and you won't have to spend time wiping up cucumber and avocado goop from the bathroom counter.


40. A Handy Gadget That Cleans Your Tongue And Freshens Your Breath

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner, $8, Amazon

You can brush and brush, but it's hard to tackle bad breath when your tongue is dirty. This highly effective tongue cleaner features a stainless steel wire you can use to gently pull bacteria and grime from your tongue, leaving your mouth clean. It has two soft grip handles and an easy, adjustable shape. "Honestly, the first time I used it changed my life! You will not believe how much gunk is just sitting on your tongue after scraping your first time, and I have not had any fear of bad breath since."


41. A Set Of Genius Pizza Scissors That Won't Scrape The Cheese Off

ULEE Stainless Steel Pizza Scissors, $8, Amazon

Built with high-quality stainless steel, these brilliant pizza scissors allow you to cut perfectly even slices of pizza without scraping all of the toppings off. On top of that, the 11-inch scissors feature a built-in spatula on the side so you can cut and scoop at the same time, saving your hands from burns. The spatula is also fully removable for convenient cleaning, too.


42. A 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set That's Perfect For Contouring, Highlighting, And More

Duorime 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set, $7, Amazon

This utterly comprehensive makeup brush set comes with a tool for literally every makeup application you can think of. The 10-piece kit includes a brush for packing, blending, lining, smudging, buffing, diffusing, defining, contouring, highlighting, and finishing. The wands showcase sleek, nickel-plated ferrules that are double-clamped at the base with bright black handles. Best of all, the bristles are made with vegan synthetic fiber that's soft and won't shed.

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