42 Things Exploding In Popularity On Amazon That'll Save You A Bunch Of Money

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Everyone wants to save money — it's one of those universal truths besides taxes — but it's not always easy to figure out the best way to do it. Here's a little bit of a weird idea: try out some money-saving products on Amazon.

Sure, spending money to save money isn't necessarily an idea that sounds perfect right off the bat — but if you find the right products, you'll soon find yourself with a little extra spending money over time. For instance — how about eco-friendly, reusable microfiber pads that mimic disposable cotton rounds? I spend about $40 a year on those, with all the ones I go through when applying toner, makeup remover, and more. Or reusable sandwich bags that keep you from dropping money on expensive plastic versions.

And it's not just about spending less on products you always buy. Sometimes, saving money means spending a few dollars to prevent disasters that'll cost you unforeseen amounts. Like a shoe saver that keeps your expensive sneakers protected if you're unexpectedly caught in the rain — a small investment that can keep you from wasting 50 bucks on new shoes. Or a drink holder that keeps your cup of coffee steady and secure on the couch so you can save yourself the fee for the carpet cleaner.

There's lots of innovative ways to save a little money over time, and these brilliant products on Amazon are a good start.

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