42 Sick Things From Amazon That Are Suddenly Everywhere

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Trends catch on quickly — and they can happen in the blink of an eye. It feels like just last week I was using disposable water bottles, plastic straws, and paper grocery bags. But now? A few brilliant, trending products have made it easy to become more eco-friendly, so I keep reusable grocery bags in my car and I'm drinking deliciously icy lemon water from a reusable water bottle. And while I haven't hopped on the metal straw train yet, I might just grab myself a pack after perusing these sick Amazon products that are the next big things.

There's a reason that some products seem to appear everywhere overnight: More often than not, it's because they solve a real problem and they're genuinely well-made. No one likes shelling out their money on garbage, right? But luckily, when sales are suddenly through the roof and reviewers can't stop raving, it's easy to differentiate the worthwhile buys from the not-so-worthwhile ones.

And if you don't know how to find the most dope products on Amazon right now, don't worry — I've gathered the best of the best for this list. So let your inner impulse shopper roam free for a little while, because according to thousands of other shoppers, these trending items are actually worth the hype.

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