42 Sick Things From Amazon That Are Suddenly Everywhere

Trends catch on quickly — and they can happen in the blink of an eye. It feels like just last week I was using disposable water bottles, plastic straws, and paper grocery bags. But now? A few brilliant, trending products have made it easy to become more eco-friendly, so I keep reusable grocery bags in my car and I'm drinking deliciously icy lemon water from a reusable water bottle. And while I haven't hopped on the metal straw train yet, I might just grab myself a pack after perusing these sick Amazon products that are the next big things.

There's a reason that some products seem to appear everywhere overnight: More often than not, it's because they solve a real problem and they're genuinely well-made. No one likes shelling out their money on garbage, right? But luckily, when sales are suddenly through the roof and reviewers can't stop raving, it's easy to differentiate the worthwhile buys from the not-so-worthwhile ones.

And if you don't know how to find the most dope products on Amazon right now, don't worry — I've gathered the best of the best for this list. So let your inner impulse shopper roam free for a little while, because according to thousands of other shoppers, these trending items are actually worth the hype.

Wellness — 42 Sick Things From Amazon That Are Suddenly Everywhere

1. The Charcoal Powder That Can Help Whiten Your Teeth

Just dip your toothbrush into it; then scrub this natural charcoal powder all over your teeth to absorb stains without any irritating chemicals. The jar comes with enough charcoal powder for up to 100 uses, so a little goes a long way, and most Amazon reviewers saw results after just a few days.

2. An Oversized Winter Coat Made From Plush Fleece

This oversized winter coat is made from plush fleece that keeps you warm in the cold weather — and the relaxed fit makes it great for layering. Buyers say it looks great paired with skinny jeans, leggings, or even a bodycon dress, and it's available in a variety of classic colors, including brown, red, white, and pink. Available sizes: Small — 3X

3. The Handheld Device That Creates Delicious Spiralized Noodles

If you're searching for an easy way to change up your weekly dinners, look no further than this vegetable spiralizer. You can use it to make delicious noodles from zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, and more, plus there are three different blades to choose from so that you can also make ribbons or fettuccine.

4. Some Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Bring your home into the 21st century without any expensive renovations. These smart light bulbs easily connect to Alexa or Google Assistant so that you can control them using voice commands. Choose between 16 million colors, and there's no hub required in order to set them up.

5. This 2-In-1 Drying Brush With 15,000 Reviews

If you find that your hair has a tendency to lay flat and limp, try adding some volume to it with this hot air brush. The ceramic coating on the exterior helps reduce frizz while simultaneously infusing shine, and unlike traditional hair dryers, you can easily get this one super-close to your scalp without burning yourself.

6. A Container That Makes Iced Coffee In 1 Minute

Got a warm beverage you'd like chilled? Then dump it into this chilling container, wait for about one minute, then pour it back into your cup — thanks to the dual ice-filled walls, you now have a cold beverage to enjoy. It's great for making iced coffee and tea, or you can even use it when your sodas become warm.

7. The Air Fryer That Requires Hardly Any Oil To Create Crispy Foods

Use it to make french fries and chicken tenders, or use this air fryer to bake steak, chicken, bread, and desserts. It uses only a fraction of the oil that traditional deep fryers require so that it's healthier and easy to clean, and each order comes with a recipe guide to help get you started.

8. A Winter Coat Filled With White Duck Down

Filled with ultra-warm white duck down, this winter jacket is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stay fashionable, yet cozy in the cold weather. It's longer than most jackets so that your hips stay warm, plus it's available in six different colors — including red, navy, and green. Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X

9. The Smart Sous Vide Cooker That Easily Fits Into Drawers

Unlike traditional sous vide cookers, this one comes with a free downloadable app that not only lets you control it while you're out of the house, but also features thousands of free recipes. It's smaller than competing sous vide cookers so that it can fit into your drawers or cabinets when you're not using it, plus the fixed clamp makes it easy to attach to almost any pot.

10. A Serum That's Chock-Full Of Nourishing Snail Extract

Use it to give your complexion a nourishing boost of hydration, or use this snail extract serum to help improve your skin's elasticity. It's an easy way to help brighten up your face, plus many Amazon reviewers raved that "it absorbs quickly" — and a little goes a long way.

11. The Smart Plug That Lets You Set Schedules For Your Devices

Simply plug it into your wall, then connect it to Alexa — you'll be able to control your devices using voice commands, all thanks to this convenient smart plug. The downloadable app also lets you set schedules so that your lights are on when you come home, and there's no smart-home hub required.

12. A Pack Of Reusable Straws Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Designed to fit into practically any tumbler, these reusable straws are made from food-grade stainless steel that's resistant to rust. They won't leave a metal aftertaste in your mouth like competing straws, plus each order also comes with two extra-long nylon cleaning brushes.

13. The Derma Roller That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

Use this derma roller to exfoliate and help stimulate blood flow and collagen production, all thanks to the tiny needles that make microscopic punctures in your complexion. Each order also comes with a convenient travel case, and many Amazon reviewers raved about how they were able to see a difference after just a few weeks.

14. An Insulated Water Bottle That Can Keep Beverages Cold For Up To 24 Hours

It doesn't matter whether you're out camping in the woods, driving in a hot car, or relaxing under the sun at the beach — this insulated water bottle can still keep your beverages chilled for up to 24 hours. You can also use it to keep hot beverages toasty for up to 12, thanks to the double-wall, food-grade stainless steel insulation.

15. The Serum That Can Help Even Out Your Skin Tone

Drop a little onto your face to help even out your skin tone, or use this bakuchiol serum to help stimulate blood flow to your complexion. It's gentler on your skin than traditional retinol, and the formula is completely vegan as well as cruelty-free. Buyers wrote that it "makes your face feel so soft and smooth," even though it's "great for sensitive skin."

16. A Pack Of Scrunchies Made From Soft Velvet

These velvet scrunchies are obviously a great way to secure your hair away from your face, but reviewers think they're so cute, they keep one around their wrist at all times. Each order comes with a variety of colors that'll match practically any outfit, plus the soft velvet exterior won't cause breakage or damage to your strands.

17. The Fun Card Game That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

With millions of copies sold, it's clear that Exploding Kittens is a great option for your next family game night. Players take turns drawing cards, but if they pull an exploding kitten, they automatically lose. Luckily, you can block the exploding kitten using defuse cards, magical enchiladas, or even goats, plus it only takes about 15 minutes to play a round.

18. A Pair Of Cozy Socks Made From Ultra-Plush Microfiber

"These are the most heavenly pair of socks your toes and feet will ever touch in your lifetime," one buyer wrote. Made from ultra-soft microfiber, these socks are a great way to ensure that your feet stay warm in the cold weather. One size is designed to fit most, plus they look incredibly cute when layered over a pair of leggings with boots. Get them in seven different colors.

19. These Bluetooth Earbuds That Are Completely Waterproof

Wear them while you're at the gym, or use these Bluetooth earbuds while cleaning, making hands-free calls, or walking in the rain . They're completely waterproof so that you can get them wet without worrying about any damage, and they can play music for up to nine hours when used in conjunction with the charging case.

20. A Pack Of Hair Clips Designed With Elegant Pearls

Dress up your hair for weddings, holidays, office parties, or even prom. Each order of these hair clips comes with 12 different styles so you have a variety of options when getting ready. They arrive in a golden gift box, and they're strong enough that they're able to secure hair as well as decorate it.

21. The Coffee And Espresso Maker That Requires Zero Electricity

Take it with you while you're camping, or even use this coffee and espresso maker at home — buyers say it "makes the best coffee" they've ever had. There's no electricity required, which makes it exceptionally portable, and each order also comes with a travel bag.

22. A Utensil Set That Comes With A Convenient Travel Case

Tired of using flimsy plastic cutlery whenever you're traveling? Maybe you're trying to be more eco-friendly. Either way, be sure to grab yourself this utensil set. Each set comes with chopsticks, two straws, a fork, knife, spoon, and cleaning brushes, plus they're all made from rust-resistant stainless steel.

23. The Adjustable Pillow Filled With Soft Memory Foam

Not only is the memory foam filling removable so that you can adjust how soft or firm this pillow is, but the case is also hypoallergenic as well as resistant to dust mites. Each order comes with an extra bag of memory foam filling in case you like an extra-firm pillow, and it's exceptionally breathable to help prevent you from overheating at night.

24. A Weighted Blanket Made From 100% Cotton

Made from 100% breathable cotton, this weighted blanket aims to help you fall asleep at night and alleviate anxiety before bedtime. That's because it's filled with heavy glass beads, which are kept evenly distributed thanks to the square stitching. It's available in a variety of colors, weights, and sizes, and thousands of people say it "actually works" to keep them calm.

25. These Reusable Food Storage Bags Made From Silicone

Instead of using wasteful plastic bags, help save yourself some money over time by switching to these reusable storage bags. They're made from easy-to-wash silicone that helps prevent mold growth, and each order comes with seven: three large and four medium, all of which are airtight and leak-proof.

26. A Bottle Of Honey That Has A Delicious Kick To It

Made with a combination of honey and chili peppers, this bottle of Mike's Hot Honey is a great gift for anyone who loves hot sauce. You can easily drizzle it on pizza, wings, cheese, cocktails, or even tea, plus there are zero artificial sugars or preservatives — and it's 100% gluten-free.

27. The Echo Dot That Lets You Use Voice Commands To Control Your Home

There are so many possibilities with the Echo Dot (as exemplified by nearly 120,000 reviews) but most buyers use it to control their smart devices using only their voice. You can also ask it questions, have it play music, or even check the weather, plus the improved speaker quality delivers a rich, loud sound.

28. A Smart Mug That Helps Keep Your Drinks Hot

If you're tired of your coffee or tea getting cold before you can finish it, make sure to grab this smart mug. It helps keep your beverages toasty so that you can take your time sipping on them, and it has a one-hour battery life and adjustable temperature options. Get it in white or black.

29. The Spray That Eliminates Unwanted Bathroom Odors

Just spritz a little into the toilet bowl before you "go," and this toilet spray will eliminate unwanted bathroom odors before they even hit the air. It's formulated with a blend of lavender, vanilla, and citrus oils (all of which trap smells under the surface of the water), and it's completely paraben-free, too.

30. A Reusable Notebook That Lets You Upload Your Notes To The Cloud

Why use wasteful paper notebooks when you could just use this reusable one instead? Unlike other notebooks, this one has sturdy pages that wipe clean — but not before you can upload important notes to iCloud, Slack, Dropbox, and more. It's compatible with any Pilot Frixion pen, marker, or highlighter, and one pen comes included with each order.

31. The Tote Bag Made From Eco-Friendly Recycled Cotton

Sometimes you just need a large tote bag to carry all your stuff — and this one comes in a variety of colors and has two handle options. It's made from eco-friendly recycled cotton, and the snap closure pocket is a convenient place to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials.

32. A Device That Charges Your Smartphone Wirelessly

This popular wireless charger works with compatible iPhones, Androids, and even AirPods, plus it's able to provide a charge through most phone cases. It uses intelligent technology to prevent over-charging, surges, and overheating, and it comes in three color options.

33. This Appliance That Cooks Up To 6 Delicious Eggs At The Same Time

Perfect for cramped kitchens, dorm rooms, or even RVs, this rapid egg cooker can poach, scramble, and hard- or soft-boil your eggs — automatically. The shut-off function helps prevent accidental overcooking, and each order also comes with a recipe book to help get you started.

34. An Adult Party Game That Has Players Create Hilarious Memes

Made for people aged 17 and up, this fun party game has players create hilarious memes in a way that's similar to Cards Against Humanity. One player acts as a judge each round, while the other players pair funny images with amusing one-liners — and with more than 400 cards to choose from, it's almost impossible to have the same game twice.

35. This Foot Peel Mask That's Completely Pain-Free

No scrubbing or foot files required — just soak your feet in this mask, then wait. After about two weeks, your feet will shed their outer layer of skin, leaving you with super-soft, touchable soles. It's completely pain-free, plus it's formulated with a blend of aloe vera, lavender, and castor oil.

36. A DNA Test That Can Help You Find Your Family's Origins

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from? Then make sure to grab this DNA test. Not only can it help you find out if you're a carrier for certain inherited diseases or conditions, but it also narrows down your ancestry composition to several of 1,500-plus regions. Results are generally available within about three weeks.

37. The Bamboo Caddy Tray That Expands To Fit Your Bathtub

After a long, stressful day at work, sit back in your bathtub and relax with this expandable caddy tray. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo, and the non-slip grip helps keep it securely in place. With compartments and stands for your tea, tablet, soap, candles, and more, it's no surprise buyers say, "If I could give this 10 stars, I would."

38. A Hypoallergenic Pillowcase Made From Natural Silk

Silk creates less friction against your hair and skin than traditional cotton, which means that this silk pillowcase is a great addition to your beauty regimen. It's hypoallergenic as well as extra-breathable, and the hidden zipper helps prevent your pillow from sliding out while you sleep. Buyers rave that hair is less frizzy and skin is more hydrated.

39. The Essential Oil Diffuser That Can Run For Up To 18 Hours

Made with a chic marble design that looks great in practically any home, this essential oil diffuser has an extra-large water tank that allows it to run for up to 18 hours when full. There are also seven color-changing mood lights to choose from when setting the atmosphere, plus it's completely BPA-free.

40. A Makeup Organizer Designed With Adjustable Shelves

It doesn't matter whether you have nail polish, lipstick, aerosol sprays, creams, or even brushes — this makeup organizer can hold practically all of it. The shelves are adjustable so that they can even fit tall bottles, plus it rotates 360 degrees to help save you space on your vanity.

41. These Bed Sheets Made From Wrinkle-Resistant Microfiber

Because they're made from incredibly soft microfiber, these bed sheets are also resistant to wrinkles, stains, and fading. They're available in a variety of colors as well as sizes, plus each set also comes with two pillow shams so you don't have to buy them separately. With all that for under $30, it's no wonder they have nearly 70,000 reviews.

42. A Fun, Strategic Word Game That's Also Educational

Think of Bananagrams like Scrabble, but without the limitations of a board. Players race each other to create words in crossword grids, and the banana-shaped carrying case makes it great for travel. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it "helps you learn new words," which makes it educational for kids. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily’s editorial and sales departments.