42 Home Essentials On Amazon That Are Beyond Functional — & Cute As Hell

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Shopping for home basics — like picking up a new set of sponges, replacing burned-out oven mitts, or ordering a kitchen sink strainer — is rarely exciting for anybody. I mean, who likes spending their hard-earned cash on a potato peeler? But, one has to wonder: must shopping for these ho-hum items be so unexciting? I don't think so. And I think these 42 home essentials on Amazon prove me absolutely right.

These home basics are anything but basic, because they all manage to combine the obvious need for the products to be functional with a fun design or an adorable aesthetic. Take, for instance, a cotton swab holder that's shaped like a lotus flower. Or a tea infuser that looks like a manatee popping out of your teacup. Or, my personal favorite, a sponge holder that's shaped like a bed. A bed for your sponge — imagine the cuteness!

Each one of these products is delightful and takes the drudgery out of the everyday. And I'm personally on board for anything that makes life a little less blah. So take a gander at these products. They'll add a dash of whimsy to your life — and they just might make scrubbing the dishes a little less painful.

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