41 Things Exploding In Popularity On Amazon That'll Save You A Bunch Of Money

Everyone wants to save money — it's one of those universal truths besides taxes — but it's not always easy to figure out the best way to do it. Here's a little bit of a weird idea: try out some money-saving products on Amazon.

Sure, spending money to save money isn't necessarily an idea that sounds perfect right off the bat — but if you find the right products, you'll soon find yourself with a little extra spending money over time. For instance — how about eco-friendly, reusable microfiber pads that mimic disposable cotton rounds? I spend about $40 a year on those, with all the ones I go through when applying toner, makeup remover, and more. Or reusable sandwich bags that keep you from dropping money on expensive plastic versions.

And it's not just about spending less on products you always buy. Sometimes, saving money means spending a few dollars to prevent disasters that'll cost you unforeseen amounts. Like a shoe saver that keeps your expensive sneakers protected if you're unexpectedly caught in the rain — a small investment that can keep you from wasting 50 bucks on new shoes. Or a drink holder that keeps your cup of coffee steady and secure on the couch so you can save yourself the fee for the carpet cleaner.

There's lots of innovative ways to save a little money over time, and these brilliant products on Amazon are a good start.

These Reusable Food Wraps Made From Beeswax And Jojoba Oil

On top of saving you money each month on plastic wrap, these reusable beeswax food wraps are also eco-friendly. Made from a blend of sustainably harvested beeswax, organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin, the flexible food wraps are washable and 100% compostable: Just seal them over a jar or container and rinse gently when you're done.

An Eco-Friendly Food Bag That's Also Save You Money

If you're looking for even more ways to have an eco-friendly kitchen, this reusable food bag replaces the plastic bags you store sandwiches, freezer meals, and snacks in — plus, you can even sous vide with it. It's built with flexible silicone and an easy to use pinch-lock seal. The bag is fully airtight and safe to put in both the microwave and dishwasher — so you can use these for more efficient meal prep.

This Ultra-Versatile Back Scratcher That Doesn't Break Easily

The great thing about this retractable back scratcher is that it's double-sided, offering different degrees of spikes for different levels of itchiness (or massage). One side is more moderate while the other is more aggressive. It has a 26-inch retractable wand and a grippy, ergonomic handle. If you're looking for an exfoliating scratcher that offers relief — and doesn't snap like all those cheap alternatives — this is the way to go. One reviewer wrote: "THIS DID NOT FAIL!! The metal in the middle is very thick and strong which means that the cactus part scratches on target! Its very long and does a wonderful job scratching my back!"

A Clever Travel Container With A Drainer So Your Soap Doesn't Get Soggy

The best part about this high-quality soap container is that it's designed with a built-in, fully removable drainer so your soap doesn't get slimy and soggy. Not only that, it has a sturdy seal with a closing mechanism that makes it totally leak-proof. Reviewers say it is durable and the lid is easy to snap on and off — and if you're one to want to buy our own soap bar on vacation, save your money and grab this travel-friendly gadget instead.

A Survivalist Water Bottle Handle To Provide You With Rope In An Emergency

This handy water bottle attachment is made from survival-style paracord that you can unravel in an emergency. Once disassembled, it can be turned into 10 to 12 feet of extremely durable rope. The useful gadget, which comes with a sturdy metal carabiner, attaches to any wide-mouth Hydro Flask water bottle — and it prevents you from constantly dropping your bottle and accumulating scratches.

A Simple Water Pitcher That Filters Tap Water To Make It Taste Better

Rather than installing complicated filters in your kitchen sink (or worse, buying lots of plastic one-use bottles), use this simple water filter pitcher to make your tap water taste better. The BPA-free water pitcher, which holds up to 10 cups of water, is made from shatter-proof Tritan plastic that you can drop on the ground without it breaking. Best of all, the filter itself lasts for 200 gallons of water before it needs replacing. Best of all, it fills up in one minute, so you don't have to wait around for the water to filter.

A Convenient Eight-Compartment Tray To Organize Your Kitchen Drawers

If your kitchen drawers have devolved into a jumbled mess of spoons and knives, this handy organizer tray is an easy way to help — and to keep track of what you have so you don't repurchase things you already have. The sturdy apparatus features a large utensil compartment for bulky items such as spatulas and tongs, along with smaller bins for regular silverware. It can also store things like cheese slicers, bottle openers, potato peelers, and other accessories.

A Useful Brush That's Specifically Made For Hard-To-Clean Bottles And Jars

Cleaning inside oddly-shaped bottles, jars, and vases is a huge hassle that rarely goes well. However, this helpful bottle brush makes the task much easier with its long handle and smooth, rounded brush are specifically designed for the job. The cleaning tool is made with strong polyester bristles that'll work in the tightest of spaces. One reviewer writes: "feels heavy duty like it'll last a lifetime."

A Sleek Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer Designed For Hard Cheeses

Specially designed for semi-hard and hard cheese, this elegant stainless steel slicer is the perfect addition to your cheese platter — and will make sure none of your precious cheeses will go to waste. The sharp blade is extra durable — capable of cutting through firm cheeses like asiago, parm, and pecorino romano. Plus, its metal handle makes is both sturdy and dishwasher-safe.

These Reusable Produce Bags That Are Made From Lightweight Mesh

If you always feel guilty using those plastic bags at the grocery store, these reusable produce bags are a great way to ease your conscience. They're made with lightweight mesh that allows you to see inside while your veggies also get some air — which can help them last long when they're in the fridge. Not only are the bags are strong and durable, they're thin enough that any barcodes will scan through them.

A Convenient Drink Holder That Fits Over The Arm Of Your Couch

Never again worry about knocking drinks over the floor or couch — and having to pay for the upholstery or the carpet cleaning. This super convenient drink holder slides over the arm of your couch or sofa, offering a handy, secure place to store your drink. The flexible silicone is tough and durable, and it has an easy adapter you can use to adjust it to the exact size of your cup or mug.

A Convenient 2-In-1 Phone Gadget With A Special Compartment For Your Credit Cards

This useful two-in-one smartphone accessory offers a place to store your credit cards securely while also providing a convenient stand to use to watch movies or stream videos — and keep your phone from slipping out of your hands and breaking. The card holder — which is made from leather and polyester cotton — showcases a folding flap and stainless steel snap to make sure nothing falls out. Meanwhile, the finger ring grip pulls out and locks into place.

A Powerful Mouthwash That Kills Sulfur-Producing Bacteria To Make Your Breath Fresher

Formulated by a dentist, this strong, effective mouthwash specifically targets the bacteria in your mouth that produces sulfur, resulting in fresher breath all around. With a mild minty taste, the solution also eliminates bitter and metallic tastes in your mouth — and odors from tonsil stones and foods like garlic. The powerful mouthwash comes in a 16-ounce bottle with a built-in cup in the cap.

A Soft, Comfortable Bathtub Pillow With A Foldable Design For Your Neck And Back

Treat yourself to an at-home spa day with this luxurious bathtub pillow. Unlike many bathtub pillows that tend to slip down, this one is made with seven ultra-strong suction cups that keep it firmly in place. Not only that, its double-panel design lets your neck, shoulders, and back to all be supported at the same time. Buy this and skip the expensive sauna.

An Innovative Eyelash Perming Kit That Leaves Your Lashes Curled For A Month

Put your mascara to shame with this eyelash perm kit that gives a month's worth of permanent curl to your lashes. Just stick the curling rod above your lashes with glue, roll your eyelashes into it, and apply a series of perming creams. It's easy to do and once complete, your lashes will be curled — and the kit lasts up to 15 uses. One reviewer wrote: "I am so happy that I tried this eyelash perm kit. The packaging looks professional and made me kind of feel like I was purchasing a product from a spa...The directions are really simple, but if you just follow them exactly, you will be so happy you did!"

These Waterproof Shoe Covers That Are Perfect For Traveling

These waterproof shoe covers, which are constructed with easy to use adjustable straps, are the perfect thing to keep your feet dry whether you live in a rainy climate or spend a lot of time traveling. They feature durable zippers and tough, anti-slip soles. On top of that, they're lightweight and portable, making them easy to throw in a hiking pack or weekend duffel bag — and they'll keep your nice shoes damage-free.

This Clever Gadget That Stretches Your Toes To Treat Bunions

If you have bunions on your feet, this innovative bunion corrector could save you tons of money in visits to the podiatrist. The cool contraption is super easy to use — simply place a big toe in each each loop and allow the spring in between to stretch them toward one another. It's the same type of gadget that podiatrists use — except you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

A Genius Lotion Applicator That Keeps Your Back Moisturized

This simple but genius lotion applicator helps you moisturize those hard-to-reach areas. Just squirt a small amount onto the sponge and rub it wherever you need assistance. "This is so handy for putting lotion on my back, wish I'd bought one years ago," wrote one reviewer. Your skin will be soft and smooth, and will make sure you don't waste your products — because it can be used for body wash, too.

A Vegetable Scrubber That's Shaped Like An Adorable Potato Man

Designed with high-quality bristles and an adorable potato-shaped design, this spud-themed veggie scrubber is a great combination of cute and practical. It's constructed with top-grade nylon bristles and a tough, durable shell. It's great for anything from apples to yams.

A Set Of Hand And Feet Pads To Provide Cushion During Yoga

If you find yourself shelling out for yoga classes every time you go on vacation — try out these comfortable, brilliant yoga pads. The manufacturer describes them as yoga mats you can use everywhere — and the soft pads provide cushioning to the parts of your feet and hands that sustain the most pressure, so they'll keep you pain-free, too. They're made with stretchy, breathable spandex and soft, absorbent microfiber liners.

This Portable Humidifier That Mists Essential Oils In Your Car

Morph your car into a delightful-smelling oasis with this portable aromatherapy mister. The lightweight humidifier is USB-powered and specifically designed to use in your automobile: Just fill it with water and flip the switch on. In addition to offering sweet, calming aromatherapy, it's a fantastic way to prevent dry skin, coughing, and sinus congestion — and features seven LED lights to set the mood.

A Simple Tea Brewer That Lets You Drip Your Beverage Directly Into The Cup

Rather than using a bulky, heavy teapot (or heading to the nearest café), this miniature tea brewer dispenses the good stuff directly into your mug. Simply add tea and hot water, wait for it to bloom, then place the device on top of your tea cup. It will naturally trickle down, filling your cup with freshly brewed tea. The device is made with strong Tritan plastic and a features a high-quality stainless steel filter that will last forever.

These Soft And Comfy Gel Toe Straighteners That Help Correct Hammer Toes

Intended to minimize rubbing between your toes — which can cause issues like joint pain in the future — these gel toe straighteners help keep everything properly aligned. They're made with soft silicone gel that's odor-resistant — and are lightweight, stretchy, and easy to use. You can wear these with any shoes and help you run, walk, and work out with ease.

This Lavender Aromatherapy Mask That You Can Heat Up In The Microwave

Constructed with high-quality compression beads, this weighted eye mask provides soothing relief for headaches, migraines, puffy eyes, and other ailments. Put the mask in the microwave and it will deliver heat therapy, along with the soothing scent of lavender to your eyes and temples. What's more, the soft compression pack can be removed when you want to wear it like a regular sleep mask.

A Bedside Shelf That Sticks to The Wall To Keep Your Phone Handy

Get the clutter off of your nightstand with this exceptionally convenient bedside shelf. The wall-mounted device can be installed with a simple adhesive, holding things like cell phones, reading glasses, notepads, and other accessories that you want to keep handy. Best of all, it's designed with a special opening in the middle so you can charge your phone or tablet while it's sitting on the shelf.

These Clever Soap Trays That Funnel That Water Out Of The Bottom

These brilliant soap dishes feature downward-sloping drains that funnel the water out of the dish — so the mushy soap remnants don't stain your tub or sink, which also means all the soap will be usable. It looks better on the sink and also prevents bacteria from building up. The lightweight trays are easy to install and blend in with practically any bathroom.

A Soft Headband With Built-In Earphones So You Can Fall Asleep To Music

Theres nothing more annoying than trying to fall asleep with headphones on and having the earbuds digging into your ears or constantly falling out. These innovative sleep headphones — which feature Bluetooth wires built into a soft headband — allow you to drift off to sleep in peace. The Bluetooth syncs fast and the sounds is great. As a bonus, you can wear them when you're doing things like hiking, biking, or working out in colder weather.

A Vibrating Scalp Massager That Alleviates Muscle Tension

Capable of rendering 8,500 micro-vibrations per minute, this small and simple head massager packs a lot of punch — and mimics that most relaxing feeling of having your hair washed at the salon. The electronic massager is built with vibrating tongs that help relieve muscle tension while also improving blood circulation. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

These Reusable Makeup Remover Pads That Don't Require Any Soap

Made from soft bamboo, these reusable face pads are good for both your pocketbook and the environment. The best part is that you don't need any soap or makeup remover — simply get them wet and rub on your face to lift makeup, lotion, sunscreen, and other cosmetics right off. Each pad is constructed from silky bamboo fleece and lasts for 1,000 washes.

These Purifying Charcoal Packets That Work Like Air Fresheners

Rather than using overly fragrant potpourri to freshen the air in your house, give these bamboo charcoal packets a try. The packets sap up odors in the air and neutralize them, leaving it fresh and aroma-free. You can hang them in the closet, bathroom, car, fridge, or anywhere you need to eliminate odors.

These Reflexology Sandals With A Map Of All Of Your Pressure Points

If you have foot pain, especially the type linked to things like arthritis or plantar fasciitis, these acupressure reflexology sandals can offer soothing relief. They're designed with a map of acupressure points in the foot with special nodes attached. Just wear them for 15 minutes a day and watch your circulation improve and your foot tension get reduced. One reviewer raved the slight discomfort is worth it: "The last 5 minutes were a bit painful but I kept them on, just have to get used to them I am sure. The first night I slept better then I have slept in a really long time. I woke up with no knee pain or sciatica and back pain. I could actually get up from a setting position without struggling."

These Emergency Light Bulbs That Offer LED Backups In A Power Outage

These rechargeable LED light bulbs make awesome regular light bulbs but they really shine, so to speak, when there's an emergency. The bulbs operate with a normal switch day to day — but during power outages the backup LEDs kick in, allowing them to stay bright for three to four hours at a time. The bulbs offer a bright, warm light and reviewers say they don't flicker — and last a long time.

A Wearable Heating Pad You Can Slip Over Your Shoulders For Comfort

Whether you suffer from back pain or you just like the cozy feel of a warm wrap around your shoulders (and don't want to heat up your house and increase your energy bill), this comfy, relaxing heating pad will fill you with joy. The wearable device features six different temperature settings, each of which heat up quickly and stay hot consistently. On top of that, it's covered in soft, plush microfiber that's fully waterproof.

A Set Of Reusable Maxi Pads Made With Bamboo And Charcoal

If you don't like the waste produced from tampons and maxi pads — not to mention the dent to your wallet every month — these reusable sanitary pads make a great alternative. They're constructed with lightweight bamboo, as well as an absorbent charcoal inside that helps soak up liquids while also neutralizing odor. The pads are dark to reduce staining and boast easy-snap designs to fasten to your underwear.

These Compression Foot Sleeves That Improve Your Blood Circulation

These clever foot sleeves offer all of the benefits of compression socks without the bulk. Built with flexible compression and infused with high-tech copper, they help improve blood circulation and reduce foot soreness, particularly after exercise. The comfy accessories are lightweight and breathable with fully machine-washable fabric.

A Simple And Versatile Fabric Defuzzer With Three Different Settings

Sweater wearers, rejoice — this easy to use fabric defuzzer is an excellent method for keeping your cardigans sleek and lint-free. The handy gadget showcases three depth control settings, allowing you to remove fuzz, lint, and pilling of different sizes. Rounding out the features, it also has a detachable lint catcher and smooth ergonomic handle. It even works on furniture and curtains.

This Sleek Pour-Over Coffee Brewer With A High-Grade Stainless Steel Filter

Unlike coffee makers with regular paper filters, this pour-over brewer utilizes a sleek stainless steel version. The result is not only money saved — but also coffee that tastes better, according to reviewers. The carafe itself, which is made from sturdy, BPA-free plastic, can hold 14 ounces and it's also available in a 10.5- and 27-ounce sizes.

A Pack Of Motion Sensitive LED Night Lights To Place in the Hallway Or Bathroom

These ultra-handy LED night lights can be stuck in the hallway, the bathroom, the kitchen, or anywhere else you want illumination in the middle of the night. They're motion-sensitive so as soon as you get within 10 feet of them they'll turn on. Once you're gone, the convenient lights shut off automatically after 15 seconds.

A Hardcore Tactical Flashlight That Provides 800 Lumens Of Brightness

Whether you're prepping for an earthquake or you're just into survival gear, this rechargeable tactical flashlight will fit right into your kit. It's built with a tough aluminum body and a strong, scalloped-bezel head. The exceptionally bright flashlight — which is fully waterproof — offers 800 lumens of illumination.

A Miniature Odor Eliminator That You Can Easily Plug Into The Wall

With a powerful carbon filter designed to catch and neutralize smells, this miniature odor eliminator works hard to prevent unwanted scents. The small device is extremely simple to install — just plug it into any wall socket and flip the switch. It can treat things like cigarette smoke, pet smells, bathroom odors, and other undesirable aromas. As a bonus, it has an optional scent cartridge if you're into essential oils.

These Clever Salad Containers That Prevent Your Lettuce From Getting Soggy

It's hard to bring salad to work because the dressing makes the lettuce soggy — however, these clever lunch containers help. They feature special compartments for each topping, along with a special dressing holder. They're made with integrated vents and strong, airtight seals. The nine-piece set includes a few different options — and work great for celery and dip, or little snacks, too.

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