41 Really Weird, Cool Things For Your Home Under $40 On Amazon

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Take it from someone who really needs her space to feel cozy — adding some cool things for your home can make you feel like you're more at, well, home. Or, at least in my case, the retail therapy will help mask the emotions that come bubbling up anytime I look at the hideous teal wall in the bathroom of my new apartment. Just saying.

Regardless of whether you love or want to improve your current living space, there are tons of chic home products on Amazon you can use to give it that extra bit of style. Maybe you could switch out your current fruit basket with a collapsible one shaped like an apple, or even spice up your kitchen with a mounted grocery bag dispenser. And if everything is perfect except for those laminate counters ripped straight from the '70s, then there's a roll of marble contact paper I've included that you can use to bring your countertops into more modern times.

To really improve your living quarters (for an affordable price, no less — nothing on this list is over $40) check out these genius household items available on Amazon. They'll be waiting for you, teal walls or not.

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