41 Random Things Under $15 On Amazon That Are Going Viral

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The more you spend on something, the more effective it is, right? Nope — not always. Take these random things under $15 on Amazon that are going viral as the perfect example: they cost about as much as two really fancy cups of coffee (or one really fancy cocktail), but they'll prove to be so useful, you'll wonder why they don't cost three times as much.

You might be shocked to learn that innovative gadgets and tools that are this practical and convenient come with a totally reasonable price tag. But this isn't too good to be true: judging by all of the amazing reviews and ratings these items enjoy, it's a safe bet that they're the real deal.

This super random list includes everything under the sun — from portable LED lanterns and rinse-free bathing wipes for your next camping trip to party games, a collapsible dog food bowl, and an actual fan that you can wear as a necklace to cool you down wherever you roam under the hot sun. Like the sound of that? Buy them all.

And don't be suspicious of a cheap price — because the affordability of these amazing products is just the cherry on top.

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