40 Weird Inventions On Amazon That Are As Genius As The Squatty Potty

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If you've ever used The Squatty Potty, you know how life can suddenly seem more magical when a bizarre product enters it. Especially if it's something like a tiny little stool (HA) that makes going to the bathroom infinitely easier — and has inspired thousands of reviewers to sing its praises. If you haven't tried it out? Well, my friend, you should seriously invest some time into finding weird inventions on Amazon.

Just kidding. I did all of the work for you, because I know very few people have time to scroll the internet all day for these kinds of things. How else but through this (brilliant, of course) article would you find a muscle massager called the worm? How else would you discover a foldable straw for all your eco-friendly needs? Or a stainless steel bar of a soap that eliminates that stinky garlic smell from your hands? There's tons of odd products out there that are just as amazing as that cult-favorite toilet stool — and they're just waiting to make your day a little more amusing.

We can't all invent the next big thing, but we can certainly order the next big thing: and if you're scrolling through this while sitting on a Squatty Potty, you'll know that's definitely the next best (number two, if you will) thing.

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