40 Things On Amazon That Are Pure Genius & Under $30

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When it comes to making products, it's clear that some designers came to work with their thinking caps on. (No disrespect to those who forgot their thinking caps at home.) These thinking cap-wearers have come up with some pure genius products that vastly improve upon the design of common everyday products, which is the case with all these things on Amazon under $30 you're about to discover.

Most of these products solve everyday problems you thought you just had to put up with — like sore throats during cold season, hair that looks flat no matter how much volumizing mousse you put in, or the guilt of continuing to buy environmentally un-friendly plastic wrap. (Heck yes, there are real solutions to all these annoyances.)

And personally, I love digging through the thousands of pages on Amazon searching for these kinds of clever products — because knowing you can actually improve your life through shopping in a way that's practical and doesn't involve buying expensive French perfume is extremely satisfying to me. I mean, I love an expensive perfume too, but there's a lot to be said for the practicality part.

So put your thinking cap on and do some very smart — even genius — shopping.

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