40 Strange Products Under $30 On Amazon With Tons Of Rave Reviews

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Have you ever bought something you didn't plan on buying — and then fell so in love with it, you couldn't stop telling everyone about it? That's the feeling these offbeat Amazon products that reviewers love elicit — it's as if someone stumbled onto them, and then all of the sudden the whole online marketplace was on fire with tales of their efficacy and sheer magnificence.

One of my favorite products lately is this scrubber, a universal sprayer attachment that its manufacturers report cuts your cleaning time in half. When you're done cleaning and you're ready to relax, this head massager can help you in that department. Don't let its oddly claw-like look put you off: It delivers the same delightful treatment that your hairstylist does when they're washing your hair.

And then there's a perennial favorite, this night light that goes inside your toilet and can give you a disco light show up in there if that's what floats your boat. How is it possible that you've survived this long without one?

These items and more are proof that when it comes to Amazon's most raved-about products, it's not all the stuff you'd expect: It's also some slightly off-the-beaten-path rockstars like these that make your life easier or, at the very least, make your day.

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