40 Strange Products On Amazon That Actually Make Your Day More Exciting

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Let's be honest: A lot of everyday life is, well, boring. Paying bills, doing the laundry, making an appointment to go to the dentist (ugh). And after running to the store to get milk and eggs for the zillionth time, you might find yourself asking, "Isn't there more to life than this?" In my opinion, it's exactly moments like these that signal it's time for a little retail therapy — because sometimes we all just need something new to inject a little excitement into our lives. And all these strange products on Amazon? They will for sure inject a little excitement into your day-to-day routine.

Like I said, all these products are a little strange. But they're not strange in a creepy way — they're strange in the sense that they're unique, inventive, and fun — while still managing to be utterly useful — like coffee pods infused with immune-boosting probiotics. Or a shine stick that keeps oily skin in check all day long. Or an essential oil diffuser with a built-in light that fades in and out to help facilitate deep, rhythmic breathing for a truly a next-level aromatherapy session.

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