40 Reliable Products Under-$40 On Amazon You'll Use On Repeat

Let's face it: your wallet needs a break. But I'm not talking about taking a break from buying groceries, or other important purchases — I'm talking about a break from expensive shopping sprees. Luckily, that doesn't meant you have to stop shopping altogether — there are plenty of products on Amazon that you'll get a ton of use out of, and they're all under $40.

Case in point: the luxury skincare that you bought and never ended up never using? You could've used that money towards a pack of wool dryer balls that help lower your utilities since they reduce the time it takes for your clothes to tumble-dry. Or maybe you'll find endless use for a charcuterie board made from eco-friendly bamboo, or a foam roller that will make workouts more bearable. And there's also thing on this list that you've never heard of — like a little gadget for your wine that gets rid of those next-day headaches.

So whether you're trying to keep your inner impulse shopper in check, or simply searching for the latest and greatest life-changing products on Amazon, look no further than this curated list — in fact, I think I can hear those dryer balls practically calling your name.

Lifestyle — 40 Reliable Products Under-$40 On Amazon You'll Use On Repeat

1. The Filter That Removes Preservatives From Your Wine

If you find your head aching after a few glasses of wine, try using the PureWine filter wand to get rid of all the preservatives that can trigger wine sensitivities like skin flush, congestion, and even hangovers. This handy filter is compact enough that it fits easily into your purse or bag so you can use it while on the go, plus it's designed to work on sparkling wines as well as red, white, and rosé.

2. A Spice Shelf That Attaches To The Top Of Your Stove

You always want your spice rack to be well within arm's reach when you're cooking, which is why the STOVE SHELF spice shelf conveniently attaches to the top of your stove. Not only is installation incredibly simple since there are no screws, glues, or drilling required, but this shelf is also designed so that it'll fit onto most flat or curved kitchen stoves. And because it's made from food-grade stainless steel, it's also rust-resistant.

3. The Notebook That Lets You Upload Your Notes To The Cloud

Instead of writing your notes down on (not so eco-friendly) paper, you could use the Rocketbook smart notebook and upload your notes to Dropbox, Google drive, Evernote, or iCloud. This notebook has 32 reusable pagers that work with any Pilot Frixion pen (one is included), marker, or highlighter — and each page wipes clean easily.

4. A Foam Roller That Won't Bend Under Pressure

If you find that your foam rollers always wind up collapsing and losing their shape over time, this one is designed with a rigid, hollow core that won't break down easily like competing brands, and it can even hold up to 500 pounds in pressure or weight. Each order also comes with access to online instructional videos to help get you started, plus it's great for helping to improve the flow of blood and oxygen within your muscles.

5. The Reusable Sandwich Bags That Are Heat-Resistant

Not only is the silicone construction completely free of any BPA or latex, but the Stasher reusable sandwich bag is also heat-resistant — which means you can use it to sous vide meals on the stove. This bag also has a pinch-lock airtight seal that helps keep your food fresher than competing plastic bags, plus you can even toss it into the dishwasher for easy cleaning once you're done using it.

6. A Pack Of Toothbrushes Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Bamboo is considered eco-friendly because it quickly regrows once it's been harvested, so you won't need to worry about your impact on the environment when you use the Isshah bamboo charcoal toothbrushes. Bamboo is also water-resistant so that you won't have to worry about the handles breaking down over time, plus the soft charcoal bristles reach deep between your teeth to get rid of food, plaque, and other contaminants.

7. The Set Of Kitchen Knives Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this set of knives from Home Hero comes with its own acrylic knife block so that they look chic and classy displayed in any kitchen. Each order also comes with a knife sharpener so that you can easily hone your knives if they ever become dull, plus there are five knives included in the set: one chef knife, carving knife, bread knife, utility knife, and one paring knife.

8. A Coffee Mill That's Perfect For Brewing A Cup While You're On-The-Go

Whereas most electric coffee grinders are bulky and loud, this one from Hario is powered by a quiet hand crank, plus it's compact enough that you can easily keep it with you at work or while you're traveling. The non-slip rubber base keeps it firmly in place while you grind your coffee beans to your preferred coarseness, plus the conical burrs on the inside ensure that your grounds come out uniform in size.

9. The Portable Speaker That's Resistant To Water Damage

With a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet, the Cambridge Soundworks portable speaker lets you roam around so you and your phone aren't glued to its side. This speaker is perfect for the outdoors since it's rain-proof as well as splash-proof, plus the sound quality doesn't get distorted even when it's set to max-volume. The battery lasts for up to 14 hours when fully charged, and there's also an aux cable input if you don't want to use Bluetooth.

10. An Undershirt With Built-In Sweat Pads To Keep You Dry

If you find that your favorite undershirts continually get stained with sweat, the built-in absorbent sweat pads in this brilliant undershirt will help keep you dry all day long. This shirt is made from a super-soft rayon and bamboo mixture that lays dry for a seamless fit underneath your clothes, plus the added length ensures it stays tucked into your pants. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it stops sweat stains almost entirely.

11. The Adjustable Table That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Craning over your laptop as you work in bed can quickly leave you with a sore neck, whereas the Avantree bed table can be adjusted to the perfect height so working from home is as comfortable as it is convenient. You can also use this table on top of a regular desk in order to turn it into a standing desk, plus the ergonomic design makes it incredibly light so that it's easy to move around your home or office.

12. A Pair Of Gloves That Massage Your Pets While You Groom Them

With 255 grooming tips that gently massage your pet as you groom them, the DELOMO pet grooming gloves are a great way to remove excess hair and fur from your animals without scratching away at their coat. These gloves are effective on animals with long, short, as well as curly coats — plus, the hair sticks to the glove so that you can easily peel it all off and throw it away once you're done.

13. The Reusable Grocery Bags That Are Tear-Resistant

There's nothing worse than having your bag rip and your groceries spill out into the parking lot, which is why these reusable grocery bags from BeeGreen are made with tear-resistant fabric that can withstand heavy loads. In fact, each bag is durable enough that it can hold up to 50 pounds, plus the squared bottom helps keep your items in place while you're moving. Once you're done, these bags also fold down into their own integrated pouch for easy storage.

14. A Device That Chills Your Canned Drink In Just 60 Seconds

No one enjoys waiting around for their cans to cool down in the freezer, so whenever you want a chilly beverage, look no further than the Chill-O-matic drink chiller. This handy tool cools your cans down in about 60 seconds, and since it's powered via two AA batteries you won't have to worry about recharging it before your barbecue. One Amazon reviewer even raved that It doesn't take longer than a minute to get your drink cold, and it "works every time!"

15. The Mop And Broom Holder That Keeps Your Utility Closet Organized

Everybody has that one closet in their home that's littered with brooms, dusters, and other cleaning tools, so keep that space organized with the Berry Ave broom holder. This holder also works in your garage with shovels, golf clubs, and more — plus, it's sturdy enough that it can hold up to 35 pounds. The gripped slots won't let your tools fall even if they're wet, and each order comes with all the screws and anchors needed to mount it into your wall.

16. A Laptop Backpack That's Water-Resistant

Opening your backpack on a rainy day to find your laptop has become damp is enough to make you panic — but luckily, this laptop backpack is water-resistant, keeping your electronics safe from damage. This backpack also has a ventilated design that prevents you from becoming overheated while you wear it, plus there's also a built-in USB port that lets you snake a charging cable from the inside of the bag to your phone.

17. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum That Moisturizes Tired Skin

Hyaluronic acid is a great way to help restore moisture to dry, tired skin, and not only is this serum from Elizavecca is 97 percent hyaluronic acid, but you can also combine it with your favorite lotions and creams to give them an extra boost of hydration. This serum also helps reduce the size of your pores while simultaneously brightening your complexion, plus it even works to fight stubborn puffiness and inflammation.

18. A Set Of Mesh Laundry Bags That Keep Your Clothes Organized

Made from durable polyester that won't come apart in the wash, these reusable laundry bags can keep your clothes from damaging in the wash. Each order comes with four light-colored bags as well as one large bag that's perfect for washing dark garments, and you can even use them to help organize your luggage while traveling.

19. The Shoe Cleaning Kit That's Designed To Work On All Types Of Shoes

Not only will it work on leather, but the Pink Miracle shoe cleaner kit is also safe enough to use on vinyl, nubuck, suede, canvas, and even cloth shoes. It only takes a few drops in order to get your shoes looking like they're practically new (many Amazon reviewers noted how one bottle has lasted for years), and each order comes with a brush so that you can scrub away at stubborn dirt and grime.

20. A Machine That Lets You Roll Deliciously Fresh Pasta At Home

I actually own the OxGord pasta machine, and I can personally confirm that it's incredibly easy to use as well as durable. It's made from stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, and the adjustable dial lets you choose between nine pre-set thicknesses. Each order comes with two detachable rollers that let you create linguine or spaghetti, plus you've have to admit — fresh pasta just tastes so much better than the dry version.

21. The Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp As You Bathe

Not only do the thick silicone bristles help stimulate blood flow in your scalp, but the MAXSOFT shampoo brush is also designed to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand so that you can easily massage away the day's stress while you bathe. This shampoo brush is safe for all types of hair — and it's gentle on sensitive skin — plus, the silicone design is water-resistant so that you won't have to worry about it breaking down over time.

22. A Talc-Free Powder That Prevents Uncomfortable Chafing

Sure, summertime means warm weather, but it can also mean you're about to experience a lot of uncomfortable chafing underneath hot clothes — unless you're using the Anti-Monkey Butt friction powder, of course. This powder is made with calamine and cornstarch so that it reduces friction that can lead to irritated skin, plus the calamine also works to absorb excess sweat so you're not left feeling damp and sweaty.

23. The Resistance Bands That Help You Tone Your Muscles At Home

Paying for a monthly gym membership quickly adds up, whereas these resistance bands from Synergee are a fraction of the cost, yet still work to tone your muscles the same as going to the gym would. You can use these bands to work your glutes, thighs, bicep, tricep, back, and more — plus, the bands increase in resistance so that you can continue to challenge yourself.

24. A Bottle Opener That's Perfect For People Of All Ages

Since there are no sharp edges and it also works on plastic bottle caps, this bottle opener from Magic Opener is perfect for children, anyone with arthritis, or those who suffer from limited mobility in their hands. You can also use it to open pull tabs by using the hook on the bottom to pop them open — plus, it even has a built-in magnet so that you can keep it on your fridge for use anytime.

25. The Lotion That Keeps Your Feet From Becoming Slick

If you find your feet becoming overly sweaty during the day or while you exercise, this antiperspirant foot lotion from Carpe will help keep your feet dry without any leftover greasy residues. This lotion is formulated with natural eucalyptus oil that moisturizes dry, flaky feet, and it dries incredibly quick so you're not stuck waiting around for your feet to dry. It's completely free from any parabens or sulfates, plus it's also cruelty-free.

26. A Caddy That Makes It Easy To Keep Track Of Your Remote Controls

As long as you always put your remote back into the Connected Essentials remote control caddy — you'll always know where it is, so you'll never be stuck digging around in couch cushions looking for it. There are five spacious compartments where you can store your remotes, cell phone, pens, extra batteries, and more, plus the sleek design looks great in any living room no matter how it's been decorated.

27. The Ice Pack You Can Wear On Your Head To Treat Migraines

Not only can you wear it on your head to help alleviate pain from migraines, but the Headache Hat wearable ice pack can also be wrapped around your arms, legs, or even placed on your back to soothe tired muscles. You can also use this ice pack as an eye mask to help you fall asleep, plus it's made from a blend of cotton, spandex, and microfleece so that it feels soft to the touch.

28. A Bracelet That Doubles As A Hanger For Your Bags

Letting your bag rest on the ground is a quick way to wind up with a dirty purse or backpack, so why not use the Clipa bag hanger to keep it pristine and clean? This hanger hooks onto almost any flat surface so that you can keep your bag off the ground while you're at restaurants, the office, or practically anywhere else, plus it doubles as a cute bangle bracelet when your bag isn't using it.

29. The Dryer Balls That Help Save You Money On Your Utilities

Made from 100 percent premium New Zealand wool, these dryer balls from Smart Sheep help soften your laundry naturally so you won't need to use any fabric softener or dryer sheets in your laundry. These balls also help aerate your clothes as they tumble through the dryer which allows them to dry faster, plus there are no synthetic chemicals or fragrances used to make them, which makes them great for people with sensitive skin.

30. A Device That Takes All The Work Out Of Preparing Eggs

Professional chefs and novice home cooks alike can struggle when it comes to preparing the perfect egg, whereas the DASH deluxe rapid egg cooker takes all the stress out of the equation. This handy device can cook poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and scrambled eggs — plus, you can even use it to make omelettes. The steaming function is great for cooking vegetables or meat, and the two-tiered design allows you to cook two different ingredients at the same time.

31. The French Press Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Unlike competing French presses that will easily fall apart over time, this one from Mueller Austria is made with double-layered stainless steel that's not only rust-resistant, but it will also keep your coffee hot for up to 60 minutes longer than French presses with thinner walls. You can also use this press to make tea, hot chocolate, cold brew, or even frothed milk, plus each order also comes with a travel canister that can hold enough coffee beans for two full batches.

32. A Super-Hydrating Hand Cream That Won't Leave Any Greasy Residue On Your Skin

Whereas other super-hydrating creams can leave you with greasy residues on your skin, this one from Camille Beckman is formulated with kosher vegetable glycerin as well as sweet almond oil — which helps it absorb and quickly soothe dry, cracked skin. There are no parabens or dyes in this cream, plus the formula is completely gluten-free as well as vegan. One Amazon reviewer noted that: "This leaves my hands feeling protected and moisturized, not just greasy and leaving oily spots on everything I touch like other hand creams."

33. The Brush That Gets Rid Of Loose Pet Hair Without Scratching The Skin

Designed for small cats that weigh less than 10 pounds, the Furminator deshedding tool reaches through your cat's topcoat to get rid of any loose fur in their undercoat without scratching kitty's skin. This brush also has a button on the side that ejects all the brushed hair once you're done, and using it on a regular basis is an easy way to prevent your cat from developing hairballs.

34. A Charcuterie Board Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Whether you need a classy gift for a friend, or you're looking for a chic serving board to whip out when guests are over, this charcuterie board from Royal Craft Wood fits the bill. This board is made from eco-friendly bamboo that won't absorb the smell of the meats and cheese you place on top of it, and the built-in handles on the side make it easy to transport from kitchen to table.

35. The Dish Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink

A regular dish drying rack can take up a ton of precious countertop space, whereas this one from Surpahs is designed to fit overtop your sink, saving you space as well as clean-up because the dishes will drain into the sink instead of a grimy tray. Each bar in this rack is coated with food-grade non-slip silicone that prevents your dishes from sliding off, plus you can also use it as a trivet since it's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

36. A Pair Of Flip Flops That Massage Your Feet As You Walk

If you find your feet easily growing sore and tired whenever you wear flip flops, try wearing the Revs massage flip flops next time you go out instead. These flip flops are designed with a reflexology massage footbed that provides comfort and support while you walk, plus the soles absorb shock so that your knees and ankles won't ache. They're great for relieving joint pain from arthritis as well as muscle fatigue, and they can even help with soreness from plantar fasciitis.

37. The Electric Kettle Made With Borosilicate Glass

Whereas other kettles are made from metal that can become rusty or warped over time, this one from COSORI is designed with borosilicate glass that's scratch-resistant as well as incredibly durable. This kettle also has an automatic shut-off function that prevents it from overheating once the water has begun to boil, and it only takes up to seven minutes for the water to heat up. The wide mouth makes it easy to both fill and clean, plus it's completely cordless once it's been removed from the base.

38. A Water Bottle That's Vacuum-Insulated To Keep Your Drinks At The Perfect Temperature

Made from durable premium-grade stainless steel that's rust-resistant as well as BPA-free, this water bottle sets itself apart from the competition with its double-walled vacuum-insulated design that can keep cold beverages cold for up to 36 hours, or hot drinks warm for up to 13 hours. It's designed so that it fits into most cupholders, and it even floats if you ever accidentally drop it into the ocean or a pool.

39. The Scissors That Make It Easy To Mince And Chop Herbs

Mincing and chopping herbs with a knife can quickly become a tedious chore, whereas using the Westmark herb scissors is incredibly easy. These scissors are made with high-quality stainless steel blades that won't grow dull or rust over time, plus the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable fit in your hands while you work. Each order also comes with a cleaning comb that you can use to brush the leftovers out from the blades, and they work great on parsley, basil, dill, chives, and more.

40. A Machine That Cooks Delicious Breakfast Sandwiches In Minutes

Getting all the pots and pans required to make a breakfast sandwich ready creates a ton of mess, whereas the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker can create delicious sandwiches using fresh ingredients in just five minutes. You can make sandwiches using English muffins, biscuits, small bagels, and more — plus, all the removable parts are dishwasher-safe as well as non-stick so that cleaning up is simple. And as an added bonus, each order also comes with a quick and easy recipe guide to get you started. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.