40 Really Weird, Cool Things For Your Home Under $40 On Amazon

Take it from someone who really needs her space to feel cozy — adding some cool things for your home can make you feel like you're more at, well, home. Or, at least in my case, the retail therapy will help mask the emotions that come bubbling up anytime I look at the hideous teal wall in the bathroom of my new apartment. Just saying.

Regardless of whether you love or want to improve your current living space, there are tons of chic home products on Amazon you can use to give it that extra bit of style. Maybe you could switch out your current fruit basket with a collapsible one shaped like an apple, or even spice up your kitchen with a mounted grocery bag dispenser. And if everything is perfect except for those laminate counters ripped straight from the '70s, then there's a roll of marble contact paper I've included that you can use to bring your countertops into more modern times.

To really improve your living quarters (for an affordable price, no less — nothing on this list is over $40) check out these genius household items available on Amazon. They'll be waiting for you, teal walls or not.

The Reusable Produce Bags You Can Use For Practically Anything

Not only does the breathable mesh design keep your ingredients fresher for longer in the fridge, but these reusable produce bags also have a drawstring and pop-lock opening that makes it easy to store a lot of veggies in them. Best of all — these can also be used to store small toys, nuts, coins, medicine, cables, cosmetics, and more. Each order comes with a variety of small, medium, and large bags.

A Towel Rack That Goes Over Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

If you're looking for a towel rack that you don't have to mount into the wall, try using this over-the-door kitchen cabinet rack. This rack requires zero tools for installation since all you have to do is hang it over any standard cabinet or door, and the soft foam on the back of the hooks help prevent any accidental scratches. You can hang it inside or outside of your cabinets depending on if you want it showing, plus it's made from durable steel with a rust-resistant finish.

The Removable Vinyl That Makes Laminate Countertops Look Like Marble

If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update your countertops, try using this marble contact paper. Contact paper is sort of like a sticker in that you peel off the backing and then smooth it down flat onto your countertops, but unlike stickers, it's made with a super-durable vinyl that can get wet without being ruined. I've personally left puddles on my countertop contact paper for hours without any issues, plus it's available in both black and white.

A Dimmable Moon Lamp Makes It Easy To Set The Mood In Your Home

Designed so that it simulates the cratered surface of the moon, this moon lamp features three different colors to choose from when setting the mood in your home: cool white, warm white, and yellow. The battery is rechargeable so you won't have to worry about buying replacements, and when fully charged the battery can last for up to 12 hours. It works great as a night light for kids, plus it even makes for an elegant gift.

The Coaster That Keeps Your Drinks Nice And Toasty

No one likes when their cup of tea or coffee runs cold after a few hours, so why not try using this electric mug warmer to keep your drinks warm for hours? This mug warmer has an extra-long power cord so that it's easy to plug in no matter where your outlets are, plus the indicator light lets you know when it's hot. The top easily wipes clean with a cloth if it gets dirty, and you can also use it with soups in bowls.

A Pair Of Baking Mats Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Aerosol baking sprays and parchment paper are ultimately wasteful, whereas these silicone baking mats are reusable so that they'll save you money over time. These baking mats are made from antibacterial silicone so that you won't have to worry about grime and bacteria growing on them, plus they're heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use them to roll dough since they're flexible, and each one is cut to fit a half-sheet pan.

The Rolling Pin That Lets You Adjust How Thick Or Thin Your Pastry Is

With four removable discs that let you adjust how thick or thin your pastry gets rolled, this adjustable rolling pin is practically a must-have for any avid (or even casual) baker. The pin itself is made from solid beechwood that's incredibly durable, plus it's particularly great for pizza dough, pie crusts, tarts, cookies, and more. Another perk? The measurement markings carved into the pin so that you can tell how wide your pastry is, too.

A Culinary Torch That's Perfect For Desserts And BBQ

Whether you're making crème brûlée, lighting your grill, or even just trying to get a crispy exterior on your baked ham, this culinary torch can get the job done. The flame's temperature is adjustable all the way up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can even use it upside-down without the flame shifting towards your hands for added versatility. There's also a safety lock that prevents kids from using it, and the finger guard protects your hands against burns.

The Plunger That Can Power Through Super-Tough Clogs

Designed to fit all standard-sized toilets, this high-pressure plunger sets itself from other plungers by featuring a pump-action vacuum handle that can power through stubborn clogs. You can use this plunger with or without chemical drain cleaners since it'll likely be able to get rid of the clog on its own, and the stainless steel handle is incredibly durable so that you won't have to worry about any accidental breakage.

A Pack Of Reusable Grocery Bags That Double As Fun Totes

Let's face it — most reusable grocery bags are pretty plain, whereas these ones have a variety of fun animal prints on the outside. The prints make them perfect to use as tote bags for a day at the beach, or even as a doggie travel bag the next time you take your pooch out of town. They're so sturdy that they can hold over 50 pounds of groceries each, plus they're been reinforced with bias tape for added durability.

The iPad Stand With Three Different Viewing Angles To Choose From

Whereas most tablet stands are made from hard materials, this tablet stand is soft like a pillow so that it can comfortably rests on your lap while you read or watch videos. There are three different viewing angles to choose from depending on how you flip it, and the super-soft suede cover easily wipes clean with a cloth if it ever gets dirty. You can use this stand while sitting upright or laying down, plus it also works with books and magazines.

A Shoe Organizer That Hangs Over Your Door To Save Space

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to organize your shoes, art supplies, kid's toys, or practically anything else — this over-the-door organizer will easily do the trick. This organizer has 24 clear pockets so that it's unlikely you'll run out of space, and the pockets themselves are large enough that you can usually double-up on shoes or other items. It's designed to hang over any standard door or closet rod for easy installation.

The Tiered Cooling Rack That Collapses To Save You Space

Whether you've got fresh cookies straight out of the oven, or a variety of pastries you'd like to display, this tiered cooling rack is right up your alley. This cooling rack is collapsible so that it's easy to tuck away into storage when you're done using it, and it's large enough that you can fit up to three dozen cookies on it — one Amazon reviewer even wrote that they use it to dry fresh herbs from their garden.

A Knife Sharpener That Comes With A Cut-Resistant Glove

Not only does it come with a cut-resistant glove to keep your hands safe from accidental nicks, but this knife sharpener also features a three-step sharpening system: the first slot repairs and straightens your blades, the second slot sharpens it, and then the third slot provides a clean polish. The ergonomic handle allows for easy use regardless of whether you're left- or right-handed, and it's made from super-durable ABS plastic.

The Stainless Steel Electric Knife That Takes The Work Out Of Slicing And Dicing

Speaking of knives, if you're looking for a device that takes nearly all the work out of chopping up meats, bread, and more, try using this electric knife. This electric knife is made with a one-touch trigger that lets you operate it with one hand, and the handle is ergonomically-designed to rest comfortably in your hands. Each order comes with two blades: one for carving meat, and a second for cutting bread.

A Bag Of Organic Ground Coffee With Extra Caffeine

If a regular cup of joe just isn't getting you going in the mornings like it used to, try switching over to this bag of super-caffeinated coffee. This coffee is USDA-certified organic as well as fair-trade, and the proprietary blend of Arabica and Robusta beans has light notes of cherry and chocolate that won't leave you with an unpleasant and bitter aftertaste after you drink it.

17.The Breakfast Sandwich Maker That Lets You Use Fresh Ingredients

You could dirty up a bunch of pans, or you could just use this breakfast sandwich maker to cook a delicious breakfast every morning. Not only does it let you use your own fresh ingredients like eggs, cheese, and ham, but you can also put in English muffins, biscuits, small bagels, and more. All the parts are removable so that they're easy to clean, plus it's heated and ready to go within five minutes.

A Dough Press You Can Use To Make Dumplings, Calzones, Empanadas, And More

Making your own dumplings and calzones is a lot of work, whereas using this dough press set to make fresh dumplings, calzones, ravioli, empanadas, turnovers, and more is incredibly easy. All you have to do is lay your dough down over the base, add your favorite filling into the center, then fold it over and press — the crimped edges will ensure that the dough has a tight seal.

The Spaetzle Maker That Doubles As A Cheese Grater

You could keep making spaetzle with a cheese grater, or you could make it easier on yourself by using this spaetzle maker. Just load your dough into the basket, then slide it back and forth in order to shred it. You can also use it to grate cheese without nicking your hands on the grating plate, and it's made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time.

A Milk Frother That's Handheld And Exceptionally Portable

Made with premium food-safe stainless steel that's resistant to rust, this handheld milk frother makes it easy to get deliciously whipped milk at the office, home, or even in your dorm room. It's great for adding flavor to lattes, cappuccinos, or even hot chocolate — and the motor operates quietly so you won't disturb anyone around you. You can use it with all types of milk, plus it even works for whisking matcha.

The Dispenser That Keeps Your Messy Grocery Bags Contained

Everybody has that one cabinet that's overflowing with plastic grocery bags, so keep them all easily within reach by storing them in this grocery bag dispenser. This dispenser can hold up to 30 grocery bags, and it easily mounts on your wall, under a shelf, or even inside of a cabinet. It comes with screws as well as adhesive depending on how you'd like to mount it, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that "the long slot on the front lets you see a good amount of bags, and, if you have more than one kind or size, you can simply pull the one you need at the moment."

A Smartphone Holder With An Adjustable Gooseneck

Able to grip the iPhone 6 and newer, as well as the Nintendo Switch, this smartphone holder lets you comfortably watch videos since the gooseneck can be adjusted to whatever viewing angle is best for you. The clamp on the bottom is coated with protective rubber pads so that it won't accidentally scratch your tables or counters, and the holder itself can rotate a full 360-degrees.

The Portable Oven That's Perfect For Hot Meals At The Office

Zapping your food in the microwave just isn't the same as using an actual oven, so why not use this portable oven the next time you want to enjoy a fresh meal away from home? This oven works great for reheating fresh food as well as frozen meats and vegetables, plus it works well with most glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard containers. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "food goes from frozen solid to piping hot in just a few hours."

A Pair Of Stovetop Rings That Give You Perfectly-Uniform Eggs And Pancakes

Whether you're making pancakes or trying to get that perfectly-round egg to put on your sandwich, these stovetop rings are a great option. Each one is made from silicone that's heat-resistant so you don't have to worry about them melting while you cook, and because silicone is also naturally antibacterial, they're even resistant to mold and grime. The handles stay cool so that you won't burn yourself when it's time to remove them — plus, they can also bend downwards for easy storage.

The Toilet Bowl Night Light With 16 Different Colors To Choose From

You can forget turning on the bright bathroom light when you get up at night — as long as you have this toilet bowl night light. Not only are there 16 different colors to choose from (as well as a rotating carousel mode that lets you enjoy them all), but it's also made with LED bulbs so you won't have to worry about changing them — ever. The arm that hooks it onto your toilet bowl is flexible so that it can accommodate toilets of almost any shape or size, plus there's a five-stage dimmer that lets you control how bright it is.

A Handheld Spiralizer That's Perfect For A Vegetable-Centered Meal

Perfect for making delicious frittatas, salad garnishes, or even just zucchini noodles, this handheld spiralizer is made with a non-slip grip that makes it easy to grind cucumbers, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, yellow squash, and more. The compact size means it's easy to store in almost any cabinet or drawer, and the handle keeps your hands safe and far away from the sharp blades that are on the inside.

The Bluetooth Speaker That's Completely Waterproof

Resting your phone on the edge of the tub to listen to music while you bathe is an accident waiting to happen, so why not use this Bluetooth shower speaker instead? Not only is it completely waterproof — you can fully submerge it in the tub without any consequences — but the super-strong suction cup on the back ensures that it will stay firmly fastened to the wall or tub. You can also use this speaker in your car since the suction cup lets you mount it to the dashboard, and it's able to play for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

A Personal Blender That Helps Reduce Messes

Unlike traditional blenders that require you to clean the blending container, and whatever bottle you pour your drink into, this personal blender mixes your ingredients directly in a sport bottle so that there's one less thing to clean at the end of the day. The powerful motor is able to crush through ice so that you can easily make smoothies and milkshakes, plus the included sport bottle is completely BPA-free.

The Steamer Basket Made From Durable Stainless Steel

Made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, this steaming basket sets itself apart from the competition by featuring an extendable handle that makes it easy to transfer your ingredients from pot to plate while keeping your hands safely away from the steam. You can use this steamer with pressure cookers as well as multi-cookers, and the foldable feet at the bottom make it easy to tuck away into storage when you're done using it.

A Device That Lets You Cook Delicious S'mores Indoors

You could go chop some wood to make a campfire, or you could just use this indoor s'mores maker within the comfort of your own home. This s'mores maker is made with a flameless heater so that you don't have to worry about an open flame, and the stainless steel base is exceptionally durable as well as rust-resistant. Each order comes with four roasting forks, plus it disassembles so that it's easy to clean.

The Deep Fryer That Won't Splatter All Over The Place

Most deep fryers are uncovered and can leave splatter all over your countertops, whereas this deep fryer has a hinged lid that helps reduce any oily messes that you'll have to clean later. You can adjust the temperature depending on whether you're making fries, chicken, frozen foods, or anything else you're looking to fry — plus, there's a window in the lid that lets you easily see how cooked your meal is without having to open it up.

A Blanket That Keeps You Warm Like A Toasty Burrito

Made from super-soft, high-quality microfiber that feels plush against your skin, this burrito blanket is a fun way to keep warm in the cool fall and winter months, or even just a great gift for any burrito enthusiast. It's fade-resistant so you don't have to worry about the design deteriorating over time, plus the reverse side is plain ol' white in the event you're not in a Tex Mex sort of mood.

The Device That Lets You Cook Delicious Donuts At Home

You could keep paying for pre-packaged donuts at the store, or you could just make yourself a fresh batch using this mini donut maker. The baking plates in this donut maker are coated in non-stick so that your donuts easily pop out once they're done cooking, and the non-skid rubber feet ensure that it stays firmly in place wherever you put it. There's a cord wrap on the back for added convenience, and you're able to make up to four donuts at the same time.

A Fruit Basket That Collapses Down To Save You Space

Made from eco-friendly bamboo that's exceptionally durable, this fruit basket sets itself apart from the competition by folding down flat when you're done using it, which means it's easy to tuck away into a cabinet — or you could even use it as a trivet. You can use it to display fruit, potpourri, bread, and more, plus you can easily use the top of the apple as a handle if you ever need to take your basket with you.

The Frying Pan That Takes The Work Out Of Frying Eggs

Whereas regular frying pans leave you with lopsided eggs that don't fit into breakfast sandwiches, this frying pan has molded spaces that are the perfect size for cooking eggs, ham, and more. It's made from aluminum so that the heat from your stove is distributed evenly throughout so that your food cooks quickly, plus the non-stick coating prevents your eggs from becoming stuck to the pan while they fry.

A Mandoline That Can Slice, Grate, And Chop Vegetables

If you're tired of laboriously chopping up vegetables and grating cheese by hand, then try using this multi-purpose mandoline instead. Unlike regular mandolines, this one can slice, grate, and chop your vegetables, fruits, and cheeses, plus it's powered by a hand crank which makes preparing your meals even easier. The blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the base locks down on practically any flat surface to keep it secure and upright.

The Slicer That Ensures Both Halves Of Your Bagel Are Even

Don't worry — I can't slice a bagel evenly to save my life either, which is why I use a guillotine bagel slicer like this one. This slicer helps reduce the risk of any accidental cuts since it keeps your hands far away from the blades while you slice, and the cradle holds the bagel in place to ensure that you wind up with two equal halves. The blades are also coated in non-stick, and you can also use it on muffins, buns, as well as other rolls.

A Pack Of Stretchable Lids Made From Antibacterial Silicone

If you're tired of having to dig around to find that one lid that fits, switch over to using these stretchable silicone lids instead. Each order comes with six clear lids in various sizes that you can use to cover your bowls, pots, pans, and more, plus silicone is naturally antibacterial which means they won't harbor grime or bacteria. They're BPA-free as well as safe to put into the freezer, and they're even heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Toilet Stool That Takes The Strain Out Of Using The Bathroom

By putting your feet up on this squatty potty, your body mimics the position of an actual squat, which makes eliminating waste in the bathroom significantly easier. The soft textured grips on the top of this toilet stool keep your feet from sliding off, and the 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo construction looks great. If it ever gets dirty you can easily wipe it down with a damp cloth, plus you can even adjust the height for a more intense squat.

A Bathtub Accessory That Prevents Hair From Clogging Your Pipes

You could keep spending money on expensive plumbers and chemical drain cleaners, or you could just use this TubShroom to prevent your pipes from getting clogged in the first place. Just pop it into your drain, and any hair that comes its way will wind up nestled into its base. Your flow of water won't be interrupted by the hair that's been gathered — plus, it even works with smaller pet hairs.

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