40 Random but Genius Home Products on Amazon Thousands of Reviewers Swear By

One of the best ways to tell if a home product you haven't already tried out is going to be a winner is by reading its reviews. These 40 random but genius home products on Amazon thousands of reviewers swear by doesn't just boast a few good reviews per product. Each item has racked up thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands of glowing reviews that speak to its effectiveness, affordability, and the many practical ways it has been put to good use.

You'll find a number of smart, space-saving solutions on this list that are perfect for small and large kitchens alike — like an over-the-sink drying rack that rolls up or an under-sink shelf with two tiers to store cleaning supplies.

There's also no shortage of high quality must-have home gadgets and tools here, like a 12-piece colorful knife set that prevents cross-contamination, a plunger that works for all toilets, eco-friendly wool dryer balls that kick chemical-laden dryer sheets to the curb, and a set of microfiber bed sheets so popular they have more than 50,000 reviews.

No matter which products on this list sound like they could make your life 100 times easier, you can purchase them knowing thousands of customers wholeheartedly agree.

Lifestyle — 40 Random but Genius Home Products on Amazon Thousands of Reviewers Swear By

1. This Mini Knife Sharpener That Sharpens And Polishes Knives

KFull Knife Sharpener, $13, Amazon

Sharpen and polish any knife, no matter what its blade looks like, in this unusual, highly effective knife sharpener. The mini sharpener has two blade slots: one for coarsely sharpening metal blades and a separate ceramic slot that polishes knives that have already been sharpened.


2. These Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls That Are Free Of Chemicals

SnugPad Wool Dryer Balls, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Trade in your old dryer sheets for these organic, chemical-free wool dryer balls, an eco-friendly alternative that removes static and prevents lint from building up. Each ball lasts over 1000 loads and will help your clothing dry way faster.


3. A Satin Pillowcase Set That Won't Cause Bed Head

Bedsure Satin Pillowcases, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

Silky smooth and able to prevent bed head, these satin pillowcases feel luxurious against your skin when you sleep and they cause less friction, which means there's less chance of hair breakage when you toss and turn at night. The pillowcases come in four sizes — standard, queen, king, and body pillow — and 20 rich colors.


4. The Universal Toilet Plunger That Won't Carry Toilet Water Around With It

Neiko Toilet Plunger, $20, Amazon

If ever there was a toilet plunger that more than 1,700 people agree gets the job done without an ounce of drama, this is it. The plunger features a 4-step graduated suction cup that works on a variety of toilets and the absence of interior ridges keeps toilet water from accumulating inside of it. For just a few dollars more, you can also purchase a hygienic caddy where you can store the plunger so that it doesn't rest on your floor.


5. These Strong Rug Grippers Made With Renewable Gel That Won't Harm Floors

StepNGrip NeverCurl Rug Gripper, $12 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Keep unruly area rugs from slipping and sliding under your feet or every time you vacuum with these strong, V-shape rug grippers. The grippers fit perfectly under the corners of rugs and stay in place with renewable gel bottoms. They won't destroy your floors like other rug grippers can and are ideal for wood, tile, and laminate.


6. A Temperature-Regulating Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper, $40, Amazon

No matter what is currently the sad state of your mattress, this gel-infused memory foam mattress topper will make it 100 times more comfortable and cozy — for a fraction of the price it costs to replace your mattress. The 2-inch topper is made with a temperature-regulating gel that keeps you cooler for longer and it comes in six sizes, including Twin XL and California king.


7. The 3-In-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner That's So Lightweight You Can Take It Anywhere

Eureka Blaze 3-in-1 Swivel Lightweight Stick Vacuum, $30, Amazon

Because messes come in all different varieties and shapes and sizes — and on every floor of your house — this lightweight stick vacuum cleaner adjusts to suit whatever cleaning need you have in that moment. The vacuum weighs 4 pounds and is easy to carry around. Plus it transforms from a traditional stick vacuum with swivel capabilities that lets you get under and around furniture to two different types of handheld vacuums, including one that's perfect for stairs.


8. An Anxiety-Squashing Weighted Blanket That Feels Like A Hug

YnM Weighted Blanket, $70, Amazon

Drape this weighted blanket around you and you'll feel like you're getting a sweet hug. The 15-pound blanket is filled with glass beads and is warm, but breathable. Many customers say it can even help relieve stress and anxiety and put you to sleep faster. It comes in six neutral color choices and weighted options that range from 7 to 25 pounds.


9. The Expandable Shelf Organizer That Fits Under Sinks

SimpleHouseware Under Sink Expandable Shelf Organizer Rack, $23, Amazon

Tuck your cleaning supplies safely away under your sink with the help of this practical under sink expandable shelf organizer rack, which expands from 15 to 25 inches. The two-tier rack has three large and two small steel panels where you can place items and it boasts four adjustable height options to suit every cabinet.


10. This Mountable Stainless Steel Knife Bar That Keeps Knives Off Counters

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar, $17, Amazon

This 16-inch stainless steel magnetic knife bar provides the perfect place for you to store your cooking knives so that they don't take up space on your counter. The bar can be easily mounted to your wall and holds everything from knives to scissors to toys and tools.


11. A Stackable Can Rack That Can Fit Up To 36 Cans

SimpleHouseware Stackable Can Rack Organizer, $22, Amazon

Fit up to 36 cans in this convenient, stackable can rack organizer, which has six adjustable dividers and three tiers. The organizer comes in chrome, bronze, or white, doesn't require tools to assemble, and fits neatly into cabinets and pantries.


12. These Reusable Metal Straws That Kick Plastic To The Curb

Yihong Stainless Steel Straws, $10 (8 Straws), Amazon

The less plastic used, the better for the planet — these reusable stainless steel straws give you a great reason to help the environment — they're super practical. The pack of eight straws comes with four straight and four bent straws that are long enough to fit 20-ounce tumblers. Two cleaning brushes are included, but the straws are also dishwasher safe.


13. The Organizer For Brooms And Garden Tools That Keeps Them Off Of Floors

Berry Ave Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer, $14, Amazon

Keep brooms and garden tools in tip-top shape — and keep them off of clean floors — with this mountable tool organizer. The organizer features slots to hold five larger tools and hooks for smaller accessories — and it can hold up to 35 pounds.


14. This Practical Ottoman Bench That Doubles As Storage Space

Songmics Faux Leather Ottoman Bench, $53, Amazon

Provide any room with additional seating and a smart storage solution with this one practical ottoman bench. Made from faux leather, which is easy to clean, the quilted ottoman provides 120 liters of storage inside and comes in four shades: beige, black, brown, and white.


15. A Space-Saving Hanging Closet Organizer With Pockets Galore

SimpleHouseware Hanging Closet Organizer, $13, Amazon

Get more space out of a small closet with this one simple, incredible hanging closet organizer. The organizer has five fabric shelves and six mesh side pockets where you can store everything from sweaters and jeans to washcloths and toiletries. It hangs right on your closet rod and comes in gray or bronze.


16. An Old-School Hollywood-Style Vanity Mirror LED Light Kit

Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, $20, Amazon

Not only will you feel super glam using these Hollywood-style LED vanity mirror lights to put on your face, but they're also practical, plain and simple. The set of 10 quality LED bulbs are dimmable and stick directly onto your mirrors — no tools necessary.


17. These Mixing Bowls That Nest Together For Easy Storage

OXO Good Grips Mixing Bowl Set, $25, Amazon

This set of three mixing bowls comes in three different sizes: 1.5 quarts, 3 quarts, and 5 quarts. They have non-stick bottoms, are dishwasher safe, and — the cherry on top — nest together for easier storage.


18. A Bamboo Cutting Board With A Groove That Captures Juice

Royal Craft Wood Organic Bamboo Cutting Board, $20, Amazon

Not only is this cutting board large, made from eco-friendly organic bamboo, and easy to wipe clean with a sponge and hot water, but it also features a helpful juice groove that runs along the length of it and captures juices from meats and other foods that you prep. The board has side handles that make it a snap to carry around and it comes in three sizes: XL (shown here), medium, and small.


19. The Ultimate Travel Steam Iron With Three Temperature Settings

Steamfast Mini Travel Steam Iron, $23, Amazon

This mini steam iron travels like a dream, thanks to its compact size and dual voltage, and it doesn't require an ironing board to whip wrinkled clothing into shape. The iron heats up in 15 seconds, has three temperature settings for various fabrics, and comes with a travel bag and measuring cup.


20. These Silky-Soft Microfiber Sheets With More Than 50,000 Reviews

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set, $28, Amazon

Only every once in awhile will you come across a unicorn bed sheet set like this one — a set that's affordable, silky smooth, and boasts more than 50,000 incredible reviews. These brushed microfiber sheets are resistant to wrinkles and stains and come in seven mattress sizes (including split king) and come in more than 35 colors.

One reviewer writes: "The 'sleep test': I put these suckers on my bed for the TRUE test of any sheet, and oh my... they are fantastic! They are soft. It's like coming home after a long, yucky day at work, and all you want is to crawl your sorry self into bed for the night, and your sheets GIVE YOU A HUG all through the night. But they are breathable, so you aren't sweating like crazy. Ah-May-Zing!"


21. An Eco-Friendly Mesh Bag Set For Produce And Storage

purifYou Reusable Mesh Bags, $13 (Set of 10), Amazon

You'll find a million good reasons to use these reusable mesh bags in your daily life. From keeping produce fresh in your fridge to storing toys or tools, each bag can hold up to 11 pounds and is machine washable. This set of 10 bags are all a smaller size, but there's an option to purchase a set of nine bags in various sizes.


22. This Colorful 12-Piece Knife Set That Prevents Cross-Contamination

Cuisinart 12-Piece Knife Set, $16, Amazon

Sure, this rainbow-colored knife set is beautiful to look at and will liven up your kitchen, but it's also practical — it will prevent you from mixing knives while you prep food so you can avoid cross-contamination. The 12-piece stainless steel set includes a chef knife, slicing knife, serrated bread knife, Santoku knife, utility knife, and paring knife — all of which come with protective knife covers.


23. The Toilet Spray That Kills Bad Odors And Keeps Bathrooms Smelling Fresh

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $12, Amazon

Before you go, add a few quick spritzes of this toilet spray directly into your toilet water and it neutralizes any odors you'd rather conceal. The compact spray, which you can take anywhere, is made with essential oils that are safe in your toilet. Rather than mask the smell with perfume, this simply makes your bathroom fresh and clean.


24. A No-Fuss Snap-On Strainer For Pots And Pans That's Easier To Store

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer, $11, Amazon

Strain liquids from foods without adding yet another piece of cookware that requires storage. This snap-on strainer clips right onto most pots and pans, does the job of a strainer perfectly, and can then be removed, popped into the dishwasher, and easily stored.


25. This Practical Drawer Organizer That Interlocks Or Can Be Taken Apart

Madesmart Interlocking Drawer Organizer, $14, Amazon

This 8-piece drawer organizer locks together — or can be taken apart and reconfigured in whatever way is most convenient for your space. It consists of durable compartments in a variety of sizes that fit office supplies, toiletries, and more.


26. The Dimmable Himalayan Salt Lamp That Provides Soothing Ambiance

Crystal Allies Himalayan Salt Lamp, $19 (Set of 2), Amazon

Create soothing ambiance in any room with this set of two Himalayan salt lamps, which have dimmer switches and are lightweight and portable. One reviewer raves: "These lamps make the room feel so warm and relaxing!"


27. This Portable Electric Griddle With Handles For Big Breakfasts Anywhere

Presto Electric Griddle With Removable Handles, $37, Amazon

Whether you're going camping and want to whip up a big breakfast or prefer the convenience of a one-stop cooking tool that can handle cooking up to eight pancakes or grilled cheese sandwiches at one time (according to a happy reviewer), this electric griddle is a must-have gadget. The griddle features a nonstick surface and a drip tray that slides out for convenient cleaning. And, unlike most other griddles, this one has handles that make it a cinch to carry around and transport from one counter to another.


28. An Airtight Container With A Push-Button Lid That's Stackable

OXO Good Grips POP Container, $12, Amazon

This 0.9-quart container is an airtight storage solution with a unique push-button lid that ensures whatever ingredient you stash inside will stay as fresh as possible. Push the button to create an airtight seal and then push it again to release the seal. It has rounded corners that make it easier to pour out ingredients and has a stackable design — which will totally tempt you to stock up on other containers in the line.


29. An Oversize Antibacterial Bath Mat That Covers Your Whole Tub

Gorilla Grip Bath Mat, $18, Amazon

This oversize 35x16 bath mat has drain holes throughout that prevent mold and mildew from building up — and its Gorilla Grip suction cup action is described as "super powerful." The mat covers the length of your tub, comes in nine colors, and — the best part — can be tossed in the washing machine for a clean.


30. The Space-Saving Pan Organizer That Can Be Used Vertically Or Horizontally

DecoBros Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Pan Organizer Shelf Rack, $21, Amazon

Store up to five pans vertically or four pans horizontally and keep them in an orderly fashion that won't steal precious cabinet space with this pan organizer shelf rack. The bronze rack can be mounted or left to stand free.


31. An Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow So You Can Choose The Most Comfy Height For Your Head

Coop Home Goods Pillow, $60, Amazon

You won't need two pillows when you have this one adjustable memory foam pillow, which allows you to customize the amount of foam inside of it so that the loft height is perfect (whatever "perfect" means to you). The pillow is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, plus it comes with a removable, washable cover.


32. This Foldable Laundry Drying Rack That Holds Up To 32 Pounds

AmazonBasics Folding Drying Rack, $21, Amazon

Dry delicate fabrics on this foldable drying rack, which holds up to 32 pounds and is designed from lightweight steel that locks in place. The rack folds accordion-style, so you can store it in more spaces (even under your bed). Its chrome surface is resistant to mildew and rust (it also comes in white).

One reviewer writes: "This came assembled and all I had to do was take it out of the box and plastic, unfold, and voilà! The best part is that it's compact enough to fit in our laundry room/pantry at our apartment or can be folded and put away or taken with us."


33. The Simple Silicone Holder And Handle Cover You'll Use Every Day

AmazonBasics Hot Handle Cover/Holder, $4, Amazon

This silicone handle cover and holder has such a simple design and concept, but it's one practical tool you'll use every time you cook. The heat-resistant holder can be placed right over hot pan handles or used as an alternative to pot holders and oven mitts. It has textured, non-slip grips and comes in red, blue, or black.


34. A Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner Paper That Stays Put And Comes In 11 Colors/Prints

Duck Brand Non-Adhesive Shelf Liner, $18, Amazon

Line the cabinets and shelves in your kitchen and bathroom with this safe, non-adhesive shelf liner paper, which protects surfaces without tacky glue and stays in place thanks to a strong grip bottom. The paper comes in 11 colors and patterns and can be wiped clean and cut to fit any shelf.


35. An All-Season Down Alternative Comforter That's Cozy And Breathable

Linenspa All-Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter, $35, Amazon

One of the most popular all-season down alternative comforter options on Amazon, this breathable microfiber comforter has built-in corner and side loops that keep it from slipping off of your bed and its box-stitch design prevents fill from shifting. You can use this as a duvet insert or comforter. It comes in an impressive eight mattress sizes and six colors/designs.


36. This One-Stop Solution For Storing Your Hair Styling Tools

Polder Style Station, $20, Amazon

Store up to three hair styling tools — including hot blow dryers and curling wands — in this convenient style station, which is made from heat-resistant mesh with a silicone base. The station sits on your counter or in your cabinet with ease or can be stored on your towel bar. It's a safe place to put gadgets while they're still hot — so you'll never have to worry again as you rush out the door in the morning.


37. An Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Frees Up Counter Space

Surpahs Over The Sink Roll Up Dish Drying Rack, $24, Amazon

Counter space in any kitchen — large or small — is a precious thing. Stop stealing that space with oversize, cumbersome drying racks. This over-the-sink drying rack can be positioned perfectly over most sinks and then rolls back up for storage. The silicone-coated steel rack is heat resistant, dishwasher safe, and saves you from having to clean up drips from wet cookware drying on your counter.


38. These Magic Eraser Sponges That Get Rid Of Stains Without Chemicals

Oh My Clean Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge, $10 (20 Pack), Amazon

Magically erase any and all stains and marks on walls and surfaces with these chemical-free melamine eraser sponges. Activate one of these thick sponges with water and watch in amazement as it removes everything from soap scum to pen mark and other stubborn stains.


39. This Insulated Wide Mug That Keeps Drinks As Hot Or Cold As Needed

Yeti Rambler Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug, $25, Amazon

Hot beverages stay hot for hours and cold drinks keep their cool for much longer in this stainless steel double vacuum-insulated mug. The 14-ounce mug is wide rather than tall and easy to grasp by the handle or body. It comes with a tight lid and is available in nine colors.


40. An Absorbent Shaggy Bath Mat That Feel Incredible Under Foot

Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat, $13, Amazon

You'll love stepping out of the shower or bath and onto this soft, highly absorbent chenille bathroom rug mat, which has Gorilla Grips underneath to keep it from sliding. The 24x17 mat, which comes in four additional sizes, traps water and moisture and is both machine washable and safe in your dryer. Choose among 21 colors, with two striped designs.

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