40 New Products On Amazon Skyrocketing In Popularity

I tend to march to the beat of my own drum. That is, I enjoy going off the beaten path to find unique products that most people don't typically have. That trait really comes in handy when I'm seeking out new products available on Amazon — because the odd finds littered throughout the rest of the web always seem to end in a lot of returns.

And that's why I'm finally getting around to buying all the products skyrocketing in popularity on Amazon. They're surefire winners — and because they're reviewer-backed, the oddness of some of the products doesn't deter me. So whether I'm talking about a sturdy bamboo bath mat that turns any shower into a spa, or an eyeliner stamp that gives your eyes perfect wings, I've finally accepted that Amazon is the only place to shop for unusual, surprising finds.

Besides, not only do they make returns incredibly easy (not that you'll need to return anything), but their robust customer review section makes it easy to stick with fabulous finds instead of dreadful duds. Frankly, I'm a little embarrassed I've wasted so much time shopping elsewhere — especially when there are so many fascinating products on Amazon to choose from.

Lifestyle — 40 New Products On Amazon Skyrocketing In Popularity

1. The Bamboo Mat That Turns Any Shower Into A Spa

Not only is it made from eco-friendly bamboo, but this shower mat also features a water-resistant coating that prevents it from degrading in your shower. The bottom is anti-slip so that you won't have to worry about it sliding around your wet floor, plus the wide slats are vented so that they dry quickly once you're done bathing. The edges of the slats are rounded so that they won't pinch your feet, and it's so durable it can even withstand the weight of a car (literally).

2. A French Press Coffee Maker That's Double-Wall Insulated

Whereas most French presses are made from glass that can easily shatter if it ever gets dropped, this French press is made with super-durable stainless steel that's also resistant to rust. The walls are vacuum-layered as well as double-walled insulated so that your coffee or tea stay hot for up to an hour longer than glass, and the double-screen filter prevents any coffee grounds from ending up in your final cup of joe.

3. The Organizer That Keeps The Dryer From Eating Your Socks

If you're tired of having your socks go missing in the dryer after every load of laundry, keep track of them all by washing them with this brilliant sock organizer. This sock organizer can go in both the washer and dryer along with all of your other clothes — plus it even doubles as a convenient place to hang clean socks in your closet. It's designed to work with socks of all shapes and sizes, plus each order comes with two: one for clean socks, and one for dirty socks.

4. A Milk Frother Made From Durable Stainless Steel

You could continue to pay for expensive coffee at stores, or you could spruce up your homemade batch by using this electric milk frother. It's made from durable stainless steel that won't easily corrode no matter how often you use it, and the pre-set functions allow you to heat milk and whip up froth at three different densities. The ergonomic grip makes it easy for anyone to grip it, plus the base is non-slip so that it won't go skidding across your countertop.

5. The Handy Multi-Tool That Fits Right Into Your Wallet

Made from heat-treated steel that won't easily warp under immense pressure, this credit card multi-tool is a great gift for anyone who likes to be prepared at all times. It's completely flat so that it won't cause a bulge when you stick it in your wallet, plus you can use it as an easy can opener, ruler, fruit peeler, screwdriver, cell phone stand, box opener, and more.

6. A Toaster Oven That Doubles As A Countertop Rotisserie

Buying a rotisserie chicken at the store tastes nowhere near as good as eating it fresh out of the oven at home, so why not use this countertop rotisserie and toaster oven to make your own? This toaster oven is deep enough that you can also use it to bake frozen pizzas, plus the top doubles as a grill where you can simultaneously make eggs, bacon, pancakes, and more. It also comes with a roasting pan and rack, plus a pull-out crumb tray.

7. The Bluetooth Earbuds With Awesome Sound Quality

I've never been able to find a pair of earbuds that fit into my ears, whereas these Bluetooth earbuds have been tested with over 100 different unique ear shapes to ensure that they're a comfortable and secure fit. They're also waterproof so that you can get them wet without having to worry about any damage, plus they can run for up to eight hours when the battery is fully charged. Of course, they're wireless with incredible stereo sound quality.

8. A Pack Of Flameless Candles Made With LED Bulbs

If you're looking for an easy way to set the mood in your home, try using these flameless LED candles. The LED bulbs have a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours so that they'll never need to be changed, plus the dripping wax design gives these candles a romantic touch without the flame. Once you turn them on, they'll automatically turn off after six hours so that you don't have to worry about changing the batteries frequently, and batteries even come with each order.

9. The LED Light Strip Kit You Can Use Practically Anywhere

I personally have this light strip kit installed underneath my counter in order to brighten up my super-dark kitchen, but you can also put them behind your television, mirrors, or practically anywhere else you need some extra light. These LED lights are also dimmable (a switch is included) — and there's adhesive on the back of the strip so that zero tools are required to install them.

10. A Pack Of Screen Protectors Made From Tempered Glass

Designed to fit the iPhone 11 and XR, these screen protectors are made from durable tempered glass that allows for a super-clear view of your touchscreen. These protectors won't change how your finger interacts with your touchscreen, plus they're even sweat- and oil-repellent. They're compatible with most phone cases, and many reviewers noted how they're easy to install without any bubbles forming.

11. The Expandable Utensil Organizer Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

I think we can all agree that a bamboo utensil organizer like this one just looks so much better than one made from plastic. And not only is this organizer made from eco-friendly bamboo, but it can also expand horizontally so that it'll fit both wide and narrow drawer alike. If it ever gets dirty you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth, plus you can even use it to store art and office supplies.

12. A Tool That Helps You Shape And Style Your Beard

Free-handing a beard is an easy way to wind up with an lopsided shave, so why not use this beard shaping tool to ensure your facial hair is groomed and even? The leveling marks on this tool make it easy to trim a beard the same on each side, plus it can be used along the cheek, neck, and jawline — as well as on your goatee, sideburns, and more.

13. The Stainless Steel Bar Of Soap That Powers Through Stubborn Odors

No one likes when their hands reek of garlic, onions, fish, or any other odorous ingredient, but this stainless steel bar of "soap" makes it easy to wash them all away. The stainless steel construction is rust-resistant, and while this bar won't get rid of germs, it will quickly absorb any stubborn smells when you rub it between your hands. You can use it with or without water, plus it makes a great gift for any home cook or professional chef.

14. A Pack Of Makeup Blenders Made Without Latex

Some beauty sponges are made with latex that can leave your skin feeling irritated, whereas these blenders are completely latex-free as well as soft on the skin. You can use these blenders with foundations, powders, concealers, and more — plus the tapered end is great for those sensitive nooks and crannies around your eyes. They can be used wet or dry, and many Amazon reviewers noted how they help makeup glide onto your skin without streaks.

15. The Toilet Bowl Night Light With 16 Different Rotating Colors

Select one color that you particularly enjoy, or let the rotating carousel mode on this toilet bowl night light rotate through all 16 available colors so that you can appreciate them all whenever you get up to use the bathroom at night. The LED bulb in this light has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours so that it'll never need to be changed, and the built-in motion sensor prevents it from turning on when no one is in the room.

16. A Wireless Transmitter For Cars That Don't Have Bluetooth

If your car doesn't feature Bluetooth, why not use this Bluetooth transmitter so that you can still stream music and answer calls hands-free? This transmitter also has two convenient USB ports where you can charge your devices, plus it's compatible with all types of devices, including iPhones, Androids, tablets, and more. There's built-in short-circuit protection to help prevent any accidental damage, and it even supports any GPS voice navigation from your phone.

17. The Brace That Helps Alleviate Neck, Back, And Shoulder Pain

If you suffer from back, neck, and shoulder pain, a posture corrector like this one can help alleviate pain without any chemicals required. You only need to wear it for about 30 minutes a day in order to experience the full benefits — and it's made from breathable fabric that won't leave you feeling sweaty, and it's practically invisible underneath your clothes. This one doesn't restrict movement like other brands, either.

18. A Peptide Complex Serum That Helps Boost Collagen Production In Your Skin

Mix this peptide complex serum with your favorite moisturizer, or use it alone — either way, it can help stimulate the collagen production in your skin so that your complexion is left glowing. This serum is also great for helping to even out your skin tone, plus the formula is 100% natural, vegan, as well as cruelty-free. And as an added bonus, it'll even help minimize the appearance of any large pores.

19. The Makeup Brush Set With Super-Soft Bristles

You could spend $8 on one makeup brush, or you could spend $8 on this makeup brush set that comes with 20 different brushes for your liquids, powders, creams, and more. The bristles on these brushes are synthetic so that there's no need to feel guilty about using animal products, and the bristles are also extremely soft on your skin. They won't shed like competing brushes, plus they won't irritate sensitive skin.

20. A Lightning Cable That's Super-Long For Added Convenience

The next time you want to lounge on the couch and charge your phone, use this 6-foot long lightning cable so that you don't have to strain in order to use your phone. The woven cable design is significantly more durable than traditional charging cables, and it even has a tensile strength of up to 175 pounds. Each order also comes with a convenient carrying pouch, plus with over 1,600 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear this cable is a worthwhile purchase.

21. The LED Lamp That Helps Your Indoor Plants Flourish

If your indoor plants are looking a little worse for wear, try using this indoor grow light to help perk them up. The LED bulbs in this lamp will never need to be changed, plus there's a built-in optional timer that turns it off after three, six, or 12 hours. There are five different dimmable levels depending on how much light your plants need, and the USB connector makes it easy to use at the office.

22. A Pack Of Compression Socks That Help Prevent Your Legs From Growing Sore

Not only do they help keep your muscles from growing sore during a long day on your feet, working out, or traveling — but these compression socks are also incredibly breathable. They'll fit most people, and they promote blood circulation throughout your muscles. Additionally, the reinforced toe helps prevent blisters, and there's a reinforced cushion heel for added comfort.

23. The Soothing Facial Spray That's Safe For Sensitive Skin

This soothing facial spray (which is basically thermal spring water) will give your skin a quick boost of hydration without leaving any greasy residue. It feels particularly great after a long day in the sun, plus you can also use it as a setting spray for makeup. If you find your skin has become itchy or red it can help soothe away irritation, and it's even effective on ailments like diaper rash.

24. A Personal Alarm That Alerts People To Your Location

By keeping one of these personal alarms on your keychain, you can easily alert others to your location with the simple press of the button. It's incredibly loud so that even people who are far away can hear it, and the battery lasts for up to 50 minutes of continuous sound. Each alarm comes with its own batteries, plus there's a built-in LED light you can use as a miniature flashlight for even more peace of mind.

25. The Thermal Blankets That Are Perfect For Emergency Kits

Not only are they great for emergency kits, but these thermal blankets are also made with dual-sided aluminized mylar that helps keep you warm while you hike, camp, or even while you're watching outdoor sporting events. Unlike regular blankets, these ones help you retain up to 90% of your body heat by helping to block out rain, snow, and other elements, plus they can be used to create a makeshift tent.

26. An Emergency Radio That Doubles As An External Power Bank

Speaking of emergency kits, this portable radio is solar-powered so that you don't need electricity in order for it to work — and there's even a hand crank that lets you charge the battery if the sun isn't out. It doubles as an external power bank that you can use to charge your phone, plus the built-in flashlight is made with LED bulbs so you'll never need to worry about changing them.

27. The Blotting Tissues Made With Natural Bamboo Charcoal

If you find that your skin gets oily throughout the day, why not use these blotting papers to keep your skin shine-free? These blotting papers are made from 100% natural linen fibers that won't irritate your skin, and the added organic bamboo charcoal easily absorbs any excess oil. Each paper is large so that you don't need to go through a dozen of them to properly wipe your face, plus the built-in dispenser makes it easy to grab one instead of multiple.

28. An Eyeliner Pen With A Stamp That Gives You Perfect Wings

Drawing on perfectly-even eyeliner wings can be difficult, whereas using these winged eyeliner pen stamps is incredibly simple. These eyeliner stamps work on eyes of all shapes and sizes, and the liquid is waterproof as well as smudge-proof. The liquid inside these stamps is super-pigmented so that you won't have to worry about it looking faded after you've stamped it on, plus many Amazon reviewers noted how "easy" they are to use.

29. The Body Scrub Made With Nourishing Guava Fruit Extract

If you're searching for a gentle way to exfoliate away dead skin from all over your body, look no further than this organic sugar body scrub. This scrub is formulated with guava fruit extract, passion fruit extract — as well as safflower seed, avocado, and macadamia oil in order to help soften and moisturize. One reviewer wrote: "I love this scrub and have purchased again! Leaves my skin looking and feeling great."

30. A Pack Of Food Storage Containers That Are Airtight

Not only are they airtight, but these food containers also feature a four-hinge locking system that prevents any accidental spills or leakage. The transparent plastic allows you to easily see what's inside without having to open them up, and they're also completely free from any BPA or phthalates. Each order comes with 12 containers in five different sizes, plus they're safe to keep in the refrigerator, freezer, or even pop into the microwave.

31. The Beauty Blender Holder That Helps Keep It Safe From Dirt

Leaving your makeup sponges sitting out on your vanity is an easy way to get them dirty, whereas using a holder will ensure that they stay nice and clean. They're made out of rust-resistant stainless steel with a gold-plated finish that looks super-chic, and they also double as convenient drying racks for after you've washed them. The spiral design allows air to circulate so that they dry quickly, plus you can even compress them downwards for easy storage.

32. A Makeup Brush Holder That Looks Incredibly Chic

Not only can it hold up to 25 makeup brushes, but this makeup brush holder also comes with pearls that you can use to fill the inside, giving it an incredibly chic appearance on any countertop or vanity. You can also use this holder for pens and markers on your desk, plus it's made from beautiful glass, not plastic. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that it "feels really sturdy and the included a lot of pearls, so even short brushes can be stored in it."

33. The Organizer That Slides Underneath Your Bed To Stay Out Of Sight

Fill it with the shoes that are overflowing out of your closet, or use this under-the-bed organizer to store your winter or summer clothing when the seasons change. It's able to fit up to 16 pairs of shoes as well as four pairs of boots, plus the top is see-through so that you don't have to unpack it to see what's inside. The handles on the side make it easy to slide in and out from underneath your bed, plus they're even reinforced so that you won't have to worry about them tearing.

34. A Smart Light Switch That's Compatible With Alexa And Google Home

The next time you're too tired to get up off the couch and turn your lights off, use this smart light switch so that you can do it all from the convenience of your phone. You can also pair this light switch with Alexa or Google home so that your lights become voice-controlled, plus the downloadable app has guided instructions that make installing it simple. And as an added bonus, there's also a scheduling function that lets you choose what times your lights turn on and off.

35. The Hanger Specifically Designed To Hold Belts And Ties

Made with seven straight hooks as well as seven curved hooks, this hanger makes it easy to keep your belts and ties organized in your closet. It's made from super-durable steel that won't warp under heavy loads, and the chrome finish is shiny so that it pairs great with any decor you already have. You can also use it for scarves, jewelry, handbags, socks, and more, plus many Amazon reviewers noted how it doesn't take up a lot of space.

36. A Spice Rack That Comes With Free Spice Refills For 5 Years

Buying spice refills quickly becomes expensive, whereas this countertop spice rack comes with 12 pre-filled spice jars, and they'll even refill your jars for up to five years. The rack itself is made from rust-resistant stainless steel that looks great in any kitchen, and each spice jar has a label on the lid Each jar comes with 12 varying spices, such as basil, thyme, parsley, garlic salt, coriander, and more.

37. The Lunch Box That Looks Like A Gorgeous Tote Bag

This lunch box has a gorgeous print on the outside that makes it look like a regular tote bag — and while it looks small from the outside, it's large enough that it can hold your lunch container, snacks, as well as a protein shake. It's made from durable oxford cloth that won't easily tear, the aluminum foil on the inside is BPA-free, and the upgraded insulation on the inside keeps your meals hot or cold for up to four hours.

38. A Desktop Organizer With Seven Convenient Compartments

If your desk is a hodgepodge of pens, pencils, office supplies, and more, try organizing it using this desktop organizer. This organizer is made from eco-friendly bamboo that's exceptionally durable, plus there are seven different compartments where you can store your office supplies. You can also put this organizer on the side tables in your TV room as a convenient place to store remotes or charging cables — and it can even be used to store makeup.

39. The Slim Ice Packs That Look Like Adorable Penguins

Most ice packs take up a ton of space in your lunchbox, whereas these ice packs are not only slim, but they're also shaped like adorable penguins. Win-win, right? These ice packs are non-toxic as well as BPA-free, and they're designed to be completely food-safe so that they won't impact the taste of your lunch. They have over 900 positive four- and five-star reviews, plus one reviewer wrote that "they are perfect size for small lunch boxes and feel really sturdy so I'm not worried about my 2 year old breaking them."

40. A Pack Of Bags That Help Keep Your Ingredients Fresher For Longer

If you're tired of seeing your fresh ingredients spoil before you have a chance to cook them, try using these produce bags in order to keep them fresher, for longer. These bags allow the ethylene gas your produce create to escape so that they take longer to spoil, and they're particularly great for bananas, berries, tomatoes, avocados, carrots, and more. Each bag is completely BPA-free, plus they're reusable up to 10 times. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.