Girls sledding in the snow

40 Brr-illiant Captions For Sledding, When You're Feeling Naughty & Ice

One of the best parts about winter is playing in the wintry weather. There's no fun quite like getting bundled up in your ski jacket, tossing on your furriest trapper hat, and launching a snowball at your unsuspecting BFF. When you and your housemates or SO hit the snow this year, you'll want these Instagram captions for sledding to show your feed how frost-smitten you are.

There's something so nostalgic about playing in the snow. No matter how old you are, when you slide down that hill, it feels like celebrating your first-ever snowfall all over again. Not to mention, the frosty blanket makes for an ice Insta backdrop.

Before you and your bestie or bae start sliding down those hills, set up a phone on self-timer to capture a candid moment and pair it with a caption like, "Clear the way!" Or, you can have a friend take a photo of you on the sled as you wave at the camera, as if you're saying, "Sleigh you later!" Since sledding is such a memorable occasion, you want an equally momentous caption to top off your post. Your followers will melt when they see how much you're loving the winter weather.

These Instagram captions for sledding will make posting your fun day in the snow a freeze — that way you have more time to make wintry memories.

SrdjanPav/E+/Getty Images

1. "I glove it when it snows."

2. "Just go with the snow."

3. "Sled, bed, repeat."

4. "Let's get this sled."

5. "We came to sleigh."

6. "What an ice day it's been."

7. "Once mitten, twice shy."

8. "Sled your woes away."

9. "Naughty but ice."

10. "Do you see what icy?"

11. "Squads that sled together, stay together."

12. "Just thought I would ice things up."

13. "Having a brr-fect day."

14. "Don't need to break the ice."

15. "I may have fallen off once or ice."

16. "It does't look like it, but I'm freezing."

17. "Ice, ice, baby."

18. "There's snow time like winter time."

19. "Sled and gone."

20. "Sleigh safe."

21. "Sleigh my name, sleigh my name."

22. "I can't feel my hands."

23. "It's been a chill day."

24. "Welcome to sleigh season."

25. "Snowing pains."

26. "Snowbody knows what happened next."

27. "I'm snow over it."

28. "Icy why I can't feel my face now."

29. "The snow must go on."

30. "One more time down the hill, for cold time's sake."

31. "There's snow reason to throw that snowball at me."

32. "Better sled lightly."

33. "Don't look at my sled head."

34. "I may look like a marshmallow in these clothes, but I still glove myself."

35. "Ice need help getting up."

36. "This chill is snow joke."

37. "Friends that freeze together...freeze together."

38. "Season the day."

39. "Freeze the day."

40. "You can't flurry love."