40 Genius Things Under-$30 On Amazon You'll Recommend To All Your Friends

I'm consistently amazed at the never-ending variety of inventions people come up with to solve everyday problems and make life just a little bit easier. (Favorite example: pocket-sized wipes that remove wine stains from your teeth with just one swipe.) I, for one, am not creative enough to actually invent anything at all, but I do have a knack for hunting down those inventive products — and then shouting about them from the rooftops. And these things under-$30 on Amazon? They're so brilliant, I'm going to recommend them to all my friends. And now you, of course.

Like the wine wipes mentioned above, all these products will make you say, "Wow! There's a thing for that!" And that's a very satisfying feeling because it means the product actually has a practical use — perfect if you're looking to spend money on products that won't just sit on a shelf.

And speaking of spending money, none of these products breaks the $30-dollar ceiling, so you can still shell out for extra guac at lunch today. So if you're ready to tell everyone you know about some amazing and inventive finds — or just, you know, low-key mention them to your friends — I've got you covered.

Lifestyle — 40 Genius Things Under-$30 On Amazon You'll Recommend To All Your Friends

1. A Pilates Ring That'll Take Your Workout To The Next Level

If you're looking to strengthen and tone your core, abs, butt, arms, and thighs, this Pilates ring is a great (and affordable) way to get there. The lightweight, flexible ring features padded grips on the inside and outside, and can be used in a dizzying number of ways to add an extra challenging element to your workout. Check out the video on the Amazon page for ideas on how to incorporate it into your routine.

2. This Bag Re-Sealing Tool That Helps Keep Food Fresh

Not going to finish that bag of gummy bears? Use this food bag sealer to reseal it and lock in freshness. The sealer — which looks a lot like a flat iron — is safe to use on snack bags, chip bags, and plastic baggies. Choose from three macaron-inspired colors: pink, lavender, and seafoam green.

3. These Meat-Shredding Claws That Are Perfect For Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Listen up, barbecue masters: these meat shredders are the easiest and fastest way to shred meat, so you can serve up those pulled pork sandwiches in no time at all. They're also great for transferring your Thanksgiving turkey to the carving board or stabilizing an extra-large watermelon while you slice. The BPA-free shredders are dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant up to 475 degrees.

4. This Clever Gadget For Making Delicious Kabobs At Home

Ever wanted to make your own delicious kabobs at home? This kabob maker makes it easy. Just insert any ground meat — like beef, lamb, or chicken — into the vertical cylinder, stick a skewer into the horizontal cylinder, then press — the maker will churn out a perfect already-on-the-skewer kabob ready for the grilling. Put this to work, and invite your friends over for a feast.

5. These Cushioned Sleeves That Relieve Pain On The Balls Of Your Feet

Relieve pain on the balls of your feet with these metatarsal sleeves that slip right over your toes. The fabric sleeves minimize shoe friction and prevent callouses from forming, while the gel pads on the bottom cushion feet, absorb shock, and offer extra support. And unlike insoles that fit into your shoes — these move with your feet. Each set comes with four sleeves: two for your right foot and two for your left. Wear them with heels, flats, or athletic shoes.

6. These Totally Transparent Fly Traps That You Can Hang In The Window

These highly-rated, totally transparent fly traps adhere right onto windows — exactly where all those pesky flies are hanging out in the first place. The no-mess, no-residue traps are non-toxic and there's no terrifying zapping involved, either. Reviewers say the traps are a "lifesaver," and that they're "easy to put in the window, and you don't even notice them."

7. These Facial Oil-Blotting Sheets That'll Keep Shine At Bay

These oil blotting sheets are made with linen, which makes them a lot more eco-friendly than plastic oil blotting sheets. The sheets are infused with bamboo charcoal which naturally lifts oil and impurities away from your face, leaving you with a clean, matte complexion. Each pack comes with 100 sheets, so it'll last you a long time. Keep this in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

8. This Water Bottle That Actually Reminds You To Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

Remembering to stay hydrated has never been easier, thanks to this water bottle with time markings on the side. Just glance at the bottle from time to time to make sure the water level matches the time of day. If not — take a few big swigs to catch up. The 32-ounce bottle even comes with an infuser, so you can flavor your water with fresh-cut fruit or cucumbers: which is even more encouragement to keep sipping.

9. These Pocket-Sized Wipes That Remove Wine Stains From Your Teeth

Sneak to the bathroom mid-way through your dinner date and swipe one of these wine wipes across your teeth to instantly remove any red or purple tones dulling your pearly whites. Just one swipe will even protect your teeth from further staining with that second glass you just ordered. The wipes have a delicate orange blossom flavor, but it dissipates fast, so you don't have to worry about any interference with the flavor or your pinot.

10. This Weird Umbrella That's Perfectly Angled To Shield You From The Sun

Shield yourself from the sun with this clever sports umbrella. The umbrella features an angled canopy that swivels 360-degrees, so you can adjust the position of the umbrella as the sun moves. And since the pole is offset from the center — it never gets in the way. Take this along on your next picnic, beach, or camping trip, and use the heavy-duty clamp to attach it to any chair.

11. This Little Dropper That Fends Off Bathroom Odor

Forego matches and air fresheners in favor of this toilet odor neutralizer. Just add a drop to the bowl before you go to trap and eliminate any smells you don't want hanging around your, um, "powder room". The plant-based, biodegradable solution comes in a teeny-tiny bottle that's small enough to stash in your purse.

12. A Before-You-Go Spray That Keeps Your Toilet Smelling Fresh

While we're on the subject, this pre-toilet spray is also great way to keep things easy on the nose. Just spritz a little of the essential oil-based formula into the bowl and it'll create a barrier on the surface that'll trap any odor and leave a fresh scent of your choice behind, like apple blossom, cucumber melon, floral rose, or sweet citrus.

13. This Essential Oil Diffuser That Doubles As A Bluetooth Speaker

I love products that combine several uses into one, and this combination essential oil diffuser and Bluetooth speaker fits the bill. Cue up your favorite relaxing music, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and get ready to chill. You can adjust the level of mist output and even set it on a timer, and if you like — light the diffuser up in one of seven colors for some major mood lighting.

14. These Toe Separator Socks That Stretch And Align Your Feet

These toe separator socks straighten, stretch out, and realign your toes, which feels oh-so-good after a day of wearing heels or narrow shoes. All that stretching is good for your feet too — helping to prevent the development of problems like bunions and plantar fasciitis. Choose from nine cheerful colors, like lavender, yellow, and turquoise.

15. An Adjustable Rolling Pin For Perfect Pizza, Pies, And Pastries

The shortbread recipe you're making calls for a 1/4-inch crust — and while you could reach for a ruler and try to measure as you roll or you could simply use this (very genius) adjustable rolling pin. Just slip the removable 1/4-inch discs on each end of the solid beech wood rolling pin and you can roll to your desired thickness. The rolling pin comes with three other sized rings as well, and it's great for making pizza, pie crusts, and cookies too.

16. These Moisture-Absorbing Bags That Keep Your Closet From Smelling Musty

You know that musty smell that sometimes overtakes closets? You can prevent that with these moisture-absorbing bags. They hang on your closet rod and absorb any dampness in the air, keeping your closet smelling fresh and protecting fabrics from moisture-induced damage. They're also great for other small spaces where the air tends to get stagnant, like garages, pantries, and basements.

17. The Band That Keeps Your Sheets From Popping Off The Mattress

Keep your bedsheets totally smooth and securely in place and with these sheet suspenders. The suspenders stretch from 12 to 18 inches and clip onto each corner of your fitted sheet to hold it taut. Want to get the fit just right? Use the cord-lock button to adjust the tension.

18. These Bottle Caps That Keep Your Beer Fresh Between Sips

Thanks to these silicone bottle caps, now you can crack open a cold one, take a few sips, and save the rest for later. The stretchy caps are dishwasher-safe, and each pack comes with multiple colors, so you won't confuse your IPA with someone else's. And if you brew your own beer at home — opt for the pack of 54 to keep all your beer bottles sterile and clean before bottling.

19. These Rubber Grips So That You Don't Sprain Your Wrist Trying To Open That Jar

Reach for one of these jar lid grips the next time you come across a stubborn jar of jam or pickles. The grips open jars of all sizes, and each set comes with three: a round grip, a square grip, and a cone-shaped grip that's just right for opening smaller jars.

20. These Makeup Shields That Keep Eyeshadow From Going All Over Your Face

Avoided the dreaded raccoon-eye you can get when applying eye makeup with these eyeshadow shields. The disposable, self-adhesive shields go right under your eyes — where they catch any eyeshadow fall out — so you can do your eye makeup and then be on your way.

21. This Little Notebook That's Water-Resistant So You Can Write In It In All Kinds Of Weather

Keep this waterproof notebook in the shower and you can write down your to-do list while you wait for the conditioner to sink in. It's also great for taking along on camping trips or for anyone who works in the great outdoors. The 4-inch by 6-inch spiral notebook resists water, sweat, and grease and is compatible with number two pencils and all-weather pens. Choose from eight colors.

22. A Windshield Shade That'll Keep Your Car Nice And Cool In The Heat Of Summer

Put this car sun shade in your windshield on hot, sunny days to keep your car cool — and to keep yourself from burning the backs of your thighs on those hot leather seats. When you're not using it, the shade collapses into the size of a frisbee, so you can store it out of the way in your car door pocket.

23. These K-Beauty Collagen Eye Patches That'll Make You Look Well-Rested

Trick people into thinking you got a solid eight hours of sleep with these K-beauty collagen eye patches. Soaked in an essence of collagen and vitamin-rich botanicals, the hypoallergenic patches deeply hydrate skin and work to promote elasticity, so you look well-rested and refreshed. Reviewers say the amount of essence on each patch is generous, so you can get two uses out of each one. Keep them in the fridge and they'll bring down under-eye puffiness, too.

24. A Glue That Repairs Your Favorite Shoes So You Can Keep On Wearing Them

Thanks to this shoe repair glue, you don't have to trash your favorite hiking boots or Converse just because they've seen a little wear and tear. The waterproof glue seals small holes and even reconnects the sole to the rest of the shoe if it gets separated. It works great with all kinds of material, like leather, vinyl, rubber, and canvas.

25. These Foot Compression Sleeves That Offer All-Over Support

Perfect for athletes, people who work on their feet, or anyone dealing with plantar fasciitis, these compression sleeves offer full foot support. The reinforced heels absorb shock, the ankle cushions relieve heel spur pain, and all-over compression stimulates circulation, decreases inflammation, and speeds up recovery time. The socks are breathable, lightweight, and thin, — so you can wear them with all kinds of shoes and they won't restrict movement. Choose from five colors: black, white, gray, nude, and pink.

26. This Travel Mug That's Also A French Press Coffee Maker And Loose Leaf Tea Brewer

Brew French press coffee or loose leaf tea on the go with this coffee and tea press travel mug. The double-walled, stainless steel mug keeps beverages hot for hours, and the built-in plunger makes brewing a breeze. It's dishwasher-safe and comes in black, white, red, and green color options.

27. This Portable Bluetooth Speaker With A 100-Foot Range And Crystal Clear Sound

This portable Bluetooth speaker boasts a 100-foot range, so you can DJ your summer BBQ from pretty much anywhere in your backyard. The triangular design and downward-facing bass deliver crystal clear sound quality that won't get distorted at higher volumes. The speaker plays for up to 14 hours — and it's splash-resistant — so you don't have to stress if it's near the pool when someone cannonballs in.

28. An Essential Oil Roller That Quickly Relieves Migraine Pain

Roll this essential oil for migraines along your temples and across the back of your neck for instant relief from migraine or tension headache pain. The blend is made with three therapeutic-grade essential oils — lavender, peppermint, and spearmint — all suspended in fractionated coconut oil. It's about the size of a lip balm — stash it in your purse to have it on hand at al times.

29. This Amazing Way To Remove Scratches And Swirls From Your Car

Make your car look like you just drove it off the lot with this car scratch remover. Just add a little of the formula to the included buffer pad, then get to work rubbing out and erasing minor scratches, swirls, water spots, and oxidation. The buffing action will even restore the gloss and shine to paint, so it looks brand new. Reviewers say the results are "amazing" and can save hundreds of dollars since you don't have to pay for professional scratch removal or polishing.

30. These Deodorizers That Take The Stink Out Of Your Sneakers

Keep your gym shoes smelling so fresh and so clean with these sneaker deodorizers. Just twist the balls open and place in your shoes to absorb odor and release a fresh scent. When they're twisted open, each deodorizer provides up to 2,000 hours of odor-killing power, so they'll last you a long time. And since each order comes with three pairs, you can put them in your everyday shoes, too.

31. These Totally Cathartic Stress Relief Balls That Never Lose Their Shape

Squeeze the stress away with these very important-to-have-around stress relief balls. Each squishy ball fits in the palm of your hand where you can squeeze, pull, crush, stretch, and bounce it without it ever losing its shape. The balls are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and latex-free. Each set comes with three: one for your desk drawer, one for your purse, and one for your car glove box, so you have it for rush hour traffic.

32. This Epsom Salt Cream That Soothe Sore Muscles

Soaking in an Epsom salt bath isn't always possible (like, if you're at work), which is why this Epsom salt cream is so great. The concentrated formula is made with Epsom salts, tea tree oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil, and ginger root extract, all of which work together to bring down inflammation, reduce pain, soothe sore muscles, and hydrate skin. Rub this into your calves and feet anytime you need some quick muscle relief.

33. A Cleaning Mat For Your Makeup Brushes

Made from high-quality silicone that's non-toxic as well as naturally antibacterial, this cleaning mat has seven different types of treads that allow you to clean makeup brushes of all shapes and sizes. There are also seven suction cups on the back so that you can easily attach this mat to your countertop or vanity while you rub your brushes against it, and each order also comes with a smaller version that's perfect for traveling.

34. A Set Of Reusable Produce Bags

Not only does each order come with two small, five medium, and two large bags — but these reusable produce bags are also double-stitched, which makes them so strong that they're able to hold up to 11 pounds of produce each. These bags are see-through so that you don't need to open them up to know what's inside, and they're designed to be lightweight so that they won't affect the scale at the grocery store.

35. A Set Of Sturdy Glass Straws

So you want to be more eco-friendly — but paper straws tend to get soggy and metal straws can leave a taste in your mouth. For a better alternative, try these sturdy glass straws: they're BPA-free, incredibly sturdy, wide enough to work with smoothies, and come with a cleaning brush.

36. The Oil That Keeps You Hydrated While Evening Out Skin Tone

This oil has been a skincare recommendation for years — it evens out skin tone, hydrates, and also evens out skin texture. It's non-greasy, smells pleasant, is hypoallergenic, and dries so fast.

38. The Cold Therapy Socks That Curb Foot Swelling

Within seconds, these innovative chilled socks provide a ton of relief for both foot conditions and the effects of standing on your feet all day. They also have an adjustable strap, so you can add some compression therapy for added benefits. One reviewer wrote: "They are just wonderful. Soft on the foot, and with cold on top of the toes as well as under the sole. And they stay cold for at least 30 minutes."

39. A Rubber Hair Band That Won't Cause Creasing

These hair ties prevent creasing, so you can take your ponytail down in the middle of the day without that awkward hair bend. They're also great for all hair textures and don't cause breakage or tension.

40. A Brilliant Pancake Batter Dispenser For Better Brunch

This batter-dispensing measuring cup is pretty simple — just push the lever (perfect for one-handed use), and you can dispense a measured amount of batter with ease. Use it on the griddle for pancakes or crepes, or use it to fill muffin tins. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.