40 Genius Products On Amazon That Will Make You Say “Yasssss!”

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From 3-D fiber lash mascara that boosts your lashes up to 300 times in just five minutes, to a silicone ice tray that makes long ice cubes so they'll fit into narrow-mouthed bottles, there are tons of genius products on Amazon that are so downright clever that when you see them, you'll involuntarily be shouting "yass!" as you add them to your cart.

What makes so many of these products so utterly irresistible, is that they solve problems you didn't even know you had, in ways you never knew were possible. (Hello easy-reach toaster oven, I'm looking at you.)

While with other products, their genius lies in the luxury they bring to mundane everyday activities — because you're life will never be the same till you've used a bamboo toilet stool that massages your feet while it helps takes the grunt-work out of pooping (pun intended).

Perhaps best of all, none of these life-changing items is gonna cost you a fortune. A $40 toaster, a $30 curling iron, a $20 yogurt maker — the price alone will have you jumping for joy. So without further adieu, get those credit cards ready folks, because you're about to feast your eyes on some of the most brilliant hidden gems Amazon has to offer.

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