40 Clever Things That'll Cut Your Embarrassing Problems In Half


Life is filled with "embarrassing" moments — most of which aren't even noticeable to anyone but you — and with a little work, they don't have to happen all that often. Some can even be avoided entirely, like showing up to work with wrinkled clothes or accidentally serving undercooked food at a dinner party. But there's no need to stress if you've done either of these things (because I definitely have). With so many clever things available on Amazon, it's easier than ever to cut all those embarrassing problems in half.

Speaking of embarrassing problems, I can't tell you how many times I've sliced into a roast chicken, only to find it's still raw in the middle. Luckily, there's a meat thermometer in here that'll let you know when your meals are ready to serve. And as for my wrinkled clothes? My boss will be happy to find out that I've included a wrinkle-release spray on this list. Not only is it quicker than ironing, but it'll also work on nearly any fabric — including curtains. But if that isn't enough, I've also made sure to feature organizers for messy rooms, and even a sponge that removes seemingly unavoidable deodorant stains.

Embarrassing moments happen, but with so many clever products on Amazon, they don't have to happen often — keep scrolling for some of my favorites.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

The Spray That Releases Wrinkles From Clothes

You don't have to bust out an ironing board to get rid of wrinkles — just give your clothes a few spritzes of this spray. The plant-based formula melts away creases and folds, giving your shirts, pants, tablecloths, curtains, and more a freshly-pressed look.

A Sponge That Removes Unavoidable Deodorant Marks

Depending on the shirt, getting deodorant marks on the outside is inevitable — so keep these sponges on-hand for the next time you wind up with some unwanted white streaks. No water is needed, and it only takes a few swipes to completely remove deodorant stains.

These Charcoal Bags That Absorb Unwanted Odors

Whether you've got a musty closet or a bathroom that won't stay fresh, these air purifying bags can help. Each one is filled with activated charcoal that absorbs unwanted odors, while the looped rope allows you to hang them wherever you like. Plus, they're all reusable for up to two years.

A Fridge Deodorizer That Lasts For Up To 6 Months

If your fridge could use a little refresher, this deodorizer can absorb unwanted odors for up to six months. Not only is that six times longer than baking soda, but the container itself is leakproof — and reviewers even raved about how they could smell an improvement in just 24 hours.

The Double-Sided Tape To Prevent Fashion Faux Pas

When your clothes need a little extra help staying in place, you'll be glad you grabbed this double-sided fashion tape. The gentle adhesive is safe for your skin, and it won't leave holes in your clothes like safety pins will. One reviewer even raved the adhesive is so strong that "you could probably have it on for over 48 hours with no peeling off!!"

This Makeup Organizer For Tidying Up Cluttered Vanities

My vanity was a cluttered mess of makeup and accessories — until I bought an organizer like this one, that is. Now all of my makeup and toiletries are neatly on display, and the tower even rotates so that it's easy to reach everything. The best part? The shelves can be adjusted to fit extra-tall bottles.

A Trash Can That Can Help Keep Your Car Clean

Don't leave trash sitting on the floor of your car — just toss it into this trash can. The interior is waterproof, which helps keep your interior safe from spills (should you throw away any liquids). Plus, the fasteners on the bottom prevent it from sliding around while you're driving.

The Stamps That Help You Create Perfectly Winged Eyeliner

Having trouble drawing even eyeliner wings? Make sure to check out these stamps. Each order comes with two — one for each eye — while the opposite ends feature regular eyeliner pens for the rest of your lid. And since the formula is waterproof, there's no need to worry about it smudging.

A Tile That Helps You Find Your Misplaced Wallet

I can't tell you how many times my boyfriend has lost his wallet in our apartment. Luckily, he's got this tile slipped into one of the credit card slots. Once it goes missing again, all he has to do is open the downloadable smartphone app to have the tile let out a loud ring. And since it works in reverse, he can even use the tile to find his phone.

This Fake Sprinkler Head That Holds Your Spare Keys

Tired of getting locked out of your house? Put a spare set of keys into this fake sprinkler head, then stuff it down into your yard or garden. Not only is it subtle, but the compartment is also waterproof so that its contents stay dry — even in the rain.

A Portable Essential Oil Diffuser To Make Your Car Smell Great

Plug this diffuser into your car's cigarette lighter, and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite essential oil aromas while driving. It works great for giving the air in your car a gentle refresh — and many reviewers even raved about how it "fits perfectly" in their cup holders.

The Thermometer That Helps You Cook Meat Thoroughly

Having guests over for dinner? Make sure your meat is cooked thoroughly with this thermometer. The stainless steel probe gives you an accurate reading within five seconds, while the backlight helps you read in the dark. Batteries come included — and it can even read temperatures up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit.

An Organizer That Helps Tidy Up Messy Closets

When your shelves are overflowing with shirts, this organizer can condense your garments down into one simple stack. It's designed to work with shirts, leggings, or even documents. And when you're getting ready for a trip, you can simply move the organizer from your shelf, into your suitcase — packing done.

This External Battery That Keeps Your Devices Going

My phone's battery life is pretty terrible; I'm always asking my friends to send texts for me when it dies. Luckily, this external battery can charge an iPhone 6 twice (or a Galaxy S7 once). And since it's ultra-slim, it takes up hardly any space in your bag.

A Pack Of Cable Protectors To Help Prevent Stray Wires

Kittens, penguins, turtles — even if you don't find them cute, these cable protectors will still work to prevent frayed wires. Not only do they keep your cables in working condition, but reviewers raved about how they "stay in place" with minimal sliding.

The Bra Strap Clips For Racerback Tanks

There's nothing wrong with letting your bra straps show — but if you're trying to hide them, these clips can help. Just slip them onto your straps, and they'll turn your bra into a racerback by pulling them closer together. Plus, the ergonomic design even helps keep your straps from digging into your shoulders.

A Set Of Reusable Grocery Bags That Won't Fall Apart

Plastic grocery bags aren't just wasteful — they're also flimsy, and can break if overfilled. These reusable ones, on the other hand, are made from super-sturdy nylon that can support up to 50 pounds. And since they're also waterproof, they can even help keep your car safe from accidental spills.

This Caddy That Helps You Keep Track Of Your Remote

Always losing the television remote? Get into the habit of putting it in this caddy so that you always know where it is. It slides onto your outlet cover without any tools required — and the soft foam backing helps prevent scratches to your walls.

A Tool That Helps You Put On Bracelets By Yourself

You don't need to ask for help putting on bracelets; just whip out this handy tool. The clip attaches to one end of the bracelet, allowing you to hold it in place while your other hand clasps it together. One reviewer even wrote that this little tool "works so much better than my husband does in assisting me with my bracelets."

The Odor Removers That Work With Garbage Disposals

Even the cleanest kitchens can encounter unwanted garbage disposal odors — so grab these deodorizers. Not only are they biodegradable, but they're also safe for all types of septic systems. Simply pour them down your drain with a little running water, then run the disposal to release the refreshing lemon scent.

A Tool For Pulling Up Tough Zippers By Yourself

When there's no one around to help you pull that stubborn zipper up, you'll be glad you grabbed this helper. Designed to work with all types of zippers, simply clip it on and give it a pull. The clip is made from tough steel with rubber teeth that won't let go, and each order even comes with a velvet storage bag.

This Litter Box That Takes Only Seconds To Clean

Forget to clean the litter box before guests came over? Lift up this sifting pan, and it'll separate the clean litter from the dirty in one easy motion. The process is so quick that guests won't even notice you're missing — and the high-polish finish is even stain resistant.

The Glow-In-The-Dark Remote Covers So You Don't Loose Them

I have sent not just one, but two separate fire stick remotes through the wash because they got mixed in with the sheets — and if you've done the same, grab these covers. They'll save you a ton of headache when trying to find your remotes in the dark, and the silicone construction even adds some grippy texture to them.

The Cupholder That Helps Prevent Furniture Stains

Whether you're relaxing on your bed or sofa, this cupholder will give you easy access to your drinks. The wide platform helps prevent it from tipping over when you move, while the soft cover is removable for easy washing. Plus, it's designed to fit a variety of cups — from mugs to tumblers.

A Pack Of Platforms That Keep Your Heels From Sinking

Ever walk across grass in heels, only to have them sink down into the dirt? Then you'll definitely want to check out these platforms. They slip onto your high heels to prevent them from sinking outdoors, and they can even help improve your balance when walking.

This Fabric Shaver That Eliminates Unavoidable Pilling

Got a few sweaters that are looking a little worse for wear? This fabric shaver can help breathe new life into them. Not only is the shaving head adjustable to accommodate almost any type of fabric, but all you need to do is supply your own two AA batteries to get started.

A Kit With Everything You Need To Fix Ripped, Torn Clothes

You don't have to throw out that shirt just because a hole ripped open — use this sewing kit to stitch it shut. From needles to seam rippers, it comes with everything you need to repair your clothes. But the best part? It all comes packaged in a travel case that you can take with you.

The Wipes That Clear Wine Stains From Your Teeth

Don't let your pearly whites get dirty with wine stains — use these wipes to keep your smile looking brilliant. They're total lifesavers when you're out to dinner with friends, and each wipe is individually packaged so that you can easily keep a few in your bag.

A Set Of Fasteners To Keep Your Sheets In Place

A tidy bed just makes the room look clean — and these fasteners are great for keeping your fitted sheet from riding over the mattress while you're sleeping. They're made with heavy-duty elastic, with nickel-plated clamps that provide a firm grip. Plus, the bands are adjustable so that you can choose how tight your bed feels.

This Self-Watering Planter That Does The Work For You

Forget to water your plants? Don't worry — this self-watering planter can keep them quenched for more than two weeks straight. Refilling it is as easy as filling it up at a sink, while the self-aerating design helps minimize mold and rot. Plus, it even comes in five colors: white, plum, blue, green, or black.

A Magnet That Reminds You To Do The Dishes

If you're always finding newly dirty dishes in the clean wash, this handy magnet might be a game-changer. The strong magnet on the back sticks to any metal-front dishwasher — though each order also comes with double-sided adhesive. And unlike some magnets, this one won't leave behind any scratches.

The Paw Washer That Helps Your Home Stay Clean

Designed for pups of all shapes and sizes, this washer is a total lifesaver on rainy days. Simply insert your dog's paw inside, twist the washer a few times, then repeat with every leg. Not only will it help your floors stay clean from dirty paw prints, but it's even completely BPA-free.

A Gadget That Reminds You To Feed The Dog

When your pup is begging at the table while guests are over, ask yourself this: Did you feed the dog? If you can't remember, just check this handy gadget. No batteries are required, and using it is an easy way to help prevent overfeeding. Plus, you can easily mount it nearly anywhere using the included adhesive.

This Cloth That Removes Stubborn Water Marks From Wood

Even though I'm very strict when it comes to using coasters in my home, sometimes water marks happen anyway — so grab this cloth. Not only will it remove marks from water, alcohol, or heat, but you can also use it to erase permanent marker stains.

A Heated Coaster To Keep Your Coffee Toasty

Designed for metal, ceramic, glass, or even plastic cups, this heated coaster will help your coffee stay toasty all morning long. It also works great with hot chocolate or tea, and the built-in temperature control helps prevent it from overheating.

The Timer That Turns Off Your Devices For You

Whether you left your lights on or an appliance running, using this timer is a must-have. Just plug your gadget into it, then set the times you'd like it to automatically turn on and off. It's an easy way to help save some money on your utility bill — I'm even using one for the tower fan in my bedroom.

A Set Of Packing Cubes To Keep Your Suitcase Organized

Jumbled, messy suitcases will leave your clothes looking wrinkled, whereas these packing cubes help keep your garments looking fresh. Each order comes with four large cubes that can fit everything from denim to underwear — and they even help compress your garments so that you can fit even more in your suitcase.

This Scale That'll Tell You How Much Your Luggage Weighs

I've been "that" person at the airport who has to sit down and remove a ton of stuff from their checked bag just to make the weight requirement. It's not fun, and this luggage scale would've saved me some embarrassment. It's able to read up to 110 pounds, while the backlit LCD screen makes it easy to see.

A Set Of Markers That Help Repair Scratched Furniture

Furniture scratches happen. This repair kit is available for less than $15. Each order comes with several crayons and markers — all in wood-friendly colors — that you can use to color over scratches and scuffs. Plus, the coverage is 100% permanent.

The Tool That Helps Air Out Your Washing Machine

Leaving your washing machine door shut can cause unwanted odors to accumulate, whereas this handy tool props the door open to help air everything out. Two magnets on either end hold it in place without falling — and it's even designed to work with washers that won't have a magnetic door.