40 Clever Products On Amazon That Are Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen Before

by Lisa Fogarty

Innovation is key when it comes to products — especially considering the fact that you can find a number of versions of the same product on shelves and shopping sites. These 41 clever products on Amazon are proof that a creative concept — coupled with the ability to solve a problem — nearly always produce winning products. And you shouldn't blame yourself for wanting to try all of these cool products — or for making them your new must-have items. They're that impressive.

Among the products on this list you'll find jazzed up versions of kitchen products you need — like a three-piece cooking utensil set with grooves that rest right on the sides of pots and pans to keep counters and stovetops clean. But you'll also find a handful of quirky products that will become new favorites — like a berry box that makes berries last way longer than they would in plastic bags or grocery store boxes.

This list also features wellness products like toe spreaders and acupressure tools, beauty items like a blackhead-sucking vacuum that is leaving a big impression on reviewers, and there's even a glowing LED leash to keep your pooch safe on the streets at night.

Get ready to have your world turned upside down — in the best possible way — with these clever products that are unlike anything you already own.

A Gym For Your Feet That Alleviates Pain And Strengthens Muscles

Considering how a gym works out your entire body, it's not all that odd to consider this foot gym — yep, that's specifically for just your feet — when you want to strengthen the muscles in your feet and alleviate pain from conditions like plantar fasciitis (or just plain soreness). The board has tools for calf stretches and raises, tension bands in three levels of resistance, and a hot/cold massage roller.

This High-Tech Light That Runs On Solar Power

Save money on your electric bill and add the coolest multi-colored light source to your next outdoor party with this solar-powered light. The waterproof light lasts up to seven hours on a single charge and you can set it to glow in eight colors: blue, red, green, purple, yellow, cyan, orange, and white.

The Battery-Powered Detangling Brush That Won't Pull Strands Or Cause Breakage

Ideally, a detangling brush would do exactly what this amazingly gentle brush does: unravel tangles and knots without pulling on your scalp or strands and causing breakage, split ends, and pain. This wet or dry brush lives up to that promise and goes beyond — it's powered by battery and rocks back and forth to effortlessly detangle any hair type. One reviewer writes: "Love this detangler. I’ve been natural on and off for almost 40 years and this is the best detangler I’ve come across... There is less shedding and breakage. I used my on wet hair with conditioner in it."

The Money-Saving Spatula That Is Finally Long Enough To Reach Into Deep Jars

Don't miss out on a single scoop of peanut butter or mayo — this jar spatula has an extra-long handle and is narrow enough to reach right into the deepest jars and scoop up every last drop of food. It has a silicone head, is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and is dishwasher-safe.

An Electric Milk Frother For Outrageously Fun Beverages

Whip up fun cappuccinos, hot cocoa, lattes, and more with this electric milk frother and heat carafe, which makes hot or cold froth (yep — an iced cappucino is now possible). The stainless steel carafe boasts vacuum insulation and keeps milk the ideal temperature for longer. It works with non-dairy alternatives, too.

A Foot Rest For Total Support And Better Posture

This comfortable foot rest elevates your feet and provides three adjustable height positions. It has a non-slip textured surface and folds flat for easy storage. The rigid edges prevent feed from sleeping off, and it also helps to improve your posture in the long term.

An Ice Cream Sandwich Maker For The Ultimate Sweet Treat

Add your favorite ice cream flavors and chocolate, cookie, or brownie topping to this ice cream sandwich maker and store it in the freezer to make up to four sandwiches at once. The maker comes with a scooping tool to help you lift up and serve your delicious creations. Reviewers swear it's easy and delicious.

This Sharp Chopper That Dices Vegetables And Fruits With Ease

Prepping food shouldn't be a struggle — and this sharp vegetable chopper makes things so much easier. It lays flat on counters and has a rust-proof stainless steel blade that dices and chops vegetables or fruits in seconds. The base of the gadget also features a convenient collector to keep counters free of mess.

These Toe Spreaders That Stretch Your Feet And Relieve Pain

Whether you suffer from hammertoe, bunions, or run-of-the-mill foot pain from being on your feet all day long, these toe spreaders work fast to stretch toes and provide incredible pain relief. Wear these for an hour at night and they'll slowly — but effectively — help correct overlapping toes and give your feet a healthy stretch.

This Three-In-One Berry Box That Keeps Produce Fresh For A Long Time

It's a fact: those delicious berries you just bought have, maybe, two days of freshness in them before they start to sadly wilt. But this clever berry box, which comes with a colander, serving container, and cover, keeps those berries fresh for much longer than regular boxes or plastic. It fits 1 quart of fruit and comes in six colors.

These Vintage-Style Hollywood Lights For Your Vanity

This vintage-style Hollywood vanity mirror light kit includes 10 LED light bulbs that can be installed on your mirror without any fuss (or tools). Just stick them on, adjust the brightness of the bulb so that it provides the perfect lighting for you, and feel like a starlet while you apply makeup. One reviewer writes: "I’m very impressed and I cannot believe I only paid $19.99 for these!!!! They are so easy to install."

The Ultimate Cheese-Lover's Pan For Mess-Free Cooking

Love cheese on everything — but not a fan of the gooey mess melted cheese leaves on cookware? This cheese melt pan was designed specifically for melting your favorite ingredient and adding it to meals (with a spatula, which is included). It has a handle that folds and can be easily stored and washes clean without any sticky situations.

An Acupressure Therapy Belt That You Strap On Where You Need It

Acupressure mats are great — if you require back pain relief. But this smart acupressure strap gives you options. You can strap it around your legs, waist, head, arm, and anywhere else you need to relieve muscle and joint aches and pains. It comes in three colors: pink, black, and green. One reviewer writes, "This is hands down one of the best purchases I have ever made."

This Cake Cutter And Cake Server That Delivers Perfect Slices

Fumbling around with your cake knife or server is no way to serve up perfect slices of cake. This dishwasher-safe cake server was designed with round cakes in mind and can be adjusted to fit the slice you want to serve up. It even works for things like ice cream cake and meatloaf.

These Genius Underwear That Filter Unpleasant Gas Smells

You're covered when you wear these amazing flatulence filtering underwear, made with a carbon filter that neutralizes bad odors. The high-waisted panties come in black and a number of sizes — and to reactivate the highly porous material, just throw them in the washing machine.

The Glowing LED Leash That Keeps Your Dog Safe On The Streets

Take your pooch out for a late evening walk without worrying about cars when you use this glowing LED leash, which can be seen from far away. The durable nylon leash can be charged with a USB cable and it comes in four colors: neon green, bright orange, florescent green, and florescent red.

A Tenderizer That Easily Cuts Through The Toughest Cuts Of Meat

No matter how tough your cut of meat, this meat tenderizer will tear right through it with 48 stainless steel razors that help create tender, delicious cuts of meat. This is one cooking accessory you absolutely need by your barbecue or grill. One reviewer writes: "I bought one of these at a restaurant supply store several years ago and we loved it. We grill a lot of venison and this makes it so completely tender and lets the marinade work much better. Other family members asked our secret to such good steaks and once told, they all bought one too."

An Icy Cold Gel Hat That Relieves Migraines

Provide your terrible migraine a dose of natural relief with this ice gel hat — a wearable cold therapy wrap that gives you a drug-free pain-relieving alternative to pills. You can keep the wrap in your freezer and it is adjustable to snugly fit your head. It comes with three removable gel inserts — and the liquid inside is non-toxic and latex-free.

This Microwave Rice Cooker For Super Fast Rice (Finally)

Cook rice so much faster with this rice cooker, which is safe to use in the microwave (talk about fast and easy, too). The set comes with a 2-liter cooking pot, colander, measuring cup, and a genius rice paddle that can lock on the lid and provide two side handles. It's about 6 inches tall, so it will fit in most microwaves.

These Resistance Training Bands In Number Of Strength Levels

Ditch cumbersome weights and use these resistance bands instead — the bands can be used for stretching and strength training. This pack of four colorful bands includes resistance levels that vary from 15 pounds to 125 pounds, so you can incorporate them in every workout.

This Microwave Bacon Cooker That Separates Grease From Your Food

Get ready to experience the crispest bacon of your life — this bacon microwave cooker cooks up to six slices of bacon in just four minutes — all you have to do is hang the slices and allow their oil to drip into a container. This cool device is also great for cooking scrambled eggs, pork, macaroni and cheese, and ramen noodles.

An Adjustable Rolling Pin With Removable Rings For The Perfect Thickness

Rolling pins have come a long way — this smarter version of a basic baking tool features four removable discs in various sizes that make it possible to customize the thickness of your dough. The rolling pin is made from solid beechwood and comes in two color options, with multi-colored or blue plastic rings.

The Simple Gadget That Gets Out Every Last Drop Of Ketchup Or Detergent

Save a load of money and get every last drop out of your bottle of ketchup, mustard, laundry detergent, or shampoo. This bottle emptier is a simple tool that works by accommodating every bottle you have — from small to large — and providing a place to collect and store every last drop of product. One reviewer about sums it up: "A gadget you didn't know you needed."

This Salad Dressing Maker And Storage Carafe

Whip up delicious marinades and dressings in this multi-purpose hand-held dressing mixer and glass carafe, which comes with an airtight carafe lid. The carafe features helpful measurement markings and even boasts recipes printed right on the glass. It mixes and blends ingredients with one touch of a button, and can be stored in your fridge.

The Microwave Egg Poacher For A Delicious Breakfast In Seconds

Poached eggs are delicious — and notoriously difficult to get just right. Ace poached eggs with this microwave egg poacher, a silicone tool that can make up to two poached eggs and was designed to be cooked in the microwave with its own vented lid or in a covered skillet. Either way, your poached eggs will be perfection.

A Pitcher With A Separate Ice Compartment So Cold Drinks Don't Get Diluted

Serve up cold, delicious beverages that aren't diluted by 100 ice cubes when you switch to this modern pitcher, which was designed with a special ice container that separates ice from your drink — all while maintaining its cold temperature. The large pitcher is made from glass and comes with a tight, BPA-free plastic lid.

An Electric Ice Cream Maker For A Fuss-Free Old-Fashioned Treat

If you think DIY ice cream can't be done (without a whole lot of fuss and mess), this electric ice cream maker will make you a believer. The maker comes with a 4-quart bowl with a carrying handle and a secure, see-through lid. Flavored ice-cream mixes are sold separately, or you can experiment with your own ice cream, gelato, or frozen yogurt recipes.

The Versatile Air Fryer For Delicious Fried Foods

Get the crisp of fried foods without all the hassle — this air fryer whip ups everything from French fries and chicken wings to baked desserts. The fryer has a temperature control and timer with an automatic shut-off. But, best of all, it cooks your food 80 percent faster than a conventional oven, so your chicken tenders will be ready in no time.

This Foldable Gadget That Makes Homemade Bread In A Cinch

Grab your grandmother's bread recipe and make your own baked treat with the help of this very modern bread maker. The silicone gadget is shaped like a partially closed bowl, which allows for the circulation of steam so that dough stays moist inside of it. And it's versatile: you can even use it to bake a quick bread loaf in the oven or microwave.

These Indoor Slippers With Jade Stones That Deliver Acupressure Benefits

Every time you walk in these acupressure slippers, their strategically placed jade stones gently — but effectively — deliver a soothing massage and major health benefits. The slippers come in two colors (blue or jade), are available in three sizes, and will boost circulation and relieve pain and discomfort from plantar fasciitis, arthritis, and other foot conditions.

An Iced Tea And Iced Coffee Maker That Will Save You Money

All of that money spent on cafe-style iced beverages adds up — save your bills and invest in this iced tea maker, which also whips up delectable iced coffee beverages. The machine makes up to 3 quarts in just about 10 minutes, and automatically shuts off when it is finished brewing.

The Multi-Compartment Lunch Container For Salads That Aren't Soggy

Every salad ingredient has a place when you pack this bento-style lunch container, which features three compartments, a leak-proof, 3-ounce sauce container, and an extra-large bowl for salad. The lunch box, which comes in four colors, has a top lid that seals on tight and a salad fork with a utensil cover.

A Three-Piece Tool Set That Rests On Top Of Pots And Pans For Mess-Free Counters

These three cooking utensils — all made from heat-resistant silicone up to 500 degrees Fahrenehit — boast a superpower: they were designed with a groove that lets you rest them on pots and pans to keep counters completely clean. These dishwasher-safe tools come in two colors options: red or marine blue. This comes with a slotted spoon, a stirring spoon, and a spatula.

An Anti-Fungal Pen That Works on Fingers Or Toes

Prevent fungus from creeping its way onto your nails and kill any signs of fungus you do have by simply applying a layer of this toenail fungus treatment where you need it. The portable pen (which comes in a set of two) contains a powerful formula that shows visible results in just weeks.

This Time-Saving Tool That Removes Cherry Pits

Prep cherries fast with this cherry pitter, which has a quality stainless steel plunger and a dishwasher-safe container that captures pits. Reviewers agree this is a great kitchen gadget especially if you want to prep a few cherries at a time for a pie or tart.

An Affordable Acupressure Tool That Targets Trigger Points

This truly affordable acupressure tool manually targets trigger points to deliver a deep tissue massage and get out any "knots" in your back, neck, legs, and anywhere else you need it. One reviewer writes: "It is high quality plastic and is very smooth, there are no rough edges or seams unlike cheaper options. I have had this for about 7 months now with no issues!"

The Condiment Fork That Attaches To Cans And Jars

Give pickles and condiments their very own serving fork without having to dirty your silverware with this inventive condiment fork. The stainless steel fork attaches to a storage holster, which wraps around the rim of the jar and can even catch spills and drips to keep counters and fridges clean.

An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Knife Organizer That Fits In Your Drawer

Knife blocks that take up space on your counter aren't the only game in town. This eco-friendly bamboo knife organizer fits right in drawers to space precious space. The block has slots that hold up to 15 knives of various sizes, and it's simple to clean with a little soapy water.

This Fast Electric Kettle That Boils Water In A Flash

This electric kettle boils up to 1.7 liters of water in a flash so you can use it to quickly make pasta, rice, oatmeal, tea, and instant coffee. The borosilicate glass kettle has a blue LED indicator light and a safe automatic shut-off function that turns off after 30 seconds.

An Eye Mask That You Can Keep In Your Fridge For Headaches And Puffy Eyes

Store this unique gel eye mask in your fridge for a few hours and apply it whenever you feel a headache coming on or wake up with puffy eyes. The mask has adjustable straps and doesn't cover eyes completely, which means you can still read and watch TV while it works its magic.

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