40 Clever Products On Amazon That Are Cute & All Cost Less Than $5

Okay, so maybe you're not quite in the financial place to be splurging on products right now. Does that mean you can't shop... at all? Absolutely not. Now, don't worry — I'm not saying you should just charge everything on your credit card. What I am saying is that it's entirely possible to engage in a little retail therapy without making a major dent in your wallet. In fact, these Amazon products under $5 will make almost no dent in your wallet at all.

Now, here's the thing (and you probably already know it): finding good deals takes time. You have to set aside hours to either rifle through racks at your favorite discount store or click through endless product pages on Amazon. It can be frustrating, and oftentimes you'll end up walking away with something you're not really all that crazy about. And you should like what you buy — even if you didn't spend a lot of money on it.

So here's the good news. I'm presenting to you a curated list of 42 products, and each of them satisfies the following three criteria: it's cute, it's clever, and, it's incredibly affordable — because everything here is under five dollars.

So go ahead and indulge in a little retail therapy. These products won't break the bank.

Entertainment — 40 Clever Products On Amazon That Are Cute & All Cost Less Than $5

1. These Facial Mask Applicators In Pretty Shades of Pastel Pink And Aqua

Opiqcey Facial Mask Applicator, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Applying facial masks can get messy fast — and you might end up spending a solid five minutes just scrubbing all that mud and clay from underneath your fingernails. These facial mask applicators simplify the process with silicone tips that help you get an even, smooth application — all without the mess. And when you're done using them? Just rinse them off in the sink.


2. A Notebook That Reminds You Of Being Bored In Class... In A Good Way

JAD Big Notebook, $5, Amazon

This notebook doesn't take itself too seriously, and that's a good thing. The front and back covers are reminiscent of bored-in-high-school-biology-class worthy scribbles and illustrations (UFO's and robots, anyone?). The notebook is a standard size and comes with 106 lined pages for you to jot down class notes, dreams, and to-do lists.


3. This Travel Size Toilet Freshener Spray That's Small Enough To Stash In Your Purse

Poo-Pourri Travel Toilet Spray, $5, Amazon

Poo-Pourri toilet spray is pretty ingenious — instead of masking any smells, it actually traps them below the surface of the water before they have a chance to escape. Just spritz a few times in the toilet bowl before you go. The spray is made with botanicals instead of chemicals, and the travel size is very discreet —about the size of a lipstick. This one smells pleasantly like citrus, too, and won't harm the septic system.


4. This Pore "Eraser" That Gives You Baby Smooth Skin

Maybelline Baby Skin Primer, $4, Amazon

For anyone who wants to minimize the appearance of pores and have a smooth foundation application, there's this pore eraser by Maybelline. The lightweight formula also helps give your skin a more even, matte finish. The pore eraser is fragrance-free and non-comedogenic — and you can even use it alone without makeup.


5. A Cuddly Panda For Storing Your Phone

Leego Panda Phone Holder, $5, Amazon

You love cute things and you're constantly losing your phone around the house. Good news: this panda phone holder is for you. The holder is just as cuddly as your favorite stuffed animal, but it also has space to cradle your phone securely when you're not using it. You'll never lose track of your phone again — and in the most adorable way possible, too.


6. A Watermelon Coin Purse For All Your Quarters

HYJM Watermelon Coin Purse, $3, Amazon

There's no such thing as an endless summer, but this watermelon coin purse can remind you of long, carefree afternoons cooking out in the backyard with your friends. The coin purse is made from soft and fuzzy plush material, and features a zip closure to keep your quarters and pennies safe. There's even a chain so you can link the watermelon to your keys.


7. A Bow For Your Phone... That Doubles As A Phone Holder

Worform Ring Phone Holder, $4, Amazon

These bows don't just add a charming flourish to your phone — they also double as ring phone holders. Slip your finger through the ring for a firm grip that won't cramp your hand, or set it up on your table and use it as a phone stand. The ring attaches to the back of your phone with adhesive, and flips down to lie flat when not in use.


8. A Makeup Sponge Holder That Helps Curb The Growth Of Bacteria

MYEDO Makeup Sponge Holder, $3, Amazon

This makeup sponge holder is more practical than it might seem. Storing your sponges in unventilated drawers or makeup bags can set the stage for bacterial growth — and you definitely don't want that stuff going on your face. (Hello, bacteria!) Luckily, you can keep your sponge in one of these holders instead. Exposing it to the air will ensure the sponge dries out quickly —and hygienically, too.


9. This Brush That'll Give You A Good Scalp Massage

Walmeck Scalp Massage Hair Brush, $4, Amazon

The relaxation that comes with a good scalp massage cannot be overstated, which is why you need this scalp massage hair brush. The round teeth gently massage the scalp, increasing blood flow and decreasing feelings of stress. The brush also features a flip-out tool at the base of the handle — use it to create precise parts when you're braiding or parting your hair.


10. A "Pill" That Stores Your Pills

Inovat Pillbox, $4, Amazon

Everyone needs a pillbox they can take along with them to counteract those unforeseen headaches that strike out of nowhere during your workday. This light blue pillbox will do the trick, and it actually resembles a pill. The box has four compartments, so you can keep your Tylenol separate from your vitamins.


11. A Finger Glove That Helps You Scrub Your Makeup Brushes

ReNext Makeup Brush Cleaner, $2, Amazon

This brush cleaner will help get your makeup brushes squeaky clean. Slip the cleaning glove onto your finger and gently rub the brush bristles across the ridges like you're using an old-fashioned washing board. This reviewer writes: "Used this for the first time today. (It was also my first time cleaning my makeup brushes.) I was pleased by how easy it was to clean everything and it was fun (and gross) to see all the old makeup come out. Compact, easy to use, and cute!"


12. A Set of Floral Inspired Pot Holders

UDTEE Pot Holders, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Give your cooking a romantic twist with these rose-edged pot holders. They're non-slip and heat-resistant, so they'll protect your counter when you're setting down hot pots and kettles. You can also use them as spoon rests while you're sautéeing veggies or cooking up a red sauce, too.


13. These Grips So You Don't Sprain Your Wrist Just Trying To Open A Jar Of Olives

Prepworks Jar Grips, $4 (3 Pack), Amazon

Forget about holding a jar under warm running water. The best way to pry off stubborn lids is with one of these jar grips. The rubber material firmly grips the edges of the lid while giving your hand the traction it needs to unscrew. The set comes with two flat grips for opening big jars, and a cone grip for opening smaller jars.


14. A Phone Stand So You Can Go Hands-Free When You FaceTime

ADS Amtopsell Phone Stand, $3, Amazon

You don't realize how handy a phone stand is until you actually have one. Set it up on the kitchen counter when you're learning a new recipe or go hands-free when you're FaceTiming. This stand has two well-placed slots for your cord, so you can charge at the same time. The stand comes in colors like black, silver, blue, golden, and rose red.


15. This Mermaid Makeup Brush For Dreamy Blush Application

HENGSONG Mermaid Makeup Brush, $3, Amazon

The handle of this makeup brush is shaped like a mermaid tail, with the magical addition of rainbow glitter. The ombré pink bristles are dense and soft, and the brush is sized perfectly for contouring or applying blush, bronzer, and powder. Use this to feel like the extra glamorous mermaid princess you are at heart.


16. This Hook That Frees Up Counter Space In Your Bathroom And Kitchen

MYEDO Bathroom and Kitchen Hook, $5, Amazon

I'm endlessly in search for items that help cut down on clutter and free up space, so I'm very on board with this bathroom hook. Use it in your shower to keep your body wash off the floor, or stick it on the wall by your sink for hand soap. You can even use it in the kitchen to hold your dish scrubbing brush.


17. A Panda Splash Guard To Keep Your Clothes Dry While Doing The Dishes

MYEDO Splash Barrier, $5, Amazon

The worst part of doing dishes is walking away from the sink with a soaking, sudsed-up shirt. This panda bear splash barrier will keep you dry while you're scrubbing those pots and pans. The two "feet' have suction cups that grip to the side of the sink, and the body is made from washable plastic that's flexible enough to contour to the curves of the sink.


18. This Zebra Print Makeup Bag With Space For Your Brushes

Blazers18 Zebra Makeup Bag, $3, Amazon

This zebra print makeup bag isn't just fun, it's also super practical. The zippered bag opens up wide at the top, so you can see all the contents and actually locate that elusive tube of matte berry lipstick. The bag even includes slots specifically designed to hold your makeup brushes, with an elastic band to keep them extra-secure.


19. A Pumice Stone That Gets Rid Of Extra-Tough Callouses

Mr. Pumice Purple Pumi Bar, $4, Amazon

A good pumice stone is perhaps the most reliable way to get rid of callouses and rough skin on your toes, heels, and elbows. This pumice stone can be used both wet and dry skin, and it's extra-coarse so it'll give you top-notch exfoliation. The small particles of the pumice wear away with use, which means you won't get any unsanitary skin cell buildup on the stone.


20. A Three-In-One Camera Lens That Fits Right Onto Your Phone

Generic Phone Camera Lens, $2, Amazon

Think you have to invest in expensive equipment to get a well-shot photograph? Think again. This three-in-one camera lens fits onto most phones and lets you shoot wide angle, macro, and fisheye — and it only costs a couple bucks. Just clip the lens over your phone's existing lens, then point and shoot. You'll be impressing your Instagram followers in no time.


21. A Handbag Organizer So You Can Actually Find Your Lip Balm Without Dumping Out Your Entire Purse

CJESLNA Handbag Organizer, $3, Amazon

A giant tote bag is great for hauling your tablet, hand sanitizer, and moisturizer all around town, but little things like keys and lipgloss can get lost in all that shuffle. Use this handbag organizer to keep things straight. It features a zip closure and multi-level pockets that keep everything within easy reach. Plus it's super lightweight, so it won't weigh your bag down further.


22. The Twist Ties That You Can Use Over And Over Again

Nite Ize Reusable Twist Ties, $3 (4 Pack), Amazon

Twist ties have a myriad of uses — like organizing cables, keeping your earphone cords untangled, or closing up snack bags so they don't spill all over your car. Most twist ties, though, are one-and-done, which feels kind of wasteful. Try these reusable twist ties instead. Made from rubber with a bendable wire interior, these twist ties are durable, waterproof, and can wrap around just about anything.


23. This Delightful Nightlight Shaped Like A Flower

Meridian Electric Flower Power Nightlight, $4, Amazon

This whimsical nightlight will bring out your inner flower child. Powered by an LED bulb, the light comes on automatically once it gets dark. Reviewers say it gives off just the right amount of light —enough so you can see the room if you get up in the night, but not so bright that it keeps you awake. Plug it into the wall and dream of flower-filled gardens.


24. This Clip-On Strainer That Frees Up Your Hands

NiceWave Strainer, $2, Amazon

This ingenious strainer frees up your hands like a pro. Clip it on to the rim of any bowl or pot and tip over to drain off any excess water. Oh, and it's shaped like a very adorable bowl of rice with a smiley face — because cooking shouldn't be too serious. Use it when you're rinsing fruit or rice, or to strain pasta.


25. A Citrus Peeler For Less Messy Snacking

GLFYOU Citrus Peelers, $4 (6 Pack), Amazon

Peeling oranges and grapefruits can be juicy, sticky business, but a citrus peeler streamlines the process. Just score around the perimeter of the fruit and you can peel the skin off — pith and all. You can also use the rectangular end to peel off small sections if you're just looking for a little zest. This reviewer writes: "By far one of the best kitchen gadgets ever created! So simple, yes so perfect. Great to add to a simple gift or fruit basket!"


26. This Purr-fect Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland Kitchen Timer, $5, Amazon

The kitty kitchen timer is the next best thing to having an actual cat tell you that your cookies are done baking. Just turn clockwise to the 60-minute mark, then counter-clockwise to set the time. When the time is up, it'll ring a bell. (No, it doesn't meow.) And if you're not a cat person, check out the mouse, penguin, hedgehog, owl, or ladybug.


27. This Toaster Rack Puller That Resembles A Cartoon Devil

Joie Toaster Rack Puller, $4, Amazon

You know how easy it is to burn yourself when trying to pull out the tiny trays in a toaster oven? This toaster rack puller can help you avoid that — just hook it over the edge of the rack and pull. Made from silicone, the puller is heat-resistant up to 536 degrees and dishwasher-safe (I mean, you're bound to get melted cheese on it at some, point, right?).


28. These Forest Critter Bag Clips

Kikkerland Bag Clips, $4 (6 Pack), Amazon

Normally I wouldn't trust forest creatures with my snacks (they have a reputation for stealing nuts), but I'd make an exception for these ultra-cute bag clips. Each clip helps seal bags up tight, and has a mascot animal, like a fox, a chipmunk, or a hedgehog. Use them to keep your favorite chipotle potato chips from going stale.


29. A Set of Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloths

S & T Makeup Remover Cloths, $3 (3 Pack), Amazon

These makeup remover cloths are reusable, making them a more environmentally-friendly option than disposable cloths. Made with plush microfiber, the cloths easily attract and lift dirt, oil, and makeup residue up and away from the skin. Use them with warm water, or a little dollop of your favorite makeup remover. After a few uses, just throw them in the washing machine.


30. This Lotion For Your Best Friend's Paws and Nose

Burt's Bees Paw & Nose Lotion, $5, Amazon

Burt's Bees has some outstanding, natural skincare products for us humans, but they also have some great stuff for pets. This lotion will moisturize your dog's paws and nose when they get dry (think: winter, dry climates, and long walks on concrete.) With 97 percent natural ingredients like olive oil and rosemary, the lotion can provide soothing and hydrating relief for your favorite companion.


31. This Oh-So-Stylish Reusable Lunch Bag

Sothread Reusable Lunch Bag, $4, Amazon

This reusable lunch bag looks like it came straight out of a fancy boutique. The bag's flat bottom helps ensure that it won't tip over during your commute, but the interior is easy to wipe down in case your capellini pomodoro ends up spilling just the same. The canvas bag has durable handles, a zipper closure, and is thermal-insulated.


32. A Scrubbing Brush To Clean Your Vegetables That Has Over 1,000 Reviews

OXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush, $5, Amazon

A quick rinse in the sink doesn't always cut it when you're cleaning your veggies, especially if you're dealing with root vegetables or a potato with lots of nooks and crannies. This vegetable brush will scrub any residual dirt with its stiff but flexible bristles. And when you're done using it —you can put it in the dishwasher.


33. A Tissue Box Cover That Looks Like A House

Umbra Tissue Box Cover, $5, Amazon

Let's be honest. Most tissue box designs could use a little... updating. Instead of searching for something halfway decent, just use this tissue box cover. It's delightfully shaped like a house, and dispenses your tissues so they look like smoke working its way out of a chimney. The cover fits easily over standard cube-shaped tissue boxes.


34. This Applicator That Makes False Eyelash Application A Breeze

CHYL False Eyelash Applicator, $5, Amazon

Applying false eyelashes is an art that can take years to perfect. Using old-fashioned tweezers can help, but I'm personally not a fan of putting sharp, angled instruments that close to my eye. This false eyelash applicator features a flat, blunt edge that's much less intimidating, and the curve of the applicator can help guide you to more accurate lash placement.


35. A Two-In-One Lip Primer And Plumper

e.l.f. Lip Primer and Plumper, $3, Amazon

Lipstick aficionados know the value of a good lip primer. Swipe it on before applying lipstick, and you'll be sipping coffee in the afternoon with your bright red still intact. This lip primer does double duty with a plumping balm on the opposite end — and it's scented with cinnamon and gives your lips a subtle boost.


36. This Playful Drying Rack For Bottle Parts

Boon Poke Drying Rack, $5, Amazon

This drying rack is practical and playful for drying small items like bottles, blender parts, and more.. After washing, set the item down on the "grass", where ample airflow helps speed up drying time. The cactus is perfect for hang-drying other bottle parts. Reviewers love it, too.


37. A Hair Dryer Holder That Mounts To The Wall

TANGON Hair Dryer Holder, $5, Amazon

This hair dryer holder is a major space saver if you're crunched for storage in your bathroom. It mounts to the wall with a simple screw, and even includes a hook for the plug to help prevent cord tangling. The holder is temperature-resistant, so you don't have to wait for your dryer to cool down before storing it.


38. These Super Exfoliating Washcloths That'll Revive Your Skin

Italy Towel Exfoliating Washcloths, $5 (8 Pack), Amazon

These exfoliating washcloths are a staple of Korean skincare and they'll leave you with baby-smooth skin. Just slip your hand into the pocket of the cloth and scrub to your heart's delight. The cloths are on the abrasive side, and reviewers advise that they're best used on the body — not the face (despite what the illustration on the package might communicate).


39. A Squeeze Bottle For Salad Dressing On The Go

OXO Good Grips Squeeze Bottle, $5, Amazon

The downside of making a salad and bringing it to work? All that lettuce is soggy by the time lunch rolls around. Instead of dressing your salad in the morning, pour a little dressing in this tiny squeeze bottle and dress your salad at noon. Made from silicone, it can be thrown in the dishwasher at the end of the day.


40. This Massager For A Relaxing Scalp Massage

Fabal Scalp Massager, $2, Amazon

Use this scalp massager in the shower to exfoliate your scalp, get your hair clean, and increase blood circulation — which can help encourage hair growth. The massager is made from silicone and features a handle for easy gripping. And you don't have to just relegate it to the shower — use it to unwind at the end of a stressful day.

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