40 Clever Gifts On Amazon For Dads Who Are Hard To Buy For

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Having trouble buying gifts for the men in your life? This can be a notoriously difficult task sometimes — particularly when those men are your dad. Finding gifts for Father’s Day or other dad-related occasions (i.e. birthdays, the holidays, and more) has to be one of the worst ways to spend an afternoon. (I mean, I’m sure things like root canals or stubbing your toe is worse, it’s just hard to imagine when you’re in the throes of dad-related gift planning).

There are a lot of reasons why shopping for your dad (or father figure, or grandpa, or uncle, or just somebody you really love) is so tricky. Despite what so many gift guides want you to believe, guys aren't all the same. Sure, some dudes might appreciate a high-end sandalwood scented candle or a pair of cashmere dress socks, but others might want something a little more functional than fancy.

It’s a difficult endeavor, I know, and you’re a brave person for taking it on. To help you out, I’ve gathered a list of gifts for dads that just about any guy (or any person, because these gifts can be enjoyed by all — so why not get all your shopping out of the way?). Check them out and be prepared to be their favorite daughter.

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