40 Affordable Things On Amazon You'll Use Over & Over Again

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I'll never forget my first pair of silicone oven mitts. When you love to cook and you're more than a little accident-prone, silicone gloves are a life-saver. I got mine from my former mother-in-law — but because this list of affordable things on Amazon you'll use on the daily includes a pair, today's your lucky day.

Yep, these gloves should definitely earn "Add to Cart" status. Then there's this coffee grinder that means you can be as picky as you want to be when it comes to your morning Joe: Seriously — it has 17 different settings. Finally, if you've always wanted to one of those clocks that uses your circadian rhythms to wake you up with light but don't want to come too far up out of your pocket to see if they really work, now's your chance... this one's on the list for around $40.

If you need any more incentive to check out these selections, let me break it down a little more for you: These aren't impulse buys that will come in, get you all excited, and then sit in your bathroom or your kitchen pointlessly gathering dust. Since you'll use them over and over again, you can divide their already-low purchase price by the number of times you use them and basically, you're only spending fractions of cents on the dollar to acquire these fabulous finds. That's a good thing.

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