4 Ways Adults With Jobs Can Still Feel Like School's Out For The Summer


Popsicles, pool parties, and the promise of three uninterrupted months of freedom — as a kid, summer break was a truly magical thing. The days were never-ending and the opportunities seemed limitless.

Fast forward to today, when summers are spent waking up early, checking email long after the sun has set, and ping-ponging between being burning hot and ice cold depending on the current mood of the office A/C system.

Yay for adulting, right?

What was once a total refuge from responsibility now doesn't feel like much of a break at all — it feels like a continuation of the other three seasons' worth of full inboxes, long meetings, and water cooler talk, with a side of sweating through your shirt on the subway.

Here's the thing, though: It doesn't have to be like that. Yes, you work for a living, and no, your boss isn't going to let you take a three month vacation, but trust us: It is possible for adults with jobs to rediscover the magic of summer.

To prove it, we teamed up with Cupcake Vineyards to bring you 4 ways that us grownups can still feel like school's out this summer.

So sit back, relax, and let your inner child rejoice at the return of everyone's favorite season.

1. Ice-ify as many drinks as possible

Think that the end of childhood means the end of icy treats? Um, think again. Kick your morning smoothie up a notch by blending it the night before and pouring it into freezer molds so it'll be ready by the time your alarm goes off. If you're not the smoothie type, do the same with your iced coffee — add your go-to cream or milk, and some simple syrup for a little touch of sweetness. Yum!

Having a party? Blow your guests minds by forgoing basic cocktails and providing sparkling poptails instead — fill up pretty glasses with bubbly, then drop in your favorite ice pop for a drink that's as fun to look at as it is to drink.

2. Embrace the kiddie pool life

Unfortunately, you probably don't have access to a beautifully landscaped in-ground pool for those summer evenings when the temperature is sky high.

But you probably do have a backyard or a rooftop where you could squeeze the answer to your heat waves problems — yes, we're talking about a kiddie pool. Load it up with beach balls and floating coasters for your adult beverages, and don't let anything stop you from splashing around like you did as a kid.

3. Find little pockets of paradise on ordinary days

In reality, the majority of your summer days aren't going to be filled with beach adventures or rooftop ragers. The key to channeling the carefree days of yore is carving out little moments of celebration even in the midst of otherwise boring days.

Instead of eating a sad salad at your desk, band together with your coworkers and grab cheese, baguettes, hummus, and other snacks from the grocery store, then eat picnic-style on a blanket in the park. Instead of crashing immediately when you get home from a late client meeting, crack a can of Cupcake wine, blast some beachy tunes, and enjoy the sweet summer breeze (or the equally sweet breeze of your air conditioner).

4. When in doubt, play the days away

Just because you've officially entered adulthood doesn't mean you have to stop horsing around. When the weather gets nice, sign up for a weeknight softball or kickball league so you have something to look forward to that's *not* the weekend. You'll be able to relive the team spirit vibes and concession stand snacks that you loved as a kid.

When the weekends roll around, seek out local watering holes that have outdoor spaces with the iconic games you grew up playing like cornhole and horseshoes.

The summers of your youth may be a thing of the past, but that doesn't mean your playful spirit has to be.

This post is sponsored by Cupcake Vineyards.