4 Tiny Details In The 'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Trailer You Probably Missed


Netflix has three planned trips to their version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year, with Season 2 of both Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, along with Season 3 of Daredevil. Jones is up first, with a release date just over a month away, which means it time for Netflix to start promoting in earnest. But with much about the next season still under wraps, fans are pouring over the first full-length trailer, released on Wednesday, Feb. 8. What are some of the details in the Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer that can tell us what's coming up this season?

One thing that's very obvious from the new trailer: If Jessica learned anything from last year's experience with The Defenders, is that she doesn't want to need a team. Most of the trailer seems to feature her walking away from her support system of Malcolm and Trish, and then chasing after her to make sure she's safe.

But it seems that Trish, at least, has had an epiphany having seen superhero groups in action, some of which are not powered people at all, and meeting their friends. She's got an idea of how to help keep Jessica out of trouble, and it means tagging along at every opportunity.

Let's roll through the trailer to refresh our memories.

By the way, the musical track is "Runaway" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in case it's stuck in your head like it is mine.

1. Trish Is Setting Up For Hellcat


The biggest nod the trailer gives us towards what might be lurking ion the back half of the 13-episode run is when Trish announces that Jessica might not want a sidekick, but she needs one. In the comics, Trish becomes a superhero of her own, called Hellcat.

Unlike Jessica (and Luke Cage), Trish doesn't actually have (or gain) superpowers. (At least, she doesn't in the comic version.) She's more like Daredevil, where her athletic training is what she uses towards her vigilante causes.

2. Does This Mean Luke Cage Also Died?


The big reveal in the trailer comes from a new character, who is apparently Jessica's new neighbor. Played by Janet McTeer, it seems rather a large coincidence that the person who moved in next door is also the person who can tell Jessica what actually happened to her that made her who she is.

But this raises even more questions. Jones apparently died (we assume with the rest of her family in the car crash). For some reason, the doctors decided to bring her back to life, and the powers were merely a side effect. Since there have been large circular hints that Jones and Cage were created via the same project, does that mean Cage was also once deceased?

3. How Do Reva Connors & Kilgrave Fit In?


Moreover, what does that mean about Kilgrave, as well as Luke's late wife? Obviously, she was connected to Cage and to Kilgrave. Kilgrave wanted her dead, for reasons still unexplained, which is why fans suspect that Kilgrave's abilities, Cage's bulletproof skin, and Jones' "side effects" (as we'll call them) all were from one large experiment.

The trailer (as of right now) makes it sound like Jones and her nemesis this season are the only two made in the lab. Can we be sure of that? Or is it just purposeful editing? Will Jessica discovering how Kilgrave was made be the trigger for Tennant's one-episode return?

4. The MCU Is Starting To Allow Netflix-Film Crossover Hints


One of the most frustrating aspects of the interconnected Marvel universe is that though the Defenders and the Avengers both live in the same world, somehow they never meet and never even really get mentioned in each other's worlds. One would think Tony Stark, visiting NYC to check in on Peter Parker, might also hear about, say, the collapse of One Midland Circle and the death of a vigilante with Catholic issues? One would think if Captain America is doing "Stay In School" videos, kids would talk about him more?

Finally, we have our first sign of such things, as the little boy of newcomer Oscar (played by J.R. Ramirez) asks if Jessica's superpowers mean she knows the coolest superhero on the planet. Sadly she doesn't. But maybe one day soon?

Jessica Jones Season 2 arrives on Netflix on Thursday, March 8, 2018.