Here's Your Guide To Dressing Like Marvel's 'The Punisher' For Halloween

by Ani Bundel

Netflix may have had to delay their announcement of The Punisher series at New York Comic Con due to the events of the real world, but that doesn't mean the character isn't ripe for Halloween this year. With his introduction in Daredevil Season 2, and all things Marvel being extra hot right now, dressing like Frank Castle is a very timely costume. But how do you do it without breaking the bank? Here are some The Punisher costume ideas that won't kill your wallet.

Before we dive into this, a word about The Punisher's accessories. As we all know from watching Daredevil Season 2, Frank Castle is a military man, and not just a infantryman, but a marine to boot. This is a man who loves to kill, and more importantly, loves his weaponry to kill with.

We highly suggest to anyone bringing realistic toy weaponry to consider where you are going when it comes to your party. Is it a public venue, where guns (even toy ones) might not be welcome? Is it a private party where no one will think twice? If you know your fellow guests, is there anyone who might be triggered by the sight of multiple realistic-looking, semi-automatic weapons?

In this day and age, with as many shootings as there have been the last few years, these are serious questions you should at least consider when dressing up as any character who accessorizes with guns.

And now, on with the costumes.

1. The Punisher: Official Version

Punisher Costume, $50, J.C. Penney

The closest outfit we can find to the real Netflix deal, at a decent price, is $50 at J.C. Penney. Partly because the series isn't out yet, there aren't that many mainstream places that carry the Netflix version yet.

The issue is this version doesn't come with any sort of accessories, or a trench coat, so you'll have to supply them yourself on top of it. (We've got the cheapest accessories below in the DIY section.)

2. The Punisher: Cartoony Version

Male Punisher Costumer, $55, Target | Female Punisher Costume, $34, Target

For those that don't want something anywhere close to that depressing, Target has more cartoony versions (and a "sexy" one for her.) The male version will run slightly more than the serious one, at $55. (We blame the plastic.)

The female one is far cheaper, at only $33. Again, no trench coat, and few accessories, especially in the female version. But, to be honest, since these are sort of the sillier version, they wouldn't really go with the dark and gritty weaponry and trench, would they?

3. The Punisher: DIY Version


Skull T-Shirt, $16, Amazon | Trench Coat, $21, Amazon | Black Trousers, $13, Amazon

Then, there's the do it yourself version. Everything you need is available from Amazon, and nearly all of it is under Prime delivery for quicker arrival. There's the Skull T-shirt and the trench coat (cheapest on on Amazon is $21). If you don't already own black trousers, they'll run you $13.

This baseline look is $45, which is cheaper than either of the "complete" male versions above, but not the girly one.

4. The Punisher: Accessories


Belt, $19, Amazon | Boots, $28, Amazon

Then there are the accessories, which basically are needed for the ready-to-wear costumes as well as the DIY version. Amazon has lots of military-style belts and boots. These are the cheapest, at $19 for the belt and another $28 for the boots, if you don't already have something that will work in your closet at home.

The guns are another matter. If you feel good that no one at your party will get upset with you arriving looking like a plastic arms dealer, the cheapest realistic-looking, semi-automatics we found are $15 for the pair, and a toy hand pistol is another $14. Again, make an informed decision on whether you think you should add these to your costume this year.

Happy Halloween!