Star Wars: The Clone Wars
'Mandalorian' Fans Have So Many Theories About Someone Who Hasn't Even Shown Up Yet

by Ani Bundel

Fans have delighted in the newness of The Mandalorian on Disney+. But Star Wars has always thrived on being an interconnected universe. Even though Mando visits Tatooine on a surprisingly regular basis, what fans want is to see character crossovers. Season 2 has already provided one, bringing Bo-Katan out of the animated format and into the world of live-action storytelling. But the tantalizing hint of Star Wars: The Clone Wars star Ahsoka Tano showing up has the fandom really running wild. These Mandalorian theories about Ahsoka Tano prove fans cannot wait for her to turn up.

Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian follow. It might seem like fans have put the cart before the horse here, as Ahsoka Tano has not been officially confirmed to show up this season. (Though there have been rumors since early 2020 that Rosario Dawson will play the role.) The mere mention of the character by Bo-Katan to Mando at the end of the Nov. 13 episode was enough for the fan theories to really go flying. After all, in the show's timeline, Tano has not been seen since just before the events of Rogue One, when she made cameo appearances in Star Wars: Rebels. The Mandalorian is set a decade later, in 9 ABY. Just about anything could have happened to her.

Here are the leading fan theories:

Ahsoka Tano Is On Corvus

Usually when The Mandalorian drops the name of a planet or a city, it's one fans have heard of before. But not Corvus. It is an entirely new planet. All fans know is that it's covered in forests because Bo-Katan said so.

But forest planets in Star Wars are also usually run by Imperials, or in this case, ex-Imperials. From Endor to Sorgan, every time someone sets down on a forest planet, it turns out stormtroopers are failing to blend into the scenery. Images from the Season 2 trailer, including the one above, seem to jibe with this theory.

Will Ahsoka wind up trapped on a planet run by those loyal to Moff Gideon? Fans have a feeling it might be the case.

Ahsoka Is In Prison

This well-researched Reddit theory seems to confirm Bo-Katan left a key fact out of her directions to Mando: When he finds Ahsoka, he'll discover he'll need to rescue her first. The images of stormtroopers on speeder bikes trying to take down the Razor Crest in the Season 2 trailer suggest Mando could be, as usual, unknowingly walking into a situation in which he doesn't have all the information.

Ahsoka Will Help Baby Yoda Get Home

What will happen once Ahsoka and Mando meet? Considering her long history with the Jedi, and with Yoda, it would make sense for her to know The Child when she sees him. So, she could simply give Mando the coordinates to Baby Yoda's home planet, and he could plug it into the Galaxy's version of Google Maps and be on his way. But, if Ahsoka has just spent time in prison, she probably will have overheard information that needs to get to whatever's left of the Jedi council, and want to join Mando on his journey. The question of whether Mando would willingly accept that he's got a new passenger in charge of things, or if he gets forced into the new partnership, remains to be seen.

Ahsoka Will Redirect Mando Toward The Darksaber

If Bo-Katan and Ahsoka are in close contact, it's likely Ahsoka knows about the Darksaber and Moff Gideon. I mean, one does not introduce a weapon at the end of the first season and then not have it be a central plot point in the second. Mando and Gideon have already locked horns once. It seems likely Ahsoka would see that as an advantage in the fight to recapture the Darksaber and convince Mando to join her on the quest. But, would she insist on it as payment ahead of time, or after they've safely seen Baby Yoda home?