4 Instagrammable Nail Salons In LA That Were Made For The Perfect #Nailfie

by Kristin Corpuz
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I've always loved getting my nails done. Having an hour or two when I can put my headphones in, not touch my phone, and spend quality time just pampering myself is a true luxury in my life. Each time I go to the nail salon, I leave feeling a little lighter and a little more glam. Because I love nails so much, I'm a huge fan of the fact that nail art is trendy. When I moved to LA, I made sure to find the most Instagrammable nail salons in LA so I could perfectly nail a gorgeous #nailfie every single time.

Finding a nail salon that speaks to your vibes is one of those things that's invaluable, especially for people who frequently sit in the salon chair. You have to find a manicurist who understands what you want, whom you trust to give you an epic manicure so you leave looking and feeling fabulous. Plus, the ambiance of the salon has to feel right so you can get comfortable sitting in the chair for a while. (Good nail art takes time, you know.)

When I moved to LA from NYC, I was worried I wouldn't find a nail salon I loved as much as my NYC one (Shoutout to Akiko Nails.), but now that I've discovered these spots, I know I'll always have somewhere to get my nails done in my new home sweet home. If you're a nail art lover who's headed to LA, or you live here and are in search of a new salon, check out one of these four places.

Laqué Nail Bar
Laque Nail Bar

Anyone who knows me and how much I love nail art knows Laqué Nail Bar in North Hollywood is my salon of choice. Not only is it in a super convenient location for anyone who lives or works in the Valley (It's right around the corner from my apartment.), but they also do such quality work.

This is the perfect place if you want to have acrylics or hard gel built on your nails that will last you a long time. Since I started going there, I haven't needed to get my nails done more than once a month, provided I can deal with the grow out. Plus, the gorgeous black and white walls make for a great backdrop for your #nailfie, or you can use the ring light at their front desk to snap a pic.

Color Camp

Color Camp has a super unique concept for nail art. They have a simple art and seasonal art menus to serve as sources of inspo for your mani. They have two different set prices (some art versus full art), so you know exactly how much you're paying and what kind of art you'll be getting. It's a perfect spot for people who want to treat themselves to a fun, bold manicure.

Olive & June
Olive & June

Olive & June's Instagram pics are always fun, lighthearted, and bright, and their nail art reflects the same vibes. They do fun things like little flowers, and really cool designs like grids and line work so you can get the mani of your dreams. Plus, their stores are all super cute, which makes for a very Instagrammable visit.

Base Coat

If I were to design a nail salon in my mind, I honestly think Base Coat is what it would look like. The decor at each location (they have two in LA and three in Colorado) is so chic and sophisticated, you'll never want to leave. They have plush armchairs for you to relax in during your pedi, and cute plants and artwork throughout the shop that'll make you feel right at home.

According to their website, Base Coat prides themselves on being a "non-toxic beauty" salon. They also carry products that are made in the U.S., Leaping Bunny Certified, vegan, and gluten and cruelty-free.

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