Billie Lourd as Montana and Gus Kenworthy as Chet in 'American Horror Story: 1984' provide great Hal...

These 'AHS: 1984' Halloween Group Costume Ideas Are Scary Good


Choosing a topical Halloween costume each year can be a pretty taxing endeavor, but thankfully, horror fans can always turn to Ryan Murphy for some totally fresh, spooky looks each year. The American Horror Story franchise has been churning out a new terrifying tale full of instantly iconic characters every fall since 2011, and this year is no different. While the Camp Redwood counselors delve further into the bloody mystery of their summer camp, these AHS: 1984 group costumes for Halloween 2019 are the perfect way to rock some '80s style this Halloween.

What makes American Horror Story the perfect Halloween costume inspiration is that it is always uniquely current and full of campy, gory looks. Each new season drops just before Halloween and introduces a batch of wild new characters. This year, it's all about the '80s in the slasher flick-inspired American Horror Story: 1984. The season follows a group of Los Angeles twenty-somethings who sign up to be counselors at Camp Redwood... only to learn that the camp is basically a magnet for serial killers.

The season will still be in the midst of airing when Halloween comes around, and there are a ton of distinctive looks to easily replicate that are sure to make you and your friends stand out at your Halloween parties. Get your group together, decide who wants to be whom, and check out these costume ideas for the AHS: 1984 characters.

1. Montana Duke


Billie Lourd's wild-child character of Montana definitely has one of the most standout signature styles of AHS: 1984. Since Montana has a huge passion for aerobics, her most iconic look is definitely her aerobics outfits. Grab a blonde '80s rocker wig and pair it with a leopard-print leotard to channel Montana yourself.

2. Margaret Booth


Camp Redwood's owner, Margaret Booth, may seem mousy at first, but she has definitely surprised AHS fans this season. To get her retro look, you will need to track down a feathered blonde wig and some oversized glasses frames. Then, bring it all together with a khaki vest and a clipboard that you can carry around.

3. Nurse Rita


If you have been keeping up with AHS: 1984, then you know Angelica Ross' character is a lot more complex than your ordinary camp nurse. Spoiler alert! That's because she is actually an undercover psychology student posing as a nurse to observe the released serial killer Mr. Jingles. Either way, her looks are undeniable, and all you really need to nail is her flannel shirt and hairstyle to really pull it off. Of course, pairing the outfit with a stethoscope and maybe a fake syringe would be a great idea to really bring it home.

4. Brooke Thompson


At the center of AHS: 1984 is Emma Roberts as Brooke Thompson, an L.A. transplant who is just trying to shake that darn serial killer who's after her. Brooke loves colorful clothes, and you will want to pair that with her long, dark hair to complete the look.

As AHS: 1984 continues, fans are sure to get even more incredible looks that would make perfect Halloween costumes, so keep watching this season and be sure to call dibs on your favorite character before one of your friends does!