39 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Incredibly Popular & Super Affordable

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It's one of the best unexpected compliments you can give a product: it's kind of weird, but it works like a charm. Basically, weird can be a very good thing — and these odd products on Amazon that are incredibly popular and super-affordable are proof.

These bizarre but brilliant products boast some element, large or small, that makes them stand out in a sea of comparable items. So, while there are numerous makeup brushes that may be worth your time and money, a set of seven oval brushes that pick up and transfer makeup flawlessly — and cost less than $10 — are both an incredible value and uniquely designed to create a perfectly made-up face. Who'd care that they look like toothbrushes?

And the same holds true for innovative products like an egg cooker that whips up all different styles of eggs in minutes, magic silicone cleaning gloves with built-in scrubbers that can be used on dishes and your car, and a watermelon slicer that finally makes it possible to cut and serve perfect melon chunks each time.

You'll wonder how you lived for so long without these amazing, kind of weird products. And, thanks to their affordable price tags, you won't feel guilty about giving in and grabbing a few strange products that will honestly change your life.

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