39 Unexpected Products On Amazon That Somehow Rack Up Thousands Of Reviews


Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but whenever I see an item with thousands of reviews under its belt, it's like a switch flips somewhere inside of me — I'm way more interested in purchasing it. This probably explains why my apartment is absolutely loaded with random tchotchkes (and a few too many kitchen knick-knacks than I'd care to admit), but with so many products on Amazon with thousands of near-perfect reviews, can you really blame me?

Luckily for us, reviews are an easy way to see what brilliant products on Amazon are actually brilliant — because reviews are vetted to ensure their legitimacy, for your extra peace of mind. Reviewers are required to have made at least one purchase prior to leaving their opinion, and they also need to have at least one credit card registered with their account. This means that these are real reviews from real people who have loved a product so much, they want to take time out of their day to tell you why. And in this list, there are thousands of people who wanted to do that.

So what are you waiting for? There's a green tea-infused lengthening mascara in here with over 4,200 positive four- and five-star reviews, and I can practically hear it calling your name.

The Acne Treatment Patch That's Jam-Packed With Tea Tree Oil

Perfect for individual blemishes that have come to a head, the AVARELLE acne cover spot patch is packed with tea tree and calendula oil to help reduce the size and appearance of a pimple. Each patch has an easy-peel design that blends into any skin tone, and since the package is re-sealable, you can easily keep these with you in your purse or backpack.

A Spray That Keeps Your Shoes Smelling Minty-Fresh

No matter how hard you exercise in your shoes, the Rocket Purse shoe deodorizer can power through that pervasive unwanted odors and leave your shoes smelling minty-clean.. All it takes is a few spritzes into your shoes (safe for sneakers, boots, flats, heels, and more), and the peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and thyme essential oils will remove any unwanted scents — so your feet are left smelling as fresh as ever.

The Charging Station That Can Hold Practically Any Device

Whether you've got a smartphone, tablet, or even a bulky laptop that's running out of juice, the Great Useful Stuff charging station can hold it with ease. Made from 100 percent eco-friendly and durable bamboo, this charging station has three slots that accommodate devices of all shapes and sizes — plus, it even hides all the loose cables so that your desktop stays looking tidy and organized.

A Device That Takes The Work Out Of Poaching Eggs

Great for home cooks and professional chefs alike, the DASH rapid egg cooker takes the work out of poaching, scrambling, and hard-boiling eggs, plus, it can even make omelets. Able to prepare up to six eggs at once, this handy device has an automatic shut-off function that prevents your eggs from overcooking, and its compact size makes it great for dorms as well as smaller kitchens with limited space.

The Panini Press That Can Grill All Type Of Sandwiches

From a flimsy slice of pita to a thick piece of French bread, the Hamilton Beach panini press is powerful enough that it can handle all types of bread and all kinds of sandwich creations. The plates on this press are non-stick so that you won't have to worry about any ingredients becoming glued to the heated surface, and the classic chrome finish means it'll look great with your existing kitchen decor.

A Hydrating Serum Loaded With Vitamin C And Hyaluronic Acid

Not only is the vitamin C in the Radha Beauty vitamin C serum great for boosting your skin's collagen production, but the added hyaluronic acid also gives your skin a nourishing boost of hydration to help combat any dry or flaky areas. Made without any alcohols, parabens, or sulfates, this serum is formulated so that it's safe for all skin types, and it can even help fade any stubborn acne scars.

The Dog Bowl With Over 6,700 Positive Reviews

With over 6,700 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that the Outward Hound slow-feeder bowl is a quality buy at a reasonable price. By increasing the time it takes for your dog to finish his or her food, this bowl helps improve the digestion process so that Fido isn't left feeling bloated and sluggish. Able to hold up to 4 cups of food, the bottom of this bowl is also non-slip so that it won't go scooting across the floor as your pup chows down.

A Pain Relief Ointment That Doesn't Leave You Feeling Greasy

Not only does it absorb quickly into your skin so you aren't left with any greasy residues, but unlike other ointments, the Penetrex pain relief therapy also won't stain your clothes. This ointment is great for arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel, or even just general soreness: Plus, you can even use it in conjunction with ice packs, heating pads, neuropathy socks, and more.

The Aromatherapy Inhaler Packed With Essential Oils

Whether you're looking to de-stress after a long day or you're feeling stuffed up, the BoomBoom aromatherapy nasal inhaler is right up your alley. These inhalers are formulated with plant-based ingredients that help open up your airways so that you can breathe easier, and the added menthol and peppermint essential oils leave your nose feeling refreshed and awake.

A Stainless Steel Tumbler That's Triple-Insulated

Tired of your drinks becoming lukewarm after just a few minutes? Try using the Corkcicle tumbler. Not only is this tumbler made from super-durable stainless steel that won't rust or corrode over time, but it's also triple-insulated so that your hot beverages stay hot for up to three hours, and your cold beverages stay cold for up to nine. Ergonomically-designed to fit comfortably in your hand, this tumbler also has a non-slip silicone bottom, so it's less likely to slide or spill.

The Convenient Food Chopper That's Perfect For Pesto, Salsa, And More

Not only is it hand-powered so that you don't have to rely on electricity, but the Chef'n food chopper is also a quicker and easier way to whip up salsas, hummus, pestos, guacamole, and more. The sealing storage lid allows this chopper to double as a storage container so you don't have to transfer your ingredients to a tupperware after you're done, and the compact size makes it great for cramped kitchens and RVs alike.

A Roller Massage Stick That Works All Over Your Body

Back, thighs, arms, legs, abs — you name the body part, and the Supremus Sports roller massage stick can easily relieve pain from sore, tight muscles. This massage stick easily fits into your backpack or carry-on: so you can use it practically anywhere (which makes it exceptionally great for long flights), and unlike other massagers, this one is made with gaps between each roller so it won't yank or get stuck on you.

The Oil That Helps Heal Cracked Nails And Cuticles

Made with anti-fungal tea tree essential oil with a light, refreshing lavender scent, the Bee Naturals cuticle oil helps heal dry, cracked nails and cuticles. The added vitamin E also helps strengthen your nails so they're less likely to crack in the future, and the built-in applicator brush makes it easy to apply the correct amount — so you don't wind up wasting anything.

A Shampoo That Tones Down Any Unwanted Yellow In Your Hair

Perfect for blonde, highlighted, bleached, and grey hair, the Fanola no yellow shampoo is formulated with violet pigments that cancel out the yellow tones in your hair so that they're less noticeable. Just leave it on in the shower for up to three minutes once a week (or whenever your yellow tones become visible), and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "after the first wash I noticed it took a lot of the brassiness out of my hair...I can really see a difference in the color!"

The Lengthening Mascara With Over 4,200 Positive Reviews

With over 4,200 positive four- and five-star reviews, the Mia Adora 3-D fiber lash mascara truly lives up to its expectations. It can lengthen as well as volumize your lashes — and it claims to do so by 300 percent. The added green tea microfibers work like small extensions that boost your lashes significantly compared to other brands, and the formula is completely paraben- and cruelty-free.

An Air Purifying Bag Made With Natural Bamboo Charcoal

Great for stinky shoes, gym bags, suitcases, and more, the MOSO NATURAL air purifying bag is completely fragrance- and chemical-free, and the natural bamboo charcoal filters out any unwanted odors by absorbing excess moisture. Unlike clunky aerosols and sprays these bags are reusable for up to two years, and if they ever lose their odor-busting power all you have to do is leave them in the sun for an hour to recharge them.

The Toe Stretchers That help Increase Your Flexibility

Not only can you use them to separate your toes during pedicures, but the Yoga Toes toe stretchers also help increase the flexibility in your feet while simultaneously straightening your toes. Made from 100 percent medical-grade gel that's completely BPA-free, these stretchers are also great for fighting pain from bunions and plantar fasciitis.

A USB Charger That Lets You Charge Two Devices At Once

Unlike regular USB cubes that only offer one port, the iClever dual USB wall charger has two so you can charge multiple devices at once: Plus, it recognizes your device's maximum charging speed so it does it efficiently. This charger also protects your electronics from short-circuiting while they charge, and one Amazon reviewer raved that it's way better than the more name brand versions.

The Mount That Keeps Your Mops And Brooms Organized

Not only can you use the Home-It broom holder wall mount to keep your mops and other cleaning tools organized, but because it can hold up to 7.5 pounds, you can even hang it in your garage to help sort your shovels, golf clubs, baseball bats, and more. The easy-release hanging system makes it simple to remove your tools once you're ready to use them, and many Amazon reviewers noted how installation was a breeze.

A Handy Tool That Makes It Easy To Strip Leaves Off Your Herbs

Whether you're cooking with kale, collard greens, thyme, oregano, rosemary, or even tarragon, the Chef'n herb stripper makes it easy to pull the leaves from the stem in no time at all. The curved edges on this stripper can also be used in a pinch as a quick greens chopper, and one Amazon reviewer raved that "this saves me at least 10 minutes" compared to hand-picking herbs from stems.

The Game That's Great For Kids And Adults Alike

Great for adults (or anyone 14 or older), the Czech Games Codenames breaks players into two teams that have to figure out the secret identities of 25 agents. You can play with as many as eight or as few as two people, and with 265 cards in each box it's highly unlikely that you'll wind up playing the same game after multiple play-throughs.

A Delicious Device That Makes Two Breakfast Sandwiches At Once

If eating one breakfast sandwich in the morning is great, just think about how amazing eating two will be with the Hamilton Beach dual breakfast sandwich maker. This handy device can cook up to two breakfast sandwiches in just five minutes, and the built-in timer ensures that your ingredients don't overcook or burn. You can use your own fresh ingredients including eggs, cheese, and more — plus, each order comes with an included recipe booklet.

The Meal Additive That Helps Strengthen Your Skin, Hair, Bones, And More

All you have to do is add the Vital Proteins collagen peptides to your coffee, smoothie, tea, or meal (it dissolves in both cold and hot temperatures, and does so painlessly) — and the 20 grams of collagen per serving will help improve the health of your hair, skin, nails, tendons, bones, joints, and more. Unlike other nutritious meal additives, this one contains no sugar and is completely tasteless. One reviewer writes: "A workout friend told me about this and how it’s good for your joints/workout recovery. I’ve been using it daily for 7 months and my finger nails are very strong and harder to cut with nail clippers AND my thinning hair has been growing back on top fuller as well as in length."

An External Battery That Can Charge Your iPhone 2.5 Times

Unlike most external batteries that only provide one, maybe two charges, the Anker power core external battery can charge popular phone models up over three full times. The built-in PowerIQ technology determines the fastest charging speed your device can handle, and the multi-protect safety system ensures that your electronics won't overheat. As an added bonus, each order even comes with a travel pouch.

The Gloves That Help Improve Your Blood Circulation

The ComfyBrace compression gloves help increase the blood circulation in your hands and help relieve pain from arthritis, muscle stiffness, inflammation, and general soreness. Moisture-wicking because they're made from a breathable blend of cotton spandex, these gloves are ergonomically-designed so that they comfortably fit anyone. Plus, the fingerless design allow you to use your touch screens with ease while you're wearing them.

A Handy Stand That Attaches To The Back Of Your Phone

If you're always dropping your phone, the PopSockets phone stand grip is right up your alley. This handy grip lets your hand relax while you hold your phone, and the adhesive backing is reusable so that you can adjust its positioning depending on your needs. It also works as a stand so you can prop it up to watch videos. It's compatible with all sorts of devices including the Nintendo 3DS, Kindle, tablets, and more, and it even comes with extra adhesive that attaches to glass-backed phones like the iPhone X.

The Hair Trimmer That's Completely Waterproof

Unlike most trimmers that you have to use in dry conditions, the AMAGARM nose hair trimmer is completely waterproof so that you can use it in the shower. This trimmer also runs super-silently so that your roommates or family members won't have to deal with a loud buzz every time you groom yourself, and it can run for up to eight months off of just one single AA battery (which helps you save money in the long-run!)

A Latex Tape That Helps You Get Flawless Manicures

If you've ever gotten nail polish on your skin or cuticles when giving yourself a manicure, try using the PUEEN latex peel-off cuticle tape. You'll know this tape is dry once it turns clear in color, and all you have to do is apply your nail polish like you normally would. Once you're done, peel the tape off your skin and poof — flawless nails with half of the effort. As an added bonus, it also works great as a flexible peel-off base coat for glitter paint.

The Massage Tool That Targets Sore Pressure Points

Unlike other massagers, the Body Back self-massage tool has an S-shaped design with 11 therapy knobs that allows you to easily reach the sore pressure points in your back, torso, legs, neck, and more without having to strain for those awkward spots. Since it's hand-held, you can customize the amount of pressure each spot on your body receives, plus the fiberglass and plastic design ensures that it's lightweight.

An Organic Spray That Safely Cleans Your Yoga Mat

Not only is it 100 percent natural and organic, but the ASUTRA yoga mat cleaner is made with eucalyptus essential oil so that the scent is light and refreshing instead of overpowering. Unlike other cleaners, this one won't leave any slippery residues on your yoga mat, and the non-toxic formula is strong enough that it easily gets rid of bacteria, germs, sweat, dust, and more. There are zero parabens, phosphates, or bleaches in this spray — and it's even 100 percent biodegradable.

The Motion Sensor Night Light That Illuminates Your Toilet

Tired of wandering around in the dark when you wake up needing the bathroom at night? Then look no further than this LED toilet night light. This light not only has a built-in motion sensor so that it only turns on when you're in the room (which helps save you money on batteries over time), but there are also five different brightness levels to choose from. The soft PVC arm is flexible so that it's easy to attach it to toilets of all shapes and sizes, plus there are 16 different rotating colors to choose from.

A Pillow That Helps Relieve Hip And Back Pain While You Relax

If you've ever woken up with pain in your sciatic nerve, back, or hip, try using the ComfiLife orthopedic knee pillow. This pillow is ergonomically-designed to fit between your knees and relieve any pressure on your lower back: Plus, it's made from 100 percent premium-quality high-density memory foam that keeps you comfortable for hours. The zipper cover is removable so that washing it is a breeze, and it's also exceptionally breathable so you won't get overheated.

The Backpack That Keeps Your Items Safe From Thieves

Unlike traditional backpacks, the MATEIN travel laptop backpack has a hidden anti-theft pocket in the back that keeps your valuable items hidden and protected. There's even a dedicated laptop compartment that protects your computer from damage, and the entire backpack is designed with multi-panel ventilated padding for breathability. And as an added bonus, there's also a luggage strap on the back so that you can easily secure it to your suitcase handle.

A Cleansing Mask Made With Mud From The Dead Sea

Formulated with nourishing shea butter, aloe vera, and jojoba oil, the Aria Starr Beauty dead sea mud mask helps clear out any dirt or toxins from your pores while simultaneously minimizing their appearance. This mask is perfect for anyone with oily, acne-prone skin, and it's also great for fighting stubborn blackheads. Safe for all types of skin (including those of us who are a little more on the sensitive side), it also works to increase the blood flow in your skin, which helps brighten your complexion.

The Bowl That Pops Deliciously Fresh Popcorn In Your Microwave

Want to pop your own kernels without using a stove top? Then try popping yourself some fresh kernels with the Salbree microwave popcorn popper. It works with or without oil or butter, so you can customize it to your preferences. This bowl not only collapses for easy storage (making it perfect for smaller kitchens), but the silicone construction is exceptionally durable. The easy-grab handles keep your hands safe from high temperatures when you remove it from the microwave, and it also doubles as a regular serving bowl when you're not making popcorn.

A Dish Drying Rack That Fits Right Over Your Sink

Made from high-quality steel that's been coated in food-safe silicone, the Surpahs roll-up dish drying rack is not only resistant to rust and non-slip: but because it rolls out over the top of your sink, it also saves you precious kitchen counter space. You can also use this drying rack as a trivet since it's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the warm grey color will match practically any decor.

The Tripod Designed To Hold Your Smartphone

With three adjustable legs that you can bend, twist, or even wrap around objects, the UBeesize phone tripod is the perfect solution for anyone trying to get that perfect shot. The non-slip feet on this tripod ensure that it stays securely in place after you walk away, plus it's universally compatible with all types of smartphones, digital cameras, as well as the GoPro. There's also a wireless remote that lets you control your phone from far away.

A Pair Of Headphones That Are Completely Waterproof

Whether you're jogging in the rain, or simply sweat whenever you exercise, the LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones are perfecrt for a workout. These headphones are not only completely waterproof, but when the battery is fully charged they'll last for up to eight hours of playtime. There are buttons located right on the ear piece that let you play, pause, skip, adjust the volume, and more — plus, because they're Bluetooth-compatible, you won't have to worry about any annoying wires getting tangled.

The Moisturizer That Gives You Skin A Little Natural-Looking Tan

Are you terrified of turning into an Oompa Loompa with the wrong tanning lotion? Well then have no fear, because the Jergens natural glow daily moisturizer only gives you a light boost of natural-looking color, while simultaneously hydrating your skin. The added vitamin E softens your skin while helping to fade the appearance of scars, and one Amazon reviewer with fair skin raved that "I could see a difference after one application... not orange or fake-looking at all!"

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