39 Fascinating Products On Amazon You've Never Seen Before

by Lisa Fogarty

Who doesn't get excited by new and novel products? When you shop as often on Amazon as I do, you can get used to seeing the same items time and time again (usually because they're highly -ated and work well). But these fascinating products on Amazon you've never seen before are completely different from the rest — they're innovative products that are about to become your new favorites.

Smart brands are constantly updating their lineup to solve problems that customers have — and that can't be fixed by other gadgets and tools on the market. This list of genius products provides solid examples of that type of thinking and innovation.

Maybe you've always wondered if there's a better way to spread cold butter on toast so that your bread doesn't fall apart — there's a tool here for that. Perhaps you're tired of replacing fridge liners after they become soaked by spilled milk — there's a multi-tasking solution for that. And have you ever noticed how impossible it is to slice grapes or cherry tomatoes without losing all of their juicy goodness? The makers of a whip-smart grape slicer on this list took note of that problem.

For every household, tech, or beauty problem, there's a solution — and you'll find these fascinating, unknown products are here to pick up some of that slack.

A Unique Double-Headed Cleansing Brush That Gets Rid Of Blackheads

With 550,000 soft microfiber bristles on one side and a silicone brush on the other, this unique cleansing brush digs deep within pores to eliminate excess sebum and makeup, leaving your skin cleaner and helping to reduce pimples and blackheads. This is not an electronic or sonic brush — so it's safe to use in the shower and ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

This Soothing Back Stretcher For Pain Relief

It may look like a torture device, but this lower and upper back pain stretcher provides nothing but sweet relief if you have aches, pains, or suffer from conditions like sciatica. Designed from dense foam, the massager features spikes that give your back a gentle, but effective massage.

A Multi-Tasking Hand Warmer And Phone Charger For Cold Days Spent Outdoors

Warm up your freezing cold hands and power up your phone or other devices with this smart, two-in-one hand warmer and power bank. The device fits in the palm of your hand and features heat on both sides and two temperature options: warm or high. It comes in four colors, and can also be used to provide a full charge to devices.

An Eco-Friendly Spray That Turns Toilet Paper Into Wet Wipes

Turn ordinary toilet paper into flushable wet wipes with a few spritzes of this eco-friendly toilet paper spray. The spray, featured on Shark Tank, is made from a natural cleansing blend of coconut oil, aloe, and apricot oil — and will get you feeling cleaner than ordinary toilet paper without clogging your toilet bowl.

The Reusable Stainless Steel Straw That Collapses And Fits In A Case

Hands down, this is one of the coolest reusable straws to emerge in recent years — because it's one with a uniquely functional design. The stainless steel straw collapses to fit inside of its own carrying case, is dishwasher-safe, and will stand the test of time. Featured on Shark Tank, the straw comes with a compact case that is offered in three colors.

An All-Natural Essential Oil That Relieves Headaches And Migraines

If you get frequent headaches and migraines this all-natural essential oil headache roll-on provides pain relief without dependency or side effects. The roll-on contains a pre-diluted blend of coconut oil, wintergreen, lavender, rosemary, and other oils that are celebrated for their stress and pain-relieving properties.

A Frozen Dessert Maker For Healthier Treats

Create your own healthy frozen yogurt and sorbet treats with this easy-to-use frozen dessert maker. Just add your favorite fruits, yogurt, chocolate, and anything else you can think of that would make for a tasty and decadent (but nutritious) dessert to the chute and pop all of the pieces into your dishwasher when you're done.

This Four-In-One Facial Cleanser, Mask, Exfoliator & Sponge That Travels Like A Dream

Products that can multi-task — and travel well without spilling all over your luggage — are all the rage lately, and for good reason. And this four-in-one facial cleanser goes above and beyond the call of duty by providing a sponge, foam cleanser, exfoliator, and mask in one portable package. Its key ingredients include kaolin clay (which gets down into pores for a deep clean) and soothing aloe vera.

The Electric Makeup Brush Set That Rotates To Deliver Flawless Makeup

Take some of the work out of applying your own makeup with this electric makeup brush set, which comes with three interchangeable brush heads — all of which rotate to make foundation, powder, and blush application smoother and more even. The brush has a built-in battery and two adjustable spin speeds.

A Healing Balm For Your Dog's Dry, Irritated Skin

Your dog gets dry, irritated skin, too — and this organic and vegan healing balm will soothe them and make them feel better in an instant. Made with natural ingredients and free of fragrances, you can use this vet-approved balm for dogs as an antibiotic treatment for cuts and scrapes, as well as a moisturizing cure for dry skin.

These Heat-Resistant 5-Finger Silicone Gloves For Cooking

Protect your fingers and hands from burns and cuts by wearing these flexible silicone cooking mitts, which are resistant to heat and won't slip off while you're prepping food, cooking, and grilling. Unlike standard mitts, these are designed with a place to fit each finger, making them far more functional. They're also much easier to clean — rinse them with water and soap and they're ready to go again.

An Essential Oil Diffuser And Humidifier For Your Car

If there's one place that most assuredly could use fresher air, it's your car. And this car essential oil diffuser delivers the goods by providing a cool mist humidifier to moisten dry, stale air, and an optional aromatherapy diffuser (because who can't benefit from a calming oil when they're stuck in traffic?). The device also features two USB charging ports and one car charger socket.

This Glistening Body Oil Made With Hydrating Rose And Jasmine

Designed with a nourishing blend of Moroccan rose and jasmine, this hydrating body oil gives you smooth skin with a hint of glow (but that isn't too sparkly). It's free of sulfates and parabens and one reviewer raves: "I love this product line, and I love this oil. Gives you an extra shimmer and glow so they you look good on a night out with friends or just want to keep your skin soft and glowing.

The Book Page Holder That Doubles As A Bookmark

Wear this innovative book holder on your thumb and its two wings spread the pages open widely so that it's even easier to read your book (or multi-task and sip a glass of wine or coffee while reading your book). The colorful pack of three holders double as convenient bookmarks.

A Collapsible Cart For Groceries That Glides Up And Down Stairs With Ease

If you live on the third (or 10th) floor of a house or apartment building that doesn't have an elevator, you know all too well the struggle that is getting your groceries and other shopping bags from the street to your home. This is one of the sturdiest trolley inventions you'll find — one with six durable wheels — that effortlessly glides up and down staircases. It folds flat for storage and comes in four colors.

The Ultimate Cozy Sherpa Sweatshirt Featured On Shark Tank

The coziest night in you've ever had is just one Sherpa sweatshirt away. This unbelievably snuggly and warm pull-over sweatshirt, featured on Shark Tank, has an insulating hood and interior, a large and roomy pocket, and it comes in nine colors. The shirt, which is one size fits all, will finally put an end to fighting with your partner over your throw blanket.

This Wine-Saving Balloon Cork That Keeps Wine Fresher For Longer

Yet another amazing Shark Tank-approved invention, this air cork wine saver is inserted into your bottle of wine like an ordinary cork, but then expands into a balloon that prevents wine from oxidizing for up to four days. The wine saver comes in four colors and includes two spare balloons, just in case.

These Washable Fridge Liners That Can Be Used As Placemats

These multi-purpose refrigerator mats protect fridge and cabinet shelves against moisture, mildew, and mold — and can be washed and used over and over again, saving you time and money. The mats come in a pack of six in various colors and double as placemats.

A Gentle Detangling Brush For Curly Hair That Won't Pull Or Damage Strands

The ultimate test for your detangling hair brush is whether it can gently comb through curls without pulling or breaking hair. And this palm-size brush — with its mix of bristle lengths — easily meets and overcomes this challenge. The brush comes in 11 fun colors and designs and is equally as great at detangling wavy, thick, and straight hair.

The Bendable Wooden Cutting Board For Mess-Free Pouring

What do you get when you combine two of the best cutting board features — real wood and a flexible design? This unique board made from authentic dark walnut and golden oak hardwoods that has a non-slip silicone base and bends and folds with ease. Its flexible designs allows for mess-free pouring and transferring of ingredients from your board to your bowl or pan.

These No-Tie Shoelaces So That You Can Run Without Stopping

Swap traditional shoe laces for these no-tie shoelaces, which are elastic, adjustable, and extremely comfortable. They come in 11 colors and will fit any and all sneaker types. These laces are especially helpful if you are a runner or are into sports that require constant focus — imagine never having to stop what you're doing to tie your laces.

A Shocking Game That Tests The Power Of Your Reflexes

The faster you respond to the red light turning green on this hilarious game, the less likely you are to actually get a shock from it. This lightning reaction game tests your reflexes and concentration — and gives you the option of choosing among three shock levels: low, medium, and high. Note: this game is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

This Blue Tansy Face Oil With A 5-Star Rating

This face oil has a perfect five-star rating because, as reviewers will tell you, it truly balances your skin — increasing hydration and getting rid of dry patches, decreasing sebum production to prevent acne, and reducing redness so that your complexion is more even. Its key ingredients include blue tansy (which gives it the lovely color), squalene oil, and camellia oil, all of which are excellent at locking in moisture.

A Cheese And Food Slicer With Adjustable Thickness Settings

Even the hardest cheese, fruits, and veggies are sliced with complete ease using this stainless steel cheese and food slicer. The German device has an adjustable thickness scale so you can customize slices according to your needs and various dishes. One reviewer writes: "The blade makes cutting easy and consistent. If you like your cheese slices to be thin enough to see light through, then this is your slicer."

A Space-Saving Drying Rack That Fits Over Your Sink And Then Rolls Up For Storage

Save precious counter space and slide this drying rack right over your sink, where it fits perfectly in place. The stainless steel rack is perfect for drying pots, pans, and foods like fruits and veggies. It's also dishwasher-friendly and rolls up so you easily can store it anywhere. It's heat-resistant, so you can even use it as a trivet for pots and pans.

The Perforated Pizza Pan That Gives You The Crispiest Crust

With perforations on the bottom that provide constant air circulation, this pizza pan cooks your frozen or homemade pizzas perfectly, leaving it with a crispy crust. Designed from carbon steel, it also allows for even heat distribution and has a non-stick surface so your dough will never stick to it. It's great for other frozen foods, too.

This Chilled Container For Yogurt And Cereal On The Go

This temperature-regulating container retains its chill for hours, making it the perfect carrying cup for yogurt, salad, and more. The cup itself is made from a double wall of non-toxic honeycomb gel that retains its chill no matter what the temperature is outside. And it features a separate compartment where you can store dry toppings like granola and nuts, as well as a portable melamine spoon that attaches to a silicone holder. Choose among six fun colors.

A Mess-Free Mouse Sunscreen That's A Dream To Apply

This mess-free sunscreen comes in a whipped mousse formula that is easy to apply and absorbs easily without leaving a greasy residue on your skin. It contains SPF 50 protection that is water resistant for 80 minutes. And its addition of antioxidant blue sea kale and nourishing aloe, shea butter, and olive oil are the icing on the cake.

The Rocker Stretcher For Feet, Ankles & Calves That Greatly Diminishes Pain

Give your fatigued, aching feet, ankles, and calves the ultimate massage — one that actually doesn't involve a foam roller — with this foot rocker. Place your foot on the rocker and simply rock back and forth to relieve pain associated with muscle injuries, shin splits, and plantar fasciitis. It looks deceptively simple, but one reviewer with heel pain writes: "I had my doubts but i figured it was worth a try. Well, after the first use, i could hardly believe the difference it made. The pain was reduced by at least 50 percent."

An Irresistible Butter Knife That Shaves, Slices & Curls Butter

When you try to spread butter with a conventional butter knife, it almost always spreads on hard and so thick it practically destroys the bread. But this special butter knife features slotted holes and a serrated edge that work together to effortlessly slice, shave, and curl butter — yep, even cold butter — so that you have perfect toast each time.

The Grape And Tomato Slicer That Saves You Time And Makes Less Mess

Slice grapes, cherry tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruits without losing all of that juicy goodness with this smart grape cutter, which couldn't be simpler to use. Insert grapes or tomatoes into the tube and slice them in one fast motion.

These Moisturizing Booties That Give Feet An Intense Treatment

Wear these intensely moisturizing foot mask booties when you're hanging around the house and allow their blend of shea butter, sweet almond, and peppermint to penetrate deep and hydrate your skin. Over time, you'll experience fewer calluses and your feet will look smoother and healthier.

This Colorful Bangle Bracelet With A Hidden Flask

All of your friends will think this is a cool and colorful bangle bracelet that looks charming and stylish. And it is — but you'll know there's also a hidden flask on the bracelet where you can stash a few sips of your favorite boozy drink (or water or juice, if you prefer). This bracelet flask is made from durable stainless steel, but is actually super lightweight.

These Odor-Neutralizing Deodorant Wipes For Sweaty Under Arms

Pack these underarm deodorant wipes in your gym bag, purse, or camping bag — and use them any time you want to eliminate perspiration and odor. The wipes are made with coconut milk, witch hazel, and essential oils and are free of aluminum, parabens, and other chemicals.

A Double-Sided Cleaning Pad For Caked-On Food And Grease On Pots And Pans

All too many abrasive cleaning pads scratch up your expensive pots and pans — and regular sponges are rarely tough enough to handle caked-on food and stubborn grease. Which is why these dual-sided cleaning pads are magic: the smooth side cuts through grease and the scrubbing side gets rid of food particles, but both sides are gentle on cookware.

This Thickening Biotin Shampoo That Prevents Hair Shedding

It can be absolutely terrifying to confront hair shedding and thinning — but this biotin shampoo can help address part of the problem by providing a topical solution. The shampoo, which is safe for color-treated hair, contains biotin, caffeine, argan oil, nettle, and coconut and works as a natural DHT blocker to prevent additional hair loss. One reviewer writes: "I have alopecia and my hair is very fine... Very happy to find a shampoo that shows results and makes my hair feel good again."

The Portable Blender So You Can Make Smoothies Anywhere

You don't need to be connected to an electrical outlet to make smoothies — this compact portable blender runs on a rechargeable battery and can be taken anywhere. Designed with tough borosilicate glass, the dishwasher-safe blender is perfect for trips and can be charged using a USB cable.

These Glue-Free Magnetic Eyelashes That You Can Apply In Seconds

When you love the look of lush, thick lashes, but aren't a fan of the glue required to apply them (or the time it can take), look no further than these magnetic false lashes. The set of eight lashes come with an applicator that makes the process a breeze.

An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution For Sweaty Yoga Mats & Feet

Freshen up your yoga mat with this eco-friendly, lemon-scented cleaning spray, which is made with a blend of natural essential oils like eucalyptus, coconut, and rosemary. The spray doubles as a naturally antibacterial foot cleaner and it comes with a microfiber cleaning towel.

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