39 Extremely Useful Items On Amazon That Seem Luxurious But Are Under $30

Getting that feeling of luxury is different for everybody: For some people, it's a bottle of Cristal, while for others, it's simply a closet filled to the brim with really good toilet paper. Whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself on, these delightful Amazon finds that are all under $30 are sure to make you feel just a little bit more like you're living The Glamorous Life.

You'll find a little bit of everything here to tickle your fancy. If self-care floats your boat, try out this boar-bristle hairbrush — or get a rich-looking, hydrated complexion with this moisturizing facial spray. Looking to upgrade your place? How about these statement-making geode bookends that are destined to become a real conversation piece in any room, which you can coordinate with this hanging plant vase for a dramatic look. If you like to travel, feel like you're in first class even when you're stuck in economy by presenting your passport in this elegant passport holder, then serve yourself up a libation with this cocktail kit. I could go on, and on, and on — and you can get all of those for less than $200 combined.

Sometimes I think the best way to get that luxurious feeling is just being able to shop to your heart's content, and with this list, you can do it. So go wild with that "Add to Cart" button.

Lifestyle — 39 Extremely Useful Items On Amazon That Seem Luxurious But Are Under $30

1. This Diffuser Has An Attractive Wood-Look Base

With its large-capacity reservoir, this diffuser also serves as a humidifier, adding much-needed moisture to your indoor environment whether you choose to add essential oils to scent it or not. You can also use it as a soothing night light, selecting your favorite color from its seven LED light modes — or set it to cycle through all of them for a pleasing light show to go along with your aromatherapy. An automatic shut-off switch ensures that the unit won't burn out, shutting it down before the water is completely drained.

2. A Non-Stick Pan That Gets Its Unique Abilities From Its Stone Coating

If you're looking for non-stick cookware, forget about Teflon coating with its dangerous chemicals and opt instead for this sauté pan and its unique German stone coating that's completely free from the chemicals you don't want anywhere near your food. Crafted from sturdy die-cast aluminum, it will hold up to the most frequent use, and it's finished with a heat-resistant silicone handle that's firmly affixed to the pan.

3. An Affordable Down-Like Comforter That Feels Like A Cloud

Crafted from microfiber and filled with a hypoallergenic down alternative, this comforter is a cost-effective way to get that luxe, cozy feeling you're looking for — in an all-season weight that's just as great for spring and chilly air-conditioned nights as it is for fall and winter. The box stitching ensures that the fill will stay in place instead of bunching up in the corners of your comforter, and it also has loops so the comforter itself won't bunch up in the corner of your duvet cover.

4. The Brush That's A Terrific Alternative To The Expensive British Version

You may have heard of that ultra-expensive British hairbrush brand whose grooming tools go for upwards of $100. Well, this hairbrush is a clear rival and goes for under $30, making them a far more affordable luxury. It's made with a blend of German boar and ball-tipped nylon bristles to glide through your hair without tangling while also stimulating your scalp and distributing your hair's natural oils. The result is shiny and manageable hair, and more money in your wallet to take your gorgeous 'do out somewhere.

5. A Versatile Chef's Knife For All Your Chopping And Trimming Needs

The ideal length to serve as a utility knife for most general chores around the kitchen, this chef's knife features an 8-inch blade crafted from high-carbon stainless steel using the latest in high-tech German engineering so that it won't fade or tarnish. The handle is fashioned from attractive pakka wood from Africa, known equally for its strength and its comfort during handling.

6. The High-Tech Version Of The Jade Roller Uses Your Body's Electromagnetic Energy To Rejuvenate You

You've used the jade roller. You've used the ice roller. You're ready for something new — and the new is with this roller, which gets its superpowers from 30 massage heads that are infused with powdered germanium, a metalloid that is a semi-conductor used in this case to balance your body's bioelectric currents. This roller promotes lymphatic drainage to help outline the contours of your face, boosts circulation, alleviates tension in your head and neck, and leaves you glowing.

7. The Hydration Mist That Nourishes Your Skin As It Moisturizes

This hydrating spray features marine minerals plus a host of botanicals that work together to moisturize, nourish, and heal your skin. The weightless, non-greasy, fresh-smelling formula deeply hydrated without feeling oily, since it's water-based. It's suitable for all skin types, and reviewers rave about the improved skin texture and refreshed glow the spray leaves behind.

8. A Cute And Eco-Friendly Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

Enjoy the feeling of having your coffee in a real cup even when you're on the go with this glass coffee cup that's fitted with its own travel lid. As great for the environment as it is for serving up some delicious java, this BPA- and lead-free cup is made from shatter-proof borosilicate glass and is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. It's ensconced within a silicone sleeve to protect your hand from the heat, too.

9. This Flat Iron Is So Elegant And Sleek For Use At Home Or While Traveling

The attractive all-white finish and gold lettering of this flat iron are just the beginning of its charms: This tool also features 1-inch ceramic plates eliminate natural static and flyaways to leave your hair smooth and shiny after styling. This iron is also offers adjustable temperature controls to suit all hair types, as well as dual voltage adaptability so it's usable worldwide. A 360-degree swivel cord aids usability so you'll never feel like you need an extra arm.

10. The Pour-Over Coffee Maker That's Almost Sculptural In Design

With its round, shatter-proof borosilicate glass carafe and its stainless steel mesh permanent filter, this pour-over coffee maker has an elegant and practical design that makes it almost sculptural in appearance — making it a welcome addition to any table. The process for brewing is quite simple: Just load coarse grounds into the filter, then pour over boiling water in a circular motion. Once your coffee has dripped through, remove the filter and enjoy. Several colors of bands provide a decorative accent and protect your hands from the heat of the carafe.

11. These Agate Bookends Are Natural Showstoppers

Talk about a stand-out style statement: These agate bookends are sure to be a conversation starter in any room with their natural touch and eye-catching appearance. Available in six hues and four different weights — select yours depending on how many books you have around — you can use them to accent your décor or to provide a contrast with your furnishings.

12. These TSA-Approved Craft Cocktail Kits Will Keep You Smiling, Even In Coach

Enjoy traveling like a rock star with a custom-blended libation thanks to this kit that allows you to mix up one of 11 different cocktails with the aid of an airplane mini-bottle. You'll be the envy of your seat mates as you craft your Moscow Mule or Margarita with these petite, single-serving, TSA-approved little kits that are nothing short of adorable. They even include a little linen coaster.

13. The Marble-Look Passport Case That Makes Any Trip Feel Luxurious

Given the fact that it dominates four- and five-star hotel lobbies, marble is practically synonymous with luxe, and here you'll find it on this passport cover, which is guaranteed to give you the feeling of first class whether you can actually afford to buy your ticket there or not. Three other finishes are also available, and this attractive case also has room for your boarding pass, cash, and cards.

14. A Geometric-Look Planter That Adds A Modern Touch To Any Room

With strong geometric appeal, this planter looks so upmarket that it would make a standout accessory in any modern room. The perfect home for indoor plants like succulents and trailing plants like ivies and philodendrons, it comes in four finishes. It also makes a unique and eye-catching vessel for storing office supplies like pens, pencils, and rulers, or in the kitchen it can be used for a catch-all near the door for small items like keys.

15. The Insulated Lunch Bag That Makes A Real Fashion Statement

As much a fashion accessory as a matter of practicality, this lunch bag comes in a dozen stylish prints that will make them among your favorite additions to any outfit. Don't let their visual appeal fool you, though — this bag is also serious about toting your lunch: It's insulated and closes fully with a sturdy zipper, and with an interior mesh pocket to hold an ice pack, the combination keeps your food cold for hours.

16. A Massaging Facial Brush That Exfoliates And Cleans

At a fraction of the price of some of the name-brand massaging facial brushes, this sonic facial cleanser offers a deep clean with the rotating magnetic beads on its comfortably wide head. Suitable for the most sensitive skin with its four modes, it provides thorough yet gentle stimulation that boosts circulation, amps up collagen production, and leaves your skin refreshed and glowing.

17. A Pretty Charging Station For Your Apple Watch

The one thing I dislike about my Apple Watch is keeping up with my charger — and the fact that said charger seems to have a life of its own when I do manage to get it hooked up to my watch. This charger makes those problems a thing of the past: A sturdy and substantial cylinder, it provides a place for your watch to rest, fits in most standard cupholders or can be used on your nightstand or desktop, and has a silicone base and top to prevent both damage to your watch and slippage on smooth surfaces.

18. A Fancy Pint Sleeve That Adds A Handle To Your Glass

Make your favorite craft beer lover's next glass a thing of beauty with this pint sleeve that even adds a handle to the traditional glass. The entire sleeve is crafted from full-grain leather, with the handle is attached to the body of the sleeve with brass rivets to provide a sturdy hold on the glass. This item makes a great gift — for the beer lover in your life, even if that's you.

19. The Box That Makes A Lovely Presentation For Tea Aficionados

Tea lovers will get a real thrill out of this box that gives a lovely restaurant-quality presentation for eight varieties of tea and also provides storage for loose leaf tea, sugar, a squeezer, and spoons. Crafted from renewable, sustainably-harvested bamboo, it features a lid that stands on its own with French-style panes and a glass top — as well as a sturdy magnetic closure. This box has storage for six full boxes of tea bags, either standing or flat.

20. A Marble Box That Keeps Your Butter Soft And Spreadable At All Times

Crafted from beautiful marble, this butter keeper stores your butter at a cool but even temperature at all times so that it remains spreadable when you need it but is long-lasting. Simply load the butter into the top then pour just a bit of water into the base — it forms a seal over the butter, ensuring that it remains soft and pliable. Turn the top upside down for storage inside the base, change the water every few days, and your butter has never tasted — or spread — better.

21. The Cord Keeper That Will Keep All Your Cables Straightened Out

With its vintage look and compact roll-up style, this cord keeper provides the perfect way to keep all the expensive cords for your delicate electronics in order and tangle-free in fine style. Crafted from 100 percent full-grain leather, this durable, sturdy pouch is treated with beeswax so that it retains its luster and structure, and is fitted with multiple slots to get all of your cables in line.

22. This Fancy AF Way To Seal Your Letters Isn't Expensive At All

Engineered with a high-quality brass head and a sturdy rosewood handle, this wax stamp leaves an adorable bee impression on your correspondence to leave recipients with a lasting impression. Great for any special occasion or just to make every day a little more serendipitous, it's 1-inch in circumference and leaves a clean, pronounced imprint of the bee with all the delicate detail in its body and wings.

23. The Jewelry Organizer That's A Sculptural Style Statement

Designed to organize necklaces, bracelets, and even rings, this jewelry organizer's strong lines add a strong, sculptural air to the functionality of keeping your accessories straight and ready to wear. Available in either a brass or nickel finish, the three-tier design peaks in a bar that's 19 inches high to accommodate even the longest necklaces with ease. The base can be used to hold earrings, too, so that all your jewelry is in one place.

24. A Smoothing Oil For Your Hair

A blend of argan and jojoba oils and vitamin E, this formulation is meant to eliminate frizz and keep hair looking smooth. Tinsel is also free of parabens and sulfates and is completely cruelty-free and vegan. One reviewer wrote: "My hair is dry and tends to frizz in humid weather. This product made my hair tame, manageable, and feeling silky! A little goes a long way."

25. A New Notebook Can Change Your Life — Try This One On For Size

I am a huge believer in the restorative power of new paper goods, and I particularly love this Leuchtturm1917 notebook for its healing powers — whether you're a creative type or just looking to get organized. Its hard cover will protect your important thoughts, and the inside pages feature a dotted plot that's conducive to either writing or sketching. This size is ideal for a combination of both, and it comes in a veritable rainbow of delicious colors — and isn't choice the very most tantalizing luxury?

26. The Next Frontier In Masking Is These Hydrating Snail Mucin Eye Masks

Snail mucin is a hot commodity on the beauty scene, and so are eye masks. That's why these snail mucin eye masks should be at the top of your luxe life list — the masks not only hydrate but also brighten unwanted dark circles and de-puff your eye area. They're also cooling and calming, so they're great for a spa night in.

27. The Add-On That Makes Any Toilet A Bidet

Bidets are one feature many folks associate with five-star hotels — but they're just not that common here in the U.S. Well, if you feel like getting your Park Avenue on, this gadget is an attachment for your toilet that turns any throne into a bidet. It's easy to install and has a manual control that allows you to adjust flow and pressure.

28. This Electric Cleaner That Maintain Your Makeup Brushes Like The Pros Do

Pamper your expensive makeup tools just like the pros do with this makeup brush cleaner that's so upmarket it even has luxe in the name. It's easy to use, too: Just add water and your favorite cleaner to the bowl of this USB-chargeable device, then load each brush into the rotating handle and give it a spin. When done, simply spin to remove excess moisture and set aside to completely air dry.

29. The Reflexology Slippers That Will Massage You Whenever You're On Your Feet

Although they have the usual open toes and feature thick, rubber anti-slip soles, these slippers are far from your run-of-the-mill house shoes: The sole features special reflexology nubs that provide a soothing massage while you're wearing them to relax you and revive your aching feet. Benefits from continued use include relief from pain and swelling as well as a respite from the annoying symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Available sizes: 5-12

30.The Plug That Listens To Alexa To Follow Your Every Wish

It works effortlessly, but I can't even begin to explain to you how this smart outlet controls whatever is plugged into it via your Amazon Alexa device. It will start your coffee for you, turn your lights on and off or put them on a schedule — even switch the morning news on so that it greets you in the morning when you arise. It's simple to sync with your Alexa through the app, too.

31. A Lemon Juicer Made From Olive Wood

This lemon reamer is crafted from gorgeous olive wood that comes straight from Bethlehem. It's one solid piece and comes with a silicone sheath for the handle that can be used to provide additional grip during use.

32. A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You don't have to have a wired-in stereo system installed to enjoy your tunes (or whatever you're listening to) broadcast wherever you are when you pick up this Bluetooth speaker. Roughly the size of a can of soda, it's easy to take anywhere you go, and waterproof so that those locations can include the beach, the pool, and anywhere else there's water. It cranks out clear, realistic sound and has a 100-foot range, too.

33. The Wine Opener That's Electric

Whether you're buying for yourself or purchasing a host or hostess gift, this electric wine opener is quite the bargain at a fraction of what you'd pay for its competitors — you might want to get a couple just to have one on hand for that unexpected gift-giving occasion. It removes the cork in just seconds with the push of a button and features an attractive stainless steel housing with a see-through section for the cork mechanism. The unit sits right down into the charging base and is accompanied by a foil cutter.

34. The Massager That Gives You A Luxurious Foot Rub

Crafted from theaceae wood, this foot massager features 10 independently-moving rollers covered with nubs that provide a stimulating reflexology treatment to both feet at once thanks to its broad double-width construction. Ideal for use even at the office or while you're on the couch taking in some quality television, it's equipped with non-slip pads to provide resistance under the base as you work your aches away.

35. A Sleep Mask That Blocks Out All The Light And Provides Light Pressure For An Ideal Night's Sleep

Made with deeply molded cups that curve away from your eyes for optimum comfort, the contours of this eye mask caress your face to completely block out all light to ensure a restful sleep. Also perfect for migraine sufferers and those enduring other headaches, the mask features an adjustable head strap that's ideal for applying light pressure to relieve pain while accommodating most head sizes.

36. A Set Of Stemless Wine Glasses That Have Latticed Silicone Sleeves

With their colorful latticed silicone sleeves, these stemless wineglasses provide an attractive and durable way to enjoy wine, a cocktail, or any other beverage indoors or out. The set of four comes in two colorways, and within each set, the silicone sleeves are four different colors — meaning each person you're serving can have a different color, so there's no mistaking which glass belongs to whom.

37. This Electric Toothbrush Will Give You A Sparkling Hollywood Smile

If you don't have the price of a Maybach to sink into veneers and all kinds of other "smile design," invest $28 in this sonic toothbrush to polish up your pearly whites. A robust 40,000 microbrushes per minute give you a thorough clean, and it features a 2-minute timer that pauses every 30 seconds to trigger you to switch positions.

38. A Hot Sauce Infused With Truffles

Truffles are among the gourmand's most prized ingredients, and among the most expensive, too. This hot sauce is formulated with a blend of real black truffles along with red chili peppers, organic agave nectar, and plenty of delicious spices. Sure, it makes a delicious add in the traditional hot sauce settings, like on your greens or in barbecue, but think how delicious a few dashes would be in a Bloody Mary.

39. A Reusable Lamp That Looks Like The Moon

This awesome lamp is rechargeable so it can be used cordlessly anywhere you like — even outside — and is light enough to move around with ease. What's more, it's crafted using 3-D printing that's based on an actual map of the moon, Sea of Tranquility and all, and comes with a wooden stand for ease of use. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently of Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments. This article reflects price at publication and may change.