39 Bougie Products On Amazon That Are Surprisingly Inexpensive

Have you ever walked into a particularly bougie boutique, sniffed a delicious-but-ever-so-delicately-scented candle, and then turned it over to discover it costs more than your electric bill? I have, and I have very gently set that candle back down before walking out of the store, being careful not to knock anything over on my way out. Well, all these bougie products on Amazon feel just as luxurious as that overpriced candle — but none of them will cause you that expletive-inducing sticker shock.

Some of these items are downright indulgent, like an at-home pedicure pool or a bamboo bath caddy that has specific compartments for your book, your phone, and your glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Others product take the day-to-day things you use and elevate them to their full, bougie potential. For example, if you're going to buy an extension cord, why settle for a boring old gray one when you can get one that's rose gold? Or why drink your coffee in an aluminum or plastic travel mug when you can sip from a ceramic travel mug that preserves the "integrity" of the flavor?

So forget about the heart-pounding anxiety that comes with the risk of knocking over intricate displays in fancy boutiques and sit back and click through this collection of bougie — but surprisingly affordable products — on Amazon.

This Jade Roller That Keeps Your Skin Feeling Fresh AF

This facial massage roller isn't just for relaxation, it also stimulates circulation, increases firmness, and helps serums and moisturizers to absorb better into the skin. The big roller on one end is for the neck, chin, cheeks, and forehead, while the smaller roller is for massaging the eyes, nose, and around the lips. Keep it in the fridge — if you wake up with tired eyes, the cool temperature will help brighten things up so you look well-rested.

This Hand-Crafted Pink Clay Soap

This pink clay soap will get your skin squeaky clean in the gentlest way possible. It's coconut oil and olive oil-based, with French pink clay, which draws impurities out from deep in your pores without sapping skin of moisture. Geranium essential soothes inflammation, while blood orange essential oil detoxifies skin. The organic, plant-based soap is crafted in small batches and has a citrus and floral scent. Use it for both face and body.

A Salt Rock Lamp That You Can Charge With Your Laptop

This salt rock lamp is made from hand-carved Himalayan salt rocks, all of which sit in a cute glass votive. It gives off a warm amber glow, and the brightness can be adjusted with a touch dimmer. The lamp comes with two extra bulbs and a USB charger, so you can power it with your laptop to add a touch of calm to your workday.

This Boar Bristle Brush That Will Make Your Hair Shine

This boar bristle round brush has two types of bristles: nylon and boar. The nylon bristles work to detangle hair and keep it in place as you style with a blow dryer. The boar bristles, which are gentle on damaged hair, distribute your hair's natural oils, decreasing frizz and adding a good dose of shine. The brush comes in four different sizes — each meant for different lengths and types of hair. It's great for adding serious volume, too.

An Extension Cord In A Lovely Shade Of Rose Gold

Extension cords tend to be pretty utilitarian, but this rose gold extension cord adds a dash of glamour to your day. The cord has three outlets, and the plug-in end is angled at 45-degrees, so it won't get in the way of furniture. This aesthetically-conscious reviewer is a fan: "This extension cord is so beautiful, it's practically decor and I don't even notice it! I needed an extension cord for the TV on my wall in my office and this was perfect! The black cords hanging down before were such an eyesore and now I don't even notice. I am totally thrilled with this cord!"

An Infusion Pitcher To Give Your Water Fresh And Fruity Flavor

Want to flavor your water with lemons, cucumbers, or strawberries? Check out this infusion pitcher. Just remove the lid, and put your favorite cut-up fruit (or vegetables) into the basket inside, and they'll begin infusing your water. The pitcher is made from borosilicate glass and the stainless steel lid fits firmly on top — sealing the pitcher tight, so the fruit stays fresh for days at a time. Since this pitcher is also 40 percent larger than most fruit infusers, you'll have plenty to sip on when you're done.

A Sleeping Mask Made From Luxurious Mulberry Silk

Get a better night's sleep with this sleep mask that's made from 100 percent mulberry silk. (Yep — even the filling is made from mulberry silk.) It has an elastic that fits around the head and — because it isn't contoured — it's comfortable for side sleepers. The mask is lightweight, breathable, and hypoallergenic, so it's safe for sensitive skin. You can wash it on delicate cycle to freshen it up from time to time.

A 360-Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer

This 360-degree rotating makeup organizer is spacious enough to fit your entire beauty stash: it includes slots for 30 makeup brushes, and 20 skincare products, plus multi-sized storage compartments to fit a variety of lipsticks, palettes, and nail polishes. The open design is perfect for locating products in a flash, and is easy to clean too.

A Portable French Press Maker And Mug

Make rich, delicious French press coffee no matter where you go with this portable French press coffee maker, which doubles as an insulated mug with a leak-proof lid. This coffee maker a reusable filter and can accommodate up to 12 ounces of coffee so you can get your caffeine fix.

A Mood Color-Changing Lipstick

This color mood-changing lipstick is off-the-charts fun, but it's also just a really great product: one that's loaded with hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, jojoba seed oil, and squalene. Once you apply this pretty lipstick, the color changes from sheer to a "Barbie doll pink" — but it comes in four colors if pink isn't your thing.

This Flower-Infused Facial Oil That Will Make Your Skin Glow

If you haven't jumped on the facial oil train, now's the time. Contrary to what you might think, facial oils are fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and lightweight. And don't worry — they won't clog pores. This oil is made from a blend of seven oils: argan, jojoba, evening primrose, sweet almond, rose hip, bergamot, and jasmine. It works to moisturize skin, improve tone, prevent acne, and soothe inflammation. The cherry on top? There are dried flowers suspended in the oil inside the bottle — so be sure to display it where people can see.

A Jewelry Tree Stand To Organize Your Accessories

Keep necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled up and twisted and display them in a gorgeous, organized way with this jewelry tree stand, which has three tiers and two small trays at the bottom to hold rings and earrings. Made from natural wood, this stand will fit every accessory and requires zero assembly.

This Tobacco And Vanilla-Scented Soy Candle That Will Make Your Living Room Feel Cozier Than Ever

This soy candle is inspired by "hygge" — the Danish word for "coziness". The inviting scent will warm your living room right up with its all-natural tobacco and vanilla fragrance. The candle sits in a minimalist white ceramic vessel with a copper lid that can be repurposed as a succulent planter or cotton swab holder once the candle has reached its end.

A Travel Mug Even Coffee Snobs Can Get Behind

The problem with traditional travel mugs is they can make your coffee taste less than great. This ceramic travel mug preserves the flavor of your coffee and makes for a better sipping experience. And the slider lid means you do, indeed, sip directly from the ceramic as opposed to the lid. (Again — preserving flavor!) The mug includes an insulated silicone boot that keeps beverages hot twice as long as standard mugs. It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and comes in colors like denim, deep purple, and evening blue.

This Silky Pillowcase That Gives You Dreamy Skin And Hair

Did you know the secret to healthy skin and hair is actually a silky pillowcase? OK, it's not THE secret, but it does help. Cotton pillowcases act like Velcro to your hair, increasing the risk of damage while you toss and turn. Satin materials, though, will prevent breakage and tangling. And if you're a side sleeper, the slippery material will also your keep face from creasing in the night. This pillowcase is also made from woven polyester and features a zipper closure.

A Natural Sea Salt Bath Soak To Soothe Aches And Pains

Pushed it a little too hard at the gym? This bath soak will help melt away aches and pains. Just add a couple tablespoons to running water and let it do its healing work. It's made from natural sea salts that work wonders on tired muscles — and the eucalyptus and lavender scents mean you're getting mood-relaxing aromatherapy benefits as well.

A Facial Steamer That'll Open Up Your Pores For Deeper Cleansing And Moisturizing

Give yourself an at-home spa treatment with this facial steamer. Just fill it with water, power it up, and aim it at your face. The warm steam will open up pores, helping to draw out oil, impurities, and makeup residue. It'll also soften the surface of the skin to give you a dewier look. Use it before bed to help enhance the absorption of creams and serums — or just treat yourself to a spa day.

This Shiatsu Massager That Wraps Around Your Body

This shiatsu massager is a downright genius invention. It wraps around your body and includes handles — pull them down and the pressure of the massage will increase. Ease up and the pressure will decrease. The massager has eight deep-kneading massage heads that work clockwise and counter-clockwise on three speed settings. An infrared heating function increases circulation and helps bring down inflammation. Use it on your neck, shoulders, back, and feet.

This Calming Lavender Mist Water That Brings Your Skin Back To Life

Misting water might feel like one of those unnecessary luxuries, but a quick spritz can actually do a lot to refresh your skin. Made with lavender essential oil, this misting water hydrates the skin, while its antibacterial properties help prevent breakouts. It also works great as a makeup primer and setter. Plus, the lavender scent can help soothe feelings of stress and nervousness. Spritz it on in the morning or use it to revive your skin — and mood — midday.

A Sheet Mask With Pearls And Collagen

Give tired, fatigued skin a dose of hydration and radiance with these pearl collagen sheet masks, which are infused with actual pearl powder, collagen, and vitamin E. These Korean beauty masks are a consistent favorite among reviewers, who say they plump up your skin and make it clearer and healthier.

This Bath Caddy That Holds Everything In Place

This bath caddy is one of those a-place-for-everything and everything-in-its-place products. The caddy holds phones, tablets, and books upright for easy reading. It has built-in holders for a wine glass, and a candle or coffee mug. The caddy is waterproof and non-corrosive, and features anti-slip rubber grips that will prevent the caddy from falling into the tub. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, the caddy extends to 43 inches and fits most bathtubs.

These Skull Ice Molds That Make Any Drink Goth And Fancy

Whether you're a proud Slytherin or you're just really into the dark aesthetic, these skull ice molds will add a macabre touch to your drinks. They're made from BPA-free silicone for easy popping-out, and each tray comes with four extra-large molds, so order a couple trays if you're having a party. And you don't have to stop at ice — you can use the molds to make spooky chocolates too.

This Slick-Looking Carafe That Froths Your Milk For You

Frothing milk for cappuccinos and lattes is a bit of an art, but this milk frother makes it pretty fool-proof. All you have to do is press a button and within 80 seconds, you'll have a perfect, creamy froth. It comes with two whisks: one for frothing and the other for simple heating. The stainless steel carafe is vacuum-insulated to keep milk hot, and it features a non-stick interior which makes for easy cleaning.

A Cheese Board Because Cheese Is Wonderful And You Should Show It Off

Nothing says you're serious about entertaining more than being in possession of a cheese board. Made from organically-grown bamboo, this board comes with three ceramic bowls for accompaniments like olives, fig jam, and nuts. There are also four stainless steel markers — write the type of cheese on a small card, clip it in the marker, and stick it in the cheese so your guests can tell the gouda from the from English cheddar.

A 10-Piece Makeup Brush Set In A Case Designed Like A Shell

You can't beat the price — or the prettiness factor — when it comes to this 10-piece makeup brush set, which includes everything from a foundation brush to an angled eyeliner brush. These synthetic brushes has bristles that won't shed and they come in the cutest PU leather case shaped like a seashell.

These Toothbrushes That Clean Your Teeth While Keeping The Environment In Mind

These charcoal toothbrushes look so cool, you'll want to put them on front and center display in your bathroom. The BPA-free charcoal bristles are gentle and soft, but effectively clean teeth. The handles are made with sustainable bamboo, which helps keep our oceans plastic-free. This Amazon reviewer says, "Have only been using these for a week but already see that my teeth are whitening. Plus they are so gentle and leave my teeth clean! Best toothbrush I have used yet!"

These Reusable Bags That Keep Produce Fresh While Helping Save The Planet

You've gotten good about remembering your reusable grocery bags when you go to the store, but what about those little clear produce bags you use for tomatoes and avocados? (Yep, there's so much plastic in the world we don't even think about.) Stock up on these reusable produce bags. Not only are they environmentally friendly, they'll also keep fruits and veggies fresh longer, thanks to the breathable organic cotton muslin material.

This Fleece Robe That Makes Mornings A Little Less Brutal

If getting out of bed in the morning is hard for you, this super soft cotton fleece robe will help cushion some of the pain. The robe closes with a sash and hits just above the knee. It comes in three colors: grey, heather grey, and (ahem) oat melange (I told you this was a bougie list).

A Butter Maker That's Incredibly Easy To Use... And Will Make You Seem Gourmet

This butter maker helps you make your own artisanal butter without having to invest in an actual pioneer-style churn. (Do those still exist?) Pretty much all you have to do is fill this jar with heavy whipping cream and shake for three minutes. (Did I mention it's a great arm workout?) Your butter will taste ultra-fresh and you can spread it on bread with the satisfaction of knowing you made it with your own two hands. Use it to make plain, honey, garlic, or herb butter.

This Hook To Hang Your Purse In Your Car – Because It Should Never Have To Touch The Floor

Keep your fancy bag off the floor of the car with this car purse holder. It latches to your car headrest and can be swiveled around to hang on either the front or back side of the seat. And it's helpful even if you're not concerned about protecting your bag. Not only will it keep your floors uncluttered, it'll also keep your bag upright so that the contents don't spill out if you happen to find yourself on a windy road.

A Bamboo Hair Towel That Dries Hair Faster

Cut down on your blow drying time and reduce static and frizz by wrapping wet hair in this bamboo hair towel, which has an elastic loop to keep your hair in place. The natural bamboo fabric soaks up excess moisture from your hair without messing with your hair's cuticle, leaving hair smoother and shinier.

This Sunrise Alarm Clock That Slowly — And Gently — Wakes You Up

There's nothing more jarring than an alarm clock going off right in the middle of a deep sleep. This sunrise alarm clock is a gentler way to wake up. It slowly rouses you from sleep by gradually brightening up your room beginning 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. You can choose from six alarm sounds — like birds chirping or waves crashing— or just wake up to the sound of the radio. You can also choose from six color settings, like indigo, orange, and white.

A Super Durable Cutting Board Made From Rice Husks

This rice husk cutting board is made from the natural fibers of rice husks. (To be honest, I didn't even know rice grew in husks, much less that people are making cutting boards out of them.) The surface is slightly textured — which keeps food from sliding around while you're slicing — and it's slanted to catch runoff from juices. The board is antibacterial, BPA-free, and contains no harmful dyes. It's also more durable than wood, bamboo, or plastic, so you won't have to replace it anytime soon.

This Cake Pop Maker That Makes More Than Just Cake Pops

There's no cuter dessert than cake pops, but buying them at a bakery (or coffee shop) costs a fortune. This mini cake pop maker is a less expensive — but just as adorable — alternative. It makes nine pops at a time, and the non-stick baking plates ensure they're easy to pop out intact. The maker comes with a recipe book for all kinds of cake pops, as well as more savory treats, like hush puppies and pizza bites.

This Straightening Brush That'll Give You Shiny Hair Without All The Damage

This ionic hair straightener brush goes easier on damaged hair than regular flat irons, and also gives you a more natural look (read: not stick straight hair). The plastic bristles create a safe barrier between your hair and the ceramic iron, resulting in less frizz and more shine. The brush heats up in 60 seconds and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes. The temperature can be adjusted to suit your hair type. It also detangles as it straightens, saving you some much needed time in your morning routine.

These Baking Mats That Will Give You Consistently Perfect Cookies

These silicone baking mats will take your chocolate chip cookie game to the next level. They're non-stick, so there's no need for oil or cooking spray, and they'll evenly distribute the heat across the baking sheet, so you get consistent results. They fit half-sheets and are safe up to 480 degrees. And they're easy to clean up — just stick them in the top rack of the dishwasher or give them a quick wash with soap and water.

These Fancy Eye Masks That Make It Look Like You Got A Full Night's Sleep

These gel eye masks are a dream to use before a big night out — or the morning after a restless night of sleep. They're made from collagen and minerals, and will work to add moisture, brighten up tired eyes, and eliminate bags. Simply apply the masks underneath your eyes and let your skin absorb the skin-nourishing ingredients. In the words of this Amazon reviewer: "Made me look like I had 9 hours of sleep, when I was only running on 4."

This Shower Head That's More Like A Waterfall

At 6 inches across, this rainfall shower head is double the size of average shower heads and will make you feel like you're sudsing up under a waterfall in Hawaii. You can install it without tools, and it comes with an optional water restrictor if you're trying to be mindful about water use. It has self-cleaning nozzles that prevent lime and water deposits, and it even comes with an additional water filter.

An Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant

Whether you're kicking aluminum to the curb as a precautionary health measure or are making the switch to more natural health and beauty products, this natural deodorant made with mineral salts is free of perfumes and won't irritate sensitive skin. Even better: according to reviewers, it works just as well as traditional deodorants and will keep you dry for hours.

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