38 Weird Products On Amazon That Are Incredibly Popular & Super Affordable

by Lisa Fogarty

It's one of the best unexpected compliments you can give a product: it's kind of weird, but it works like a charm. Basically, weird can be a very good thing — and these odd products on Amazon that are incredibly popular and super-affordable are proof.

These bizarre but brilliant products boast some element, large or small, that makes them stand out in a sea of comparable items. So, while there are numerous makeup brushes that may be worth your time and money, a set of seven oval brushes that pick up and transfer makeup flawlessly — and cost less than $10 — are both an incredible value and uniquely designed to create a perfectly made-up face. Who'd care that they look like toothbrushes?

And the same holds true for innovative products like an egg cooker that whips up all different styles of eggs in minutes, magic silicone cleaning gloves with built-in scrubbers that can be used on dishes and your car, and a watermelon slicer that finally makes it possible to cut and serve perfect melon chunks each time.

You'll wonder how you lived for so long without these amazing, kind of weird products. And, thanks to their affordable price tags, you won't feel guilty about giving in and grabbing a few strange products that will honestly change your life.

This Unique Oval-Shaped Makeup Brush Set For Flawless Application

Who knew the shape of your makeup brushes could matter so much? These unique oval-shaped brushes are designed with soft, synthetic fibers and will effectively cover your entire face or eye area for easier, more flawless makeup application. The seven-piece set includes brushes for eye makeup and foundation, concealer, and powder.

An Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Naturally Whitens Teeth

Whiten your teeth naturally, clean gums, and freshen your breath with this activated charcoal toothpaste, which is made with a winning combination of organic coconut oil, baking soda, and activated charcoal. The vegan paste is completely free of fluoride and peroxide — and will make your teeth whiter without questionable chemicals.

This Wearable Blanket Sweatshirt For Cozier Nights

Get cozy — and take the chill out of the air – with this wearable blanket sweatshirt, which was featured on Shark Tank. The one-size-fits-all shirt is made from soft sherpa and features a hook and a roomy pocket where you can stash your phone or remote. It comes in 10 colors and prints, and reviewers swear it's the ultimate in comfort.

The Phone And Tablet Holder So That You Won't Strain Your Neck

This convenient phone and tablet holder is designed so that it can easily slip into the backs of car seats, airplane trays, or just rest on a table or desk. It provides a stable and secure place to place your phone or tablet so that you can view it at the perfect angle, without straining your neck. Plus, it folds flat for easy travel and storage.

A Lighted Selfie Ring For Perfect Photos

Every professional selfie-taker knows that great photos require great lighting. This selfie ring ensures that you take the best pictures possible by eliminating shadows and giving you a way to take hands-free selfies. Designed with a gooseneck that you can alter to achieve the ideal angle, it's compatible with most phones and features three light modes and 10 brightness settings.

An Easier Way To Cut And Carve Watermelon

Love watermelon, but not a fan of cutting and prepping watermelon? Let this special slicer take over for you. The quality stainless steel tool has an automatic cutter blade and requires just one push to cut fruit into perfect cubes that you can serve to guests (or keep all to yourself).

These Bear Claws That Shred Meat Fast

Shred pork, beef, and chicken apart with barely any effort at all when you use these incredible bear claw meat shredders. The pair of claws are so much easier to use than knives because you can grasp them and pull meat apart in one fell swoop. They're heat-resistant up to 475 degrees, dishwasher-safe, and come in six colors.

A Compact Facial Hair Remover That Painlessly Gets Rid Of Peach Fuzz

This compact facial hair remover gets rid of unwanted peach fuzz and fine hair without an ounce of pain. The battery-operated tool was designed with a built-in LED light to guide your path and it's simple to clean. One reviewer writes: "It’s a dream! Gets all the hair. Looks so smooth after using it. I seriously want to cry because my waxing days are over!"

An Eco-Friendly Set Of Silicone Straws That You Can Reuse

Help kick plastic to the curb by swapping your old straws for these reusable silicone straws, which come 10 in a pack. The colorful straw set includes six standard straws and four extra-large straws for smoothies and tumblers. They're collapsible, won't make your drink taste like rubber, and the set includes two cleaning brushes.

The Shoe Deodorizer Spray That Instantly Removes Odors

Get rid of unpleasant odors in a flash with this natural shoe deodorizer spray, which is made with a blend of 12 essential oils and enzymes that eat away at odor-causing bacteria and fungi. You can spray the formula right into shoes, gym bags, or right on your feet — it's safe on skin.

An Electric Egg Cooker That Whips Up Eggs In A Variety Of Ways

Eggs are even easier and faster to make in this rapid electric egg cooker, which makes up to six eggs at once — hard-boiled, poached (it comes with a separate poaching tray that can handle two eggs at a time), and even scrambled. Simply set the timer, push a button, and walk away — it has an automatic shut-off function and comes with a measuring cup and recipe book.

This Can Cooler That Keeps Drinks Icy Cold And Insulated

Keep cold drinks frosty and delicious with the help of these insulated can coolers. The coolers fit 12-ounce slim cans and feature double-walled stainless steel and an added copper layer to keep drinks cold and prevent sweating. They come in five colors.

These Cold Therapy Socks That Relieve The Pain Of Aching Feet

Regardless of why your poor, tired feet are aching, these cold therapy socks will soothe and comfort them. The socks feature two chilled gel packs that can be placed beneath the heel, on top of your foot, or below the length of your foot. They're soft, cozy, and come in four sizes and designs: including an option to add a strap.

The Self-Sealing Silicone Bags That Keep Food Fresh

Imagine a world where you can store foods and snacks in a plastic-free bag that seals and doesn't require a lid — and these eco-friendly silicone bags are that solution. The set of two pocket-size bags that are safe in the microwave, oven, and dishwasher self-seal for an airtight fit that keeps food fresh. They even come in a variety of colors and sizes, including sandwich, storage, and stand-up bags.

A Fun Party Game With Kittens, Explosions And Tons Of Laughs

This popular card game — which has amassed more than 12,000 reviews — involves kittens, explosions, goats, and tons of laughs that will liven up any party or get together. You basically draw cards until you receive an exploding kitty card — but can strategically avoid an exploding kitten with laser pointers, catnip sandwiches, and kitty yoga.

This Bath Stopper Plug That Never Floats In Water

Stop the number one annoying thing from happening when you plug your bath — this universal drain stopper fits right on top of drains and won't come off and float around in the water, thanks to its built-in suction cup. The stopper is available in aqua or white and is compatible with the TubShroom and SinkShroom.

An Exfoliating Sea Sponge That Sloughs Away Dead Skin

You don't have to purchase expensive luxury skincare to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. This sea sponge is affordable, effective, and natural — use it with soap or body wash and boost circulation while sloughing away dead skin to reveal smoother, softer skin.

An Elixir For Focus And Creativity Made With Mushrooms

Hundreds of customers credit this unique mushroom elixir with boosting their concentration, focus, and creativity. The vegan powder, which can be added to water, smoothies, and other beverages, also contains vitamin C-rich rose hips and organic rhodiola for memory power. One reviewer raves: "Drinking Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Elixir has changed my life for the better. My allergies were much more manageable this allergy season without the use of otc drugs. I receive complements on my skin daily and my energy levels have improved."

These Multi-Purpose Scrubbing Gloves For Dishes And Other Surfaces

Protect your hands while you wash dishes and clean and scrub dirty surfaces completely clean with these multitasking scrubbing gloves. The gloves are made from silicone and are resistant to odors, with a non-slip grip and the option of scoring them in aqua or coral. Wear them to clean dishes (of course) but also counters and even your car.

The Money-Saving Funnel That Gets The Last Drop Out Of Products

Don't let a single drop of soap or detergent go to waste — this smart funnel attaches to bottles for the simple, mess-free transfer of ingredients from one bottle to the next. Reviewers say this sweet little gadget ends up paying for itself several times over.

A Hydrating Facial Mask Made With Chocolate

Made with 15 percent lactic acid for intense exfoliation that's safe for sensitive skin, this delish-looking facial mask is also infused with kaolin clay for a total pore detox, nourishing milk chocolate, goat's milk, honey, and rose hip oil for hydration. Reviewers say it brightens your complexion, helps clear up acne, and smells like sweet cocoa.

This Deep Tissue Massager That Won't Give Your Hands A Workout

The problem with many deep tissue massage tools is that they wind up giving your fingers and hands a workout they didn't need. But this compact tool is different: it takes minimal effort to engage trigger points in your back, neck, shoulders, feet, and anywhere else you need relief. Plus, it's travel-friendly design can't be beat.

These Makeup Remover Cloths That Work Without Chemicals And Cleansers

Remove every stitch up stubborn makeup — yep, even waterproof mascara and eyeliner — with these microfiber cleansing cloths, which come five in a pack. Just wet one of these soft, plush cloths, use it to cleanse your pores and get rid of makeup (no chemical-laden cleanser needed), and toss them in the washing machine to use again and again.

An Intensely Hydrating Moisturizer For Every Dry Area Of Your Body

Regardless of where on your body you're experiencing dry, rough skin — elbows, feet, knees, and even your face — this intensely hydrating moisturizer acts like nourishing food for your skin. One reviewer writes: "Finally a natural deeply moisturizing product that actually does what it says it will do!"

This Deep Waver Tool For Sculpted Mermaid Waves

Get the beachy mermaid waves of your dreams with this deep waver tool, which features a barrel that boasts ceramic tourmaline technology, for more shine and less frizz. The tool heats up to a hot 400 degrees and reviewers with all hair types — including super-fine hair — say it really delivers amazing sculpted waves with ease.

The Natural, DEET-Free Way To Keep Mosquitos From Biting

Mosquitos want nothing to do with this natural mosquito repellant stick — and it doesn't take DEET or other harmful chemicals to keep them at bay. The pack of three repellant incense sticks, which come 12 sticks in a pack, are instead made with a plant-based blend of citronella, rosemary, lemongrass, cedar wood, bamboo, and peppermint — so they smell as great as they work.

A Finger Massager To Reduce Stiffness And Increase Flexibility

Combat pain and tension in your hands and fingers — whether it appears as the result of arthritis or just because you're typing on a computer all day — with this uniquely designed finger massager. The dual-sided tool gives you two massage options: one side features two soft, firm rollers for your fingers, while the other features one roller that provides a more targeted massage.

This Clip-On Desk Fan For Your Own Personal Air-Conditioned Space

Your coworkers may not feel warm, but that doesn't mean you have to suffer — this clip-on miniature desk fan provides a way for you to beat the heat without disrupting anyone around you. The quiet battery-operated fan features vertical and horizontal rotation — and two speed settings, too.

An Organized Way To Store Brooms And Garden Tools

If your garage or closet is filled with brooms and garden tools that are just sort of leaning against walls and each other and hoping for the best — snag this broom holder and organizer pronto. The mountable holder can handle up to 35 pounds and features five spaces to insert and grasp onto brooms and garden tools. It even has five smaller hooks for accessories.

An Electric Bug Zapper Racket To Keep Pests Away

This electric bug zapper racket is perfect for swapping bugs away and clearing your space of annoying flies and mosquitos. The eco-friendly racket runs on batteries and has a single-layer design that zaps bugs on first contact, but doesn't trap insects inside, so there's no nasty clean-up job for you.

These Mini Charcoal Bags That Naturally Purify Air

You don't need a single chemical to remove stale odors from the air when you have these miniature bamboo charcoal bags. They naturally purify air and neutralize bad smells by removing excess moisture from spaces, without adding artificial fragrances behind. The bags can be placed anywhere — in closets, gym bags, and even in your shoes. Recharge them in direct sunlight for two hours every month and they'll last two years (talk about value).

A Super Comfortable Pair Of Ear Buds That Stay In Your Ears

Eliminate all of your ear bud concerns with these ear hooks — not only will they help Apple AirPods stay in your ear while you work out and run — but their soft silicone construction ensures they are so comfy you'll barely remember you're wearing them. The ear hooks come in four colors: black, clear, pink, and sky blue.

The Soft Travel Bottles That Will Pass Airport Security

Take the guesswork out of packing for trips with this trio of travel bottles that pass airport security rules with flying colors. The soft bottles are perfect for soap, shampoo, conditioner, and facial products. They have convenient flip caps, large openings that make it a breeze to fill them, and they're even dishwasher-friendly.

This Compact Shaving Mirror That Never Gets Foggy

Mount this compact shaving mirror in your shower (it comes with a hook) and use it for grooming purposes — without ever dealing with a foggy surface. The uniquely designed mirror doesn't have suction cups that can ruin tile and other surfaces and works by simply running it under water to equalize the temperature of your shower and mirror.

A Pain-Free Way To Untangle Dry Or Wet Hair

Brush through knots — in dry or wet hair — without pulling or breaking strands with this gentle detangling brush. This brush has soft, gentle bristles that glide right through hair. And it's safe to use on hair extensions, weaves, and wigs. It's a classic updated: the original Tangle Teezer doesn't have a handle, so it's easier to use.

The Fastest Bowl Of Mac And Cheese You've Every Whipped Up

Why wait an extra second for that delicious bowl of mac and cheese when this rapid mac and cheese maker whips up the dish in just five minutes in your microwave? The time-saving BPA-free bowl shaves off 15 minutes of cooking time, has handles that stay cool to the touch, and is dishwasher-safe.

This Hot Dog Slicer That Creates A More Flavorful Meal

There's one surefire way to make your barbecue even better: create slots in hot dogs with this hot dog slicer, which makes meat expand as it cooks for a more flavorful frankfurter. The stainless steel slicer cuts grooves into meat that serve as the perfect slots for capturing toppings like ketchup, mustard, and relish.

A Soothing Facial Mask For Migraines, Sinus Pain And Skin

When you wake up with a migraine, sinus pressure and pain — or are just dealing with puffy skin from a late night — relax for a few minutes while wearing this cooling facial mask, and you'll be amazed at how fast it works to soothe your discomfort. The reusable gel mask can be chilled in the fridge or freezer or heated up in your microwave for a few seconds for cold or warm pain relief. It has comfy Velcro straps and comes in four colors.

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