38 Straight Up Clever Things On Amazon That Make You Look & Feel Way More Put Together

By Ellie Nan Storck

Let's face it: no one feels completely put-together all the time. Daily routines can be demanding, and full of unexpected twists and turns. That's why these straight-up clever things on Amazon that make you look and feel way more put-together are the bee's knees.

And before we get down to these amazing products, keep one thing in mind: being "put-together" means something entirely different for everyone. These products are all intended to make your routine more streamlined — which might include anything from better beauty products to getting your purse more organized to making sure you don't have any residue on your teeth after a glass of red wine (yep, there's a solution for that).

There are plenty of products to help you feel like your morning is easier, your makeup will stay on longer, or your cat eye will remain sharp. From inventive product formulas like skin-mattifying makeup primer to nifty little tools like rubber-stoppers that prevent ill-timed stiletto sinkage, these items could be your ticket to feeling like you just really have it all together.

Below, have a scroll through this list of items on Amazon that have consistent four- and five-star reviews, thanks to their high quality, their amazing prices, and their transcendent abilities to prioritize function and ease.

Fashion — 38 Straight Up Clever Things On Amazon That Make You Look & Feel Way More Put Together
by Ellie Nan Storck

1. A Clip-On Camisole Attachment That Looks As Good As Layers — But Is Way Easier

Cami Secret Set of 3 Clip-on Camisole, $6, Amazon

"The layered look without the bulk" is this inventive clip-on cami's primary function, and it really works. Having a little lace peeking through your V-neck is a great look, but it can be a nuisance to have to worry about two shirts — the bunching, the wrinkles, etc. Whether you're trying to make a low-cut shirt have a little more coverage, or just love the layered look, these are a must-have, and a real bargain for a set of three. No one will ever know!


2. A Tiny Piece of Rubber That Stops Your Heels From Sinking Into The Grass

STOPPERS Heel Protectors, $10, Amazon

Throw your high-heel woes to the wayside, because these clever little rubber stoppers prevent any sinkage. Available in four sizes (the company provides an easy-to-read sizing chart), these little stoppers slip right onto the very bottom of your stiletto, and are made from durable and flexible rubber that ensures easy walking and no sinking. They can be reused endlessly, and they'll increase your walking surface area enough to make any cobblestone street a cinch to maneuver.


3. An Electronic Foot File That Uses Diamond Crystals For Softer Heels

Amope Pedi Perfect Electronic Foot File, $29, Amazon

This battery-powered foot file not only leaves you with smooth, baby-soft feet, but it gets you there by way of diamond crystals that are ground up to make the 360-rotating head, which gently files away dead skin cells and dirt, leaving skin smooth and silky. Thanks to its ergonomically-shaped handle, this electronic buffer is easy to hold and great for travel. It can be used in the shower, and it's an easy way to get a salon-level pedicure with the three included rollers of various coarseness.


4. A Makeup Primer That Preps, Evens, And Tones All Skin Types

Philosophy The Present, $30, Amazon

There's nothing like finding a makeup primer that has multiple functions, like this oil-free primer from Philosophy. Not only does it protect the skin's barrier while visibly smoothing texture, creating a soft, photo-finished look, it also has natural antibacterial ingredients that help to tone and even out the skin. And because it's oil-free, it's suitable for all skin types and goes on with a lightweight feel that doesn't dehydrate. One Amazon user who (like many others) awarded the product five stars said she didn't just love this primer — she "Love, Love, Love this product!!" and went on to note that "it seals the moisture in and gives a matte finish."


5. A Calming Face Mister That Rehydrates Skin In Just One Minute

COOSKIN Anzikang Nano Handy Mist Spray Atomization Facial Mister, $19, Amazon

For those of us who have a hard time keeping skin hydrated (or just feel the effects of harsh temperatures in the winter months) — this hand-held facial mister is for you. It sprays tiny, atomized particles into the top layer of the skin with just the push of a button, opening the pores to deliver rich moisture while stimulating cells, and providing a calming steam experience for your face (and you!). Handheld with a rechargeable battery, this little mini spa treatment is portable and a terrific, soothing alternative to slathering on oils and moisturizers when your skin needs a little extra hydration.


6. An All-Day Setting Spray That Provides A Long-Lasting Matte Finish

ArtNaturals Natural Makeup Setting Spray, $9, Amazon

Say goodbye to cracked, smudged, or faded makeup, thanks to this all-day makeup setting spray. The 100-percent natural spray relies heavily on rich aloe vera, pomegranate, and sage extracts to provide moisture, protection, and skin sebum regulation, in addition to a long-lasting, "just applied" matte finish to the face. One user gave the spray five stars on Amazon, saying that she used it for her wedding day and saw great results: "It truly does work. Wore it on my wedding day and my makeup (even my lips) stayed on all day!"


7. The Cotton-Tip Swabs Filled With Oil-Free Makeup Remover

Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks, $24 (4 Pack), Amazon

One happy Amazon reviewer called these easy-to-use makeup eraser sticks "a must have," writing that "These are a must have in any purse. Not oily, cleans off under eye make up in a snap." The formula-filled cotton-tip swabs are indeed oil-free and turn to natural ingredients like cucumber and aloe for a hydrating yet effective makeup removal process. These are ideal for reaching delicate places like the fine skin around your eyes for extra-precise makeup touch-ups, like getting the sharpest cat eye ever.


8. An Elegant Bracelet That Holds (And Hides) Hair Ties

Likimar Hair Tie Bracelet Stainless Steel Cuff Bangle Bracelet, $12, Amazon

For those of you who don't love the look of stacked hair ties on your wrist, this handy bangle bracelet is going to be your new accessory game-changer. Each cuff is made from premium surgical stainless steel that has a shiny polished finish, and features a deep groove that fits a hair tie, keeping it secure in place and masking it as a fashion piece. These bangles look elegant on the wrist, and with the purchase of one bracelet, you get six matching hair ties. Almost 90 percent of reviewers gave this product a five-star rating, many writing about how beautiful and effective the bracelets are. One reviewer wrote that it is the most useful hair tie bracelet she's ever purchased. "Polished finish, well-made edge, deep curve makes it hold hair tie well."


9. A Locket Bracelet That Diffuses Essential Oils For Aromatherapy On-The-Go

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Locket Bracelet, $18, Amazon

Soothing aromatherapy wherever you go? Yes, please. This wellness-forward essential oil diffuser comes in the form of a leather-banded locket bracelet, so you can literally take it with you anywhere you go. Made from high-quality stainless steel and genuine leather, the locket opens up to accommodate one of the small felt pads — the package comes with eight, and they are all washable. Apply two to three drops of your favorite essential oils to the pad, insert into the locket, and enjoy the soothing, therapeutic aromatherapy wherever you go. A quick scroll through the many five-star reviews will tell you that you can expect compliments on the bracelet, and effective diffusion of the oils.


10. The Handy Little Wipes That Leave Your Smile Free Of Red Wine Residue

Wine Wipes, $9, Amazon

In my opinion, the only bad thing about wine is that slightly off-putting residue that reds can leave on your teeth after a glass or two. You shouldn't ever feel hesitant to smile — and that's where these inventive wine wipes come in. Made to taste and smell like citrus, one of these wipes will clean off any red wine residue that might be leftover from happy hour. Packaged in a cute metal tin with a mirror and 15 wipes, these are must-have for your purse or carry-on.


11. The Organic Wool Dryer Balls That Are Great For Sensitive Skin

Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls, $24, Amazon

Wave goodbye to static and wrinkles when you toss a few of these organic, fair trade wool dryer balls into the dryer with your next load of laundry. Many people don't realize that dryer sheets can actually leave behind harmful chemicals or fragrances on fabric, which can lead to irritation of sensitive skin. But because these wool balls are each handmade in Nepal from 100 percent organic New Zealand wool, there's less risk skin will be aggravated. Plus, they each soak up to 30 percent of their weight in water, so the moisture absorption process is quickened quite a bit. The balls are completely reusable, free of chemicals and fragrances, and hypoallergenic.

Pro tip: Add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils to the balls before tossing them into the dryer with your laundry.


12. A Portable, Retractable Lint Roller That's Perfect For On-The-Go Removal

Flint Retractable Lint Roller, $10, Amazon

There's nothing worse than arriving to work or a party or a date and realizing that lint is all over the fabric of your jacket or pants. And while many lint rollers can be bulky or hard to stow away in a briefcase or purse, this little roller is a departure from the norm. Measuring at a super compact 5.5 inches when collapsed and nine inches when lengthened, this lint roller is easy to use (it just twists to open like a lipstick), totally packable, and comes with 30 multi-use sheets.


13. A Multi-Purpose, Natural Odor-Fighting Spray For Your Feet That Can Be Used Basically Anywhere

Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray and Foot Odor Eliminator, $13, Amazon

Our underarms aren't the only place that can produce an odor — over the course of the day and depending on your activity level, feet can fall victim to odor-producing bacterias, but luckily this clever deodorant spray made specifically for feet will come to your rescue. Completely safe and natural, the deodorizing spray relies on the natural scents and properties of antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oils, as well as witch hazel which is both a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory. Don't forget to shake before using (and try it out other places too, like yoga mats and stuffy rooms)!


14. The Refreshing, Easy-to-Pack Body Wipes That Are Biodegradable

YUNI Beauty Shower Sheets, $15 (12 Pack), Amazon

These all-natural, biodegradable shower sheets are the perfect throw-in-your-bag beauty hack. During a busy work week, it can be hard to find time for even the smallest routine tasks, like taking a shower. That's where these essential-oil-infused wipes come in. Made with organic aloe vera and fair trade green tea, you can expect a gentle, refreshing cleanse any time of the day, leaving behind in a mild, natural scent and total revitalization. They're great for the gym, too.


15. A Pain-Free Way To Floss Your Teeth Using Gentle Pulses Of Water

Electric Dental Water Flosser, $40, Amazon

I'm sure I'm not the only one who literally dreads the act of flossing with every fiber of my being. But am I looking forward to sore gums and swelling between my teeth? Um, no, thanks. That's where this water flosser comes in — a total game changer for those with sensitive gums, or just a general dislike of flossing. This electric, rechargeable flosser uses a small, portable water-fill tank, attachable nozzle, and multiple settings to gently pulse water around teeth and gums, clearing away plaque, food particles, and bacteria. You can choose from a gentle cleanse, a "normal" cleanse, or a pulsation that's ideal for massaging gums. With rotating jets, you can easily clean those hard-to-reach blind spots at the back of your mouth.


16. An Electronic De-Fuzzer That Will Get Rid Of Pesky Pilling On Your Clothes

Conair Fabric Defuzzer, $13, Amazon

There's nothing worse than taking a brand new item of clothing out of the washer or dryer only to realize that it's totally pilled. With certain fabrics, this can even happen after one or two wears! Luckily, this handy battery-powered fabric defuzzer is here to save the day. With three settings for precision and depth control, this handheld device gently shaves away and collects lint, fabric pills, and excess fuzz. Once you're finished cleaning your clothes, you can detach the fuzz-collector and easily deposit the contents in the trash.


17. The Natural Facial Blotting Tissues That Use Rice To Gently Absorb Oil

Palladio Rice Paper, $5, Amazon

Wave goodbye to unwanted, excess oil that tends to accumulate around the T-zone throughout the day. These little facial tissues use a lightweight, natural rice powder to effectively and gently absorb oil on the face, leaving skin with a matte feel that doesn't sacrifice hydration. One satisfied Amazon reviewer gave the tissues five stars, explaining that they're much better than reapplying powder all day. "So far so good" she wrote. "This oil blotting sheet contains a powder that makes my skin look more even throughout the day."


18. A Vegan Skin Balm That Provides Long-Lasting Protection From Chaffing And Rubbing

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm, $10, Amazon

Even the smallest amount of chafing can result in pain, irritation, and total distraction from whatever you're doing. This vegan anti-chafe balm uses a unique formula of plant-based ingredients to prevent friction while you move throughout the day, providing thorough protection to skin that's often susceptible to chaffing or uncomfortable rubbing. And, it won't clog your pores at all in the process. Apply a few strokes of this balm to sensitive areas in the morning, and the long-lasting, quick-absorbing formula will work its magic while allowing skin to breathe normally.


19. A Delicate Eyebrow Razor That Protects Delicate Skin Around The Eye While Getting The Job Done

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, $5 (6 Pack), Amazon

For those who enjoy tending to your eyebrows by way of a razor, these nifty eyebrow razors from Tinkle provide an effective but gentle grooming technique, without damaging or irritating the delicate skin that surrounds your eyebrows. Because of the angled razor head, this tool is great for precision shaping. One happy reviewer pointed out that she loves the razors, and not just for her eyebrow maintenance. "Love these razors for my face, not just my brows! They work so well and are such a good price!!"


20. A Clever Spray That Gets Ahead of Odor In The Bathroom

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, $7, Amazon

Despite using the bathroom being a completely normal and necessary part of human existence, it's safe to say that not everyone is particularly OK with the resulting smells that tend to accompany a trip to the toilet. That's where this handy spray comes in. You simply spritz the toilet bowl before you have a seat to do your business, and the unique blend of essential oils and natural compounds works hard to create an odor barrier, masking any and all smells on the water's surface, leaving your bathroom smelling fresh and clean no matter what happens in there.


21. These Little Pads That Adhere To Your Shirt To Absorb Perspiration

Underarm Sweat Pads, $15, Amazon

If you're uncomfortable with the thought of your 'pits perspiring, get ready to say goodbye, pit stains. These little pads are super-absorbent, and fit right into the underarm space, soaking up any and all sweat that you might produce throughout the day. Measuring at 9.5 by 12.5 centimeters, these compact pads dry quickly, and provide a safer technique for preventing sweating through clothes, compared with using harmful antiperspirants that can clog pores.

Pro tip: just use scissors to cut these pads and tailor them to your underarm size!


22. These Soft, Washable Cotton Insoles That Allow You To Wear Shoes Barefoot

Pedag Washable Summer Pure Cotton Terry Barefoot Insole, $9, Amazon

If you like the look of a pair of shoes without socks but worry about the smell or the comfort level, try out these clever insoles. Made from super-soft cotton and terrycloth, these fit right into your shoes and allow you to toss the socks. The insoles feature special grooves and perforation that allow for optimum circulation and comfort, keeping feet healthy, happy, and fresh inside shoes. Plus, you can easily wash them by hand, and they air-dry quickly, so no need to worry about unwanted odor.


23. An Effective, Packable Clothing Steamer That's Great For Travel

TaoTronics Clothes Steamer, $18, Amazon

This easy-to-use, compact clothing steamer can heat up in just 90 seconds, with the ability to provide up to six minutes of continuous steam. Ideal for travel thanks to its portable nature, this steamer has 800-watt power, a simple on/off button, and it even comes with a heat protecting glove and a fabric brush so you can enjoy wrinkle-free outfits wherever you go.


24. A Brush That Combats Irritating Ingrown Hair Using Smooth Bristles

WIZKER Brush: the Original Ingrown Hair Brush, $12, Amazon

Made with 223 of Wizker's patented FirmFlex micro bristles, this handheld brush is ideal for getting rid of pesky ingrown hairs and smoothing delicate skin after shaving. The bristles gently brush newly-shaved hair while lifting hair that is trapped under the skin's surface, preventing ingrown hairs and painful, itchy skin irritation. Because the tool is waterproof, it can be used in the shower (and features a handy lanyard hanger), which provides a gentler exfoliation then it would on dry skin.


25. A Hydrating Mist For Your Skin That Uses Balancing Rose Extract From A Farm In Australia

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, $12, Amazon

Sometimes your skin just needs a little mid-day boost, and this lightly-scented rosewater balancing mist is the key to gentle revitalization and hydration. Using organic rose extract from Jurlique's rose farm in the hills of southern Australia, as well as other botanicals like marshmallow plant, this lightweight mist provides rich moisture, softening and balancing the skin's texture, leaving behind a dewy glow.


26. A Pocket-Filled Organizer That Will Make Finding Things in Your Purse Way, Way Easier

Periea Handbag Organizer, $10-$13, Amazon

This handy purse organizer, complete with 12 compartments, will not only keep your items in order and protected, but it comes in three different sizes ranging from small to large to accommodate different purse sizes. Available in 23 different colors, the polyester-nylon-cotton-blend organizer is machine-washable and features strong, easy-to-lift handles. One reviewer who awarded the product five stars wrote: "A place for everything. Everything in its place. Quality product."


27. This Hairbrush With Powerful Detangling, Static-Zapping Abilities

Hair Brush-Magic Detangling Brush, $13, Amazon

Tangly hair is the worst. Staticky, tangly hair is really the worst. That's where this powerful detangling hair brush comes in. The company even calls it the "godsend knot-killer," and that's no exaggeration: this brush uses flexible, heat-resistant polyester fiber bristles to gently separate knots in hair of any texture, effectively detangling and combatting pesky static that can often be the cause of tangling in the first place. Easy to hold thanks to a matte, anti-slip handle, this lightweight brush can get through dry or wet hair, leaving locks and scalp smooth, silky, and ouch-free.


28. A Multi-Functional, Antioxidant-Packed Coconut Oil That Protects Against UV Damage and Eases Irritation

InstaNatural Fractionated Coconut Oil, $13, Amazon

Rich in powerful antioxidants and protective Vitamin E, this hydrating coconut oil packs a serious nourishment punch to the skin and hair. Using the most vital liquids extracted from the coconut, InstaNatural coconut oil absorbs into hair and skin quickly, protecting both from damaging UV rays, harsh temperatures, and can even combat uncomfortable skin irritation. Plus, it's really multi-functional, and can be double as a massage oil, lip balm, makeup remover, shower and bath oil, or a cuticle protector.


29. A Lip Sealer That Keeps Color and Texture Intact All Day Long

Ella International Lip Chic Lipstick, $11, Amazon

"Water proof, kiss proof, eat proof" is the tune Ella International sings for this handy lipstick protector. Relying on a natural, botanical, 100 percent chemical-free formula, this lipstick sealer protects against smudges, flaking, for easy all-day color wear. The smooth, silky texture goes totally undisturbed by daily routines.


30. A Super-Effective Lash and Brow Serum That Has Almost 100 Percent Five-Star Reviews on Amazon

Essy Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer, $26, Amazon

Say hello to long and lush lashes and brows, thanks to this useful, growth-enhancing formula from Essy. This serum uses essential vitamins to revitalize natural hair growth, nourishing sparse growth areas and promoting healthy brow and lash hair in the future. Essy's formula takes about three weeks for results to kick in — and based on 97 percent five-star ratings (that is a lot!!!), this product really produces results. One happy reviewer emphasized the product's long-lasting abilities: "An amazing product. My lashes have become long and bushy. I took me some few weeks to observe results but the wait was worth it, honestly! It stays on well for a longer time than other brands."


31. A Simple and Effective Method That Prevents Nail Biting

Mavala Stop Nail Biting, $15, Amazon

Nail-biting is a pretty common habit that isn't too harmful, but it's not necessarily good, and it's a pretty tough one to break. This easy, convenient serum can be applied to nails and fingertips, and because it has a totally harmless but bitter taste, it will cause nail biters to say "yuck!" and break the habit, protecting nail beds and cuticles, while also preventing the spread of bacteria between hands and mouth.


32. A Super-Convenient Way to Keep All Of Your Toiletries in One, Portable Place

NeatPack Compact Hanging Toiletry Bag, $17, Amazon

Especially good for travel, this compact toiletry bag provides users with an ideal space to store all toiletries and bathroom necessities in one place. Because the pockets are made from soft mesh, you'll be able to easily spot the items and tools that you need without wasting time digging around. With an attached metal hanging hook, this bag can hang from a wall or door, and pack up to be tossed into a suitcase, carry-on, or purse during travel. Crafted from water-resistant, sturdy nylon fabric, this hanging compartment bag helps to organize any toiletry bag.


33. A Tech-Forward Compact Mirror That Provides Users With Bright LED Lights And A Smartphone Charger

Light-Up Compact Mirror, $21, Amazon

Unlike regular compact mirrors, this inventive compact fits easily into the hand, features a bright LED light for precision makeup application, provides up to three-times magnification, and — get this — it can charge your smartphone. Yep, that's right. With 3000 mAh battery pack, you just use a USB cord to plug your phone into the mirror and you're on your way to a quick charge and a makeup check in no time. Plus, the mirror conveniently comes with a USB and travel pouch.


34. A Set of Packing Compartments That Allow You To Fit Way More Into Your Suitcase

Mossio Seven Set Packing Cubes, $16, Amazon

Packing (and unpacking) for travel can be tiresome, frustrating, and a general headache. But thanks to these cool cubes that allow for easy organization, you won't dread fitting everything into the suitcase anymore. This set of seven includes three cubes, three pouches, and one shoe bag, and comes in eight different colors. The variety of compartment sizes can be mixed and matched to fit different suitcases, and are all super lightweight for seamless travel. Each compartment is made of thick, durable nylon fabric that features easy-to-open, yet protective two-way zippers, so all of your necessities will stay in place in transit.


35. A Refreshing, Protective Foot Salve That One Happy Reviewer Called "Springtime For The Feet"

J.R. Watkins Foot Repair Salve, $8, Amazon

Even when everything else in your life feels perfect, having irritated, dry, or peeling feet can really throw a wrench into your daily routine. This peppermint foot salve is the answer to all foot woes. Made from natural plant-based ingredients and chock full of revitalizing, protective peppermint oil, this salve provides rich, hydrating relief to cracked and dry feet while leaving behind a fresh, minty scent. One of many happy users who gave the product five stars wrote that she loves the salve: "My feet feel so revitalized and soft afterwards. It's like springtime for the feet."


36. A Compact And Easy-to-Carry Dry Shampoo Technique That Effectively Absorbs Oil

Dry Shampoo Blotting Sheets, $24 (50 Pack), Amazon

Blotting sheets aren't necessarily what you associate with dry shampoo, right? Well, these unique little sheets provide super mattifying oil absorption to your hair thanks to natural rice powder. One Amazon reviewer gave the sheets five stars, writing that they really do the trick. "I’ve been pleased with the dry shampoo sheets. After rubbing over my hair, there is visible oil on the paper and my hair has more of a matte appearance. If anything I feel like I need to use 2 sheets to fully get the job done and since 50 sheets come in a pack, this isn’t a big deal to me. The packaging is small and convenient to stick in my purse to have on hand for touch ups while I’m out."


37. A Stylish Passport-Holder That Doubles As A Wallet

Travelambo Blocking Passport Holder Wallet and Travel Wallet Envelope, $14, Amazon

You know that feeling when all of your necessities fit seamlessly into one place? Well, you can expect that when you use this super-functional passport holder wallet, which is made from durable and soft polyurethane. With one passport pocket, three card slots, an ID card slot, a sim card pouch, a ticket pocket, one smartphone pouch, a money zipper pocket, and a key and pen holder, you will be hard-pressed to not fit literally everything you could ever need into this stylish, elegant card holder.


38. A Lightweight Hair Mist That Creates Weightless Lift And Volume

Pureology Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist, $9, Amazon

Weightless volume is the name of the game with this unique spray from Pureology. Not only does the natural, 100 percent vegan formula protect hair from harmful UV rays and heat, but the mist also smoothes and adds shine and hydration. It also lifts the hair up from roots to tips, resulting in textured, full-bodied locks that have a lightweight, touchable feel. You can expect a gentle scent of the brand's signature aromatherapy blend of bergamot, citrus, and cedarwood.

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