38 Random Finds On Amazon Under-$35 That Are Unquestionably Brilliant

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Brilliance is usually in the eye of the beholder. But there are times when it's difficult to argue with a product's absolutely genius traits. And these 38 random finds on Amazon under $35 that are unquestionably brilliant are the perfect examples. They won't break the bank, but are so useful and convenient that you'll wonder why they don't cost three times as much.

These innovative products have been selected from across a wide and varied range of categories. You'll find kitchen products that will save you infinite amounts of time and headache — like a tomato slicer and silicone baking mats that require not even a drop of oil or butter. The list has plenty of brilliant grooming and beauty products like a spinning makeup brush cleaner that removes all dirt and bacteria and an intensely hydrating eye gel that boasts more than 15,000 reviews.

And then there are always the truly random, even slightly bizarre products that are favorites because they fulfill a need or solve a problem in the most interesting way possible. You'll feel much safer taking your dog out for an evening stroll with an LED collar that alerts drivers to your presence. And while you may not think you need a chiller glass that transforms hot coffee into the perfect iced coffee treat in just 60 seconds, it's difficult to deny it would be a pretty cool, time-saving (and brilliant) invention to call your own.

Check out these brilliant products and feel good about making some your own — thanks to their affordable prices.

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