38 Luxurious Home Products Under $25 On Amazon

by Lisa Fogarty

If there's one surefire way to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary, it's to surround yourself with objects that are beautiful and inspiring. But you also have bills to pay — which is why these luxurious home products on Amazon are such gems. Each of these amazingly useful, innovative products feel like they should break the bank, but they'll barely make a dent in your wallet.

The best luxury items appeal to your senses and these Amazon products don't disappoint. You'll find a wide range of items for every room in your home and for every job under the sun — from cooking to serving party guests. But the difference between these tools and gadgets and most you'll encounter is that these are sleeker, softer, shinier, and just feel special.

You won't find an ordinary set of coasters here, but coasters made from slate stone that are so easy to clean. You could own any set of espresso cups, but the double-walled insulated glass cups on this list are shatter-proof and keep your hands cool. And, sure, ice cubes are fine for keeping cocktails cold, but whiskey stones that won't dilute drinks and come in a velvet carrying pouch feel next-level luxurious.

So, go on and indulge in these decadent home products — no one else has to know that they're actually bargains in disguise.

The Useful Mortar And Pestle For Grinding Spices That's Made From Marble

Grind up spices in this absolutely beautiful mortar and pestle. The tool is actually made of quality marble and looks a lot more expensive than its price. One reviewer writes: "I love my mortar and pestle. I have wanted one for years and this purchase exceeded my expectations! The marble is strong and it looks fantastic!"

A Nine-Piece Cheese Board That You Can Write On With Chalk

Serve your favorite cheeses and make sure guests can identify them with the help of this nine-piece cheese board, which you can actually write on with chalk (and easily wipes clean). The board comes with chalk, three dipping bowls, and four gold beautiful gold and wooden serving utensils.

This Velvet-Soft Throw Blanket That Comes In More Than 15 Shades

Keep this luxuriously soft throw blanket on your sofa and bed and rely on it anytime you need quick warmth and coziness. The breathable microfiber throw comes in four sizes and more than 15 colors. One reviewer raves: "The blanket is super soft and warm. I washed it as directed (cold water, separate on gentle cycle + low heat dry) and it did not lint up like other blankets I have used."

These Room Brightening Ceramic Pots For Succulent Plants

This trio of white ceramic pots with a sustainable bamboo base will brighten any room. Include your favorite succulent plants in each pot and place them anywhere — on your windowsill, book shelf, or table — to jazz up the atmosphere with natural ambiance.

An Eco-Friendly Trio Of Bamboo Cutting Board In Different Sizes

This trio of eco-friendly cutting boards made from sustainable bamboo come in three different sizes to handle all of your cooking prep and serving needs — from cutting up vegetables to serving up a flank steak. You'll find yourself using these boards every day, and the price can't be beat. Wipe then down with warm water and detergent to keep them clean. One reviewer writes: "They stay in place on the counter, are just heavy enough but not too heavy so as to be burdensome moving around to scrape things into whatever concoction I'm making."

The Quality Set Of Red Wine Glasses Made From Italian Glass

Despite the affordable price, there's no compromise when it comes to these red wine glasses, which hold 18 ounces and are designed from quality Italian glass. One reviewer writes: "I think these are great. Thin, light, and they have that crystal sound around the rim of the glass. Would make a great addition to any household, and you can't beat that price."

This Reusable Glass Coffee Cup That Comes In Different Sizes

If you can appreciate a glass coffee cup and realize how impossible it is to find one that you can take on the road with you, this is the reusable coffee cup you need in your life. It comes in a number of colors and three sizes, and is good for both hot and cold coffee. Reviewers say it doesn't easily spill when traveling with it, either.

A Convenient Caddy Tray For The Ultimate Relaxing Bath

This extendable bamboo bathtub caddy tray has slots and holders for drinks, books, an iPad, and more traditional bath time tools like razors. It helps transform every bath into a luxurious experience and fits perfectly on your tub without the worry that it will fall.

This Cocktail Shaker Set That Will Last You For Years

Make delicious cocktails — faster, easier, and with style — with this cocktail shaker set, which comes with a 24-ounce cocktail shaker, measuring jig, mixing spoon, and recipe book. Made from quality stainless steel, this is the one and only set you'll need and the one that will last for years.

An Elegant Soy Wax Candle With A Sweet Container That Can Be Used Again

People who know and love candles also know they aren't one and the same. This large 15-ounce soy wax candle comes packaged in an elegant black ceramic vessel with a copper lid and can be used again as a pot for succulents or as a sweet storage solution. It comes in five unique, sultry scents that include bergamot and mahogany or tobacco and vanilla.

A Makeup Storage Organizer With A Removable Bottom For Easy Cleaning

Store your makeup brushes and eye makeup tools in this makeup brush storage organizer, which has three divided sections and a stand-up design that looks elegant on your vanity or in your bathroom. And, because makeup organizers tend to get dirty, this one was designed with a removable bottom that makes it easier to clean.

These Sleek, Stackable Wooden Boxes For Salt And Spices

Store salt, pepper, and your favorite spices in these stackable wooden salt boxes, which can then sit on your counter (where they look so charming) or in a cabinet. Made from natural acacia wood, the boxes have secure lids that keep moisture out and retain the freshness of your spices.

This Heated Massage Pillow For Tired, Aching Muscles

Wherever you've got tired, aching muscles — or want to work out the kinks in your neck, shoulders, back, or abs — this heated Shiatsu massage pillow delivers the goods with four powerful massage nodes and infrared warming technology. The pillow even has an adjustable strap that you can attach to chairs and car seats.

A Stylish Rolling Pin Made From Non-Stick Marble

If there's one way to jazz up a rolling pin, this is it: this pin is made from 100 percent marble that won't stick to dough like other pins. Its wooden resting base provides the perfect home for it when it's not in use.

An Impressive Himalayan Salt Lamp With A Dimmer Switch

Purify the air in any room and add a touch of soothing ambience with this Himalayan salt lamp. The impressive lamp has a stainless steel base and a touch dimmer switch that lets you control the brightness.

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser That Will Help You Breathe Better

Improve the quality of the air you breathe and make any living environment a more soothing one with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. The ultrasonic diffuser releases a mist of cooling vapor and scent while offering the option of switching among seven LED colored lights that double as a night light.

These Eco-Friendly Dish Towels That Are Highly Absorbent

Made from upcycled denim and cotton, these eco-friendly dish towels are highly absorbent and will replace paper towels, saving you a ton of money in the long run. Use them over and over again for cleaning and drying and then toss them in the washing machine when they need a good clean.

A Special Glass Pitcher That Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures

This borosilicate glass pitcher stands out — and not simply because it boasts a fancy design that makes it look far more expensive. The 68-ounce pitcher has a stainless steel lid that can be opened in one of two ways: wide or with a filtered mouth. And it can withstand extreme temperatures, from 0 to 300 degrees, making it the most versatile, multi-purpose, and pretty pitcher you'll own.

An Opulent Serving Bowl Set For Your Next Party

This sweet three-tier oval bowl set is exactly the thing you need to make your next party over-the-top fancy (without shelling out the money to make it fancy). The ceramic serving bowls are positioned on a metal rack, and are safe in your microwave and dishwasher.

This Sophisticated Set Of Soup Bowls That You'll Use Every Day

Serve soup (and anything else) in these elegant porcelain soup bowls and you'll make an ordinary dinner feel like something pulled from the pages of a home design magazine. The ceramic bowls have a sweet marbled pattern, and they come in four different sizes to suit all of your serving needs.

A Natural Wood Soap Dish That Drains Water

Your soaps will last longer in these natural wood soap dishes, with their slanted design that drains water instead of collecting it in a messy pool like other dishes. These handcrafted soap dishes won't retain odors and are easy to clean.

The Quirky Pineapple Bottle Opener That's Also A Conversation Piece

This stainless steel bottle opener is a conversation piece at parties, thanks to its fun and festive pineapple design. It comes in copper, gold, or silver — and reviewers say it works well, will put a smile on your face, and doubles as cute kitchen decor.

This Decanter That Enhances The Flavor Of Red Wine

Think a tastier wine is meant just for fancy jet set types? This affordable and effective wine aerator will have you thinking twice: use the decanter before pouring red wine into glasses and it immediately enhances the flavor of your vino.

These Clever Chilling Stones That Won't Dilute Drinks

When you want a cold drink, without diluting and basically ruining that drink with water, these chilling stones are the solution. The nine-piece set is crafted from soapstone and comes with a swanky velvet carrying pouch. Freeze them ahead of time and use them as a replacement for ice cubes in all of your favorite drinks.

The Antibacterial Beauty Sponge Holder With A Vented Design

They may seem like luxury items, but these beauty sponge blender holders are super practical and provide a place to (finally) store your sponge applicators. They look like fancy goblets and are cleverly designed with vents to prevent the build-up of bacteria.

A Reversible Pillow With Cooling Gel And Memory Foam

No matter what temperature the night throws at you, this reversible pillow will conform. It has cooling gel on one side that regulates the temperature and keeps you from sweating — and soft memory foam on the other that's as comfortable as a cloud. Its 5-inch loft is ideal for all sleeping styles and it comes with a washable mesh cover.

This Cup Warmer So You Can Enjoy Your Coffee For Hours

No need to rush — take your time enjoying your coffee or tea by placing it on this decorative cup warmer. The plug-in warmer has a non-stick surface, a simple on and off switch with a light indicator, and it's perfect for travel and the office.

The Space-Saving Holder For Hair Dryers And Heated Hair Tools

Store hair dryers and heated tools like straightening irons and curling wands in this free-standing hair tools holder, which has two roomy compartments and is made from heat-resistant steel wire. The sturdy storage piece comes in seven shades.

This Set Of Double Insulated Espresso Cups That Keep Hands Cool

This set of espresso cups is designed with double-wall insulation that keeps your strong coffee brew hot and delicious, while ensuring your fingertips and hands stay cool. Despite being made from glass, they're also shatter-proof (hurray for that) and safe in your microwave and dishwasher.

The Multi-Purpose Chef's Knife For All Of Your Prep Tasks

Great kitchen knives are going to cost you — but they shouldn't break the bank, either. This highly rated 8-inch chef's knife is made from high-quality German stainless steel and is perfect for cutting meats, cheese, bread, and veggies. According to one reviewer: "I’ve been using this knife several weeks now and REALLY LIKE it — the sleek look of the handle, the overall look of the blade, the balance when handling, and it’s sharpness."

An Anti-Mildew Bath Rug That Won't Slip Under Your Feet

Minutes after you step onto this plush memory foam bath mat, it starts drying and keeps on drying, preventing mildew and nasty odors from forming. This hypoallergenic mat stays put and won't slip under your feet and it comes in two shades: grey and chocolate.

These Odor-Fighting Bath Towels That Are Beyond Plush

These amazing bath towels combine the antibacterial properties of bamboo — which makes them resistant to odors — with soft, plush cotton to create a bath towel that feels great and will last forever. The set of four towels come in four shades: grey, white, duck egg, and coal.

This Silky Pillowcase That Is Gentle On Hair And Skin

Made from quality 21 momme silk on both sides, this pillowcase is gentle on your hair and skin — which means less static and bed head and a smoother, crease-free complexion in the morning. The zippered case is also perfect at regulating temperature and keeping your head cool, and it comes in 24 shades and three sizes.

An All-Natural Toilet Spray That Kills Bad Odors With Essential Oils

No need to stress about less-than-pleasant bathroom smells. Spray this toilet spray directly into toilet water before you go and its natural blend of essential oils (which are safe for toilets) immediately neutralize foul scents and keep your bathroom smelling fresh. This particular scent is fortified with eucalyptus and spearmint.

The Multi-Tasking Rice Cooker That Simultaneously Steams Food

Why own just a rice cooker when you can own this multi-tasking rice cooker and food steamer that cuts down on your cooking chores? Cook rice on the bottom and steam meat and vegetables at the top — the device will even keep your one-pot wonder meal warm until you're ready to dig in.

This Relaxing Essential Oils Set That Takes The Guess Work Out Of Oils

Let this essential oils set take the guess work out of picking and choosing the perfect oils to create the relaxing atmosphere you need and crave. This trio of oils is specifically blended to promote better sleep, calmness, and relaxation — and is so pure and potent that a few drops in your aromatherapy diffuser is all you need. Scents include blends like grapefruit, vetiver, and geranium.

These Retro-Sweet Trays For Serving Up Food In Style

This set of three rustic, retro-looking trays come in three sizes: small, medium, and large, and are perfect for serving up food in style. The trays have handles and come in two shades: white-washed (shown here) and a darker rustic color. Eat a fancy dinner on the couch, serve breakfast in bed, or use them to decorate.

An Electric Kettle That Boils Water In A Flash

An electric kettle made from durable stainless steel that holds up to 1-liter of water, this super-fast gadget heats up water in seconds and has a removable filter that's simple to clean. The kettle can be removed from its electric base and is cordless for convenience.

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