39 Brilliant Beauty Products On Amazon That Are So Genius, They’ll Leave You Shook

by Ellie Nan Storck

What's better than stocking up on the latest trendy beauty products? Stocking up on totally amazing, next-level, trendy beauty products. This list features some incredibly brilliant beauty products that are so genius, they'll leave you shook. Real shook.

On Amazon, there are incredible skincare, beauty, and hair products that are cult-favorites, new or innovative items on the market, or tried-and-true classics. If you haven't tried them yet, you should; they certainly aren't the run-of-the-mill products that you can find in a drug store. These are the hard-to-find hidden gems that you've probably never heard of, but once you try them, you'll recommend them to everyone. They're the creme de la creme of the most genius beauty products, if you will.

From top-of-the-line yet affordable Korean sheet masks, to shampoo made from activated charcoal and ACV; from a deeply hydrating skin oil derived from trees in Southern Africa, to a serum made of snail mucus, these cover all the bases and are the most top-rated and distinctive products that use safe and beneficial ingredients. If you're looking for a new product to add to your beauty arsenal, get ready to see the number in your shopping cart tick up, up, and away!

A Face Mask That Uses Collagen And Aloe Vera To Firm And Hydrate

Calling all Korean sheet mask lovers! Described by one happy user as "deliciously moisturizing," this aloe vera face mask uses botanical ingredients and collagen to give your skin a boost of firmness and elasticity while delivering rich, deep hydration to your face. You can expect to feel refreshed, and be left with a healthy glow after just one use.

A Rechargeable Electric Facial Brush That Comes With Three Different Heads

This handy electric facial brush is perfect for at-home use, but also helps keep skin cleansed and refreshed when you're on the road. With a rechargeable battery that can provide up to 4 hours of use when fully charged, this ergonomically-designed tool has three different soft-bristle heads, varying speeds of 360-degree rotation, and high frequency vibration deep cleanse to all skin types — even sensitive skin.

A Treatment For The Skin Underneath Your Eyes That Uses Hyaluronic Acid And Collagen To Hydrate And Firm

Two key ingredients make this under-eye mask a total winner in the eyes of over 70 percent of Amazon reviewers: plant-based collagen and hyaluronic acid. The collagen works to regenerate skin cells and restore elasticity, while rich, moisturizing hyaluronic acid keeps your skin dewy and hydrated, which will reduce the risk of puffiness or fine lines.

A Concealer Cream That Uses Oil Extracted From Norwegian Salmon

We've all heard about the fish oil craze, but this dark circle concealer cream takes the unique ingredient to the next level. Made from Norwegian salmon oil, which is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, retinol, and vitamin E, this smooth-textured cream helps to conceal those totally normal yet tough-to-avoid dark circles that can appear under your eyes, leaving behind a healthy glow. The cream is packed with nutrients, so in addition to hydrating and concealing, it will pack a serious nourishment punch.

A Korean Serum That Uses Honey Extract And Leaves Skin Glowing

It turns out, honey can do a lot more than sweeten your tea and toast. This rich serum from Korean beauty company CNP Laboratory provides skin with soothing hydration and effectively nourishes and plumps, thanks to unique ingredients like honey extract. Reviewers claim that results are very quick and visible — one user called it the perfect facial oil, claiming that "it is not greasy at all and my skin has instant glow."

An SPF 50 Sunscreen That Uses Aloe Vera To Protect And Sooth At The Same Time

This SPF 50 sun protectant gel is chock-full of soothing aloe vera, which not only helps in protecting your skin from the sun, but it will effectively relieve the irritation caused by sunburn. The non-sticky, lightweight formula goes on smooth and can be easily applied underneath makeup, or just worn on its own.

A Rich Gel-Like Cream That Uses Snail Mucus Extract To Revitalize Skin

If you're suffering from tired or damaged skin, this snail cream is your ticket to helping it become clear, smooth, and totally happy. Made from snail mucus extract — yes, snail mucus — the cream works hard to revitalize the skin's texture and help with cell regeneration, giving your skin an extra boost. Reviewers say it's great for sensitive skin, and perfect for colder months.

A Shampoo And Conditioner Set That Uses Activated Charcoal And Natural Oils To Cleanse, Hydrate, And Nourish Hair

Both paraben- and sulfate-free, this shampoo utilizes activated charcoal to deliver nourishment and hydration to your hair while washing away dirt and dead skin. The addition of natural oils like argan, avocado, jojoba, and camellia seed provide hair with restorative nutrients. The best part? This combo is ideal for all hair types — dry, oily, curly, fine, color-treated — you name it, and the shampoo will benefit your locks.

A Drying Lotion Made From Sulfur That Zaps Blemishes

The instructions for this drying lotion are simple: apply the lotion directly to your blemish before bed, have a restful, sleep, and voilà — wake up to smaller, less inflamed pimples. Salicylic acid works to cleanse pores and dry the spot, while sulfur exfoliates away dead skin cells and allows the ingredients to enter pores and work their magic.

A Multi-Function, Cold-Pressed Oil Derived From Marula Trees In Southern Africa

This is one of those amazing oils that can be used practically anywhere, and it also performs a handful of functions. Derived from Marula trees in Southern Africa, the cold-pressed oil is effective when used on any and all skin and hair types, and can help treat dryness, scars, irritation or redness, and general damage. One reviewer writes: "The marula is a heavier consistency, but somehow seems less greasy. My skin tone is very even using this, and acne scars are healing quickly."

A Facial Cleanser For Sensitive And Oil-Prone Skin That Doesn't Disturb Skin's pH Balance

One of Europe's leading beauty brands brings us this foaming facial cleanser for sensitive, oily skin. The face wash is both oil- and soap-free, and gently washes away dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup without disturbing the skin's pH balance. The unique formula uses Zinc Pidolate, which purifies skin and reduces shine without drying.

The Tea Tree Oil Primer That's Great For Acne-Prone Skin

If you're looking for a natural way to reduce the appearance of pores on your face — while keeping in mind that nothing will actually shrink them — then this tea tree oil primer is the way to go. Tea tree oil is one of those plant-based oils that serves many functions, and purifying while reducing the appearance of large pores is one of them. The cream mattifies and smoothes skin, prepping it for makeup — or it can just be worn on its own as a refreshing and functional base.

A Foot Scrub That Uses Pumice And Eucalyptus To Leave Feet Baby Soft

Our feet do a lot of work — so why not give them a little extra TLC? This refreshing foot scrub utilizes stimulating eucalyptus and pumice, which dually waken, cleanse, and exfoliate dirt and dead skin cells from your feet, leaving the skin soft and supple. It's also fortified with lavender and lemon to add some relaxing aromatherapy into your scrub down.

A Vitamin C Serum That Battles Scars, Sun Spots, And Blemishes

With so many vitamin C serums on the market, it's hard to narrow it down to just one to choose. But this Day Glow Serum from Seoul Ceuticals, a Korean beauty company, delivers nourishment to all skin types — not only does it provide rich hydration, but it helps to renew elasticity. One happy user, who claims to have tried many vitamin C serums, gave the product five-stars, and here's why: "It is quick absorbing and leaves skin with renewed radiance. The ingredients are outstanding, from the high concentration on Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C) to the Hyaluronic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Arginine, Jojoba Oil, Horestail Extract, and more. The citrus stem cells give it a fresh orange aroma and it feels absolutely exquisite. Your skin will drink it up. It is my favorite Vit. C Serum in ANY price range."

An Under-Eye Cream That Uses Coffee To Reduce Puffiness

Thanks to the combination of black currant oil and coffee beans in this rich caffeine eye cream, users can expect to see quick and amazing results. Vital antioxidants and vitamins help to reduce puffiness around the under-eye area, leaving skin plumped and nourished. It's also made with rosehip oil to bring back some hydration to eyes, and it's made with completely all-natural ingredients.

A Mascara That Uses Organic Ingredients To Nourish Lashes While Increasing Volume And Definition

The ingredients that go into making this organic, smoothing mascara are ones that will condition and nourish your lashes while giving them the length and volume that you want. Chamomile, vitamin E, coffee powder, and sunflower seed oil are kind to your eyes and leave lashes soft, while the buildable pigment results in long, defined lashes that won't flake or cause raccoon eyes.

A Quick-Absorbing Essence Treatment That Uses Yeast To Hydrate

It's all about hydration and brightening abilities with this highly concentrated essence. The use of yeast extract yields an immensely hydrating formula that helps to create glowing, moisturized skin that absorbs quickly, thanks to low viscosity (it's not super thick!). One reviewer writes: "Missha Essence is highly recommended by many as it has skin brightening properties and will remove additional dirt/oil from your face that your cleanser and toner will not pick up."

A Five-In-One Oil That Is Completely Pure And Natural

The bottle that holds this wonder oil clearly states just what it will do for your skin —and it sure is a lot! You can use this oil as a daily cleanser; to remove makeup; to help reduce the appearance of unwanted marks or scars; to simply (and effectively) moisturize; and lastly, for those who are feeling a little indulgent, as a relaxing massage oil. The oil itself is derived from the seeds of the Camellia plant, and is often called "tea seed oil."

A Professional Flat Iron Tool That Safely Smoothes Hair While Avoiding Damage And Reducing Frizz

The one-inch titanium ion plates on this professional-grade flat iron use advanced MCH ceramic heat and infrared technology to safely smooth hair while reducing frizz thanks to negative ions it releases. With adjustable temperatures (ranging from 270 to 450 degrees), floating plates, and LCD light display, this top-notch flat iron will leave hair hydrated, smooth, and styled without damage or frizz.

A Vegan Dry Shampoo That Comes In Paste Form

This innovative dry shampoo comes in paste-form — a welcomed departure from chalky dry shampoo sprays. R+Co promises lightweight hold, touchable texture, and fast-acting oil-absorption, minus that icky build-up. Completely vegan and cruelty-free, the paste can be rubbed between your fingers and gently worked through hair for a long-lasting and fresh look.

The Exfoliating Cleansing Pads That Use Green Tea Extract To Help Resurface Skin

"Skin resurfacing" may sound intimidating, but when using these unique bio-peel gauze pads, it's completely safe and beneficial to your skin, and aids in cell regeneration. The dermatologist-tested exfoliating pads use green tea extract to boost skin elasticity while tightening pores and helping to heal blemishes and scars. Lots of happy users gave the product five stars on Amazon, many citing its ability to leave skin super soft.

A Calming Cream That Helps Reduce Redness And Irritation Caused By Blemishes

We're all familiar with the irritation and redness that can be caused by even the smallest of blemishes. This blue calming cream is a fast-acting treatment for irritated skin. Whether you use it as a spot treatment for an angry pimple, or as a post-shave cream to relieve redness or treat painful ingrown hairs, this cream will leave your skin feeling the equivalent of a much-needed sigh of relief. The formula uses Centella Asiatica extract, which comes from a plant found in Madagascar, to prevent scarring and aid in skin regeneration.

A Smoothing And Exfoliating Scrub That Uses Sugar, Natural Oils, Kaolin Clay, And Witch Hazel To Leave Skin Out-Of-This-World Soft

The combination of exfoliating sugar and hydrating natural oils make this body scrub a winner in the skin-smoothing department. With a refreshing raspberry lemon scent, this formula utilizes the moisturizing properties of coconut oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil in conjunction with the exfoliating function of natural sugar and kaolin clay. The addition of witch hazel helps to tone and smooth the skin's texture.

An Activated Charcoal Loose Powder For DIY Face Masks

You can take some creative control with this clarifying powder, which gives users the main ingredient for DIY face masks and skin treatments. Made from pore-cleansing activated charcoal, blue-green algae, French green clay, rich vitamin C, and firming vegan DMAE, this vegan-friendly loose powder can be mixed with just water — or ingredients of your choosing — to create hydrating, refreshing, and soothing masks.

A Nourishing Lash Serum That Helps Lashes Grow In A Month

We spend a lot of time on caring for the hair that grows on top of our head, but it can be (understandably) easy to let eyelash care fall by the wayside. This serum is all about lash love: it uses nourishing ingredients like gingko and ginseng root to help strengthen, condition, and enhance the appearance of your lovely lashes in as little time as a month.

A Round Brush That Helps To Spread The Oil Naturally Produced By Scalp

Not only is this round brush ideal for creating smooth, styled hair, but because of its shape and the way it moves through your locks, the boar bristles can aid in spreading the sebum oil that our scalps naturally produce. Thanks to the nano ionic technology of this barrel brush, the bristles heat up when used with a blow dryer, helping to create no-frizz shine and long-lasting volume.

The Small Stainless Steel Razors That Get Rid Of Stray Brow Hairs And Peach Fuzz

Whether you use these stainless steel mini-razors for brow touch ups or fine facial hairs, the ergonomic design and angled blades of this tool allow for exceptional precision when combatting stray hairs. They're made for eyebrows, but reviewers love to use them for dermaplaning — which is a way to smooth and exfoliate skin by removing dead skin and hairs.

A Lip Mask That Smoothes And Hydrates Lips Overnight

Masks aren't just for your face. This overnight lip mask relies on ginger, shea butter, and sugar to deliver rich hydration to dry, irritated, or chapped lips overnight. Before bed, apply the mask like any other balm, and wake up to smooth, moisturized lips with hydration that will last up to 24 hours.

A Powerfully Detoxifying Facial Cleanser That Leaves Skin Bright And Glowing

A bestseller in Korea, this powerful facial cleanser enters deep into pores to remove dead skins cells, dirt, and makeup, leaving skin clean, refreshed, and bright. The brand uses natural ingredients and oils like sweet almond, olive, sunflower seed, coconut, and jojoba to ensure that hydration is not sacrificed during the pore-cleansing process.

A Vegan Brow Pencil That Never Needs To Be Sharpened

Formulated with naturally beneficial and safe ingredients like jojoba and castor oils, this versatile and mechanical brow pencil never needs sharpening. The color goes on smooth and the spoolie brush at the end can be used for keeping hairs in place and blending color. It's also a universal shade that works for most brow colors.

A Shampoo And Conditioner Set That Uses Apple Cider Vinegar To Remove Buildup And Promote Healthy Locks

Made with natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, organic virgin coconut oil, avocado oil, and wheat protein, this haircare set is sulfate- and paraben-free, pH-balancing, and ideal for locks that need some extra love. The shampoo will effectively target buildup, and the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of ACV will help leave hair clean and dandruff-free. The nourishing conditioner restores hair health and encourages growth.

A Sheet Mask That Uses Snail Serum To Hydrate And Smooth Skin

Made from cottonseed hair and are soaked with natural ingredients like snail secretion filtrate, these rich sheet masks help to majorly smooth and hydrate skin. Users can expect skin to feel replenished and look bright, firm, and plump after 15 minutes of wearing the mask.

A Natural Foaming Face Wash That Uses Rose Stem Cells To Cleanse And Calm

This gentle cleansing foam from Andalou Naturals is ideal for dry, delicate skin. The formula washes away dirt, makeup, and dead skin, utilizing calming alpine rose stem cells, moisturizing aloe vera, and vital antioxidants from pomegranates that provide skin with a deep and refreshing cleanse. Reviewers say the scent is pleasant, and it's great for both sensitive and acne-prone skin.

A Glamorous Glitter Gel That Looks Like Actual Unicorn Snot And Can Be Used Everywhere

Go ahead, bedazzle yourself. Although it's not actually derived from real-life unicorns (although it's pretty darn convincing), this vegan gel product can be applied on your face, in your hair, and on your body for a quick-dry, residue-free boost of glitter and glam. The gel dries quickly and it's easy to wash off — making this the absolute best way to apply glitter without getting it everywhere.

A Facial Peel That Uses Pumpkin And Glycolic Acid To Leave Skin Smooth And Firm

No, it's not a pumpkin spice latte — but this facial peel uses pumpkin extract and glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells and dirt, revealing smooth, glowing skin. In addition to its skin-clearing abilities, the mask will provide an elasticity boost to your face while reducing dark marks.

A Concealer Pen With Five-In-One Perfecting Abilities And Natural, Safe Ingredients

Having five-in-one capabilities is no small feat: that's what sets this cushion-tipped complexion skin perfecter apart from the rest. The pen can conceal, correct, illuminate, blur, and brighten, depending on where and how it is used. Using safe and naturally beneficial ingredients like turmeric and camelia seed oil, this pen is a must-have for seamless blending and a soft-focus, demi-matte finish.

A Brush That Straightens And Combs Hair At The Same Time

Not only does this hairbrush smooth your locks into sultry silkiness, but it also straightens along the way. Made from tourmaline ceramic that releases natural ions to hair that provide smoothing properties, the 23 plates (so basically 23 mini flatirons!) heat up in under one minute, and pull gently through hair, resulting in a straight, styled 'do.

A Dark Liquid Liner That Creates The Perfect Cat Eye

This deeply pigmented, black liquid liner uses a specialized tip to create precise lines, ranging from super-fine to bold and thick, depending on how you angle the pen. Happy users on Amazon laud the product for its long-lasting and defining abilities — so get ready to finally nail the perfect cat eye.

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