37 Random Finds On Amazon Under-$35 That Are Unquestionably Brilliant

by Lisa Fogarty

Brilliance is usually in the eye of the beholder. But there are times when it's difficult to argue with a product's absolutely genius traits. And these 38 random finds on Amazon under $35 that are unquestionably brilliant are the perfect examples. They won't break the bank, but are so useful and convenient that you'll wonder why they don't cost three times as much.

These innovative products have been selected from across a wide and varied range of categories. You'll find kitchen products that will save you infinite amounts of time and headache — like a tomato slicer and silicone baking mats that require not even a drop of oil or butter. The list has plenty of brilliant grooming and beauty products like a spinning makeup brush cleaner that removes all dirt and bacteria and an intensely hydrating eye gel that boasts more than 15,000 reviews.

And then there are always the truly random, even slightly bizarre products that are favorites because they fulfill a need or solve a problem in the most interesting way possible. You'll feel much safer taking your dog out for an evening stroll with an LED collar that alerts drivers to your presence. And while you may not think you need a chiller glass that transforms hot coffee into the perfect iced coffee treat in just 60 seconds, it's difficult to deny it would be a pretty cool, time-saving (and brilliant) invention to call your own.

Check out these brilliant products and feel good about making some your own — thanks to their affordable prices.

This Glass That Chills Hot Coffee Into Iced Coffee In Seconds

Perhaps hectic mornings don’t allow you to whip up a really decent iced coffee — that doesn’t mean you have to suffer drinking (gasp!) hot coffee. This patented chiller glass chills any type of coffee you pour into it in less than 60 seconds — without the need for gel packs or ice that dilutes its taste. Simply pour hot coffee into the glass, let it chill for a minute, and then transfer it to your coffee mug or cup.

These Comfortable Nose Vents That Stop You From Snoring

If you’re keeping yourself and everyone else up with snoring, it’s time to take action. These anti-snoring nose vents are made from silicone and rest comfortably in your nasal passageways, preventing you from snoring. You’ll receive four pairs of vents, which come in a convenient travel case, so that you can find the pair that proves a perfect fit for you.

The Tomato And Potato Slicer That Lets You Prep Food In Seconds

Shave off tons of food prep time with this tomato slicer, a smartly designed tool with perfectly spaced slots that allows you to cut tomatoes, potatoes, lemons, and other fruits and vegetables into perfect portions. The tool has an anti-slip base and keeps a firm hold on veggies and fruit — plus, it's dishwasher-safe.

An Automatic Makeup Brush Cleaner That Keeps Bacteria Off Brushes

Makeup brushes harbor bacteria and germs and need to be cleaned regularly for the sake of your skin — but they’re also a notorious pain to keep clean. This automatic spinning makeup brush cleaner takes all of the work out of cleaning brushes. Simply fill the bowl with soapy water, dip and spin brushes, and then dip and spin them once more to dry them. The cleaner and dryer accommodates all brush sizes.

These No-Tie Shoe Laces So You'll Never Have To Stop What You're Doing

Imagine never having to stop what you're doing to bend down and tie a shoelace again. These no-tie shoelaces provide exactly that benefit — they're made from elastic and fit every single pair of shoes or sneakers you own. The convenient laces come in 12 colors.

An Illuminated Dog Collar That Keeps Your Pooch Safe At Night

Take your dog out for a nighttime walk without any fear — this illuminated dog collar features an LED light that alerts cars to your pooch's presence, keeping you both safe. The collar comes in six sizes to fit every dog and it has a USB rechargeable battery for convenience. Choose among six colors, including neon green, ruby red, and cotton candy pink.

A USB Charger That Snaps Onto Outlets And Frees Up Space

Snap this USB charger right onto outlets and it serves as the most convenient space imaginable for charging devices like your phone or tablet. The charger was wisely designed so that its port is featured on the side and not front and absolutely zero tools or brackets are required to keep it in place. The charger comes in white, ivory, or light almond.

The Bedtime Light Bulb That Emits Less Distracting Blue Light

Blue light emitted from devices like computers and LED lights can actually be disruptive when you are trying to wind down, relax, and get to sleep. This bedtime bulb provides the opposite effect: it's a more soothing source of light that relaxes your eyes and helps you make the adjustment from daytime to nighttime.

This Foot Rocker That Stretches Your Calf And Leg Muscles

Stretch out tight calves and leg muscles with this unique, effective foot rocker. The non-slip rocker boosts circulation and helps alleviate pain associated with conditions like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. The best part: you can slide it under your desk and discreetly use it throughout the day for fast relief.

An Aromatherapy Diffuser For Cleaner Air In Your Car

You spend so much time in your car — why shouldn't the experience of commuting be as pleasant as possible? This car diffuser is ultrasonic to ensure that the air circulating in your car is as clean as possible. And if you prefer to be surrounded by the soothing scent of an essential oil, just add a few drops to the diffuser. The diffuser even features two USB ports so that there's always a place to charge your phone and tablet.

A Smart WiFi Plug So You Can Control Electronics From Anywhere

No matter where you roam, you can always check in and turn off electronic devices in your home when you have this smart WiFi plug — which provides complete peace of mind. The plug works by connecting to the Kasa app, where you can set schedules for electronics and light fixtures. And it's also compatible with voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana.

The Supportive Knee Pillow That Relieves Pain

Place this supportive knee pillow between your knees to provide better spinal alignment and take pressure off of your hips for a more comfortable sleep or rest. The wedge pillow is made from memory foam, which springs back to life after pressure has been places on it, and it comes with a removable, washable cover.

These Space- Saving Hangers That Can Be Used Vertically

There's just never enough room in any closet — but these space-saving hangers, which can store clothing vertically or horizontally, provide an elegant solution to a common problem. Each hanger cluster can fit five garments — and up to 30 pounds (so it works great for winter coats). They come in white or gray and are fully assembled.

The Plant-Based Stain Remover That's Safe On Every Washable Fabric

Before you toss that shirt or mat that has been soiled by grease, ink, wine, or any other tough stain, give this natural stain remover a spin. The enzyme-based cleaner is made from plant-derived ingredients without a single harsh chemical. And, according to more than 2,800 reviewers, it can lift up every stain under the sun.

An Eye Gel That De-Puffs And Hydrates Skin

Add intense hydration to the delicate skin under your eyes and take away puffiness after a long, fun night and too little sleep — this eye gel is loved by more than 15,000 reviewers because it works so darn well without breaking the bank. The eye gel also just so happens to boast a number of incredible, effective ingredients like peptides, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

These Silky Soft Microfiber Bed Sheets That Come In So Many Colors

This microfiber bed sheet set is made from wrinkle-resistant and stain-resistant microfiber, which also has a silky-soft texture (without having to pay silk prices). The four-piece set boasts more than 59,000 reviews and is easily one of the most popular bed sheet options on Amazon. It comes in seven mattress sizes and more than 40 shades and prints.

This Sophisticated Mug Warmer For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Or Tea

Keep that cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa warm for hours on end with this high-tech coffee warmer. The plug-in warmer goes above and beyond the call of duty with touch control technology, an easy-to-read LCD screen, and adjustable temperature options that can switch between celsius and Fahrenheit. The stainless steel warmer even comes with its own mug that features a heat-resistant handle and slip-resistant sleeve.

An Anti-Inflammation Pad For Sore Muscles

If you suffer from joint pain or sore muscles, these anti-inflammation pads are magic, according to more than 27,000 reviewers. The pads are infused with effective ingredients like arnica, glucosamine, choline, and vitamin B6 and penetrate fast so that your skin never feels greasy. You can use these pads anywhere — including your knees, back, elbows, and hands.

The Compact Travel-Ready Flat Iron For All Hair Types

It's natural to assume you'll have to make compromises when you choose a super affordable hair tool like this 1-inch flat iron. But in the case of this popular nano-titanium travel iron, the opposite is true. The ceramic heater has three adjustable temperature ranges, making it ideal and safe for all hair types. And it boasts worldwide dual voltage, so pack it on your next trip.

A Rolling Food Storage Container That Can Hold 54 Pounds Of Pet Food

Stock up on food for your pet and have a secure place to store it: in this food container, which features convenient wheels and an airtight lid that preserves the freshness of your food. The container is translucent so you can keep track of how much food you have and it has a latch that securely snaps on.

An Intensely Hydrating Cream For Calluses And Cracked, Dry Skin

Cracked, dry skin — especially on your feet, hands, elbows, and knees — can be particularly stubborn and difficult to treat and keep hydrated. But this intense callus remover cream — which contains 40 percent urea, safflower oil, and tea tree oil — increases cell turnover to promote natural exfoliation. It also boosts circulation and locks in moisture so that your skin is softer and smoother.

The Fool-Proof Way To Create Perfect Eyeliner Wings

Even if you've been practicing for years, getting the perfect cat's eye is challenging — shaky hands and less-than-stellar eyeliner pens don't help. But this winged eyeliner stamp is the solution: it comes with two double-ended pens (one for your right eye and one for your left), and features a highly pigmented waterproof eyeliner pen on one side — and an ink stamp on the other in the shape of a wing. The tool comes in four wing sizes, from subtle to bold.

This Leather Cleaner That Makes Furniture Look Brand New

It's not easy keeping leather upholstery and clothing looking new — and replacing these items is expensive. This leather cleaner gently polishes and cleans leather shoes, accessories, furniture, and car interiors and, because it's concentrated and needs to be mixed with water, one bottle lasts forever.

A Pain-Relieving Handheld Massager With A Slew Of Attachments

Vary up the pressure and feeling of your massage with this handheld massager, which comes with three sets of removable massage heads. The massager works on every part of your body — from your scalp to your feet — and is especially ideal for targeting hard-to-reach areas of your back. Its adjustable speed settings allow you to find the perfect pressure for pain relief.

The Scalp Shampoo And Massage Brush That Tackles Dandruff

Soothe an itchy, dry scalp and tackle dandruff — or just prevent it — when you use this shampoo brush, which features sturdy, gentle silicone bristles. The brush helps shampoo to penetrate deeper, getting hair squeaky clean — and it can also boost circulation to encourage hair growth.

This Pore-Cleansing DIY Clay Treatment For Your Body And Face

Get down deep into pores for a thorough cleansing when you use this popular loose bentonite clay to whip up DIY facial and body treatments. The natural clay is free of fragrances and additives and can be mixed with water or apple cider vinegar for a purifying treatment that treats and prevents blackheads and pimples. And the jar is huge — expect it to last for months.

The Glue That Fixes Anything And Transforms Into Rubber

Things break all of the time — and replacing them breaks the bank. That's why this moldable glue is such a prize: it bonds to practically any surface, including glass, plastic, ceramics, and wood, and can be manipulated to fix your broken item. Best of all: it then transforms into a waterproof, heat-resistant rubber overnight.

An All-Natural Sinus-Clearing Neti Pot To Help You Survive Cold Season

Is there even a start or end to cold season? Tackle cold and flu symptoms, the second they occur, with this natural neti pot starter kit. The kit features everything you need to cleanse sinuses and relieve congestion. You'll get a ceramic neti pot, neti pot salt jar, and neti wash formulated with natural ingredients like peppermint, eucalpytus, and menthol.

These Non-Stick Oven Liners That Capture Grease And Food

Save yourself the huge hassle that is cleaning your oven by preventing spills and drips when you use these non-stick oven liners. The fiberglass liners are heat-resistant up to 500 degrees and slide right on top of oven racks, where they capture fallen food and grease spills. They're also simple to clean and can even be tossed in your dishwasher for convenience.

This Clip-On Reading Light That Won't Keep Anyone Up

If you love to read in bed while your partner or roommates prefer to sleep, put an end to the battle of the lights with this clip-on reading light, which clamps down on surfaces and provides a personal beam of LED light. The rechargeable lamp features three modes and three brightness levels, with a flexible gooseneck that lets you make adjustments and find the perfect angle.

A Set Of Shatter-Proof And Stemless Wine Glasses For A Worry-Free Party

No one ever said there is only one way to drink wine and that it has to involve glasses that seem to fall and shatter at every party. These genius shatter-proof and stemless wine glasses are made from indestructible glass. They're perfect for any cocktail or beverage and will take the worry out of party planning. They are also dishwasher-safe, which makes post-party clean-up a breeze.

These Silicone Baking Mats That Won't Stick To Treats

Use less (or no) oil or butter and simply place dough right on top of these silicone baking mats for a stick-free baking experience. The mats eliminate the need for parchment paper or excess oils, are oven-safe up to 480 degrees, and wipe clean with a bit of soapy water. They come in three styles, including macaron, which features helpful circular shapes that show you how far to space your dough.

The Money-Saving Spatula That Gets Out Every Last Drop Of Product Or Food

Chances are solid you're leaving product or food behind in that jar or container. This long jar spatula, featured on Shark Tank, finally provides a way to scoop up every last drop of cream, gloss, or peanut butter, which saves you tons of money in the long run. The two-piece set comes with 6-inch and 12-inch spatulas that can accommodate most containers and tubes.

This Smart Reusable Notebook With Pages You Can Microwave Clean

This smart notebook is like something out of a spy movie — you can write on the sheets, blast all of your notes to iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Slack, or iCloud, and then microwave the pages (literally) to erase them. You can reuse the notebook up to five times and a Pilot Frixion pen is included.

A Color-Changing LED Night Light For Your Toilet Bowl

Take your midnight bathroom break without stubbing your toe along the way — this color-changing LED toilet light is an actual night light for your toilet bowl, one that has a built-in motion sensor so it turns on when you're near and off after you leave. The light is simple to install, with a five-stage dimmer and 16 color-changing lights.

The Car Garbage Can That Attaches To Seats And Keeps Your Ride Spotless

Get rid of the clutter that tends to accumulate in your car (like, within days) with this car garbage can, which attaches to the back of your car seat. The 2-gallon can doubles as an organizer for items you'd ordinarily keep in your car. It has side mesh pockets and comes with a 20-pack of liners.

This Protective Fry Guard That Keeps You And Counters From Grease Splatters

Keep your counters — and your clothing — perfectly spotless, even when you're knee deep in frying oil. This splatter guard measures 10 inches and sits perfectly in pans to prevent oil and condensation from messing with the areas around your stove. The silicone guard, which was featured on Shark Tank, comes in red, orange, and black.

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