37 Practical Products That Have Suddenly Become 1,000% More Popular On Amazon

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A product can be beautiful. It can also be desirable and extremely affordable. But if it isn't practical, there's less of a chance people will come back to purchase it again and again. These 37 smart, practical products on Amazon have suddenly become 1,000 percent more popular; that's because they're so useful, customers can't stop raving about them — or shelling out money to buy them.

These genius products that practical people love truly run the gamut and touch upon categories as diverse as cleaning tools, coffee makers, and drug-free headache-relieving gadgets. Most importantly, they're not products that you'll use once and shove in a drawer before forgetting about it. Instead, you'll rely on them regularly to make life easier and take care of tasks that aren't easily accomplished without them.

That could mean investing in a jewelry tool that lets you take bracelets on and off without asking for help. It could also mean swapping out ordinary sponges (which are not resistant to mold and mildew) for a uniquely shaped dish squeegee that gets rid of the toughest caked-on food particles — without harboring bacteria. You'll find space-saving bags for travel, well-designed surge protectors, and everything in between on this list of practical products.

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