37 Best-Selling Dupes For Popular, Expensive Products On Amazon

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Sometimes, you just want the finest things in life — whether you're craving a dinner at a five-star restaurant, a luxurious spa day, or that really expensive but oh-so-coveted stick vacuum that costs around $600, surely you know what it's like to yearn for something that's out of your price range. Most of us, however, are working with more of a Chef Boyardee budget than a celebrity chef one. (Maybe that expensive dinner is, um, microwaveable?) However, there's good news: Some of the best-selling products on Amazon are amazing substitutes for incredibly popular, expensive items that cost a lot more than you're ready to shell out.

Like that stick vacuum for instance. You can find an incredible dupe for those fancy, cult-fav products that have tons of positive reviews — and that means you can bring it home without breaking the bank. So whether you're not ready to shell out $200 for a hard-shell suitcase you keep seeing ads for or you just don't curl your hair enough to justify snatching up an expensive hair tool, this is the list for you. It's the best of both worlds: They're reviewer-backed, great products, and they'll save you money.

So you can put that cash you saved back in the bank — or, you know, towards other things that you shouldn't be shelling out for. I know how it goes.

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