36 Things On Amazon Under $35 That The Internet Can't Stop Talking About

By Carrie Bluth

I don’t know about you, but when the internet can't stop talking about a certain product — I tend to listen. It stands to reason that when a particular shoe or face mask is buzzed about, it’s worth paying attention to — and trying out, too. Luckily, there are tons of viral things on Amazon the internet is obsessed with. Like a perfectly matte face powder that beauty influencers rave about, space-saving must-haves like an over-the-door shoe organizer, and cascading clothes hangers that will help you fit your full wardrobe in your closet, no matter how tiny it is. Another thing the internet can’t get enough of these days? Environmentally-friendly green products. Or things that prolong the life of your food. Luckily, it's all on this list.

Plus, in my experience, internet hype often leads to some of the best marketplace finds that you'll end up using for a really long time — and when the fabulous products the internet loves also happen to be under-$35, the best just got better.

So whatever brilliant product the internet is buzzing about, I guarantee you'll find something here that'll isn't only trendy, but incredibly useful, too — and it's all for an affordable price. So let's get shopping.

Lifestyle — 36 Things On Amazon Under $35 That The Internet Can't Stop Talking About
by Carrie Bluth

1. An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That Frees Up Closet Space

One of the best tips designers always give for small space living is to use vertical space in your home in order to maximize storage potential. An over-the-door shoe organizer will save so much floor and closet space by using the back of the door. With clear pockets it's easy to find the perfect kicks for your day, and it requires no tools to mount — just hang it up and go.

2. The Space-Saving Hangers You Need To Increase Closet Space

Attention New Yorkers and tiny house dwellers, these space-saving clothes hangers could be the closet solution you've been looking for. The hangers hold up to six pieces vertically or 12 pieces horizontally (and yes, heavy sweaters included). Capable of saving up to 80 percent of closet space, it's easy to see why one reviewer wrote: "[t]his product is a must if you're struggling with closet space."

3. These Sticky Notes Will Keep Your Notebook (And You) Organized

These sticky note dividers are designed to help you own note-taking for the school year, that proposal you're working on, or whatever other project you're preparing to win. In bright neon colors, you can use these to tab and locate pages easily, and jot key notes or reminders on them. At 4- by 6 inches in size, they fit perfectly into most notebooks, and can even be repositioned without leaving a sticky residue behind.

4. The Stick-On Cable Clips That Prevent Messy Cords

Time-saving and clutter-busting, these stick-on cable organizers will separate and organize your electronic cables so you never have a mess of tangled cords again. Reviewers love that you can stick them on the back of your nightstand and they will hide the cords, keep them off the floor, and hold the charging end right at the top of the stand so you can plug your phone in and out with ease.

5. A Vanity Mirror That Lights Your Way To Perfect Makeup

Do you have a tiny, or poorly lit bathroom? This vanity mirror with lights is a great solution. Reviewers love the tri-fold design — which makes it easy to pack and travel with. You can power it with either batteries or a USB cable. With three levels of magnification and adjustable LED lighting (there are 21 LED bulbs), this vanity mirror has everything you need. It even has easy 180-degree rotation so you can hone in on getting that perfect wing.

6. This USB 3.0 Port Hub Transfers Data Super Fast

Solve your data-transferring problems with this USB hub that will add four USB ports to your laptop. All you have to do is plug it in, and you'll be transferring data 10 times faster than you would with a normal hub. There are over 13,000 reviews for this device, and one reviewer wrote: "Transfers are fast and reliable. I've copied several terabytes from one external drive to another, both of which were connected via the Sabrent USB hubs, without a single hiccup. I also tried a test case wherein I had 3 separate large file copies in progress, at the same time, between 3 different external drives, and everything worked!" This is a must-have if you work with a lot of large files.

7. The Matte Face Powder Beauty Bloggers Love

There is a reason this matte face setting powder has over 2,000 five-star reviews. Actually, there are several reasons to love this powder: it absorbs oil, sets make-up to a perfect matte finish, and wards off the flashback that tends to appear with flash photography. It comes in three shades, so you can find the perfect fit for your skin tone — and the yellow is perfect for medium to deep skin tones.

8. The Blue Light-Blocking Glasses Your Eyes Are Waiting For

We are living in a blue light world and our eyes are not happy about it — but these blue light-blocking eyeglasses just might be your tired eyes new BFF. They can effectively filter out harmful blue light, thereby reducing eye fatigue, sleep disturbance, and other negative effects from digital device eye strain. The chic, square design is likely to look as cute as it is effective.

9. This Wood Charging Dock Station Holds All Your Devices Neatly

"A place for everything, and everything in its place" is a motto to live by — and think of how much more organized and tidy your desk or entry table would be with a charging dock station providing a convenient home for all your devices to return to. Of course, it'll also streamline your charging process and make sure you know where all your devices are, too. With three USB ports, a wood finish, and compatibility with all your Apple devices, this one will do the trick.

10. These Slow-Melting Ice Spheres Are Sure To Enhance Cocktail Hour

If you're still using regular old ice cubes in cocktails and other drinks, it's time to meet ice cube molds. These BPA-free and dishwasher-safe molds make elegant spheres of slow-melting ice — perfect in a glass of bourbon, or any other drink you want to enhance without having it taste watered down. The stackable design conserves freezer space, and the leak-proof lids ensure no spillage. One reviewer wrote: "[D]on't buy anything else — these are the best!"

11. The Space-Saving Cup Stacker Perfect For Tiny Homes and RV Life

A cup stacker is such a smart solution to hold your cups or mugs when you have limited counter or cabinet space. The RV set loves these smart cup holders, but they're absolutely essential if you love coffee but are anywhere with limited space. Reviewers report the holder can accommodate up to four standard coffee mugs, and hold even more of the narrower type of drinking cups or glasses.

12. A Toilet-Freshening Scent Spray Every Bathroom Should Have

Get this — you spray this toilet scent freshener spray in the toilet before you go, and it effectively creates a scent barrier, blocking unwanted odors. This stuff should be standard operating equipment for every bathroom, public or private. It's made with environmentally-friendly ingredients, without harsh chemicals, and leaves nothing but the light scent of lemongrass behind.

13. The Tank Top That Makes You Want To Work Out

I find having cute workout clothes to be a great motivator for sticking to a fitness routine. This yoga workout tank checks so many boxes. It's made of lightweight, easy-care performance fabric that offers perfect coverage in the front. The mesh back can be worn open or cinched in a tie — but either way looks adorable. Available sizes: XS-XL

14. The Snap-On Strainer That Makes Draining Cans A Whole Lot Easier

Like a personal colander for your canned goods, this can strainer takes the messy work out of draining liquid from your tuna, chickpeas, or whatever canned food you may be straining. Simple to use, it snaps on to fit most standard-size cans, and is dishwasher-safe. Take it from one reviewer who writes: "[i]t's surprising how useful a small kitchen gadget like this can be."

15. The Cleansing Facial Oil Your Skin Will Love

Face oils are so much gentler on delicate facial skin than other types of cleansers. If you're looking for a face cleansing oil, made with natural and organic ingredients that will remove makeup and impurities, look no further. Formulated with argan, apricot, and jojoba oils, this cleanser is designed to gently cleanse your face and preserve softness — all while moisturizing at the same time.

16. A Rapid Egg Cooker That's Like An Instant Pot For Eggs

It's no wonder this rapid egg cooker is a best-seller. The built-in timer takes all the guess work out of making perfect eggs — whether you want yours hard-boiled, scrambled, poached, or even in an omelet — and it cooks them in less time than it takes to boil water. Perfect for college dorm life, or anywhere lacking a full kitchen, all the non-electric parts are dishwasher-safe, and the automatic shut-off ensures safety.

17. A Simple Strainer For Enjoying Bulk Tea By The Cup

Tea life is the best life and this tea leaf strainer makes it easier than ever to enjoy all your favorite bulk teas by the cup. Buying bulk tea is a great way to save money, and reduce packaging waste. Get this spoon-like tea infuser, and prepare to sip and save. One reviewer put it simply, "[T]his little tea strainer is inexpensive and handy."

18. The Smart Soda Can Saver Lid That's Keeping It Fresh For Longer

A smart solution to many soda and soda-adjacent problems — this BPA-free soda can lid saver on will stay 58 percent fresher (and fizzier) than an uncovered soda. No more wasted drinks, due to half-full cans going flat too quickly. Great for kids, and for use in the car to prevent spills. There's also no need to remove the lid to insert your, ahem, paper straw.

19. A Must-Have Little Kitchen Organizer

Counter space always seems to be a hot commodity, and keeping things organized is always a challenge: Enter the plate cradle, a space-saving container that can hold up to six plates upright. A great alternative to a sink-side dish rack due to it's compact size, one reviewer wrote: "[t]his is an excellent organization and storage device for a modest price."

20. The Tomato Holder That Ensures Perfect Slices Every Time

Sandwich-making just got a lot easier. This produce slicer holder eliminates the difficulty of slicing produce uniformly, and holds your produce without any slippage. Especially useful for hard to slice softer produce like tomatoes, it can also be used for slicing lemons, potatoes, or other produce. It's dishwasher-safe, and reviewers report that it's easy to grip, durable, and holds up well.

21. The Cross-Body Bag For Safe Travels

What's better than a lightweight, durable, and perfectly-sized cross-body bag for travel? An anti-theft cross-body bag featuring RFID-reader blocking card pockets, slash-proof straps, and mesh pockets, that's what. It's just the right size for storing valuables and essentials, as well as some bulkier items like a small tablet or notebook. A convenient water bottle pocket on the outside will ensure you stay hydrated when you're trekking about.

22. These Simple Pan Protectors Have More Uses Than You Think

This incredibly handy set of pan protectors is useful for a surprising amount of kitchen needs. Use them between your pans when stacking to prevent scratches on non-stick cookware, thereby extending their longevity. You can also use them between fragile glass or ceramic bowls to prevent breakage. Furthermore, for anyone recently about to move or go camping — when placed between dishes and pans, these protectors can prevent that awful rattling, and restore peace on the open road.

23. The Ice Cube Trays That Will Stack and Won't Spill

How many times have you spilled water in the freezer when loading the ice trays? If you're like me, the answer is too many. These stackable ice cube trays come with a spill-proof lid. You don't even have to remove the lid to fill them, just pop open the top compartment. Made from BPA-free plastic, these stackable ice cube trays are the best when you have limited freezer space.

24. These Reusable Cleansing Pads Are Better For Your Face And The Earth

Embracing a zero waste lifestyle is getting so much easier with all the bomb reusable products out there. These reusable makeup remover pads make the disposable ones seem so obsolete. Incredibly gentle on the face — they have a dark side for removing makeup and a light side for applying toner and moisturizer, so you don't have to worry about staining. Easy to care for, just throw them in the laundry to clean when needed. Bonus: for each product sold, a tree is planted.

25. A Genius Tool For Preparing Fresh Shrimp

The right tools make all the difference in transforming a job that feels impossible into one that is a piece of cake, or in this case a shrimp cocktail. This ingenious shrimp de-veining tool simplifies the process of preparing fresh shrimp by handling de-veining, peeling and butterflying. What's more, the company behind the tool responsibly sources materials using recycled plastic for the grip, and restores 10 sq. feet of oyster habitat for every tool sold.

26. A Go-To Long Chunky Knit Sweater Coat For All Seasons

An oversized knit hoody sweater will take you far in life — well, at least through a few seasons. Reviewers love this long cable knit sweater coat. Thoughtfully designed, it has the convenience of a zipper, with buttons for style. The lining will ensure you stay toasty, and the pockets make a nice home for your hands or phone. It comes in several great neutral colors, so take your pick. Available sizes: S-XXL

27. The Fresh Herb Keeper That Even Works For Some Vegetables

Keeping cilantro fresh in the fridge is of the utmost importance to me, because I literally put it on everything except dessert (for now). Fortunately, this fresh herb saver has got my back with the same mission in life: keep the cilantro fresh. Made from BPA-free plastic and slim enough to fit on any fridge door, you just replace the water every few days and your herbs will stay fresh for up to three weeks. You can even use it with things like asparagus.

28. A Fruit-Infusing Water Bottle For Happy Hydration

My favorite infused water is cucumber and lemon — and I call it resort spa water because it's often served at upscale day spas. With this fruit infuser water bottle, you can drink refreshing infused water all day, every day. This bottle makes it easy to track your daily water intake, and the included recipe book will keep you inspired to drink up.

29. A Makeup Brush-Cleaning Egg That's The Cutest

A must-have for any beauty kit, this makeup brush cleaner is the cutest. Compact enough to fit anywhere, it's made from high-quality silicone, and effectively cleans all different sizes of makeup brushes without damaging the bristles. According to one reviewer, "[t]his little thing cuts my cleaning time by more than half and keeps my brushes extra clean compared to just washing by hand only."

30. The Swedish Egg Peeler That Makes Quick Work Of Meal Prep

The best home products are ones that marry form and function — and are made of high-quality materials. This Swedish egg peeler is an example of that: and it's making me wonder why I ever tried to peel boiled eggs with my mere hands. This BPA-free peeling tool works on produce too, effectively peeling your favorite fruit more safely than a knife, and it's dishwasher-safe.

31. The Tee You Can Really Live In

This color block T-shirt is the kind of shirt you can really live in — meaning you can hit the market in it, wear it to the movies, to lunch, camping, and everywhere else that calls for the perfect casual look. It's made from a cotton blend, and if you wash it on cold and hang to dry, it will stay in great shape for a long time. Over 2,000 Amazon reviewers love this shirt, and it comes in a bunch of great colors. Available sizes: XS-2X

32. The Dress You'll Reach For Again And Again

When reading reviews about this dress it's not uncommon to see remarks like: "I am obsessed with this little dress." Made out of a soft cotton blend with some stretch, this short sleeve casual dress could easily become a go-to wardrobe staple for everything from the office to brunch with friends, and it's a versatile travel piece. It comes in great colors and has an on-trend belted waist. Available sizes: 0-14

33. The Do Everything, Go Everywhere Dress

If you were to only own one dress, there is an argument to be made that it should be a casual maxi dress. Let's consider: it's easy to pair with anything, has a comfortable racerback top, is stretchy and lightweight, and has pockets. Wear it on vacation, to your friend's wedding, on a beach walk. One reviewer wrote: "Love the dress. It's very comfortable and can easily be dressed up with some accessories." Available sizes: XS-XXL

34. A Tunic Top That's Cute And Comfortable

This twist knot tank top is made with 95 percent cotton and has a little bit of stretch. Reviewers swear it stays really soft even after you wash it, it comes in a few colors, and it's a thicker material so it works for colder summer nights or as a transition piece into fall. Available sizes: S-XXL

35. This In-Drawer Knife Block Keeps Counters In The Clear

If you’re short on counter space, or just like the look of a clean counter, this in-drawer knife block is a great alternative to a traditional counter knife block. Designed to fit into most standard drawers, it securely holds knives out of sight. It's made from eco-friendly bamboo, holds up to 16 knives of varying sizes, and is incredibly durable — not to mention a sturdy, attractive statement piece.

36. An Insulated Can Cooler To Help You And Your Drink Stay Chill

When you're looking to high grade your beer koozie, this insulated can cooler has got you covered — and will keep you chill. Available in a variety of fun colors that fit almost all 12-ounce slim cans, this insulated can cooler will give new meaning to rose all day, keeping canned wine, beer and sodas 20 percent colder than a typical neoprene insulated sleeve. It's perfect to bring to parties, where you'll always know which (very cold) drink belongs to you. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.