36 Shockingly Effective Beauty Products Under $5 On Amazon

By Ellie Nan Storck

It can be really easy to spend lots of money on beauty products. If you already have your must-haves, once you add in your friends' recommendations and trendy new items — well, the Amazon cart can really fill up. That's why we've compiled a list of shockingly effective beauty products under $5 on Amazon. Yes, you read that correctly: each item is less than $5. Consider swapping a fancy latte for one of these items each week, and you'll be well on your way to a robust product collection that satisfies all your beauty needs.

So take a break from the daily grind of budgeting — put a pause on deciding between happy hour or a way to make a breakout disappear overnight — and have a scroll through these fabulously affordable beauty products on Amazon that will hardly put a dent in your bank account. In fact, you may not even notice the purchase. (I suppose that's where this can get dangerous...)

From very practical tools like precision-razors for brow maintenance to the more innovative products like a no-mess, silicone makeup scrubber board, suffice it to say that there's something in this lineup for every kind of lover of budget-friendly beauty products.

Fashion — 36 Shockingly Effective Beauty Products Under $5 On Amazon
by Ellie Nan Storck

1. The Little Patches That Protect And Alleviate Irritation From Blemishes

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch, $5, Amazon

There's a reason that these blemish-zappers are called the "pimple master patch" — they really get the job done. One sheet of the product provides you with a variety of patch sizes, ranging from small circles to large. When applied to a pimple or affected and irritated area, they stay stuck to the skin overnight, protecting and preventing further breakouts while minimizing irritation. They also suck out some of the gunk to significantly minimize the size of the breakout overnight.


2. A Totally Divine Scalp Massage Experience For Less Than $1

Scalpmaster Shampoo Brush, $1, Amazon

This little tool is basically like a scalp massage that you can hold in your hand. Skip an expensive spa trip and spend less than $1 for a relaxing and cleansing shower experience. The small, plastic bristles on this ergonomically-designed brush allow for ease and comfort while you massage shampoo through your hair, stimulating your scalp and allowing for optimum blood circulation while leaving your hair squeaky clean.


3. Tiny Little Razors That Are Perfect For Brow Maintenance

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor, $2 (6 Pack), Amazon

If you're interested in elevating your brow maintenance game, then these tiny Tinkle eyebrow razors should most definitely end up in your Amazon shopping cart. With stainless steel razor edges that are safe for sensitive skin, these little tools will help shave off tiny, hard-to-see, super-fine hairs around the brows — or even on your cheeks and chin.


4. A Fabulous Gold Brush For Precise Face Mask Application

Hansderma Skinsoft Facial Mask Brush, $5, Amazon

If you want to feel extra glamorous on a real budget, then this gold facial brush is a great investment. Made from soft, synthetic bristles that won't irritate skin, it can be used to carefully apply masks, serums, and lotions to your face without the trouble of messy fingers or cross-contamination in jars. Because of the shape, you can apply around hard-to-reach places for full coverage.


5. A Glove That Protects From Your Hands When You're Using Hot Tools

Kiloline Professional Heat Resistant Glove, $5, Amazon

There's nothing worse than reaching for your curling iron or straightener only to pull away with an angry red burn on your hand when you're in the middle of styling your hair. Thanks to this super-effective protective glove, you can wave goodbye to the threat of burns and irritation when working with any heated styling tools. The one-size-fits-all glove is suitable for the left or right hand, and is made from comfortable, flexible, dense cotton.


6. A High-Definition Orange Concealer That Hides Under Eye Circles

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal, $5, Amazon

When you don't get enough sleep and your under eye area suffers for it, this creamy, crease-resistant concealer is ready to come to the rescue. Incredibly lightweight in texture, this effectively masks dark circles — because the orange-red hue helps to camouflage and conceal them, leaving behind natural coverage that's easy to blend in. Perfect for an everyday spot-concealer or for overall coverage, there are a variety of shades to also match any skin tone.


7. A Double-Sided Pumice Bar That Will Leave Your Feet Baby Soft

Mr. Pumice Ultimate Pumi Bar 2 in 1, $4, Amazon

Baby-soft feet await! This antibacterial pumice bar features two sides of grit: extra-coarse and medium-coarse, so you can choose the kind of exfoliation your feet need to eliminate calluses and dead skin. The pumices will do the work, and you get to enjoy good-as-new, exfoliated skin. One reviewer writes: "These are great because I just use them each time I shower and they have TRANSFORMED the condition of my heels. Just like going for a pedi at a salon-minus the price."


8. The Delightfully Colorful Sponges For Serious Budget Blending

Franterd Powder Puff Sponges, $1 (Set of 5), Amazon

There are plenty of expensive foundation sponges out there, but these little latex versions are just as cute and colorful as they are functional — and a fraction of the price of their competitors. The easy-to-wash tools are great for precise foundation application, contouring, concealing, and blending. It even includes different shapes that promise even coverage and optimum blending around difficult areas, like the nose and eyes.


9. A Teasing Comb That Uses Three Rows Of Teeth To Increase Volume

Scalpmaster Deluxe Triple Teasing Comb, $5, Amazon

If you're looking to add major height to your hairstyle, try out a teasing comb from Scalpmaster. It features three rows of tangle-blasting plastic teeth that help produce optimum volume through backcombing and teasing. Plus, the pointed tip on the opposite end is perfect for precision-sectioning.


10. A Peel-Off Face Mask That Uses Oak Charcoal To Minimize The Appearance Of Pores

Daiso Japan Natural Pack Charcoal Peel Off Mask, $5, Amazon

Fortified with the pore-purifying charcoal from oak trees — which is known to have natural cleansing properties — one use of this peeling face mask will leave your skin feeling hydrated and totally smooth. Wash away dirt, excess oil, makeup, and dead skin cells, leaving pores with a smaller, tighter appearance and feel for an overall luminous, healthy glow.


11. The Handmade False Eyelashes That Will Leave You Looking Glam

Laimeng False Eyelashes, $3 (5 Pairs), Amazon

These natural, handmade lashes from Laimeng are definitely the most budget-friendly way to get dramatic lashes with the help of falsies. Many Amazon reviewers gave the product five stars, lauding it for the natural-looking and full effects. One happy customer reported that they're some of the best falsies she's ever purchased: "These lashes are amazing!!! Really long and full, some of the best lashes I've ever bought!"


12. A Handheld Dry Brush That Helps Promote Circulation And Leaves Skin With A Healthy Glow

Fantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush, $4, Amazon

Made from fine, natural bristles, this dry brush can be held comfortably and easily in your palm without losing grip, thanks to a cloth strap that provides a sturdy grip. The bristles gently exfoliate away dead skin, promote blood circulation, and leave skin glowing and primed for hydration in or out of the shower.


13. A Minty-Fresh Tooth-Whitening Powder That's Made From Activated Charcoal

SMTSMT Teeth Whitening Powder, $4, Amazon

Activated charcoal really does seem to be the beauty ingredient of the century — even when it comes to oral hygiene. This tooth-whitening powder helps to target and remove stains left from things like tea and coffee, promotes healthy teeth and gums, and helps to prevent that yucky build-up that leads to plaque. And don't worry, this treatment doesn't taste like charcoal, but rather leaves a minty fresh taste in your mouth.


14. A Pack Of Lip-Plumping Collagen Masks That Also Hydrate And Reduce Risk Of Chapped Lips

Overmal Gold Collagen Crystal Lip Mask, $2 (10 Pack), Amazon

What's better than a collagen-filled, lip-plumping mask for less than $2? Um, probably 10 of those masks for less than $2. Yep — talk about fabulous lips on a budget. Not only does this collagen mask help to plump and fill lips, it packs a serious punch of rich moisture, helping to prevent dry, chapped lips.


15. An Eyebrow Tint That Provides Brows With Long-Lasting Color And Texture

Shouhengda Tattoo Eyebrow Gel, $4, Amazon

It's all about long-lasting pigment with this budget-friendly brow tint. Available in three varying shades of brown, this water-resistant brow gel can be applied directly — and precisely — to your arches using the small, flat brush that comes with the bottle. The company recommends waiting up to an hour before gently peeling away the remaining gel, revealing a darkened color that makes brows look thicker and more voluminous. Many Amazon reviewers said that they saw fantastic results with the gel, and some even use it as a daily brow base.


16. A Set Of Three Vibrant Lip Colors That Go On Super Smooth For A Matte Finish

Gracefulvara Focallure Lipstick, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

Three matte lipsticks for under $5? Yes, please. This set of three lipsticks in varying matte shades of pink and mauve are both long-lasting and waterproof. Happy Amazon reviewers raved about how smooth the product felt upon application, and many were pleased with how vibrant the colors are.


17. A Handy Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes That's Mess-Free

Makeup Brush Scrubber Board, $2, Amazon

Cleaning your cosmetic brushes can cause a mess of pigments and powders and water everywhere — and that's where this nifty, hand-held makeup brush scrubber board comes in. Made from soft, malleable, silicone, this cute pink tool fits comfortably in your hand and features two different textures on which you can gently scrub your makeup brushes. This will remove both pigment and product, and help to keep them bacteria-free.


18. An Undeniably Adorable Way To Keep Your Hair Back While Washing Your Face And Putting On Makeup

Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band, $3, Amazon

There's just no denying how cute this cat-eared headband is. Everyone experiences the frustration of hair slipping into your face while you're applying masks or doing makeup, but fret no more. Thanks to this affordable, soft, and stretchy headband, you'll keep things in the clear — and look super-cute in the process.


19. The Fabulous, Gold Under Eye Patches That Will Leave Skin Soft, Plump, And Glowing

Crystal 24K Gold Powder Gel Collagen Eye Mask, $3 (10 Pairs), Amazon

Chock-full of plumping, glow-inducing collagen, these under eye masks will give the delicate skin beneath your eyes a boost of elasticity and hydration, all while promoting cell rejuvenation and circulation. Plus, they've got a nice dose of 24K gold powder in them, so what better way to treat yo' self? And on a serious budget, too!


20. A Makeup Brush Set That Has 20 Different Kinds Of Brushes

Cinidy Makeup Brush Set, $4 (Set of 20), Amazon

This set of 20 precision makeup brushes is not messing around — each brush is made from an easy-to-grip plastic handle with a fine, synthetic-bristle tip for careful makeup application. You'll also find everything from foundation and loose-powder brushes to a lip brush, various eye shadow brushes, a two-sided brush, a sponge brush — the list goes on. Easy-to-clean and high-quality, this brush set is just about as budget-friendly as it gets!


21. A Double-Sided Eyebrow Pen That Comes In A Unique And Versatile Color

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #2 Grey Brown, $5 Amazon

You might not usually consider combining grey and brown for the ideal brow pigment, but Etude House has found a bestseller in this unique shade. The double-sided brow enhancer has pigment on one end and small brow brush on the other end, perfect for precisely taming each and every brow hair into place. Many happy Amazon reviewers call it one of the best — or even the best — brow pencil they've ever used. Sold!


22. A Double-Sided Brush That Has Tiny Razors So You Can Cut 'N Comb At The Same Time

Tinkle Hair Cutter, $4, Amazon

If you're looking for a quick trim to thin out thick hair, get rid of split ends, or even smooth out wigs or extensions, this double-sided razor brush is the way to go. One side features fine razor teeth, and the other features wider teeth, so there is an option for fine to thick hair textures. There's over 1,300 reviews for this product, and one reviewer writes: "The Tinkle hair cutter was affordable, easy to use, and it worked marvelously on my sister's hair. She has really thin straight hair and this cutter helped me give her hair lots of beautiful layers, giving her hair lots of body!"


23. A Set Of Manicure Brushes That Will Elevate Your Nail Care Game

Pro Nail Scrub Brushes, $1 (10 Brushes), Amazon

The soft, synthetic bristles on these long-handled plastic scrub brushes gently exfoliate around nail beds and fingers, removing dirt and dead skin cells prior to nail polish application. Plus, a good finger scrub stimulates blood circulation, and it's totally relaxing — like a mini massage for your hands!


24. A Vegan, Jet-Black Mascara That Provides Dramatic Volume

essence Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara, $5, Amazon

Who says you can't have fabulously voluminous lashes on a mega-budget? This deep-pigmented black mascara from essence features a tapered brush for precision application that results in sculpted, buildable volume and length. And, it's completely vegan and cruelty free. One happy customer even called it her "Holy Grail mascara!"


26. Stainless Steel Tweezers That Have Perfectly Aligned Top And Bottom For Precision Brow Plucking

Slant Tweezers, $5, Amazon

If you're always plucking strands of hair on your eyebrows, you'll appreciate the construction of these stainless steel tweezers. They're completely straight and have an evenly aligned top and bottom — which is perfect for precision plucking and those loose hairs you can't seem to get rid of. The handle is made to fit ergonomically in your hand, with a strategically designed opening for pulling hair away from the skin.


27. A Moisturizing Treatment From Vermont That Has Been Around For Over A Century

Bag Balm Skin Moisturizer, $4, Amazon

It's hard to beat a moisturizer hailing from a company that's been around for over a century — yes, that's right. Vermont's original Bag Balm cream is specially formulated to heal even the driest, most cracked skin that's in need of rich hydration and repair. The distinctive green-tinted salve can be applied to callouses, cracks and splits, cuticles, chaffed areas — you name it, and this storied remedy will work wonders on your dry skin. Plus, 80 percent of Amazon reviewers have given the product five stars, so you know it's a winner.


28. A Pack Of Korean Bath Cloths That Fit Your Hand Like A Mitten For Optimum In-Shower Exfoliation

Korean Exfoliating Bath Washcloth, $5 (4 Pack), Amazon

The search for the perfect washcloth is a worthwhile one, because good exfoliation can make a big difference for your skin — and this Korean bath cloth is perfect for it. It's lightweight, gently scrubs away dead skin cells, and leaves skin with a smooth feel and healthy glow, primed for hydration. Made of 100 percent viscose rayon, these little cloths fit onto your hand like a mitten for ease and comfort while cleaning.


29. A Fine-Tipped Liquid Liner Pen That Lasts 12 Hours And Won't Smudge Or Flake

Celavi Waterproof Precision Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen, $4, Amazon

Quick-drying and pigmented to a perfectly opaque jet black, this fine-tipped felt eyeliner pen also provides a precision application for beautiful, dramatic lines. You can expect continuous smudge-proof and water-resistant color that lasts up to 12 hours without any flaking, and one reviewer writes: "Goes on smooth, is a vibrant black, & is indeed waterproof! Will be buying again!"


30. A Pen That Seals And Treats Those Annoying Nicks You Get While Shaving

Clubman Jumbo Styptic Pencil, $4, Amazon

If you're familiar with the frustration that accompanies those ankle cuts that always seem to come with shaving your legs, then this is the tool for you. Made from aluminum sulfate, this handy pen can be used to seal the skin's surface, prevent further bleeding, and stop dirt or bacteria from entering the open area. You simply wet the tip of the pen and dab it on and around the affected spot, and boom! No mess, no infections.


31. The Perfect Liquid Eyeliner For When You're Feeling Extra

NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Crystal Liner, $5, Amazon

If you're looking to treat yourself and amp up your glam game, then this liquid crystal eyeliner is made for you. It combines vibrant sparkles with an intense champagne color for a luminous effect that's both long-lasting and hydrating for your eyelids. The fine tip brush is perfect for precision application, and can create subtle lines or dramatic, thick strokes.


32. A Guard For Your Cuticles That Stops Nail Polish From Getting On Your Fingers

Born Pretty Latex Tape Peel Off Nail Polish Barrier And Cuticle Guard, $3, Amazon

This might be one of the best inventions ever. Apply the clear, liquid barrier around your cuticles or anywhere that you want to avoid while you paint you nails, and let it dry while you do the job. When you're done painting, you can easily peel off the cuticle guard, leaving a perfectly-applied, precise manicure.


33. The Blotting Papers That Absorb Excess Oil And Leave Skin With A Matte Finish

NYX Professional Makeup Matte Blotting Paper, $4, Amazon

Something about blotting papers just feels fancy, right? These professional makeup papers from NYX are no exception. In order to combat excess oil, gently blot one of the papers around your T-zone throughout the day to absorb unwanted shine, leaving a beautiful, matte finish without disturbing your makeup. This package comes with 50 papers, so it should last you a long time.


34. A Bar Of Soap That's Loaded With Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, All-Natural Tea Tree Oil From Australia

SoapWorks Tea Tree Soap Bar, $5, Amazon

Made in Ontario, Canada, this delicious, vegan soap bar is made with one of nature's finest ingredients: all-natural tea tree oil from a co-op in Australia. Keep the soap in the shower for cleansing and shaving or at the sink, and use it as a mild astringent, which helps to fight bacteria and fungus without causing irritation.


35. A Natural, Dark Lash Adhesive That Doesn't Rely On Chemicals Or Weird Additives

KASINA Professional Natural Lash Adhesive, $5, Amazon

What makes this lash adhesive different? It's free of formaldehyde, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan. It's also easy to apply, and the dark pigment ensures that it will blend in with false lashes for a natural look. Reviewers say things like, "it's the best glue I've ever tried."


36. A Small, Mess-Free, High-Quality Alloy Stand That Holds Your Makeup Sponges

OVERMAL Makeup Beauty Stencil Powder Puff Sponge Display, $1, Amazon

This little tool is just as convenient as it is fun. Made from high-quality alloy, the little wire stand holds a variety of different-sized blending and makeup sponges, so you can store them easily on a shelf or vanity. Plus, the elevation allows the sponge to dry if you've just washed it. Over 80 percent of Amazon reviewers gave the tool five stars, lauding it for its practicality and function.

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