36 Practical Products That Have Suddenly Become 1,000% More Popular On Amazon

by Lisa Fogarty

A product can be beautiful. It can also be desirable and extremely affordable. But if it isn't practical, there's less of a chance people will come back to purchase it again and again. These 37 smart, practical products on Amazon have suddenly become 1,000 percent more popular; that's because they're so useful, customers can't stop raving about them — or shelling out money to buy them.

These genius products that practical people love truly run the gamut and touch upon categories as diverse as cleaning tools, coffee makers, and drug-free headache-relieving gadgets. Most importantly, they're not products that you'll use once and shove in a drawer before forgetting about it. Instead, you'll rely on them regularly to make life easier and take care of tasks that aren't easily accomplished without them.

That could mean investing in a jewelry tool that lets you take bracelets on and off without asking for help. It could also mean swapping out ordinary sponges (which are not resistant to mold and mildew) for a uniquely shaped dish squeegee that gets rid of the toughest caked-on food particles — without harboring bacteria. You'll find space-saving bags for travel, well-designed surge protectors, and everything in between on this list of practical products.

An Essential Oil Air Diffuser For A More Relaxing Commute

You may already have (and love) that essential oil diffuser in your home — but your next step is to make your commute as relaxing as possible with this travel aromatherapy diffuser. It's powered by a USB cable and features two mist modes and color-changing LED lights to set the mood as you drive. It also fits perfectly in your cup holder and comes in black or white.

These Smart Soap Dishes Designed To Drain Water

This set of two soap dishes is unlike any other — they're designed on a curve and with a spout so that they release water from soap and prevent the dish from becoming a gunky, sticky mess. Thanks to their compact size, these holders fit effortlessly on the sides of sinks, bathtubs, and showers.

This Tool That Helps You Put On Your Own Bracelets

You have a hundred cute bracelets to wear, but they're all extremely difficult to get on and off without help. Instead of relying on a friend or coworker, use this bracelet tool jewelry helper to cinch a clasp and ensure that the bracelet stays securely on. Instead of fumbling with your jewelry, you'll have it on or off in seconds.

An Iced Coffee Maker With A Roomy Pitcher

Make up to 3 quarts of coffee (or iced tea) in this brilliant tool, which features a convenient brew-strength selector bar so you can choose the level of intensity you prefer. The sizable pitcher is perfect for storing and serving drinks and the machine has an auto shut-off that provides peace of mind.

The Handheld Deep Tissue Massager With 3 Soothing Massage Heads

Give yourself the most soothing self-massage imaginable — and control the type and intensity of that massage — with this handheld deep tissue massager. It comes with three massage-head attachments that include Shiatsu, acupoint, and a scalp massager. It also has a long handle that allows you to reach every part of your back, plus it's powerful enough to deliver intense pressure that relieves aches and pains.

A No-Spill Ice Cube Tray With A Lid That Seals In Water

Prevent any and all icy messes with this no-spill ice cube tray, which comes with a silicone lid that locks water in before it freezes. The tray has rounded ice cube molds that more easily release cubes and both the lid and tray are BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.

This Supportive Pillow For Your Legs And Back

Optimal spine alignment and a painless sleep could be yours with this memory foam wedge pillow, which can be placed between your knees, behind your back, and anywhere else you need additional support. The conforming memory-foam interior comes with a removable, washable cover and will help to boost circulation and relieve aches and pains.

An Absorbent Towel That Dries Everything Faster

Wipe up liquid spills and messes in seconds with this one powerfully absorbent towel; it won't scratch surfaces and is resistant to mold and mildew. The towel comes in a convenient tube, so it's travel-friendly, and reviewers say it effortlessly soaks up every spill. (It's especially popular and helpful as a tool to clean and dry cars without leaking streaks.)

These Roll-Up Storage Bags That Save Major Space In Your Luggage

Get more space in your luggage or carry-on case with this pack of 10 space saver bags, which include five medium and five large bags. You can fill them with clothing, compress them, and then roll them up so that they fit neatly side by side in your suitcase — which allows you to pack more than usual. No pump or vacuum is required to make these work like a charm.

A Storage Bin That Finally Lets You Take Good Care Of Unused Hangers

When you have unused hangers in your closet, you may not want to toss them (because you never know when you'll need them), but they can get easily tangled and cluttered on your closet rod. This hanger storage bin provides a place to neatly organize hangers until you're ready to use them. The stacker can accommodate any type, from wood to plastic.

The Shoe Deodorizing Balls That Work Fast And Fit In Small Spaces

Get way down deep into every crevice of your shoe with these shoe deodorizing balls, which absorb odors and leave a fresh, clean scent behind. The balls come three in a pack (in your choice of five fun prints) and can be simply twisted to release an invigorating scent that lasts 2,000 hours.

This Clever Stand-Up Squeegee That Removes Caked-On Food

Ordinary sponges don't always work well when they're up against tough, caked-on food debris and grease. This dish squeegee has a unique curved shape that digs deep into bowls, a non-slip handle for comfortable gripping, and a soft, squeegee edge that effectively cleans dishes faster than sponges. Its stand-up design keeps counters clean and dry, and it won't harbor mildew and bacteria like other options.

A Wearable Headache Mask That Provides Compression And Cooling Comfort

A pill-free alternative when you have a raging headache or migraine, the headache hat aims to provide pain-relieving compression and can be worn with or without the cooling pad tucked into its interior. The wearable piece is soft, flexible, and comes in two sizes: regular or extra-large.

These Mini Charcoal Bags That Naturally Eliminate Odors

Air fresheners only mask bad odors and leave artificial ones behind. These mini charcoal air purifying bags, on the other hand, naturally neutralize smells in sneakers, gym bags, lockers, and anywhere else you need it — without fragrances or chemicals. The bags last up to two years (place them in direct sunlight every month to rejuvenate them) and are also excellent at preventing mold and mildew, thanks to their absorbent properties.

An Allergen-Blocking Mattress Protector That Is Resistant To Bugs And Spills

There's a really good chance your mattress was quite the investment. Take good care of that investment with this quality mattress protector, which blocks out allergens, liquid spills, dust mites, and bed bugs. The protector has a zipper closure that keeps mattresses securely encased, and it comes in eight mattress sizes, including split king and twin XL.

The Tangle-Free Hair Band That Won't Cause Breakage

Who can count the number of strands they've probably lost because of less-than-gentle elastic hair bands? The Invisibobble is a different breed of hair band — it won't tangle thanks to its spiral design and it glides through strands when you remove it. It also won't leave annoying indentations in your hair and it comes in five colors, so it can double as a stylish bracelet when not in use.

An Insulated Lunch Bag That's Waterproof And Easy To Carry

Because lunch never looks the same to two people, this insulated lunch box is here to keep cold foods cold, hot foods hot, and to provide a waterproof exterior that is sturdy and can stand up to your commute. The lunch bag has easy-to-hold straps, with a roomy main compartment and two pockets for utensils and napkins. Choose between five colors.

A Stain Remover Spray So Tough, It Works On Red Wine Spills

Cleverly disguised as a miniature bottle of red wine, this stain remover spray will easily remove red wine stains — arguably the toughest stains of all. Use it on carpets, clothing, and upholstery, and don't be afraid to give it a whirl on any type of stain you're dealing with, from blood to grease.

This Cozy, Comfy Footrest Designed To Be Used On Airplanes

Toss up your aching feet and relax (even when you're on a long flight) with this airplane footrest. The memory foam sling hangs on the arms of your tray table and lets you rest your feet in a hammock-like position. The footrest comes with a drawstring bag, can fit right in your carry-on luggage, and is offered in black, purple, or royal blue.

The Simplified Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Fits On Your Fridge Door

If complicated, messy cold brew coffee makers leave you feeling discouraged (and less likely to control your coffee-house budget), trade yours in for this simplified cold brew system. It consists of a pitcher, filter, and airtight lid. The coffee maker makes up to 4 cups of cold brew in a pitcher designed so that it can fit in narrow spaces, like your fridge door.

An Effective Bait For Flies That Doesn't Contain Poison

Capture pesky flies without compromising the health of pets or small children. This non-poisonous fly magnet attracts a wide variety of fly species and isn't dangerous for the environment. The bait, which has a diamond-shape lid that attracts flies, can be emptied and reused over and over again.

These LED Tap Lights For Dark Closets And Cabinets

There's no reason to worry about re-wiring a dark area in your home. These simple-to-install adhesive tap lights can be pushed on and off to illuminate closets, cabinets, basement crawlspaces, and hallways. Each one consists of bright, long-lasting LEDs and can be installed using nothing more than adhesive tape.

This Top-Rated Foot File For Super Smooth Feet

Boasting a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, this quality foot file gently, but effectively removes calluses and tough, dry skin, leaving your feet soft and smooth. Reviewers rave about this file, saying it works even better than a pedicure (and will save you money on spa treatments).

An All-Natural Headache Relief Balm Made With Essential Oils

Relieve headaches, migraines, and sinus pain with this natural headache balm, which is made from real essential oils. The balm can be applied directly to your temples or forehead and used as part of massage therapy (or in conjunction with a headache hat). Its other ingredients include chamomile, olive oil, lavender, and rosemary — but you won't find a single artificial fragrance in this formula.

The Comfortable, Warm Hoodie And Pillow Hybrid You Need When You Travel

What do you get when you take a comfy and warm hoodie and combine it with a genius inflatable inner pillow? This hybrid hoodie pillow is designed to help you finally get some rest on your next trip or commute. Made from sweatshirt material, it even has a drawstring for the perfect fit and comes in seven colors and prints.

A Magnetic Microwave Cover That Prevents Splatters

Keep this magnetic microwave cover stored on the ceiling of your microwave until you need it. Then use it to cover plates; it prevents spills and splatters, but the built-in steam vents also encourage even heating and moist food. The BPA-free cover can even be picked up with finger grips and is dishwasher-safe, too.

An Eco-Friendly Reusable Shopping Bag That Can Hold Up To 30 Pounds

Made from recycled fabric, this eco-friendly reusable shopping bag can hold up to 30 pounds and is perfect for helping to kick plastic bags to the curb. These rip-proof nylon bags come in more than 20 colors and prints like gingham, emojis, and fruits and veggies.

These Tough, Sturdy Cleaning Wipes That Can Tackle Any Mess

There are times when you see a mess and you just know — this one is going to require a lot more than an ordinary towel. These tough, sturdy cleaning wipes are the ones to call on when you're faced with grease, heavy dirt, tar, ink, and major dust. Use them on and inside of cars, boats, your home, and office. They are safe on most surfaces and won't require water or additional cleaning agents to get the job done.

The Magnetic Phone Mount That Safely Secures Your Phone To Your Car Console

Mount your phone in your car without worrying about it dropping and cracking. This magnetic phone mount stays put, thanks to strong neodymium magnets. It also provides a 360-degree adjustable head and its installation process is super easy and fast, according to more than 5,000 reviewers.

A Self-Help Book For Couples Who Want To Strengthen Their Bond

Every relationship could use a little help to make it even stronger. This very popular self-help book, which is a New York Times best seller, focuses on teaching the five different ways that people give and accept love. That way, that you can better understand you partner — and yourself. The book has sold over 11 million copies, has more than 12,000 glowing reviews, and boasts a near-perfect rating, but its popularity continues to grow.

This Tongue Scraper For The Best Oral Hygiene Possible

The Ayurvedic act of tongue scraping isn't just a wellness fad — its a bona fide way to freshen breath and remove bacteria, germs, and food particles from your tongue. This quality stainless steel tongue scraper set comes with two scrapers and a travel bag. Its curved design lets you get in deep without the fear of nicks or gagging.

These No-Tie Elastic Shoelaces That Make Life So Much Easier

Trade in traditional laces for these no-tie elastic ones and experience the feeling of never, ever again having to stop what you're doing to bend down and tie. These laces stretch to fit various types of shoes and sneakers and can then be pulled in for a tight, secure fit. They come in seven color options and fit various sizes.

An Acne-Fighting Wearable Patch That Shrinks Zits Overnight

A spot treatment that works while you snooze, these acne patches are placed directly over pimples, where they heal and dry up zits using hydrocolloid. The're transparent and each pack includes 12 larger patches and 24 smaller ones to treat all kinds of blemishes. Wear them at night, discard them in the morning, and get on with your life.

The Hard Water Stain Remover That Makes Glass And Windows Shine Again

Over time, hard water stains, limescale, and rust can build up on shower doors, tubs, sinks and windows, making them appear cloudy and dirty — even after you've cleaned them. It takes a tough hard-water stain remover like this one to penetrate and break through those stains. This formula is safe to use on most surfaces, including glass and stainless steel, and it completely restores them and brings back their polish and shine.

A Pair Of Noise-Cancelling Ear Plugs For More Soothing Surroundings

Whether you're attending a loud concert or just want to block out distracting sounds so you can focus on the task at hand, these ear plugs deliver by creating a more soothing, silent environment. Featured on Shark Tank, these silicone buds fit snug and are discreet while reducing the overall volume without distorting the sound waves. They even come with their own hard carrying case and three tips for a comfortable fit.

This Eight-Spray Hose Nozzle With A Built-In Soap Dispenser

Choose among eight spray patterns — rinse, stream, flat, center, jet, shower, mist, and cone — when you attach this powerful garden nozzle to your hose. It even has a built-in soap dispenser and can spray up to 32 feet in length, so it not only reaches all of those thirsty plants and flowers, but it can help you clean your car or patio, too.

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