36 Cheap & Clever Products That Make Any Car Ride Way Better


If you spend a lot of time in your car, you know how much it can feel like a second home, and as with any home, the goal is to make it as comfortable as possible. That means keeping it clean, finding storage solutions, and decking it out with upgrades like seat cushions to make long road trips breeze right on by. The best news is that a lot of these clever products for your car won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Take this car essential oil diffuser for example. Why is it so essential? (Pun intended.) Well, let's face it, after riding around for several hours, the air can get a little thick, but the diffuser releases soothing scents to make the journey a bit more enjoyable. You can even use specific aromatherapy scents like lavender to keep you calm in frustrating traffic or peppermint to keep you wide awake. Win-win.

And of course, a memory foam seat cushion will always be a worthwhile investment for just about anyone, providing optimal comfort on daily commutes and endless road trips. Loving these items? Keep scrolling for even more cheap and clever products that will make any car ride way better.

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These Interior Lights That Bring The Party To Your Car

Deck out your car with these LED car lights. The two-line design has four strips of lights, two operation methods (use the app or the controller), and a built-in mic that gives you the option of having the lights change color to sync with the music. Plus, you can adjust the brightness and toggle between nine color choices.

A Snow Brush & Scraper That Detaches For Easy Storage

Keep this snow brush and scraper handy for winter storms. Made from durable materials that can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, the brush-and-scraper duo is built to last. It easily removes snow and lifts the layer of ice without damaging your windshield, and the two ends detach, so you can store it compactly in your car. It's available in three colors: orange, red, and blue.

The Car Seat Gap Fillers Reviewers Are Raving About

Tired of scrambling for loose change, sunglasses, and wallets that have fallen between your car seats and center console? Use these car seat gap fillers to ensure they stay within eyeshot and never slip through. Simply slip over the seat belt buckles, and you're all set. "I thought it it was more of a joke when my husband got this for me for Christmas," shared one reviewer, "Little did I realize it would be one of my most favorite gadgets ever!"

A Trunk Organizer That Expands & Collapses

Gone are the days of a messy car, thanks to this expandable trunk organizer. It has several interior and exterior compartments, two handles, and straps at the sides that secure it to your cargo area. Made from durable Oxford cloth, it collapses to half-size if you want to place it in the passenger for solo trips, and collapses completely anytime you need to make space for a suitcase in the trunk.

The Car Trash Can That Keeps Your Ride Litter-Free

Built with an elastic opening, an adjustable strap, side handles, and exterior mesh compartments, this waterproof trash can keeps your car free of straw wrappers, receipts, and empty cups while you're on the road. Available in five colors, you can attach it to the back of a head rest, the center console, or the glove box, and it can be collapsed when not in use.

A Cleaning Gel That Gets Into The Nooks & Crannies Of Your Car

This malleable cleaning gel will help you remove dust and grime from hard-to-reach spots, like air vents, cupholders, and coin slots. With a subtle lavender scent, it won't leave behind any residue, and you can reuse it until the color changes to a dark hue.

An Ice Scraper Mitt Lined In Warm Fleece

When inclement weather hits, you'll be happy to have this fleece-lined ice scraper mitt on hand. The quilted exterior is made with waterproof Oxford fabric, and the elasticized cuff seals out moisture and wind out while you're scraping the windshield. It's lightweight and offers great leverage for scraping off particularly stubborn ice.

The Steering Wheel Desk For Working & Eating On The Go

Pulling over to grab a bite to eat or get some work done? Attach this steering wheel desk and be amazed. It's lightweight, but sturdy enough to hold a laptop, notepad, and food. And it's received the reviewer stamp of approval: "My new summer hobby is car-camping in a Toyota Prius while hiking through the beautiful forests of New York and Pennsylvania. [...] I used this tray to turn the front seat into a dining area/office. It is perfectly sized to fit in the small space between the steering wheel and my body..."

A Digital Tire Pressure Gauge With A Built-In Light

Keep this digital tire pressure gauge close by to ensure your tires are at optimal pressure. It's designed with an easy-to-read LCD display and a built-in LED light that makes it easy to insert into the tire — even in dim conditions. It gives a quick reading and will automatically shut off after 30 to 40 seconds of inactivity.

The Car Phone Mount That Doesn't Require Tools For Installation

Get a perfect of your phone screen with this car phone mount that features a telescopic arm and a head that pivots 270 degrees. It can hold phones both horizontally and vertically, and it's designed with a strong suction cup to keep it in place, but it's easy to remove any time you need to reposition.

A Pack Of Essential Oil Clips You Can Fill With Your Own Fragrances

Make long rides all the more enjoyable with these essential oil diffuser clips that attach to the air vents. The adorable stainless steel lockets are filled with colorful felt pads— dose them with your choice of essential oils and clip them to the vent, where the air will diffuse the scent throughout your car to keep you calm and focused on the road.

An All-Natural Bamboo Odor Neutralizer That's Fragrance-Free

When it comes to eliminating odors, you can go the natural and unscented route with this bamboo charcoal air freshener. The small pouch attaches to the head rest, and the porous bamboo traps and neutralizes smells while helping to purify the air, which is also great for those dealing with allergies.

A Heat-Resistant Steering Wheel Cover

Made from microfiber faux leather, this heat-resistant steering wheel cover has earned more than 13,000 five-star reviews and is lauded for its durability and comfortable grip (not to mention the fact that it adds a stylish touch). Pro tip: To ensure a smooth installation, let it sit in the sun for a little bit before placing it on the wheel.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 11
The Air-Purifying Cabin Filter Made With Coconut Carbon

It's important to replace your cabin filter every 12 months to prevent irritants and pollutants from entering your car. This cabin filter feature a layer of odor-neutralizing and air-purifying coconut shell carbon, along with three other filtration layers that act as barriers to dirt, debris, and fumes, so you can breathe easy while you drive.

A Genius Headrest Phone Holder & Hook

If multifunctional gadgets are your thing, you'll love this headrest phone holder and hook. It has two hangers that can withstand up to 22 pounds (ideal for coats and small bags), as well as a phone slot, so back seat passengers can FaceTime or watch videos hands free.

These Essential Car Safety Tools For A Quick Exit In Emergencies

Keep these car safety hammers close by in case of an emergency in which you need to quickly exit the vehicle. The tools feature seat belt cutters on one end and double-tipped hammers made from sharp carbon steel that can quickly break through glass on the opposite end. They also have reflective strips for increased visibility in low-light conditions.

An Easy To Use Car Scratch Remover

Restore your car to its former glory with this scratch remover. Just squeeze the formula onto the included buffer and gently glide it across the surface of your vehicle to remove minor scratches and swirls. "Boy was I impressed," praised one reviewer, "Almost right away I saw those scratches and scuff marks run out."

This Adjustable Car Mirror That Lets You To Keep An Eye On The Back Seat

Whether you're nannying or have a kid of your own, you can keep your eyes on the little one with this baby car mirror. Made from shatterproof safety glass that's encased in durable plastic, it attaches to the back seat and reflects the image to your rearview mirror. Plus, it pivots 360 degrees, so you can adjust it to get the perfect view.

These Back Seat Organizers With Space For All The Essentials

Keep your car clutter-free and all your essentials within reach with these back seat organizers. Each organizer has a total of nine storage pockets that can hold everything from snacks and lotions to sunglasses and tablets, and the top and bottom straps can be adjusted to the perfect fit. Plus, they're water-resistant, so you don't have to stress about spills.

A Purse Holder That Covers The Gap Between The Front Seats

Keep your handbag close by (and keep it from tipping over) with this purse holder. It attaches it to the headrest of each of the front seats, creating a mini hammock for your purse, so it stays upright. The quilted design is sleek, elegant and blends right in with most interiors.

A Pair Of Velvety Soft Seat Belt Pads That Won't Dig Into Your Shoulder

These seat belt pads make long rides much more comfortable. Each one is designed with a soft foam lining and a velvety exterior to provide an extra layer of cushioning, so the seat belt won't dig into your shoulder. Available in black and gray, they can also be used to soften the shoulder straps of a tote or weekender bag.

A Magnetic Car Phone Mount That's Compatible With All Smartphones

This magnetic car phone mount is affordable, sleek, and user-friendly — aka the trifecta of good modern design. It attaches directly to the air vent, where the powerful magnet holds your phone in place, so you don't have to deal with clipping your phone in when you get in the car. And the set comes with two phone mounts, so you can give one to your bestie.

This Easy Way To Turn Your Car's 12-Volt Outlet Into A Standard Outlet With USB Ports

If you want to plug regular appliances into your car — say, a printer or an electric kettle — you can do it with this car power inverter that transforms your car's existing 12-volt outlet into a two-socket AC outlet. Even better, it's designed with four USB ports, so you can power up phones and tablets. Plus, it has a built-in fuse to protect against overcharging, overheating, and short circuiting.

These Super Cute Car Coasters That Absorb Spills & Drips

Spills are inevitable when you're on the go, but these car coasters that fit into your vehicle's cupholders can help sop up liquids to minimize the mess. Featuring a cute cactus print, they're made from moisture-absorbing neoprene and have finger slots that make them really easy to remove for cleaning.

A Sun Visor Organizer That Keeps All Your Essentials At The Ready

This sun visor organizer is just the thing you need to keep your small essentials close by; think: credit cards, glasses, and pens all within reach (so no more digging through your car). It has a large zippered pocket, a mesh compartment, five card slots, a glasses clip, and adjustable Velcro straps that can be used to secure it to your visor.

This Cheap & Easy Way To Outfit Your Car With Bluetooth

Don't have Bluetooth capability in your car? Get it on the cheap with this wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter. Just plug it into the 12-volt outlet, connect your phone, then find a vacant FM radio frequency, and voilà — you can listen to music and take calls over your stereo, all with the touch of a button (which means no more distracted driving).

A Smart Car Battery Charger That Automatically Detects When It Needs To be Recharged

There's almost nothing worse than having a dead car battery when you turn on the ignition. Luckily, this smart battery charger can charge it and keep it charged, which is especially helpful in the winter or when you're not driving much. One reviewer wrote, "It definitely works. I have a 2004 V8 4runner and my battery died while I was[...] in Pensacola for a month and a half. I ordered this and when I got back I jumped my 4Runner with my wife's car and charged the battery overnight with this charger and haven't had a problem since."

These Side-View Mirror Add-Ons That Let You See Your Blind Spots

Change lanes with a lot less trepidation with these blind spot mirrors. The small mirrored discs adhere to your existing side-view mirrors where they give you a clear view of blind spots, and they rotate and swivel, so you can get the perfect angle. They make for safer trips on the road and are waterproof and rust-resistant.

An Organizer That Fits Between The Seat & Center Console

Need an additional place for storing small items? Try out this storage organizer that fits neatly into the space between your seat and the center console. The organizer features two compartments that are perfect for storing your phone, pens, tissues, AirPods, and more. Plus, it's outfitted with two USB charging ports and comes with a 12-volt adapter, so you can keep your phone powered up and by your side.

A Memory Foam Cushion That Makes Road Trips More Comfortable

If you're road tripping or commuting on the regular, do yourself a favor and grab this memory foam seat cushion ASAP. (Your body will thank you.) Made with soft and supportive memory foam, it molds to your body and has a nonslip silicone base that keeps it in place. Snag it in black or gray.

These Windshield Ice Scrapers That Double As Funnels For Washer Fluid

These cone-shaped ice scrapers are brilliantly designed to remove the most frozen frost from your windshield without leaving any scratches behind. Use the narrow, textured end to break up ice, and the wide end to brush away snow. Even better, they can also be used as funnels, so you can add windshield wiper fluid with ease.

A Tissue Holder You Can Attach To Your Sun Visor

This car visor tissue holder is proof that sometimes the little things make the most impact. Made with a genuine leather exterior, it can be attached to the visor, so you can always have a tissue within reach. It's stylish, practical, and available in black, beige, and soft pink.

A Lightweight Diffuser That Can Be Used In The Car & At Home

Portable and lightweight, this car diffuser plugs into your 12-volt outlet, so you can have an aromatherapy session while you drive. Small enough to fit in the cupholder, it features adjustable mist settings and a built-in LED light. Plus, it's USB-chargeable, so you can use it on your desk or nightstand too. One reviewer wrote, "Boy does this little puppy put out some mist and fragrance! This is better than my $30 Diffuser I got for my bedroom!"

This Brilliant Dip Clip That Attaches To The Car Vents

How genius are these dip clips? The premium stainless steel clips are covered in silicone and can be affixed to most vents. Finally, you can drive, eat, and dip fries and chicken nuggets without a hassle. Take your pick of black, red, or gray clips.

The Car Logo Projectors That Instantly Up The Vibes

Make stepping out of your ride an elevated experience with these customizable car logo projectors. The wireless devices project a lit-up image of your choice onto the ground when you open the door. And you get to do the designing: Upload an image, add text (if you like), and choose the font color. Reviewers say the quality is amazing and that they're easy to install.

A Backup Camera With Excellent Night Vision

Backing up at night is an entirely different beast, but luckily this backup camera with excellent night vision makes it so much easier. It has eight LED lights that give you a colorful image (even in the dark), an adjustable lens, and since it's waterproof, you don't have to stress about rain or snow. One reviewer wrote, "As someone who rarely likes to rely on backup cameras, this was surprisingly useful. I backed into a parking spot using only the guidelines and I was perfectly centered in the spot."