36 Best-Selling Dupes For Popular, Expensive Products On Amazon

by Alida Nugent

Sometimes, you just want the finest things in life — whether you're craving a dinner at a five-star restaurant, a luxurious spa day, or that really expensive but oh-so-coveted stick vacuum that costs around $600, surely you know what it's like to yearn for something that's out of your price range. Most of us, however, are working with more of a Chef Boyardee budget than a celebrity chef one. (Maybe that expensive dinner is, um, microwaveable?) However, there's good news: Some of the best-selling products on Amazon are amazing substitutes for incredibly popular, expensive items that cost a lot more than you're ready to shell out.

Like that stick vacuum for instance. You can find an incredible dupe for those fancy, cult-fav products that have tons of positive reviews — and that means you can bring it home without breaking the bank. So whether you're not ready to shell out $200 for a hard-shell suitcase you keep seeing ads for or you just don't curl your hair enough to justify snatching up an expensive hair tool, this is the list for you. It's the best of both worlds: They're reviewer-backed, great products, and they'll save you money.

So you can put that cash you saved back in the bank — or, you know, towards other things that you shouldn't be shelling out for. I know how it goes.

A Robot Vacuum That Even Works With An App

This robot vacuum is the answer to all your questions, if your question is "How can I get away with not cleaning my own floors?" Just have this guy do it for you. Easy to connect to an app, you can also use voice commands to schedule cleanings or customize your robot — and it goes right back into its dock when it's done cleaning or it needs to charge. It also has a three-stage cleaning system, anti-drop and collision sensors, and 120 minutes of battery life. Try this if you can't afford to spring for the much-loved Roomba, which is $100 more.

A Tower Fan With Eight Different Speeds

This is the tower fan that has it all: hundreds of five-star reviews, eight speeds, a slim design, and an oscillating fan. It's practically noiseless, too, and can easily replace an air conditioner in a smaller room to save you money on energy. Reviewers love to use it for increasing airflow in their rooms, too. It's the perfect option if you aren't able to spend over $475 on a tower fan (even if it's awesome and doesn't have blades).

The Stand Mixer That Looks Adorable In Your Kitchen

If you're looking for the stand mixer that will conquer any baked good, dough, frosting, and more (but doesn't cost a few hundred dollars), this is the product for you. The 250-watt motor allows for six different speeds, comes with a mixing bowl, two dough hooks, and two mixing beaters. It stands at around 1-foot tall and weighs under 5 pounds, so it's perfect for first kitchens and small apartments. One reviewer writes: "This is a nice little mixer for a fraction of the price of other stand mixers."

The Flameless Candles That You Can Basically Buy In Bulk

Flameless candles are the perfect choice if you're worried about having all those open flames around — but still want the ambience of candles. But other brands (especially the most popular, recognized brand) can run you over $50 a set. Not these. And they still have many of the same wonderful characteristics: they flicker, they come with a remote control, you can set them to a timer, and they'll last hundreds of hours on one battery.

The Air Fryer That Makes Crispy Foods A Breeze To Cook

If you've been on any food blog in the last year, you've seen all the buzz about the electric air fryer. And it's no wonder: It's an easy way to fry and crisp up frozen foods, vegetables, meats, and more without the use of oil. But why spend so much on one? This particular model cooks over 2 pounds of food at a time (perfect for meal prep or families) and has an automatic shut-off feature. It's also incredibly easy to use — just set a temperature and the time, and the light will let you know when your fries are at the perfect crunch-level.

This Blender Can Make A Smoothie In Seconds

If you drink a lot of smoothies (or margaritas!) you know the value of a blender that can pulverize ice or tougher items like kale stems or apple cores. And this one is mega-powerful — it runs at 1,000 watts and has six strong blades that make your morning green drink, your tomato soup, or your dips a breeze to make. One reviewer writes: "There are some products that just change your life. I wanted to get in on the smoothie thing, and there simply is no other way to do it than with a blender, and no better blender to do it with." If the very wonderful Vitamix blender isn't an option due to price, this is a great budget find.

A Stainless Steel Water Bottle That's A Fraction Of The Price

It's not too hard to find a stainless steel water bottle — but what about one that's well under $20 and has thousands of positive reviews? That's nearly impossible. This one by Contigo has insulation that has allows your drink to stay cold for 12 hours, has a pop-up straw, and spout cover that keeps out dirt. The leak-proof lid prevents any mishaps on your commute, and it's even dishwasher-safe.

The Cordless Vacuum That Converts Into A Hand-Held Version

A lightweight, cordless vacuum that converts into a hand-held one. A wall-mounted dock. An easy-to-remove, filterless dust bin you can release with one click. Easy to remove around furniture, corners, and underneath couches. Able to go from hardwood floor to carpet with a click of a button. Sound familiar? Sure does — but for a lot less.

These Bluetooth Headphones That Are Even Sweat-Proof To Stand Up To Your Workouts

These Bluetooth headphones are awesome for a variety of reasons: they have a long battery life before they need to be charged up again, they have silicone earbuds and flexible over-the-ear hooks for comfort, and they're waterproof enough to withstand a lot of sweat. One reviewer writes: "Sound quality is exceptional, better than my wired headphones actually. That's helpful, because I walk in high density traffic areas (and schools) so ambient noise is loud and continuous." They do have outside noise-cancellation capabilities, and there are plenty of models out there that cost well over the price — but you still get the same functionality.

A Rice Cooker That's Better Than All The Other Rice Cookers

If it's not a meal without rice, then you know the value of a really great rice cooker. However, the most expensive, well-known brand (although it's great), costs more than $120. Enter the Tiger: it holds over 5 cups, has a white and brown rice setting, and a handy non-stick inner pan. It also has other incredible functions — you can slow cook food or steam vegetables and proteins in another cooking plate, making this an excellent one-stop pot. It'll even keep your food warm, too.

This Hardside Spinner Suitcase That's The Perfect Size For International Travel

Yes, the catchy ads for that millennial suitcase company are certainly appealing and I hear their really worth the money — but you can spend less on this sturdy hardside spinner luggage. It's a 20-inch piece — which means it's acceptable for most international travel (and will work for US airlines as well) — has 360-degree spinning wheels, a fully-lined interior and divider, and three zippered pockets. There's enough packing space in there to hold a few changes of clothes, shoes, and your TSA-approved toiletries.

A Highly-Reviewed Flat Iron That Combats Frizz

There are lots of coveted straighteners out there that cost a lot of money — but this one is under $40 and has garnered an astonishing 30,000 reviews on Amazon. What makes it so popular? Its 1-inch plate makes it versatile: use it to curl, straighten, or flip the ends of your hair. It has ceramic tourmaline plates that prevent frizz and keep heat damage away. It has micro-sensors to evenly distribute heat. It works with a variety of hair textures. And it comes with an argan oil to condition and a heat glove to prevent any burns.

An Affordable Fitness Tracker That Does It All

Fitness trackers like this one are an excellent buy for anyone looking to make an investment in their health — it tracks heart rate, monitors sleep, records distance, steps, and active minutes — but the most popular ones can be really, really pricy. This version may be a fraction of the cost, but it still has some major bells and whistles. You can connect it to your phone to see calls and messages while you're working out, it's charged via USB, and you can even connect it to your GPS to see a map of your jogging route. There are also 14 exercise modes, so you can customize it to your fitness routine.

The Home Security Camera That Connects To The Cloud

This security camera can only be used indoors (it's biggest competitor, Canary, is also for outdoor use) — but if you live in an apartment, want to monitor your baby, or need to keep an eye on your home when you're not there, this is a great option for a massive price cut. Much like the other expensive versions, you can update the footage to the Cloud, it has night vision, and you can even set activity alerts. That means you can get direct notifications if your baby is crying or there's motion detected in your home when you're not there.

A Bluetooth Speaker That's Portable And Waterproof

The incredibly powerful battery in this Bluetooth speaker can last up to 24 hours without needing a charge, has a 66-foot range from the device you're playing from, and is entirely waterproof. It won't distort the music even at max volume, and has crystal clear sound. Other competitors — like the crowd-favorite Bose speakers — offer similar functions. One reviewer writes: "This Tribit XSound Go is a fantastic speaker for the price and size. It has a better sonic spectrum, battery life, and functionality than some "big name" brands that are just that, a "name" slapped on an inferior speaker."

The Ceramic Diffuser That Doesn't Need Heat To Work

There are a lot of essential oil diffusers on the market — but ultrasonic versions are the cream of the crop. Unlike other models, these use vibrations instead of heat to diffuse essential oils, and can disperse them soundlessly and to a much larger space. This one will reach a room up to 540 square feet, and will automatically shut off when it runs out of water. Another benefit of ultrasonic vibrations? It won't destroy the integrity of your quality oils.

A Tablet That's Affordable: But Still Has All The Bells And Whistles Of That Other Brand

Before Amazon came out with their Fire tablet, there was really one other option. And it was really, really, really expensive. Now, you can enjoy tons of features that you'd get on a laptop or tablet for a reasonable cost: Stream movies, browse the net, download books, watch Netflix, listen to music, connect to Wi-Fi, and play games. It has a dual-facing camera and eight hours of battery life, too. You can even make phone calls. One reviewer writes: "For reading and/or light gaming or web browsing, this does the job...And again, you can't beat the price."

This Hot Tool That Adds Major Volume To Your Hair

If you're not talented at styling your hair, a styling brush is the most useful hair tool you can own. You can use it on damp or dry hair, and it basically acts as a volumizer for your roots and gives you a blow out without having to use a round brush and a dryer. Best of all, it comes with two attachments you can use to curl your hair. One reviewer writes that with "only a final few minutes of using hair has regained that 'just-back-from-the-hairstylist' look." There are plenty of more expensive options that also work great, but if you're budgeting, grab this one ASAP.

The Cast Iron Dutch Oven That Rivals Its Much More Expensive Counterpart

This is the show-stopping, multi-purpose pot you've dreamed of — a Dutch oven looks beautiful, can be put in the oven, refrigerated, and triples as a serving dish. The porcelain enamel makes it heat-tolerable (so you can bake, broil, sauté, and steam at up to 500 degrees), and is perfect for cooking dishes that are hearty and warming. One reviewer sums it up best: "One of my favorite tools of the kitchen. This this will last a lifetime and cooks up some of the tastiest treats. Highly recommended." If you love cooking, this is what you should buy when the coveted Le Creuset is out of your price range.

A Fantastic Alternative To A Really Popular Kitchen Gadget

This SmartPot sounds quite familiar if you've followed any home cooking or food trends in the last few years. It's a multi-functional pressure cooker that's for anyone who loves quick, easy meals: you can easily cook meats, stews, proteins, and more with the 13 cook modes it features. While you can go the low and slow method, you can set it to cook foods incredibly fast — up to 70 percent faster than if you did it the traditional way. It has a safety lock lid, and yes, it doesn't have all the functionality of that crowd favorite Instant Pot: but it's absolutely the way to go if you want fast, simple meals without all the extra bells and whistles (and the steep price tag).

A Starter Kit To Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Do you need bulbs with 16 million color options? You do now, using this starter kit that comes with two multi-color bulbs and a hub. The hub can connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you can use it with Alexa and Google Assistant. Turn lights on and off by command, dim them with your voice, and even set schedules (so you always have lights on, even if you're not home). It'll help save you energy all the time. Other similar kits cost a lot more, but this one does many of the same things.

This Light Therapy Lamp That Helps Fight Winter Blues

There are way more expensive light therapy lamps on the market — but they all do the same thing, which is to help you get some much needed vitamin D to combat things like the winter blues and insomnia. This one has three levels of adjustable brightness, and one reviewer writes "I absolutely love this light. It’s the perfect size. I use it everywhere. I have more energy and feel so much better."

A Sunrise Lamp For Better Mornings

If you hate waking up in the morning (and if you don't, may I have your secrets?), then try out a popular new option for an alarm: this delightful sunrise version, which gradually brightens about 30 minutes before your set alarm. Program the nature sounds, and you'll have a perfectly pleasant way to wake up naturally. It has a radio, the ability to light up in different colors, and a snooze feature as well.

The Fool-Proof Way To Cook Perfect Proteins

If you've ever had food that's been cooked in a sous vide, you'll understand why you should absolutely buy one: It transforms proteins to fork-tender and buttery perfection, without much work on your part. However, this one by Chefman goes out of its way to ensure simplicity. It's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, so you can check on your cooking wherever you are in your home, and you'll know exactly when it's ready. There are sensors to monitor water levels (sous vide is a method of cooking proteins in a sealed bag, very low and slow in water), and a clamp to keep the food in place. The most well-known brand is almost triple the price.

An Electric Toothbrush That Won't Break The Bank

If you thought shelling out $50 or more was the only way you were going to bring home an electric toothbrush — think again. This affordable model uses sonic technology to reach about 40,000 brush strokes per minute: meaning plaque and bacteria don't stand a chance. This comes with five different settings and three different brush heads, which can whiten, polish, clean, and even massage gums. A four-hour charge will keep this thing going for a whole month, too.

An Automatic Hair Curler That's Under $50

If you're just not great at using hair tools (I feel you, I see you) — then an automatic hair curler is the perfect beauty find you can own. It spins for you (and the prongs prevent knots and gently detangle hair), and will give you perfect, beachy waves without having to figure out how a clamp works. It heats up to 420 degrees, and has automatic shut-off. One reviewer writes: "Holy. Crap. It's amazing. No effort at all." It's similar to the coveted Beach Waver, but if you're not a beauty guru, this one is a little more accessible.

This Toe Separator That's Relaxing, Too

If you're always experiencing toe pain, there are plenty of expensive options on the market — but this one is affordable and also has hundreds of five-star reviews. It provides relief from bunions, hammer toes, and other food conditions. They also just relax your feet if you're on them all day, can help toes become flexible to improve your yoga practice, and are made from medical-grade gel. YogaToes are another great option, but they are double the price.

A Vacuum Sealer That Saves You Money And Time

If you believe that you need to spend money to save it — then the kitchen tool for you is a vacuum sealer. You can buy food in bulk, prepare food ahead of time (making it less likely you'll order in), and prevent spoilage by sealing food up tightly and freezing it. It has two sealing modes to customize whether you're sealing up pre-made food or uncooked food, and it promises to preserve food five times longer than with regular plastic baggies. It also comes with reusable plastic bags, so you can get start right away. This one has over 4,000 great reviews on Amazon: even better than the models that cost $150 or more.

A Humidifier That Also Functions As A Night Light

I didn't buy a humidifier for a long time because some of them can be so expensive, but there are affordable options out there that do the same things the more expensive ones do — like this one. It's filter-free, has a 3-liter tank, automatic shut-off, and a 360-degree nozzle that lets you point the mist wherever you want. The tank holds enough to last up to 24 hours without needing a refill, and there are two settings and a night light for further customization. Grab this if you're looking for an easier way to breathe in your home.

Another Awesome Option For Your Squatting Needs

There's a cult-favorite option out there (with an awesome viral marketing campaign) for your squatting stool needs, but if you want to pay a little less — try the Squat'n'Go. It's a few bucks cheaper than the more popular brands, but does what you need it to: elevates your legs to create an easier, more comfortable way to go number two. It's foldable and fits around most toilets.

A Hair Catcher That Keeps Your Drains From Getting Too Clogged

If you have hair on your head, chances are you've found yourself standing in 2 inches of soapy tub water at some point. That's where this hair catcher comes in. It does what it says: grabs the hair before you have to call the plumber and fits around most drains. The very popular, very good Tubshroom does this as well — but try this one if you'd rather clean out your drain every day (the other one needs to be unscrewed).

This Affordable Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

There are a lot of options when it comes to activated charcoal teeth whitening powder — but this is the cheapest version that also has thousands of reviews, so you know you can't go wrong. It polishes teeth and freshens breath, all while using natural ingredients like ginger root, bentonite clay, and coconut charcoal to gently scrub away stains from coffee, wine, and tea.

A Smart Plug That Makes Life Easier

Why plug things in and out of an outlet when you can control them with your phone? This two-pack of smart plugs connect to Wi-Fi and allow you to turn things on and off with your phone — and you can set timers, manage your energy usage, and have your lights go on and off when you're on vacation. It's compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, and the name-brand version costs more for just one plug!

The 12-Piece Blender Set That Makes Smoothies On-The-Go A Cinch

If you need a quick and easy way to start your morning with a smoothie — it'll cost you less than $40 to shave minutes off your daily routine. This bullet-shaped blender comes with a few different to-go cups that you can blend the smoothie right into (or the margarita, or the soup, or the dip), and it easily pulverizes ice and leafy greens. It comes with a variety of cups and blades, and the major competitor's version is great — but a little pricier.

A Bedside Shelf Perfect For Small Apartments Or Dorms

There are plenty of options that are way more expensive, but this bedside shelf comes in at under-$20 and does what it needs to — the 15-inch tray sturdily clasps to your bed frame and easily holds books, tablets, phones, water bottles, and whatever else you need while you're relaxing.

The Essential Spray To Prevent Those Unwanted Bathroom Smells

For much less than the price of competitor's, this bathroom spray (in a pleasant coconut lime scent), can be sprayed in the toilet before you, ahem, go — and any unsavory odors will completely disappear. The 2-ounce spray can be taken everywhere (since it's TSA-approved), and is septic-safe with natural ingredients.

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